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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From January in 2017

Thank you (Apple Van Lines)
Happy with service (United Movers Group)
Reflection of Excellence (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
saved money with them (Presidential Moving Services)
five stars (Public Moving and Storage)
One word! BRILLIANT! (Xtreme Movers)
Upbeat Personalities (spartan moving system)
Good Business Ethics (Kangaroo Van lines)
Great Service (Premier Relocations)
2 thumbs up!!! (Premier Relocations)
Happy New Year (Agility Van Lines)
GREAT JOB! (Coastal Van Lines)
excellent (Presidential Moving Services)
great (All American Van Lines)
great company (Public Moving and Storage)
Movers did a great job (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Great Movers (l.d moving and storage)
Highly recommended (l.d moving and storage)
Great first relocation (Xtreme Movers)
Quick but easy move (admiral van lines)
Incredible efforts (Divine Moving)
They give what is wanted (Admiral Moving Systems)
Hardworking crew (Freedom Movers)
Amazing customer service (Southside Moving and Storage)
Quick and Affordable Move (North Van Lines)
Absolute champs (Apple Van Lines)
Hard working movers (Big Ben's Moving)
it was good experience (spartan moving system)
Good services (Kangaroo Van lines)
great movers i hired! (Relocation Express LLC)
Professional mover (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
great job (Coastal Van Lines)
what a good move (All American Van Lines)
Move from Hell (Assurance Van Line Services)
Awesome Movers (l.d moving and storage)
I got delivery on time (l.d moving and storage)
Thanks a ton! (Xtreme Movers)
Everyone should use this company (Agility Van Lines)
Easy Move Use Them Again (North Van Lines)
our cross country move (EAST COAST MOVING AND STORAGE)
Happy with Beacon Moving (Beacon Moving)
Very methodical and efficient movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
They were so good (Xtreme Movers)
Really impressed (Big Ben's Moving)
Awesome movers (Big Ben's Moving)
Heavy Labor for them (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Great Job to the entire Plymouth team (Plymouth Relocation Services)
I am Impressed (All State Van Lines Relocation)
Great job ! (Moversland)
Easy Move Across Country! (Real Movers Moving And Storage)
From Florida to Virginia (Real Movers Moving And Storage)
Highly Recommended (Everest Van Lines)
(Sprint Van Lines)
Professional, prompt and prepared (Alpha Movers and Storage)
5 star service (iMove Inc.)
Very Efficient (Moversland)
Pretty good company (Assurance Van Line Services)
Fast, friendly and careful (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Gladly Recommend (Assurance Van Line Services)
great movers i hired! (Relocation Express LLC)
Awesome Service (l.d moving and storage)
Good service (Moving Pros Inc )
Awesome (l.d moving and storage)
Fast (Public Moving and Storage)
Left December 29th, Arrived Today (Jan 5th) (Assurance Van Line Services)
Their skills were eye-catching (Assurance Van Line Services)
I was very impressed (Xtreme Movers)
Great Support & Great Pricing (Assurance Van Line Services)
Very Helpful (United Movers Group)
very kind (Presidential Moving Services)
They made it too easy (Freedom Movers)
Simply the best (Texas Top Movers)
Highly Recommended (Everest Van Lines)
Very Professional Movers (New York Best Movers)
Questions Answered (Moving Pros Inc )
They delivered on our requests (Admiral Moving Systems)
They love their jobs (admiral van lines)
Misrepresentation and Fraud (express van line)
thank you (spartan moving system)
best (Kangaroo Van lines)
Best moving company ever (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Quality (Presidential Moving Services)
great job guys, so happy picked you! (Relocation Express LLC)
no damages (Presidential Moving Services)
Thank you (Big Ben's Moving)
great move! (Coastal Van Lines)
CT to CA (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Thanks for the support (Xtreme Movers)
Yes I will use them again (Assurance Van Line Services)
We are lucky! (Agility Van Lines)
So happy with them (Majestic Movers)
Friendly, efficient and helpful (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Fast and efficient (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Perfect move (Apple Van Lines)
Very Satisfied (Majestic Movers)
Good Job (Rhino Relocation)
Excellent Service (Everest Van Lines)
Would definitely use them again (New York Best Movers)
5 stars is not enough (Xtreme Movers)
What a service! (Admiral Moving Systems)
Great company (Majestic Movers)
Wonderful (Majestic Movers)
Top quality service (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Great Customer Service (Texas Top Movers)
thanks (spartan moving system)
Thanks (Kangaroo Van lines)
Would absolutely recommend (Everest Van Lines)
The movers are great (Big Ben's Moving)
I would use them again (New York Best Movers)
(Real Movers Moving And Storage)
They made it so easy (Agility Van Lines)
The Real Deal (Real Movers Moving And Storage)
Great service (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Highly, highly recommend them (American Home Movers)
Our experience was fantastic (Key Moving & Storage)
They showed up on time (Denver Movers)
Once again 5 stars (Xtreme Movers)
good experience (Moving Pros Inc )
good service (Moving Pros Inc )
nice work (Moving Pros Inc )
(Moving Pros Inc )
