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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From December in 2016

Will not disappoint (United Movers Group)
Very speedy movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Small Move (Kangaroo Van lines)
Just Perfect.. (spartan moving system)
loved my relocation (Relocation Express LLC)
They did a good job. (Colonial Van Lines)
Came through in a pinch (Colonial Van Lines)
great work (Coastal Van Lines)
Thank you once again (Key Moving & Storage)
enjoyable (Public Moving and Storage)
Terrible service and awful estimation skills (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
This is THE company to use for a move. (l.d moving and storage)
glad I went with them (Presidential Moving Services)
Fabulous moving company (Xtreme Movers)
Thank god for these guys (admiral van lines)
Positive move (Sun City Movers Florida)
Productive move (Agility Van Lines)
Fine Job (United Movers Group)
Best moving experience (United Movers Group)
Awesome moving crew (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Cooperative, punctual and strong movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Reasonably priced and fast movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
perfect company (Kangaroo Van lines)
COmpany lied about every part of our move (Zip to Zip Moving Services)
keep it up (Public Moving and Storage)
really great group (Relocation Express LLC)
Took the Load off my shoulders (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
WOW (Presidential Moving Services)
Hard working good people (Colonial Van Lines)
Thank you!!! (l.d moving and storage)
SCAM! (Nation Relocation, Inc.)
Exemplary movers (Xtreme Movers)
Last moment call (Sun City Movers Florida)
Urgent move (Irelocation system LLC)
Will use again (United Movers Group)
A great experience (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Had a great experience (Apple Van Lines)
Highly recommended (Alpha Movers and Storage)
They were very easy to work with. (HK world Wide Moving)
Fast and Efficient!! (Texas Top Movers)
Super Fast!!! (Move Quick Inc)
They were great!!! (l.d moving and storage)
wonderful company (moving relocation systems)
Everything was right (Agility Van Lines)
Such a quick move (Admiral Moving Systems)
Well rounded moving company (Xtreme Movers)
Professional movers (Freedom Movers)
Knowledgeable, kind and courteous (United Movers Group)
Friendly and professional (United Movers Group)
Issue-free move (admiral van lines)
Efficient Moving (spartan moving system)
Flexible and accomodating (United Movers Group)
Satisfied with service (United Movers Group)
Totally worth the price I paid for. (Key Moving & Storage)
Thank you so much!!! (HK world Wide Moving)
Excellent movers (Texas Top Movers)
Highly recommend by me;) (Move Quick Inc)
Strongly Recommended (Rhino Relocation)
Big move but they eased it (Xtreme Movers)
They were very professional. (Move Quick Inc)
Great Customer Service (Rhino Relocation)
They did a great job (Alpha Movers and Storage)
good (Relocation Express LLC)
(Southside Moving and Storage)
Kept Finding Good Reviews (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Kept Finding Good Reviews (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
great Guys (Coastal Van Lines)
The movers were great (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
(The Student Movers)
WORST COMPANY EVER (Economy Van Lines)
Awesome Service (l.d moving and storage)
They got it done! (Presidential Moving Services)
Surprisingly good (Xtreme Movers)
They were so nice (Freedom Movers)
Very satisfied (Admiral Moving Systems)
Very efficient and friendly (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Reliable Movers (spartan moving system)
Great service indeed (Big Ben's Moving)
Didn’t have to move the boxes myself (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Easy move no issues. (Colonial Van Lines)
Great experience (Apple Van Lines)
Stress free move (High Standards Relocation)
Thank you so much (l.d moving and storage)
