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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From April in 2013

Excellent (UBER MOVERS)
Moving to IL (UBER MOVERS)
Good (Xpress Movers - Licensed and Insured)
big brothers = BIG SCAM (Big Brothers Moving)
I would highly recommend them (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Reliable and honest (Dallas Movers)
wonderful experience (Green Van Lines)
wonderful company (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Office move (UBER MOVERS)
Highly Recommend! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Not Worthy at all (Great American Van Lines)
Customer dissatisfaction (Metro Van Lines)
WONDERFUL! (Allegiant Van Lines)
Best Moving Company (Liberty Moving Group)
Fabulous company and services (American Home Movers)
happy customer... (American Quality Movers)
excellent service (Liberty Moving Group)
Excellent Company (Liberty Moving Group)
No problem moving (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
liberty moving group is the best (Liberty Moving Group)
GOOD JOB (Liberty Moving Group)
Thank You Liberty Moving Group (Liberty Moving Group)
Damaged Items (American Choice Van Lines)
Pleasured move with alpha and omega. (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Great moving company! (Olympus Moving and Storage)
Excellent Service (Straight Forward Moving)
Where to start (North Van Lines)
No surprises (Eco Movers)
Move from East Bay, CA to Southern CA (American Choice Van Lines)
I would highly recommend them (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
excellent! (Green Van Lines)
5 stars! (Green Van Lines)
Good service (UBER MOVERS)
Thank you (UBER MOVERS)
Nice and easy (UBER MOVERS)
excellent company (Liberty Moving Group)
thank you god! (Liberty Moving Group)
very impressed with the exceptional service (Great American Van Lines)
Great Service! (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Elite - good and afforadable (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
I like to move it (UBER MOVERS)
Storage facilities of Alpha Moving (Alpha Moving & Storage)
Good job Low Cost Moving (Low Cost Moving)
Glad we used them (Great American Van Lines)
Wow..what a safe move ! (Green Van Lines)
Rough Start BUT Strong finish.... (Allegiant Van Lines)
Job well done (Dallas Movers)
Patient and friendly (American Home Movers)
Outstanding company and service (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Loved this company!! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Moving (Super Jet Van Lines)
I’m recommending them to all. NC to NJ (Great American Van Lines)
Thank you Crew members! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Texas Movers Group (Texas Movers Group)
Honest and Reliable (North Van Lines)
DON'T TRUST AMERICAN CHOICE! (American Choice Van Lines)
Cudos! (Green Van Lines)
Excellent Company (American Home Movers)
Good moving choice (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Fair and honest company (Dallas Movers)
No Worries (Super Jet Van Lines)
Worse company ever!!! (All My Sons)
Moving My Home (First Call Movers)
moving my home (First Call Movers)
NEW AGE OF MOVING... (Allegiant Van Lines)
Excellent job (StarCity Moving)
Service to remember (All USA Van Lines)
Satisfying experience overall (All USA Van Lines)
Truly appreciate Great Service (All USA Van Lines)
AMAZING! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Definitely worth reading! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Complete Accord... (Allegiant Van Lines)
stress free and comfortable move (Alpha Moving & Storage)
Thank You SFM (Straight Forward Moving)
Great Experience!!! (Rhino Moving Pros)
Great Choice (ORION VAN LINES)
Great out of state move. (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
they were great (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Moving at its best (Cross Country Movers)
Amazing comany (American Home Movers)
Great Job (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
FINALLY A SMOOTH MOVING EXPERIENCE (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
long distance move (Great American Van Lines)
Great Experience!!! (Texas Movers Group)
Great move NJ to TX (Great American Van Lines)
Great move (American Choice Van Lines)
Great experience (American Choice Van Lines)
Liberty Moving Group (Liberty Moving Group)
Liberty Moving Group (Liberty Moving Group)
Thank You (Liberty Moving Group)
thanks (Liberty Moving Group)
good job (Liberty Moving Group)
Great!! (Liberty Moving Group)
good job (Liberty Moving Group)
Pleased (Liberty Moving Group)
great job (Liberty Moving Group)
Fantastic (Liberty Moving Group)
Wonderful (Liberty Moving Group)
Terrible service (Cross state moving LLC)
good (Liberty Moving Group)
nice (Liberty Moving Group)
finally!!! (Liberty Moving Group)
perfect (Liberty Moving Group)
great support (Liberty Moving Group)
DRIVER WAS THE SAVING GRACE!!! (White Glove Relocation Services)
Avid Mover here. (North Van Lines)
wonderful move (Liberty Moving Group)
reliable (Liberty Moving Group)
good timing (Liberty Moving Group)
nice move (Liberty Moving Group)
my best movers ever (Great American Van Lines)
Great job (Dallas Movers)
Honest and professional (American Home Movers)
Supreme moving company! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Superb services (Cross Country Movers)
Great Service (Victory Van Lines)
PROVED ME WRONG. (Allegiant Van Lines)
My highest recommendation (StarCity Moving)
What a Great Company to Trust (Great American Van Lines)
100% PRO MOVERS (American Choice Van Lines)
Good Local Move (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Moving (Hercules Moving Systems)
great!! (Liberty Moving Group)
reliable (Liberty Moving Group)
good (luxury van lines)
on time (luxury van lines)
first time (luxury van lines)