Good work (All State Van Lines Relocation)
Still haven't received my stuff (Public Moving and Storage)
So grateful to their kindness and thoroughness (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Very professional (American Home Movers)
Very professional and efficient (Key Moving & Storage)
Great Service (Denver Movers)
Great Moving Company (HK world Wide Moving)
Top notch service (Best Price Moving and Storage)
The movers were very professional (American Home Movers)
Very professional Service (Denver Movers)
Offer a Big Thank You (Coast Movers)
Great people! (Xtreme Movers)
great value (Trans United)
Simply Awesome (Assurance Van Line Services)
Amazing (Majestic Movers)
Quality Movers (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
(Expert Van Lines)
Fantastic movers (Apple Van Lines)
simply the best (spartan moving system)
best (Kangaroo Van lines)
Awesome Service (l.d moving and storage)
Process was so straightforward (l.d moving and storage)
Work appreciable. (Moving Pros Inc )
Great (Presidential Moving Services)
pleasure (Public Moving and Storage)
Thank you (Public Moving and Storage)
Great co-ordination (Xtreme Movers)
Nice job! (Moving Pros Inc )
Life saver! (Moving Pros Inc )
Highly Recommended (Plymouth Relocation Services)
The service is flawless (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
GREAT JOB (Relocation Express LLC)
Highly Recommended (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Had a very good experience (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Great going (Coastal Van Lines)
Good service (Moving Pros Inc )
great job guys (Expert Van Lines)
Carol With TSI Was Great! (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
AMAZING (Real Movers Moving And Storage)
helpful (Public Moving and Storage)
Thanks for all your help (l.d moving and storage)
Thanks guys (Admiral Moving Systems)
I am a repeat customer (Xtreme Movers)
Smooth move (Agility Van Lines)
Excellent service all the way (admiral van lines)
Couldn’t be happier (Freedom Movers)
quality movers!! (Sky Van Lines)
Fabulous service (Big Ben's Moving)
great job (Great American Van Lines)
amazing (Presidential Moving Services)
Awesome movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Amazing (Public Moving and Storage)
guys are simply awesome. (GM Van Lines)
relocation service was outstanding (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
Great service! (Real Movers Moving And Storage)
Still waiting on my stuff (Midwest Moving)
Very Satisfied (Majestic Movers)
I had a difficult move that was perfectly done. (Real Movers Moving And Storage)
Great going (Relocation Express LLC)
great job there guys did (Expert Van Lines)
No worries! (Assurance Van Line Services)
Great Service (Plymouth Relocation Services)
The best moving experience (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Fantastic moving team (Big Ben's Moving)
Jacksonville to Miami (Beacon Moving)
Really amazing (Alpha Movers and Storage)
happy with them (Public Moving and Storage)
great company (Presidential Moving Services)
great job boys (Relocation Express LLC)
They were very accommodating (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
An amazing experience (Apple Van Lines)
Awesome Service (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Awesome Place and Awesome People (Real Movers Moving And Storage)
Fantastic work (Majestic Movers)
Very good, highly suggested (Majestic Movers)
Recommend (United Movers Group)
Great service (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Absolutely perfect (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Very highly recommended (Big Ben's Moving)
Top of the Line Moving Company! (Real Movers Moving And Storage)
Smoothest move (Assurance Van Line Services)
They are extraordinary (Admiral Moving Systems)
Never had to keep an eye on them (Agility Van Lines)
Super quick and efficient mover (admiral van lines)
Friendly, courteous and efficient movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
(Apple Van Lines)
Best moving experience (Big Ben's Moving)
Awesome movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Fast and super professional (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Great job!! (Irelocation system LLC)
Definition of professionalism (Great Lakes Van Lines)
Happy with entire moving process (United Movers Group)
very punctual (spartan moving system)
quality movers (Kangaroo Van lines)
Happy Customer (Plymouth Relocation Services)
great job (Relocation Express LLC)
Delighted with service (United Movers Group)
Fantastic movers (Big Ben's Moving)
Stole our stuff and broke furniture and glassware (David and Goliath Moving and Storage)
They did an excellent job (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
great movers i hired! (All American Van Lines)
Great moving company (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
My packing. (I Relocation System)
Decent price and good service (Colonial Van Lines)
Environmental protection. (I Relocation System)
Everything was satisfactory (Straight Forward Moving)
Job well done (Great American Van Lines)
Quality Service (Agility Van Lines)
Efficient Service (Impress Moving & Storage)
Amazing service (Big Ben's Moving)
Heavy Labor For Them (spartan moving system)
Efficient Moving (Kangaroo Van lines)
It was a great moving experience! (Great American Van Lines)
great job (Relocation Express LLC)
GREAT JOB (Coastal Van Lines)
I am glad I used Imove (iMove Inc.)
