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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From April in 2016

Awseome movers (Frontier Van Lines)
Easy (Exclusive Vanlines)
It worked for me (Exclusive Vanlines)
very satisfied (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Moving Day (Denver Movers)
outstanding (HK world Wide Moving)
Couldn't have been happier (American Home Movers)
Rare relocations (Interstate Relocation Systems)
The ideal team (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Very smooth move (Frontier Van Lines)
Thanks so much (Best Price Moving and Storage)
such short notice! (Denver Movers)
I am very happy (HK world Wide Moving)
Well oraganized (Economy Van Lines)
Great Attitude! (American Home Movers)
Very flexible (Xtreme Movers)
Life-savers (Best Moving Van Lines)
I’m happy I chose them (Puma Van Lines LLC)
Reliability is their middle name (The Roadway Van Lines)
I got a discount (Sprint Van Lines)
A good and fast move (SAFEWAY MOVING & STORAGE INC)
Reasonable costs (Skyline Movers)
Movers of best class (Moving Giant)
Check them out (Admiral Moving Services)
Thanks! (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Super (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Fantastic (Admiral Moving Services)
Thanks (Skyline Movers)
Highly appreciated help (Moving Giant)
The most affordable deals are here (New York Local Movers)
Pleasant move (Skyline Movers)
A wonderful move (Frontier Van Lines)
Excellent promptness (Fox Moving and Storage)
Amazing job (Fox Moving and Storage)
A+ Service for Men On The Move (Men On The Move)
Experienced movers (Orange Van Lines)
Absolutely good movers (Around The State Moving and Storage)
Colerman American Allied (Allied Van lines)
Flawless move (Exclusive Vanlines)
Not hectic - just awesome (Exclusive Vanlines)
Excellent estimate accuracy (Frontier Van Lines)
Expect more referrals (Interstate Relocation Systems)
I prefer Long Distance Van Lines (Long Distance Van Lines)
I am Happy (Long Distance Van Lines)
Entire move done in 3 days (Skyline Movers)
Ready, set, go (Moving Giant)
Full service for a low price (Admiral Moving Services)
Just amazing (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Masters of good moves (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
No problems (Admiral Moving Services)
Trough and through (Moving Giant)
Money saving move (Skyline Movers)
My best movers (New York Local Movers)
No belated delivery (Skyline Movers)
Simply great (Moving Giant)
It was a great experience (Atlantic Union Van Lines)
All pros no cons (Best Moving Van Lines)
Completely relieved (Xtreme Movers)
No Complaint (Frontier Van Lines)
Thank you (Fox Moving and Storage)
Trained up movers (Around The State Moving and Storage)
Well Planned (Exclusive Vanlines)
I enjoyed it (Exclusive Vanlines)
Express cargo USA (Express Cargo USA LLC)
Great company! (Express Cargo USA LLC)
Certain of their services (Long Distance Van Lines)
Thanks so much (Long Distance Van Lines)
Excellent service (Orange Van Lines)
Very professional movers (Frontier Van Lines)
Fabulous experience (Fox Moving and Storage)
Truly good movers (Around The State Moving and Storage)
This company rocks (Atlantic Union Van Lines)
Respectable moving company (Skyline Movers)
Professionals (Skyline Movers)
Cost-efficient move (Moving Giant)
Moving went just fine (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Beyond great (Admiral Moving Services)
In excellent hands (Admiral Moving Services)
Thanks (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Excellent coordination (Skyline Movers)
Awesome (Moving Giant)
Creative moving solutions (New York Local Movers)
Very quick move (Xtreme Movers)
Sincere movers (Agility Van Lines)
The Ideal Moving Company (American Home Movers)
Beyond expectations (American Home Movers)
Quality service (Economy Van Lines)
Only good words for them (HK world Wide Moving)
Trustworthy and reliable movers (HK world Wide Moving)
Quality before everything (Denver Movers)
Really affordable service (Denver Movers)
Grateful for the smooth and seamless move (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Leaders in the business (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Great Service!!! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Moving (Denver Movers)
moving service (HK world Wide Moving)
thank you! (Economy Van Lines)
they were amazing (American Home Movers)
A perfect move! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Moving and storage (Denver Movers)
service was completed (HK world Wide Moving)
Great attitude! (Economy Van Lines)
Home move (American Home Movers)
Complete service for a cost-efficient price (SAFEWAY MOVING & STORAGE INC)
Number one pro move (Skyline Movers)
Careful and reliable team (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Beyond my expectations (Admiral Moving Services)
I thank them by recommending them (Admiral Moving Services)
Thank you! (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Great offer (Skyline Movers)