Good all the way (Eco Movers)
My type of team (North Van Lines)
recommended and will recommend (Great American Van Lines)
best move (Best US Moving)
reasonable $ and amazing service (American Choice Van Lines)
Great For West Coast Move (Great American Van Lines)
believed i was scammed (First Call Movers)
they were great (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
overall 5 stars service (American Choice Van Lines)
Good Job on a complicated move (Cross state moving LLC)
Outstanding Service (UBER MOVERS)
Easy move (UBER MOVERS)
Full service well spent (Great American Van Lines)
Last Step (Carey Moving & Storeage)
Good work (UBER MOVERS)
Great moving experience (Victory Van Lines)
Amazing company (Victory Van Lines)
Great Experience! (compass van lines)
move (Apartment Movers)
Do not use Allegiant Van Lines. (Allegiant Van Lines)
Smooth Move!!!! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Very Helpful! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Exceptional (North Van Lines)
great job (luxury van lines)
Dream to work with (StarCity Moving)
They are more than movers (North Van Lines)
movers you can trust !!! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Excellent service (Unlimited moving)
Most please (Great American Van Lines)
Job well done (White Glove Moving)
Alpha & Omega Made It Easy (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Happy with our choice (Eco Movers)
Full service worth the price (Mirit Great American)
Poor quality moving (Barrett Moving & Storage)
Thank you !!! (American Choice Van Lines)
excellent service (First Call Movers)
It was a very good experience! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Above & Beyond Our Expectations (Interstate Movers)
EXCELLENT MOVE!!! (Allegiant Van Lines)
Excellent Moving Experience (Great American Van Lines)
moving review (Nationwide Van Lines)
As promised (Eco Movers)
Easy Move (American Home Movers)
They were awesome and extra helpful! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Loved it! (Green Van Lines)
Good experience start to finish. (First Call Movers)
easy as can be... (American Quality Movers)
Fast and Quick Move (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Painless Move (Great American Van Lines)
moving like never before ! (Green Van Lines)
PROFESSINAL MOVERS NJ TO MA (Great American Van Lines)
Very good and professional (American Choice Van Lines)
thank you executive moving and storage (executive moving and storage)
thank you executive moving and storage (executive moving and storage)
executive moving and storage (executive moving and storage)
moved my whole family! (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!! (All USA Van Lines)
USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!! (All USA Van Lines)
they were great (Dallas Movers)
My move went great (amerisouth relocation)
Best Movers! (Top Notch Moving & Storage, LLC)
Very flexible and courteous--best movers ever! (Top Notch Moving & Storage, LLC)
They are truly the real deal. GA to VA (Great American Van Lines)
Excellent Move (Men On The Move)
Stor-n-Lock West Valley (Storage and Moving)
Recommend (UBER MOVERS)
Stor-n-Lock Riverdale (United Moving & Storage)
Safe and Sound (UBER MOVERS)
use again (Liberty Moving Group)
good (Liberty Moving Group)
use them again (Liberty Moving Group)
They did a great job (United West Moving and Storage)
good job (Liberty Moving Group)
fantastic (Liberty Moving Group)
Promises delivered (Eco Movers)
This company was perfect (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Great service (high touch moving systems)
Impressive Service (Dallas Movers)
Could Have Been Better (Go East Movers)
stress free and Easy Move (Precision Movers Group)
Stor-n-Lock Opohonga (United Moving & Storage)
great expereince (American Choice Van Lines)
Stor-n-Lock Taylorsville (United Moving & Storage)
Professional Work (UBER MOVERS)
Coaches Compliment (Allegiant Van Lines)
made my stressful day fun... (Green Van Lines)
Super Movers! NC to NJ (Green Van Lines)
perfect experince MD to CA (Great American Van Lines)
great movers (luxury van lines)
wonderful (luxury van lines)
very good job (Liberty Moving Group)
friendly (Liberty Moving Group)
Would use again (Eco Movers)
overall great (Liberty Moving Group)
They are real professionals! (MoveDaddy Enterprises LLC)
EXCELLENT MOVERS (lenora's moving company)
Loved them! (All My Sons Moving)
Outstanding Job (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
The best movers for the money (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
BEWARE (Sky Van Lines)
Thanks, Dallas Movers! (Dallas Movers)
my move to GA.. (American Quality Movers)
excellent!!! (NJ PRO MOVERS)
satisfied (Liberty Moving Group)
great service (Liberty Moving Group)
great service (Liberty Moving Group)
good (Liberty Moving Group)
Super friendly and trustworthy (StarCity Moving)
Ideal moving experience (UBER MOVERS)
Dishonest. (Liberty Relocation)
Easy Move For Elderly (Great American Van Lines)
Stor-n-Lock Sandy (United Moving & Storage)
Very Pleased (Platinum Van Lines)
Great Experience (American Home Movers)
Thanks to the whole staff (Cross Country Movers)
Very Organized (Dallas Movers)
Truly Impressive (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Fantastic Moving Company (Straight Forward Moving)
Horrible Experience! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
My smooth move experience (Great American Van Lines)
Good reviews (UBER MOVERS)
IN A NUTSHELL (Allegiant Van Lines)
We apreaciate your hard work! (Low Cost Moving)
Nationwide Van Lines (Nationwide Van Lines)
move (Sorensen Moving and Storage)
Worst experience ever (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Excellent Service! (Great American Van Lines)
Excellent service (Real Canada Wide Moving Services Inc.)
