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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From July in 2010

Great Team! (Ori Van Lines Inc.)
I have a wonderful experience! (Ori Van Lines Inc.)
My last move (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
An awesome service provider (Green Van Lines)
Thumbs Up to GVL (Green Van Lines)
Do Not Use DN Van Lines! (DN Van Lines)
great move and great service (Best Time Movers)
cheap move (Personal Touch)
Great Movers (Frontier Van Lines Moving and Storage)
Most convenient, excellent price!!! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Awesome (White Glove Moving)
Wisest way to go! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
DONT BE FOOLED!!!!!!!!!! (ABS Moving and Storage)
Lost deposit (United states van lines)
NEVER USE THIS COMPANY (worldwide van lines)
moving from and relocation (moving from and relocation)
Ori is the best! (Ori Van Lines Inc.)
Good Service (Planet Moving and Storage)
Give em a call! (Best Movers San Jose)
Stockton's finest! (Best Movers Stockton)
Lowet rates for local moves in DC (Union of DC Movers)
Easy, Reliable and Affordable. (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Recommended‎‎ (ABS Moving and Storage)
Good Company!!‎‎ (ABS Moving and Storage)
Abs Moving awesome‎‎‎ (ABS Moving and Storage)
Poor Service, Do NOT use (Arrow Van Line)
Best movers in Virginia Beach (Virginia-Beach-Movers)
This Company is a SCAM!!! (Continental Relocation Corp)
100 Percent Satisfied (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
"Reputable company" it is! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
BEST DEAL (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Thanks guys! (Xpress Movers)
Great Responsibility GVL (Green Van Lines)
Excellent Movers. (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Very Friendly and Professional Service. (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Deceptive and Dishonorable Business Practice (MainLine Transportation, Inc.)
WORST COMPANY (Transunited inc.)
Left Me Stranded on Pick-up Day (America's Moving Services)
Decent and Effective. (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Proper Rsponsibility from GVL (Green Van Lines)
Saved the day (White Glove Moving)
Best LOCAL movers in D.C. (Best Movers DC)
Fraud (Best Time Movers)
Pleased in RVA (All My Sons Moving)
Way to go! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
D- with BBB, be wise (ABS Moving and Storage)
Great from start to finish. (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
This Company is a SCAM!!! (Continental Relocation Corp)
Professionalism (SunShine VanLine)
Honesty and Delivery Service (Green Van Lines)
Stay away! (Global Moving Solutions)
Big Brothers Moving Delivered! (Big Brothers Moving)
Smooth and Easy (State Wide Relocation)
Smooth and Easy (State Wide Relocation)
Great work‎‎ (ABS Moving and Storage)
“Spectacular” (ABS Moving and Storage)
Thumbs up. (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
SNEAKY MOVERS (USA Express Moving)
Satisfied Customer (Mark the Mover Atlanta Movers)
Good Mover (MainLine Transportation, Inc.)
Loved the move! (Planet Moving and Storage)
Noah's Ark - bring on the flood (Noah's Ark Movers)
Do Not Use this Company (New Planet Movers)
Recommend (State Wide Relocation)
Scammers (Northern American Van Lines)
Thanks A Million!! (Continental Relocation Corp)
Go with Metro (Metro Van Lines)
Disappointed... (Big Brothers Moving)
a snippet of the bad stuff (Allied Van lines)
Condo Move by TSI Went Well (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Highly Recommended!!! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
easy and nice (xpress moving vanlines brooklyn ny)
Best Movers HANDS DOWN (Big Brothers Moving)
never again!! (Key Moving & Storage)
WORST COMPANY EVER!! DO NOT USE! (compass van lines)
Damaged belongings and lies (All My Sons Moving)
Very Professional Service (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
GREAT JOB (Rightway Delivery & Moving Services Inc.)
Excellent (california new york express)
The best on the Planet! (Planet Moving and Storage)
Good Expierence (White Glove Moving)
Thank You Continental!!! (Continental Relocation Corp)
Thumbs Up to GVL (Green Van Lines)
Lovely work by GVL (Green Van Lines)
AVOID!! (First Class American Movers Corp)
Wonderful team (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Be safe use them !!! (Union of DC Movers)
I'm glad I chose them! (Ori Van Lines Inc.)
No Show (Northern American Van Lines)
Just Perfect (White Glove Moving)
Better and easier than U-Haul (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Impossible to beat White Glove (White Glove Moving)
Never Showed (Safe Load Moving & Storage)
Worst moving experience ever (All My Sons Moving)
Do not use this company (Mirit Great American)
Theives, Robbers, Dishonest Movers (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Poor Estimating (All My Sons Moving)
USVL dishonest about weight (United states van lines)
What can I say! (Continental Relocation Corp)
Horrible Service BEFORE the move (All My Sons Moving)
Lovely work by GVL (Green Van Lines)
Satisfactory service from LVL (LIGHTNING VANLINES)
careful and cheap movers (Best Movers DC)
Money well spent. (Movers-Baltimore-MD)
horrible movers group (American Movers Group)
Missing Items (Great American Van Lines)
Damaged, Lost, Broken (Infinity Moving and Storage)
These Guys are Honest & Hard Working (Rightway Delivery & Moving Services Inc.)
A Great Company, Great Move. (Rightway Delivery & Moving Services Inc.)
Do Not Use (Win Van Lines)
Worst ever moving experienced (Topline moving & storage)
GREAT COMPANY !! (Northern American Van Lines)
Thank you Ori Van Lines! (Ori Van Lines Inc.)