Neat (Moving Giant)
Honest, professional, reliable (New York Local Movers)
Downright amazing move (Skyline Movers)
Finest movers in the country (Atlantic Union Van Lines)
99 out of 100 (Xtreme Movers)
Efficient and friendly movers (Frontier Van Lines)
Well organized (Around The State Moving and Storage)
Great quote (Southside Moving and Storage)
on-time, quick, and friendly! (Great American Van Lines)
professional, fast and downright GOOD! (Great American Van Lines)
amazingly quick and responsible (Great American Van Lines)
professional and very fast (Great American Van Lines)
recommend rendering their service (Great American Van Lines)
Would use again (Frontier Van Lines)
Moving (American Home Movers)
fabulous (Economy Van Lines)
awesome! (HK world Wide Moving)
made it easy (Denver Movers)
just great (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Professional and friendly (Around The State Moving and Storage)
Movers (Express Cargo USA)
guys are awesome! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
good moving team (Denver Movers)
Team was awesome (HK world Wide Moving)
on time (Economy Van Lines)
Professional (American Home Movers)
Fixed price and no extra fees (SAFEWAY MOVING & STORAGE INC)
Efficient (Skyline Movers)
Superb choice (Moving Giant)
By far my best move (Admiral Moving Services)
Completed move (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Cool (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Honest, reliable and fast (Admiral Moving Services)
So well organized (Moving Giant)
Moved within my deadline (Skyline Movers)
Good to hire them (New York Local Movers)
Georgia on my mind (Moving Giant)
Reasonably priced move (Skyline Movers)
Totally the best (Best Moving Van Lines)
Great in this business (Xtreme Movers)
I’m glad I hired them (admiral van lines)
Fast, efficient and professional (Frontier Van Lines)
Polite and respectful (Fox Moving and Storage)
I wish I knew (Exclusive Vanlines)
Polite and fast mover (Orange Van Lines)
Truly grateful (Exclusive Vanlines)
did a great job (Best Price Moving and Storage)
could not be happier (Denver Movers)
great working with them (HK world Wide Moving)
very professional (Economy Van Lines)
excellent (American Home Movers)
Awesome (Around The State Moving and Storage)
I’ll look for them next time (Exclusive Vanlines)
Delightful services (Exclusive Vanlines)
Great Move (Great American Van Lines)
good price and punctual (Great American Van Lines)
Most definitely the best (SAFEWAY MOVING & STORAGE INC)
Experienced moving team (Skyline Movers)
Reasonable deal (Moving Giant)
No hassle, no stress (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Thanks (Admiral Moving Services)
Trustworthy (Admiral Moving Services)
Very helpful service (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Awesome moving (Skyline Movers)
Overall great (Moving Giant)
Better than others (Best Moving Van Lines)
True professionals (Skyline Movers)
Outstanding work (Moving Giant)
Perfect (New York Local Movers)
You must hire them (Atlantic Union Van Lines)
Lovely crew (Exclusive Vanlines)
I wasn’t expecting that (Exclusive Vanlines)
Intelligent, energetic and helpful (Frontier Van Lines)
Good people, good service (Orange Van Lines)
Polite people (North Van Lines)
A company with credibility (Great American Van Lines)
Definitely worth hiring (Great American Van Lines)
Incredible experience (Around The State Moving and Storage)
Painless move. Excellent price. (Great American Van Lines)
accommodating and friendly (Great American Van Lines)
excellent job (Great American Van Lines)
Grateful (Long Distance Van Lines)
Unique relocation experience (Long Distance Van Lines)
Big like (Frontier Van Lines)
amazing job (Best Price Moving and Storage)
incredibly fast (Denver Movers)
professional moving company (HK world Wide Moving)
No complaint (Fox Moving and Storage)
professional (Economy Van Lines)
Just fine (Exclusive Vanlines)
Time for change (Exclusive Vanlines)
Very grateful (American Home Movers)
Just hire them (North Van Lines)
Four and Half Stars (North Van Lines)
Well done (Frontier Van Lines)
Easiest move ever (Atlantic Union Van Lines)
Real moving experts (Xtreme Movers)
Affordable and prompt (Divine Moving)
They delivered as promised (admiral van lines)
No vertical limit (Puma Van Lines LLC)
We relocated with ease (The Roadway Van Lines)
No-stress relocation (Agility Van Lines)
The name itself is a brand (Sprint Van Lines)
definitely recommend them!! (Sky Van Lines)
So awesome (Exclusive Vanlines)
I know they are capable (Exclusive Vanlines)
Business move (Best Price Moving and Storage)
hard wrokers (Denver Movers)
job was done (HK world Wide Moving)
great to work with (Economy Van Lines)
great service (American Home Movers)
Really affordable (SAFEWAY MOVING & STORAGE INC)
No big expenses (Skyline Movers)
Well done (Admiral Moving Services)
Laid-back move (Moving Giant)
Keep it real (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Super classy move (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