Very fast move (Agility Van Lines)
The movers did a great job (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Will use again (United Movers Group)
Money well spent (United Movers Group)
Really professional (Apple Van Lines)
good job moving my stuff (Relocation Express LLC)
EXCELLENT COMPANY (Great American Van Lines)
Amazing movers (Big Ben's Moving)
best movers (Public Moving and Storage)
So glad they did the work for me (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
they were totally the best! (Presidential Moving Services)
Great (Presidential Moving Services)
Well deserved review (Admiral Moving Systems)
Will recommend them!! (Texas Top Movers)
No problems (United Movers Group)
Great Experience!!! (Move Quick Inc)
Escape from Georgia (Irelocation system LLC)
Great Experience Using them (Rhino Relocation)
good service (Presidential Moving Services)
Very easy move (Xtreme Movers)
I trust these guys (admiral van lines)
Great moving company (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Perfect move (Big Ben's Moving)
Amazing movers (Apple Van Lines)
Highest recommendation (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Amazing (Public Moving and Storage)
Game changers (spartan moving system)
perfect moving company (Kangaroo Van lines)
GREAT JOB (Relocation Express LLC)
Thank you Guys!!! (l.d moving and storage)
amazing work (Coastal Van Lines)
Gems (Presidential Moving Services)
perfect (Presidential Moving Services)
wonderful group (All American Van Lines)
very careful (Presidential Moving Services)
SOOOOOOOOO GOOD (Presidential Moving Services)
They are worth hiring (Xtreme Movers)
Fully satisfied (United Movers Group)
Wonderful movers (Big Ben's Moving)
Quick and efficient movers (Apple Van Lines)
Sam is the man (Moving Pros Inc )
very easy (Public Moving and Storage)
Impressed with movers (MOVING SERVICES GROUP INC)
Fun move (Xtreme Movers)
Would definitely recommend them! (Key Moving & Storage)
They were fantastic (Texas Top Movers)
They are super helpful (Move Quick Inc)
Great Price and Service (Rhino Relocation)
Very professional movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Reasonable prices (United Movers Group)
Great Movers (l.d moving and storage)
Awesome performance (Xtreme Movers)
Wonderful movers (Apple Van Lines)
Friendly and efficient crew (Big Ben's Moving)
Superstars (United Movers Group)
Organized and experienced (United Movers Group)
A Little Research and a Great Decision (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Fabulous movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Great work (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Services are good (spartan moving system)
Fantastic Movers (l.d moving and storage)
The movers were 15 mins early (HK world Wide Moving)
Thank you Guys (Texas Top Movers)
Professional, ethical and skilled (HK world Wide Moving)
Extraordinary moving services (Admiral Moving Systems)
They can cover any distance (Xtreme Movers)
A pleasant move (Freedom Movers)
I enjoyed their services (admiral van lines)
very happy customer!! (Sky Van Lines)
Thank you (CLS Moving and Storage)
Great movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Thanks (CLS Moving and Storage)
Best movers (Big Ben's Moving)
Movers did a fantastic job (Alpha Movers and Storage)
I am surprised it went so well (Colonial Van Lines)
Good (Moving Pros Inc )
They were really wonderful (Rhino Relocation)
best (spartan moving system)
Best moving company (Kangaroo Van lines)
Awesome (iMove Inc.)
loved my relocation (Relocation Express LLC)
Great movers (Apple Van Lines)
Impressive performance (United Movers Group)
Best moving experience (United Movers Group)
4 stars from me (Moving Pros Inc )
Flawless (Presidential Moving Services)
Progressive Relocation was awesome (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
A company that delivers (Xtreme Movers)
Competent movers (Admiral Moving Systems)
It was a pleasant relocation (Freedom Movers)
Outstanding job (admiral van lines)
Ridiculously easy relocation (Agility Van Lines)
Great (iMove Inc.)
