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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From December in 2017

Good movers (Long Distance Inc)
Highly recommended (Long Distance Inc)
Amazing job! (Kangaroo Van lines)
Damage Free (Old Country Van Lines)
Thanks (Unified Van Lines)
Thank you! (Unified Van Lines)
My recommendation! (Unified Van Lines)
Right choice (Unified Van Lines)
Successful relocation (Divine Moving)
Moving Experts (Cross Country Movers)
Well done folks (New Beginnings Relocation)
Excellent standards (admiral van lines)
Fantastic services (unique van lines)
Absolutely Amazing (Old Country Van Lines)
(TikTok Moving & Storage)
Best movers around! (Old Country Van Lines)
Excellent moving company (Agility Van Lines)
Organization is everything (New Beginnings Relocation)
Experienced Team (True Value Movers)
Safe transfer (Old Country Van Lines)
We are very lucky to work with them. (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
They are magicians! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
These guys were awesome. (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Very Professional!!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
They are the best!!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Highly recommend!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Capital City Movers NYC (Capital City Movers)
The best moving company (Unified Van Lines)
100% (Unified Van Lines)
From Brooklyn to Manhattan (U.Santini Moving and Storage)
Best Movers (Old Country Van Lines)
(Spartan Vanlines)
They were simply amazing! (Bellerman Transport Inc.)
Good (Long Distance Inc)
Great guys (Long Distance Inc)
Incredible job (Long Distance Inc)
5 stars (Unified Van Lines)
Perfect ! (Unified Van Lines)
Thank you (Unified Van Lines)
Thank you. (Unified Van Lines)
5 stars, thanks (Unified Van Lines)
Great Job (Unified Van Lines)
Perfect ;) (Unified Van Lines)
Perfect Job (Unified Van Lines)
Love this company (C&D MOVING)
Perfect (Unified Van Lines)
Good Job!!! (Unified Van Lines)
Great (Unified Van Lines)
5 stars (Unified Van Lines)
Everything went smoothly (New Beginnings Relocation)
I felt great to receive their service (New Beginnings Relocation)
I am very satisfied with them (Old Country Van Lines)
AWESOME JOB (Great American Van Lines)
Thank you!!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Great moving experience! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Great Service!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
I was impressed (admiral van lines)
Highly Recommended!!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
They were very efficient!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Awesome Guys (C&D MOVING)
Great work (New Beginnings Relocation)
They responded quickly (Assurance Van Line Services)
I adored their coordination (American United vanlines)
Awesome job (PrimeWay movers)
Just mind-blowing (unique van lines)
Mad strong movers (admiral van lines)
they were great (True Value Movers)
(Cross Country Movers)
They handled it well (Move Us Inc)
Perfect! (Unified Van Lines)
Great service (Unified Van Lines)
(Peak Van Lines)
Good experience (Unified Van Lines)
I Did A Great Choice (Old Country Van Lines)
very pleased (Tri-state Van Lines)
Goal Line Moving (Goal Line Moving )
They were trustworthy (Agility Van Lines)
Nothing seemed too much trouble (American United vanlines)
Would highly recommend!!! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Couldn't have been happier. (Great Van Lines)
No complaints!! I recommend them! (Everest Van Lines)
Very strong communication skills (Old Country Van Lines)
Unbeatable (TikTok Moving & Storage)
Awesome job! (Expert Van Lines)
Completely Satisfied (C&D MOVING)
Thank you guys!!! (Global Moving, LLC)
Happy customer (Unified Van Lines)
My recommendation (Unified Van Lines)
Thanks! (Unified Van Lines)
Very carefully (Unified Van Lines)
Helpful (Road Runner Moving and Storage)
Professional but friendly (New Beginnings Relocation)
No trouble! (Unified Van Lines)
A very good service (Unified Van Lines)
Awesome and Reliable Company (Peak Van Lines)
Fantastic Job (Peak Van Lines)
Really helpful (ABC Moving Systems)
They were fast, professional!!! (Global Moving, LLC)
Nice Movers (C&D MOVING)
Experienced Team (Old Country Van Lines)
Fast and reasonable. (Spartan Vanlines)
Exceptional (Leo's Moving)
Thanks guys! (Kangaroo Van lines)
Thanks (Apex Moving )
Loved this company!!! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Awesome Service!! (High End Movers)