The best moving (Moving Giant)
Moved for a superb price (Skyline Movers)
Thank you (Moving Giant)
Low prices (Admiral Moving Services)
Full moving service (Skyline Movers)
Most affordable so far (New York Local Movers)
The move (Skyline Movers)
All done on time (Admiral Moving Services)
No excuses, the best prices are here (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Above my expectations (SAFEWAY MOVING & STORAGE INC)
Wonderful service (Moving Giant)
No delayed delivery (Moving Giant)
We are happy clients (Best Moving Van Lines)
On time and very courteous (Around The State Moving and Storage)
Exceptionally nice movers (Frontier Van Lines)
Thank you (Moving Giant)
Wonderful southern move (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Wonderful (Skyline Movers)
Deal of the month (Skyline Movers)
Prices for the tight budgets (Admiral Moving Services)
Highly appreciative moving deal (New York Local Movers)
Top service (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Fast and affordable (Skyline Movers)
Big spring move (Admiral Moving Services)
Real deal (Admiral Moving Services)
Excellent for fast move (New York Local Movers)
Perfectly finished move (Skyline Movers)
Affordable deal (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Good prices (Moving Giant)
They worked well (Moving Giant)
Inexpensive deal (Skyline Movers)
All around great movers (Orange Van Lines)
Good movers (Frontier Van Lines)
Great service (Fox Moving and Storage)
So fine (Exclusive Vanlines)
Expect more referrals (Exclusive Vanlines)
Complete relocation (SAFEWAY MOVING & STORAGE INC)
Superb service (Skyline Movers)
Low price for a big move (Moving Giant)
Affordable and reliable (Admiral Moving Services)
Great, thanks! (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Thank you (Frontier Van Lines)
Super fast (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Bearable (Admiral Moving Services)
Outstanding (Moving Giant)
Thank you (Skyline Movers)
Thanks! (Moving Giant)
We love them (Skyline Movers)
Punctual (New York Local Movers)
A very quick move (Xtreme Movers)
True professional (Orange Van Lines)
We downsized effortlessly (Roadway Moving)
A pleasant move (Southeast Van Lines Inc.)
I believe in their perfection (Exclusive Vanlines)
Best of the best (Exclusive Vanlines)
My research paid off (North Van Lines)
Right and quick support (Around The State Moving and Storage)
Overall excellent (Fox Moving and Storage)
What a wonder (Exclusive Vanlines)
Relocated by the best (Exclusive Vanlines)
Really took out the stress (Frontier Van Lines)
So much grateful (Long Distance Van Lines)
My choice of mover (Long Distance Van Lines)
Extremely patient and helpful (Orange Van Lines)
Extremely detailed and accurate (Fox Moving and Storage)
Thank you (Interstate Relocation Systems)
No more hassles for me (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Moving with the best (Skyline Movers)
It was really well (Moving Giant)
Well done (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Beyond our expectations (Admiral Moving Services)
Ideal moving deal (Admiral Moving Services)
Pleasant and laid-back move (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Great job (Skyline Movers)
Done in 3 days (Moving Giant)
Lovely move (Moving Giant)
Big move (Skyline Movers)
All the job was done in a few days (New York Local Movers)
We enjoyed this move (Best Moving Van Lines)
Relocation made easy (Sprint Van Lines)
Well trained mover (Puma Van Lines LLC)
Different from the rest (The Roadway Van Lines)
Super fast (North Van Lines)
The Trusted and Skillful Movers (American Home Movers)
Highly recommended (American Home Movers)
Two thumbs up (Economy Van Lines)
Safely rRelocated (Economy Van Lines)
Honourable services (HK world Wide Moving)
Quality Relocation (HK world Wide Moving)
Clean and neat move (Denver Movers)
Endless thanks (Denver Movers)
Moving made easy (North Van Lines)
Respectable moving company (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Right choice for a moving company (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Undoubtedly lucky (Exclusive Vanlines)
Extraordinary Services (American Home Movers)
Completely satisfied (American Home Movers)
Firm Believer (Exclusive Vanlines)
Our house move (Best Price Moving and Storage)
awesome move (Denver Movers)
Apartment move (HK world Wide Moving)
Satisfied by their work (Economy Van Lines)
My move to Italy (Express Cargo USA)
Great move (American Home Movers)
I am certain of their services (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Perfect like never before (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Smooth moving service (Economy Van Lines)
Outstanding moving services (Economy Van Lines)
Many thanks to them (HK world Wide Moving)
Good work was done (Long Distance Van Lines)
So much glad (Long Distance Van Lines)
Hardworking, courteous, and careful (Fox Moving and Storage)
Unforgettable services (Exclusive Vanlines)