Truly professional (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Outstanding move (North Van Lines)
Best moving company (Apple Van Lines)
The best (Moving Pros Inc )
Perfect move it was (Kangaroo Van lines)
nice (spartan moving system)
you guys did such a good job (Relocation Express LLC)
Thank you so much guys (l.d moving and storage)
fantastic (Coastal Van Lines)
Unbelievable service! (l.d moving and storage)
Nothing broken (University Moving And Storage)
Really efficient movers (Xtreme Movers)
Small move made easier (Admiral Moving Systems)
Neighbors Recommended AITFMS (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Thorough and fast movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Never choose Stevens (Stevens Worldwide Van Lines)
It was perfect (Kangaroo Van lines)
recommended (spartan moving system)
they did so good on my relocation (Coastal Van Lines)
tension free (Public Moving and Storage)
Fantastic movers (Apple Van Lines)
Great work (United Movers Group)
Never Again (Public Moving and Storage)
Outstanding (Presidential Moving Services)
They worked well (Xtreme Movers)
Perfection and beyond (Divine Moving)
Right decision (Agility Van Lines)
Great movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Great moving company (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Great workmanship (spartan moving system)
Experienced Team (Kangaroo Van lines)
In one word, OUTSTANDING (l.d moving and storage)
They did an amazing job (Big Ben's Moving)
No regrets (United Movers Group)
Great service. Timely arrival (HK world Wide Moving)
Awesome Service (Texas Top Movers)
Very reliable and affordable (Rhino Relocation)
they were great (Presidential Moving Services)
Unbelievably fast movers (Xtreme Movers)
I always use them (Presidential Moving Services)
THE BEST (Public Moving and Storage)
my go to movers (Public Moving and Storage)
Thank you! (Public Moving and Storage)
trustworthy (Public Moving and Storage)
Amazing movers (Apple Van Lines)
Quick And Fast Service (Liberty Moving Group)
Good job (Southside Moving and Storage)
Thanks a million Progressive Relocation (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
Takes a While to find a diamond (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
great job guys (Relocation Express LLC)
Nice people, great service (spartan moving system)
Capable of Large Moves (Kangaroo Van lines)
great great job (Coastal Van Lines)
The move went smoothly and easily (Alpha Movers and Storage)
good (All American Van Lines)
best (Moving Pros Inc )
Awesomeness in every way (Xtreme Movers)
Horribly Dishonest (Assurance Van Line Services)
Outstanding Job (Texas Top Movers)
Great job, guys (Move Quick Inc)
You get what you pay for (Rhino Relocation)
Courteous and polite (Southside Moving and Storage)
Movers did a great job (Big Ben's Moving)
Very friendly and efficient (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Had a wonderful experience (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Assurance Van Lines - Absolutely Poor Service (Assurance Van Line Services)
Thanks again, will recommend (United Movers Group)
Very supportive (United Movers Group)
A Little Research and a Great Decision (spartan moving system)
So glad they did the work for me (Kangaroo Van lines)
Wonderful movers (Apple Van Lines)
Thank you guys (l.d moving and storage)
Great Service (l.d moving and storage)
the real mvp (Moving Pros Inc )
Great (Moving Pros Inc )
Best choice (United Movers Group)
Expert service (United Movers Group)
Expert service (United Movers Group)
Such a fantastic company (Xtreme Movers)
I couldn’t worry about anything (admiral van lines)
Best movers of America (best in town moving llc.)
Professional movers (Big Ben's Moving)
Happy with service (United Movers Group)
Highy recommended (United Movers Group)
Thank you to all (Key Moving & Storage)
Highly recommended (HK world Wide Moving)
Excellent communication (Move Quick Inc)
Awesome Service (Rhino Relocation)
no pressure (Public Moving and Storage)
Good stuff guys (Moving Pros Inc )
very good (Presidential Moving Services)
on time (Public Moving and Storage)
They moved us easily (Xtreme Movers)
They deserve a good review (Admiral Moving Systems)
We are pleased (Freedom Movers)
I am very grateful (Agility Van Lines)
Really efficient movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Excellent service (Big Ben's Moving)
Highly recommended (Premier Relocations)
Terrible Moving experience (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
i love this company (Relocation Express LLC)
Good Company & People (ALL MOVING AND STORAGE)
Pleasant experience (Texas Top Movers)
I am a customer for life (Move Quick Inc)
They were very professional (Rhino Relocation)
Everything on time (United Movers Group)
GREAT JOB (All American Van Lines)
Soild (Moving Pros Inc )
No trouble at all (Public Moving and Storage)
Well done (Presidential Moving Services)
Everyone should hire them (Xtreme Movers)
Fantastic movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Nice work guys (Impress Moving & Storage)
Great service (Big Ben's Moving)
All In The Family Moving and Storage (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Their team was a great help (Colonial Van Lines)
so proud of my company (Relocation Express LLC)
so so excited (Coastal Van Lines)
They Got To Work Immediately (spartan moving system)
Kept Finding Good Reviews (Kangaroo Van lines)
Movers made the move seamless (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Assurance Van Lines (Assurance Van Line Services)
Punctual and organized movers (Agility Van Lines)
My homecoming was sweet (Xtreme Movers)
Really great experience (Apple Van Lines)
They are definitely the best (Tri-state Van Lines)
Legit moving company (Great Lakes Van Lines)
5 star reviews (Beacon Moving)
Best movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Thanks spartans..!! (spartan moving system)
Perfect Move (Kangaroo Van lines)
Prompt service (United Movers Group)
The captain approves (Colonial Van Lines)
Most professional moving experience (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Moving pros (Moving Pros Inc )
moving made easy (Presidential Moving Services)
Guys are good (Moving Pros Inc )
Move To Ottawa (Armour Van Lines)
They arrived on time (l.d moving and storage)
Job well done (Presidential Moving Services)
You guys killed it (Presidential Moving Services)
Surely the best (Admiral Moving Systems)
They were experienced (admiral van lines)
5 stars! (Xtreme Movers)
Top class service (Apple Van Lines)
Incredibly professional (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
great job moving me (Relocation Express LLC)
great movers i hired! (Coastal Van Lines)
Extraordinary movers (Big Ben's Moving)
happy its over (All American Van Lines)
To Las Vegas (Moving Pros Inc )
I am thoroughly pleased (Great American Van Lines)
Great movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Loved everything (Presidential Moving Services)
Moving and Storage (Kingsway Van Lines Inc.)