Excellent Service!!! (Great Van Lines)
More than you expect (Assurance Van Line Services)
Skilled company (American United vanlines)
Job well done (admiral van lines)
Delightful Experience (C&D MOVING)
Great Job (Unified Van Lines)
Great company, big thumbs up! (Global Moving, LLC)
Awesome Movers!!! (HK world Wide Moving)
2 thumbs up!!! (Maryland Best Movers)
They were most cooperative. (California Best Movers)
Very professional movers! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Definitely would recommend. (Great Van Lines)
Thank you so much!!! (HK world Wide Moving)
Very friendly customer service!!! (Maryland Best Movers)
Thank you guys!!! (California Best Movers)
(Tri-state Van Lines)
Great staff (Southside Moving and Storage)
I was very impressed (Move Us Inc)
Higu class (Unified Van Lines)
Grate service (Unified Van Lines)
Very Professional Movers!!! (Global Moving, LLC)
Fantastic!!! (Global Moving, LLC)
Reliable Company (C&D MOVING)
Five stars for them (True Value Movers)
Very polite and hardworking (Old Country Van Lines)
Thank you (Unified Van Lines)
I would highly recommend them (Kangaroo Van lines)
Great Customer Service (Global Moving Systems)
The best (Long Distance Inc)
Careful move (Long Distance Inc)
Recommend (Unified Van Lines)
Peace Of Mind (Road Runner Moving and Storage)
Excellent job! (Unified Van Lines)
Very good! (Unified Van Lines)
Fantastic Service! (Unified Van Lines)
Much appreciated (PrimeWay movers)
Low-priced but experienced (Assurance Van Line Services)
Extremely recommended (unique van lines)
Absolutely outstanding! (Unified Van Lines)
SUPER (Unified Van Lines)
I thank you, guys! (True Value Movers)
Antique Furniture Shipment (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Really great Work (Peak Van Lines)
Glad I Chose Them (United Transportation Moving and Storage)
Totally painless experience (Unified Van Lines)
Safe transfer (ABC Moving Systems)
Awesome and friendly service (Unified Van Lines)
I was very impressed (Great Lakes Van Lines)
Thank you for a job well done (Unified Van Lines)
Moved to Kingstons (Canadian Moving Systems Inc.)
Caring and eager movers (Divine Moving)
Efficient and very organized (admiral van lines)
Great Service!!! (Global Moving, LLC)
They took away my stress (unique van lines)
I got the best moving experience (American United vanlines)
Great (Unified Van Lines)
Awesome (Unified Van Lines)
Very Affordable (Road Runner Moving and Storage)
You got my vote! (Unified Van Lines)
(Peak Van Lines)
I'm delighted! (Unified Van Lines)
They were just so good (Agility Van Lines)
Awesome work (Peak Van Lines)
Made Moving Easy (United Transportation Moving and Storage)
5 stars (Unified Van Lines)
Stress saver (Long Distance Inc)
Trouble-free process (Assurance Van Line Services)
(Long Distance Inc)
Affordable !!! (Long Distance Inc)
Amazing team! (Unified Van Lines)
BEWARE (Assurance Van Line Services)
Good people (Long Distance Inc)
Thank you (Unified Van Lines)
Massive move made easy (New Beginnings Relocation)
Must be a proud company (American United vanlines)
They were my rescuers (PrimeWay movers)
Great company (Unified Van Lines)
They were organized (admiral van lines)
Hard-core movers (unique van lines)
Recommend! 5 stars (Unified Van Lines)
Thank you. (Unified Van Lines)
5 stars (Unified Van Lines)
Great Movers!!! (Global Moving, LLC)
Wow! (Unified Van Lines)
A+ (Unified Van Lines)
Fantastic (Unified Van Lines)
These guys are the best! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
5 stars (Unified Van Lines)
Great experience (United Transportation Moving and Storage)
Happy and Satisfied (Tri-state Van Lines)
I can only say good things (Old Country Van Lines)
Very Professional!!! (HK world Wide Moving)
Most efficient move EVER! (Maryland Best Movers)
These guys are awesome! (California Best Movers)
Easy & Stress Free (United Transportation Moving and Storage)
Highly recommend the company (Long Distance Inc)
Thumbs up (Long Distance Inc)
Awesome (Unified Van Lines)
Grate service (Unified Van Lines)
Pain Free! (Move Us Inc)
Highly Satisfied (C&D MOVING)
Outstanding (United Transportation Moving and Storage)
Incredible. (True Value Movers)
Good experience! (Peak Van Lines)
They gave me what I wanted (admiral van lines)
Quality service (Unified Van Lines)
Quality service (Unified Van Lines)
Smoothest Move (Real Moving Movers & Storage)
Best investment ever (Great Lakes Van Lines)
Impressive team (Cross Country Movers)
We were very pleased! (Old Country Van Lines)