Best Movers Premiere Relocation Movers‎‎ (Premiere Relocation Moving Services. All over FL)
Best moving company ever (Premiere Relocation Moving Services. All over FL)
Office Move - That was easy! (Big Brothers Moving)
Do not hesitate chosing this company (Premiere Relocation Moving Services. All over FL)
thank u guys (Premiere Relocation Moving Services. All over FL)
Their service has been friendly, courteous‎‎ (Premiere Relocation Moving Services. All over FL)
Positive experience (BestWay Moving LLC)
Satisfied customer (Universe Express Inc)
move with northern american (Northern American Van Lines)
Superior customer service. (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Good office, bad moving crew (federal moving systems)
Pros and cons (federal moving systems)
The worst moving company EVER! (Green Buffalo Moving)
Great Job! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Need Information (
Will Def. Use again!!! (Ori Van Lines Inc.)
finest movers!!! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Fast and Skillful Movers! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Best moving and storage (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Good Service (Planet Moving and Storage)
Super job (Nationwide Moving Services)
Great review (Nationwide Moving Services)
I actually had a good move. (Nationwide Moving Services)
Great Job (Nationwide Moving Services)
Repeat customer (Nationwide Moving Services)
moving experince (us van lines)
spectacular (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Deceptive pricing (Todd Transportation United Van Lines, Rutland Vermont)
Nationwide Movers of Kaufman, TX (Nationwide Moving Services)
Nationwide Movers of Kaufman, TX (Nationwide Moving Services)
Small Move Specialists (Small Move Specialists)
The Great Experience (Best Time Movers)
Metro Van Lines (Metro Van Lines)
Very VERY bad company (All Inclusive Moving and Storage)
Complicated (Nationwide Moving Services)
Great Service (White Glove Moving)
thank you northern american! (Northern American Van Lines)
Universe Express Moving is amazing (Universe Express Inc)
Very Happy (Continental Relocation Corp)
great (Personal Touch)
DO NOT USE!!!!!!! BEWARE!!!! (Nationwide Moving Services)
great moving company (Best Time Movers)
American Eagle Movers poor service (american eagle movers)
Got what it takes (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Thank you! (Low Price Mover LLC)
Horrible service (MainLine Transportation, Inc.)
Fast,Good,Fair (Best Time Movers)
Great work done by GVL (Green Van Lines)
GVL great work (Green Van Lines)
Continental Relocation Corp (Continental Relocation Corp)
Very Very Good (Swift American Moving)
No STRESS Move (Nationwide Moving Services)
excellent service (Victory Van Lines)
excellent service (Victory Van Lines)
Boyer Rosene Moving & Storage (Boyer Rosene Moving & Storage)
Bad Moving Experience (Arsenal Van Lines)
NIGHTMARE Move (E-Z Movers)
NIGHTMARE Move (E-Z Movers)
Recommend Not To Use This Company (No Limit Movers Inc. Baltimore Movers)
Workers are professional, work fast. (Georgetown Moving & Storage)
Best Movers in DC (Elite Movers of Washington DC)
All Good !!! A+ (Ori Van Lines Inc.)
ALL GOOD!!! (best movers ca)
Great moving company, Thank You (federal moving systems)
Best time movers (Best Time Movers)
Very Happy Customer!! (Premiere Relocation Moving Services. All over FL)
EXCELLENT, EFFICIENT MOVERS‎‎ (Premiere Relocation Moving Services. All over FL)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY (overnightvanline)
LESSON LEARNED (overnightvanline)
Magnanimous crew, magnificent outcomes (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
These people are lairs do NOT use them. (Northern American Van Lines)
These people are lairs do NOT use them (Northern American Van Lines)
Honest and Friendly (Blake Enterprises Moving & Storage)
Incredible Movers AAA+ (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Fantastic Job (federal moving systems)
DO NOT USE (Sky Moving & Storage)
Continental Relocation Corp. (Continental Relocation Corp)
great service! (Personal Touch)
NEVER AGAIN!!!!! (All My Sons)
Thanks for well job done!!! (Continental Relocation Corp)
Very Happy Customer!! (Premiere Relocation Moving Services. All over FL)
never again (A - TOPPS MOVING & STORAGE L.L.C)
Amazing Texas Intrastate Movers (King Moving Services)
1,2,3...smooth and easy (Blake Enterprises Moving & Storage)
Fast move,great move (Best Time Movers)
Amazing move! (Personal Touch)
Blake's - not for us!!!! (Blake Enterprises Moving & Storage)
Worst Moving and Storage Firm in USA (Atlanta Peach Movers)
The Best Moving Company (Blake Enterprises Moving & Storage)
Great Service from GVL (Green Van Lines)
FMS for the win (federal moving systems)
Federal Moving Systems (federal moving systems)
NEVER USE THEM-UNRELIABLE (Eagle Van Lines Moving and Storage (NJ))
Best movers in town (Professional
Had a great move (Northern American Van Lines)
Finally (Northern American Van Lines)
Few words from really happy client (Movers-Baltimore-MD)
Honestly the best move I've every had (Nationwide Moving Services)
Excellent price for such work (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
SCAMMING THIEVES! (Continental Relocation Corp)
SCAMMING THIEVES! (Continental Relocation Corp)
great service! (Best Time Movers)
Above and beyond (Presto Logistics)
horrible experience (U Van Lines)
Call these guys! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Scam Company (Metro Van Lines)
Sweet deal! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
DO NOT USE WARNING (Metro Van Lines)
This is a SCAM company (Union of DC Movers)
Great company highly recomended (Xpress Moving Vanlines Corp.)
Liars, rude crooks (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Fantastic Experience (Presto Logistics)

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