Overall Experience (Margaret's Moving & Storage)
Simply the best! (Roadway Moving)
Thank you Great American Van Lines (Great American Van Lines)
Stor-n-Lock Salt Lake City (United Moving & Storage)
Virginia-Florida Move (Nationwide Van Lines)
What a tension-free move ! (Green Van Lines)
Tender Love and Care (Straight Forward Moving)
nice (Liberty Moving Group)
I would be moving again... (Green Van Lines)
great (Liberty Moving Group)
finally (Liberty Moving Group)
on time and fast (Liberty Moving Group)
Careless (California NY Express movers)
with no worries at all (Interstate Movers)
Super Good Job (Delta Van Lines)
Its only the beginning..Amazed (North Van Lines)
fast (Liberty Moving Group)
loved it (Liberty Moving Group)
Frustrated and Now Harrassed (Liberty Relocation)
These Guys are Excellent!! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Thank you very much for your services (Great American Van Lines)
Stor-n-Lock Cottonwood Heights (Unity Moving and Storage)
Professiona; and on time (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
My experience (Dun-Rite Relocations)
Very honest and prompt company (Low Cost Moving)
Absolutely excellent (Great American Van Lines)
Recommend services (Unlimited moving)
Great (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
better than the rest (Liberty Moving Group)
so accurate (Liberty Moving Group)
cool (Liberty Moving Group)
best move ever (Xpress Movers)
Awesome Service, Prompt Delivery (Allways Moving and Storage)
swift van lines (SWIFT VAN LINES)
Quite well done (Eco Movers)
Do NOT USE. Horrible experience (Allegiant Van Lines)
Great Service (Platinum Van Lines)
Stor-n-Lock State (United Moving & Storage)
They suck!!!! (Cross Country Moving & Storage)
Kudos Green Van Lines! (Green Van Lines)
MY MOVE TO DALAS TX (Great American Van Lines)
Professional and Reliable (Cross Country Movers)
Horrible experience (Allegiant Van Lines)
Hard-Working and Careful (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
One of the best, definitely! (Rockland M&M Movers)
Good work! (New York Movers)
Great to relocate with them (All USA Van Lines)
Excellent Move (All Force Movers)
G&G Moving, Inc. (G&G Moving)
NO MORE SEARCHING!!! (North Van Lines)
Stor-n-Lock Orchard (United Moving & Storage)
Thumbs Up - Friendly Movers (Jet Van Lines)
Stor-n-Lock RV Cottonwood Heights (United Moving & Storage)
Total Amateurs (All My Sons)
Professional Movers (Professional Van Lines)
thanks (luxury van lines)
nice people (luxury van lines)
Precision Movers Group Scam (Precision Movers Group)
just great (luxury van lines)
fast movers (luxury van lines)
super (Liberty Moving Group)
Great company! (American Home Movers)
liked a lot (Liberty Moving Group)
wonderful experience! (Cross Country Movers)
I am so thankful to them! (Roadway Moving)
Better Than Expected Service (Dun-Rite Relocations)
Amazing Company (Allegiant Van Lines)
Worth every PENNY. (Allegiant Van Lines)
Good job guys! (U.S Moving Services Inc)
THANK YOU ALLEGIANT (Allegiant Van Lines)
MUST READ! (Allegiant Van Lines)
Phenomenal! (Altitude Movers Denver)
best movers ever! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Excellent service (StarCity Moving)
Best Movers is Dallas! (Jet Van Lines)
Great American Van Lines Perfect Move (Great American Van Lines)
Horrible Experience (Day & Night Movers Dallas)
Thanks!! (Altitude Movers Denver)
excellent service (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Worked Fast (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Pleasant Throughout The Day (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Excellent Moving Company! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Wonderful team (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Decent and a pleasant move (All USA Van Lines)
Thieves!! (All My Sons Moving)
Best Movers and Packers (All USA Van Lines)
Finally Good Movers (Great American Van Lines)
lilly wilde (Xpress Movers)
with a budget - relocated to AZ (Straight Forward Moving)
Hassle-Free Moving Experience (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)