A+ service (Long Distance Inc)
I am their number one fan! (Unified Van Lines)
Happy customer (System Relocation)
Very Professional Movers!!! (Global Moving, LLC)
Everything Went Well (United Transportation Moving and Storage)
Professional & Polite (ABC Moving Systems)
Great moving company (C&D MOVING)
They are not profit seekers (PrimeWay movers)
Skillful movers (American United vanlines)
Unbelievable experience (admiral van lines)
Easy going movers (unique van lines)
5 stars (Unified Van Lines)
Excellent Movers and Trustworthy (United Transportation Moving and Storage)
Wonderful moving company (Peak Van Lines)
great (Unified Van Lines)
Extremely professional (Old Country Van Lines)
Outstanding Company (Tri-state Van Lines)
Amazing job (Unified Van Lines)
I am happy (Unified Van Lines)
Trustworthy Company (C&D MOVING)
Fast transfer, great price (Agility Van Lines)
Amazing job (Unified Van Lines)
Right choice (Unified Van Lines)
A+ (Unified Van Lines)
Thank you so much!!! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Great experience overall! (Great Van Lines)
They did an awesome job!!! (Great Van Lines)
Highly recommend!!! (Everest Van Lines)
Great movers (United Transportation Moving and Storage)
Great Job (Unified Van Lines)
Refreshing experience (Great Lakes Van Lines)
Seamless Move (True Value Movers)
Great team, great movers! (HK world Wide Moving)
Thank you guys!!! (Maryland Best Movers)
Thank you so much again!! (Bellerman Transport Inc.)
Very Impressed!! (California Best Movers)
Rare to find such skills (PrimeWay movers)
Quick but easy move (American United vanlines)
They were great (unique van lines)
Fantastic move (admiral van lines)
You guys are the best (New Beginnings Relocation)
I'm happy! (Unified Van Lines)
Hassle Free Move (United Transportation Moving and Storage)
Did a great job (Peak Van Lines)
What a lovely relocation. (Unified Van Lines)
Keep it up! (Unified Van Lines)
All Rounder Movers (Old Country Van Lines)
Excellent moving company (Peak Van Lines)
Anywhere anytime (Assurance Van Line Services)
Superb (True Value Movers)
Hassle Free (ABC Moving Systems)
Totally impressed (admiral van lines)
honest and hardworking (Great Lakes Van Lines)
The top notch service. (Unified Van Lines)
Had a great experience with them. (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Amazing job (Unified Van Lines)
These guys are awesome. (High End Movers)
I absolutely love these guys!! (Great Van Lines)
Very Professional Movers!! (Everest Van Lines)
Wonderful experience (Coach USA Moving and Storage)
5 stars, thanks (Unified Van Lines)
Would recommend to anyone! (Bellerman Transport Inc.)
Very Impressed!!! (California Best Movers)
You were wonderful! (Unified Van Lines)
Excellent moving work (Peak Van Lines)
Highly recommended. (Spartan Vanlines)
Amazing job (Unified Van Lines)
good service and a trustworthy moving company (United Transportation Moving and Storage)
5 stars, thanks (Unified Van Lines)
Thanks (Unified Van Lines)
Its really amazing (Unified Van Lines)
Recommended (Unified Van Lines)
Thanks again (Unified Van Lines)
I’m feeling blessed (admiral van lines)
They made it easy (unique van lines)
Extremely fast and polite (Coach USA Moving and Storage)
These guys are expert movers. (Unified Van Lines)
Awesome Moving Company (Peak Van Lines)
Thanks! (Unified Van Lines)
Generous and Polite (United Transportation Moving and Storage)
courteous, efficient and very careful (Old Country Van Lines)
Friendly and cooperative (True Value Movers)
Thank you so much! (Unified Van Lines)
Hard and dedicated workers (Peak Van Lines)
Excellent service and delivered as promised. (United Transportation Moving and Storage)
Best! (Unified Van Lines)
I appreciated their efficiency (unique van lines)
They came through for me (New Beginnings Relocation)
Recommend! (Unified Van Lines)
Great moving company (Peak Van Lines)
Faultless moving company (Divine Moving)
Their help is appreciated (Assurance Van Line Services)
Well-timed and quality. (Unified Van Lines)
We were stress-free (American United vanlines)
They gave me what I wanted (admiral van lines)
As professional as it gets (admiral van lines)
Good (System Relocation)
Well planned move (System Relocation)
Wonderful Moving Job (Peak Van Lines)
Really Great Company (United Transportation Moving and Storage)
Very professional (System Relocation)
Smart and Careful (Great Lakes Van Lines)
thank you (System Relocation)
Best customer service ever, (Spartan Vanlines)

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