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Submitted this review about Liberty Moving Group
Review made Live: 7/2/2008 9:37:00 PM
I researched moving companies before making my decision to go with Liberty Moving Group. They provided me with a competitive price and promised me that my belongings would be shipped within the time period I needed them to arrive. When the truck showed up to pick up my things the foreman estimated the cubic feet to be almost double what my email estimate was. There were no markings on the truck to tell how many cubic feet there actually were. I had to take his word for it since this is his job. They told me that they would give me a "discount", still 1/3 more than my estimate and I have reduced my inventory from what was originally discussed. When my stuff was delivered, a full week after I was initially told it would, I measured the space and found that it was less than the email estimate-I paid $1300 more than the space my belongings took up on the truck. I contacted the company numerous times during the move to inquire about where my delivery was, discuss the payment, and to complain about their pricing, but it seemed that after they had my things and the first half of their payment they would not return phone calls or emails. Liberty Moving Group also changed the method I could pay. At first I was told that I could pay the initial half at pick-up by credit card. Then the day before the move I was contacted and told that I had to pay by cash or money order only, no credit card. So, for the delivery I did not have cash to pay them. I was told when I spoke to someone that I would be able to pay the remaining balance by credit card. As no one called my back to take my credit card information I tried to contact them. 3 days later I spoke to someone who told me that I could not pay by credit card and it was up to me to find over $2000 in cash. This company has terrible customer service and will rob you of your time and money. Find another company rated with the BBB with good recommendations.