They were Professional (HK world Wide Moving)
Very fast and efficient (Move Quick Inc)
Thanks and will recommend (Rhino Relocation)
New experience. (I Relocation System)
(Public Moving and Storage)
Amazingly done (Xtreme Movers)
They did a fabulous job (Big Ben's Moving)
Really friendly and efficient (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Hassel free (United Movers Group)
Great company (United Movers Group)
not to shabby (Moving Pros Inc )
Very Professional and helpful (l.d moving and storage)
Responsible moving company (admiral van lines)
It was excellent. They were professional (l.d moving and storage)
right and to the point! (Great Lakes Van Lines)
It didn’t cost a fortune (Freedom Movers)
Fabulous move (Admiral Moving Systems)
Organized move (Xtreme Movers)
Extremely Satisfied (B52 VAN LINES)
Did not disappoint (United Movers Group)
Awesome movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Great experience (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Punctual and profess (Apple Van Lines)
Simply the best (HK world Wide Moving)
I am very impressed (Move Quick Inc)
Fair priced and flat rate (Rhino Relocation)
Pleasant as possible (Xtreme Movers)
Excellent move (United Movers Group)
Big Steps For Me (spartan moving system)
Extremely Picky (Kangaroo Van lines)
They are awful. (USA 1 Moving and Storage)
My last move was awesome (Xtreme Movers)
Professional and attentive movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Great company (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
no issues (Public Moving and Storage)
I was late when ordering (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Well deserved review (Xtreme Movers)
Really efficient (Admiral Moving Systems)
Expect greatness (Freedom Movers)
Great performance (United Movers Group)
What a performance! (best in town moving llc.)
Fabulous Move (North Van Lines)
Pleasant Experience (spartan moving system)
Efficient Moving (Kangaroo Van lines)
A Very Sincere Moving Company (North Van Lines)
Outstanding move (North Van Lines)
Efficient movers (Big Ben's Moving)
Lovely Job (North Van Lines)
Fantastic movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Not the cheapest but good. (Colonial Van Lines)
THANK YOU (Great American Van Lines)
thank you so much guys (Relocation Express LLC)
great relocation (Coastal Van Lines)
Amazing! (Public Moving and Storage)
Movers (Armour Van Lines)
One State to another (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Price was right, good experience (Key Moving & Storage)
Awesome Service (HK world Wide Moving)
the pros (Moving Pros Inc )
Awesome Service (Texas Top Movers)
Thanks (United Movers Group)
Very nice company (Rhino Relocation)
Loved every bit of it! (Xtreme Movers)
Appreciate the help (admiral van lines)
Always great (Agility Van Lines)
These Guys Are Just Amazing (North Van Lines)
Good service every time (North Van Lines)
Showed up right on time (Southside Moving and Storage)
Move from Orlando to Miami (Beacon Moving)
trust worthy (spartan moving system)
Trust worthy (Kangaroo Van lines)
So fast (Presidential Moving Services)
simply the best (Public Moving and Storage)
They were quite efficient (Texas Top Movers)
Positive Experience (Rhino Relocation)
Leaving Colardao for good (Moving Pros Inc )
SCAM SCAM SCAM (JDT Moving and Storage)