Well priced (Southside Moving and Storage)
Great attitudes (Frontier Van Lines)
Decent price and good movers (Orange Van Lines)
All went pretty good (Denver Movers)
Classy and professional (Denver Movers)
I trust you still (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Served by the best (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Perfect organization (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Perfection at its best (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Five star ratings, worth it (North Van Lines)
TOTALLY WORTH IT (Great American Van Lines)
pleased (Best Price Moving and Storage)
VERY PLEASED (Great American Van Lines)
Moving service (Denver Movers)
Best Crew (Long Distance Van Lines)
Thank you (HK world Wide Moving)
prompt courteous and professional (Great American Van Lines)
No more trying (Long Distance Van Lines)
excellent workers (Great American Van Lines)
great job (American Home Movers)
no problems no damage (Great American Van Lines)
polite and professional (Great American Van Lines)
You did your best (Interstate Relocation Systems)
I praise your services (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Total satisfaction (American Home Movers)
Money spent on the right service (American Home Movers)
Reasonable deals (Skyline Movers)
Best hire (Moving Giant)
The best moving (Admiral Moving Services)
Worth it (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Brilliant (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Good price (Admiral Moving Services)
Moving is finished (Skyline Movers)
Just amazing (Moving Giant)
Wise choice (Skyline Movers)
Trustworthy movers (Moving Giant)
Professional and simple (Xtreme Movers)
Great, great, great (New York Local Movers)
Brilliant moves! (Best Moving Van Lines)
More than happy (Exclusive Vanlines)
Different from the rest (Exclusive Vanlines)
Trustworthy Movers (HK world Wide Moving)
No better company (Denver Movers)
Movers like no other (North Dallas Moving & Storage Co., Inc.)
Painless move (HK world Wide Moving)
Affordability at its best (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Grateful (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Very well done (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Forever thankful (Interstate Relocation Systems)
It was awesome (Long Distance Van Lines)
Perfection at its best (Long Distance Van Lines)
Great job (Best Price Moving and Storage)
guys were professional (Denver Movers)
worked extremely quickly (HK world Wide Moving)
moving (Economy Van Lines)
moving service (American Home Movers)
BIG THANK YOU (Great American Van Lines)
THANKS A MILLION! (Great American Van Lines)
It was awesome (Exclusive Vanlines)
fast and efficient services (Great American Van Lines)
prompt, no hidden cost, and friendly (Great American Van Lines)
I highly recommend this company (Great American Van Lines)
super professional (Great American Van Lines)
Will use in the future! (Great American Van Lines)
Not disappointed at all (Exclusive Vanlines)
effective and effortless. (Great American Van Lines)
FIVE STARS (Great American Van Lines)
friendly and professional (Great American Van Lines)
Everything Went Smoothly (Great American Van Lines)
Lost and damaged stuff! (Zip to Zip Moving Services)
Steve Provided Excellent Service (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Grateful (Xtreme Movers)
Relocation specialists (Best Moving Van Lines)
Perfect fixed price (SAFEWAY MOVING & STORAGE INC)
Really good (Moving Giant)
Cost-efficient (Skyline Movers)
Super classy and easy (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Tight-budget friendly move (Admiral Moving Services)
Great customer support and efficient move (Admiral Moving Services)
Say yes to this company (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Thanks guys (Moving Giant)
Supreme (Moving Giant)
You did it so well (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Perfectly organized move (Skyline Movers)
I am so proud of you (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Perfect (Exclusive Vanlines)
First time (Exclusive Vanlines)
Wow - so wonderful (Long Distance Van Lines)
It’s only you (Long Distance Van Lines)
Thanks so much (Best Price Moving and Storage)
flawless (Denver Movers)
such a great job (HK world Wide Moving)
excellent (Great American Van Lines)
Careful service (Economy Van Lines)
great job (American Home Movers)
well equipped and helpful (Great American Van Lines)
TWO THUMBS UP!!! (Great American Van Lines)
It was my first time (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Thanks a lot Great American Van Lines!!! (Great American Van Lines)
I am full of joy (Interstate Relocation Systems)
great company (GroveStars Moving)
Impressed me (Fox Moving and Storage)
Recommended moving company (North Van Lines)
Great things ahead (North Van Lines)
Overall a great experience (Frontier Van Lines)
It was lovely (Exclusive Vanlines)
Like never before (Exclusive Vanlines)
I am very happy (Orange Van Lines)