Items Arrived Earlier Than Expected (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
great movers (Moving Pros Inc )
great (Expert Van Lines)
Absolutely the best you can find (Tri-state Van Lines)
awsome experience (Moving Pros Inc )
(Moving Pros Inc )
what a experience!! (Moving Pros Inc )
Great work (Alpha Movers and Storage)
great job relocation express (Relocation Express LLC)
IT WENT GREAT (Public Moving and Storage)
Awesome Service (l.d moving and storage)
Very Pleased!!! (l.d moving and storage)
Good (Majestic Movers)
Excellent (Presidential Moving Services)
Incredible movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Fabulous service (Big Ben's Moving)
Great movers (Apple Van Lines)
Fast and Friendly! (Coastal Moving Group)
Can I get this job done? (eCar movers)
Worth hiring (Admiral Moving Systems)
Efficient Workers (admiral van lines)
I’m satisfied (Freedom Movers)
Amazing to work with (Texas Top Movers)
Amazing Service (Everest Van Lines)
Professional and efficient moving team (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Excellent Service (New York Best Movers)
great job (Coastal Van Lines)
Excellent moving company (Big Ben's Moving)
DEAD WRONG (Public Moving and Storage)
Thanks guys (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
pros (Presidential Moving Services)
The movers were very courteous and professional (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Professional movers and quality work (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Got a Pleasant Service (Assurance Van Line Services)
Awesomeness (Real Moving Movers & Storage)
Reasonable rates (United Movers Group)
Great experience (Big Ben's Moving)
100% recommend (Rhino Relocation)
quality movers (spartan moving system)
good (Kangaroo Van lines)
Simply the best (Everest Van Lines)
Highly recommended (New York Best Movers)
Efficient, prompt and professional (Alpha Movers and Storage)
no hassle (Public Moving and Storage)
Wonderful Service (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Excellent (Presidential Moving Services)
Great Movers!!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
They were so awesome today (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
good job moving my stuff (Relocation Express LLC)
Great service (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Just as I wanted (Great Lakes Van Lines)
So great! (Majestic Movers)
Great customer service (United Movers Group)
If You Want Experience You Want Them (Real Movers Moving And Storage)
Skeptical at first (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Great Move (North Van Lines)
Truly professional (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Highly recommended (Agility Van Lines)
Would definitely use them again (Rhino Relocation)
They were so easy to work with (Everest Van Lines)
These movers are fantastic (New York Best Movers)
Perfect movers (Admiral Moving Systems)
Best service ! (Moving Pros Inc )
wonderful service (Moving Pros Inc )
They were awesome (Able Moving and Storage Inc)
Excellent communication (DOWNING MOVING AND STORAGE)
Happy with sevice rendered (United Movers Group)
One of the best in business (admiral van lines)
I recommend (Freedom Movers)
They Know What They Are Doing (Real Movers Moving And Storage)
Elizabeth Blake (spartan moving system)
saved us (Moving Pros Inc )
On time and very professional (Texas Top Movers)
honest movers (Moving Pros Inc )
They performed a wonderfully (Rhino Relocation)
keep up the good work (Everest Van Lines)
They did a great job!!! (New York Best Movers)
Professional and approachable (Tri-state Van Lines)
Peaceful Removal (Able Moving and Storage Inc)
Cheap and reliable service (DOWNING MOVING AND STORAGE)
Ideal moving company (Divine Moving)
Great Company (Real Moving Movers & Storage)
Outstanding service (Southside Moving and Storage)
This crew was very capable, polite and hardworking (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
I would use them again for my move (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
the best (spartan moving system)
best services ever (Kangaroo Van lines)
Great job (Plymouth Relocation Services)
DO NOT USE (Kangaroo Van lines)
Terrific (Presidential Moving Services)
you can trust them (Presidential Moving Services)
great job (Coastal Van Lines)
great moving service (EAST COAST MOVING AND STORAGE)
Highly recommended (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Fabulously Delivered Early (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Love these guys (American Home Movers)
Super friendly and professional (Key Moving & Storage)
They were fast and professional (HK world Wide Moving)
The best mover, by a distance (Straight Forward Moving)
Such a great service (Assurance Van Line Services)
Blue Sky Van Lines (Blue sky Van Lines)
Awesome Service!!! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
These guys are great! (American Home Movers)
Love them!!! (Key Moving & Storage)
I have used them twice now (Denver Movers)
These guys are the best! (HK world Wide Moving)
Awesome experience (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Great Service!!! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
truly exceptional (Moving Pros Inc )
best i ever had (Moving Pros Inc )
Very Impressed!!! (Denver Movers)
I recommend this company (DOWNING MOVING AND STORAGE)
Very Professional :) (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
great job guys (Coastal Van Lines)
SMOOTH AS SILK (Able Moving and Storage Inc)
Efficient!! (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Kudos Gentlemen (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
(Agility Van Lines)
Very Professional!!! (l.d moving and storage)
The price was fair and reasonable (l.d moving and storage)
My Experience (Admiral Moving Systems)
Great Deal!!! (admiral van lines)
I recommend (Freedom Movers)
Had a great experience (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Consistency All Around (spartan moving system)
Consistency All Around (Kangaroo Van lines)
amazing service (Relocation Express LLC)
amazing work done here!! (Expert Van Lines)
Thank you (Apple Van Lines)
Best service ! (Moving Pros Inc )
Highly Recommend them!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Great experience (United Movers Group)
The best (Real Moving Movers & Storage)
Our experience was outstanding (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Highly Recommended!!! (l.d moving and storage)
Had The best experience with the company (l.d moving and storage)
The best moving company out there. (l.d moving and storage)
hard workers (Presidential Moving Services)
Worth it (Public Moving and Storage)
Excellent moving service provider (NOVA EXPRESS MOVERS, LLC)
You Can Trust Them With Your Things! (Real Movers Moving And Storage)
Awesome movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
They were a huge help!!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Thumps UP! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Highly recommend. (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
amazing!!! (Relocation Express LLC)
Respectful, strong and nice (Big Ben's Moving)
so good at what they do (Coastal Van Lines)
Thanks a lot guys (l.d moving and storage)
work done professionally (Moving Pros Inc )
Thanks a lot guys! (l.d moving and storage)
Nice movers (Moving Pros Inc )
great work (Moving Pros Inc )
great job (Public Moving and Storage)
wonderful (Presidential Moving Services)
keep it up (Presidential Moving Services)
magnificent (Real Moving Movers & Storage)
Easiest move ever (Admiral Moving Systems)
Very efficient (United Movers Group)
Reliable Company (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Nice job (Majestic Movers)
Nice job (Majestic Movers)
Professional and Safe (Freedom Movers)
Amazing Crew (North Van Lines)
Took great care (admiral van lines)
Top notch (Majestic Movers)
Really impressed (Big Ben's Moving)
Awesome Service (l.d moving and storage)
Very Careful Movers!! (l.d moving and storage)
I'll definitely use them again (l.d moving and storage)
Movers did great (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Didn’t Have To Sweat The Details (spartan moving system)
Long Trip Made Easy (Kangaroo Van lines)
They answered all my questions (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Fantastic experience (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
stellar job (Presidential Moving Services)
amazing service (Relocation Express LLC)
amazing service (Coastal Van Lines)
great job (Expert Van Lines)
true to there word (Public Moving and Storage)
Great movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Perfect Timing (Assurance Van Line Services)
Convenient moving! (Agility Van Lines)
Recommended a lot (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Very Nice Movers (Plymouth Relocation Services)