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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From February in 2016

Top-notch movers (Economy Van Lines)
Good people (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Knowledgeable (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Extraordinary Services (Long Distance Van Lines)
Exceptional Crew (Long Distance Van Lines)
Amazing (Skyline Movers)
Can’t forget this move (Skyline Movers)
Classy (Proud American Vanlines)
Best in the business (New York Local Movers)
Too good and true (New York Local Movers)
Worthy of my time (Guardian Moving Systems)
Simply great (Admiral Moving Services)
Super fast moving (Guardian Moving Systems)
Perfect (Admiral Moving Services)
Lovely move (Interstate Relocation Systems)
friendly movers (American Home Movers)
Move out (Long Distance Movers)
Outstanding (Interstate Relocation Systems)
pleasure to move with them (Cross Country Movers)
THANK YOU! (US Relocation Systems)
Smoothest move (Frontier Van Lines)
they were sweethearts. (US Relocation Systems)
thank you (Economy Van Lines)
they were very careful. (US Relocation Systems)
very pleased (Best Price Moving and Storage)
fantastic job (Midwest Movers)
The future is bright (Long Distance Van Lines)
Perfect (Skyline Movers)
We found the best (Proud American Vanlines)
What a great move (Skyline Movers)
A good moving company (Around The State Moving and Storage)
Precious deal (New York Local Movers)
Superb (Skyline Movers)
Check this company out (New York Local Movers)
A great move (Guardian Moving Systems)
5 stars for the work (Admiral Moving Services)
Leaders in the business (Guardian Moving Systems)
From D.C to NYC in two days (Admiral Moving Services)
Extremely affordable (Frontier Van Lines)
Perfect (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Excellent movers (North Van Lines)
Excellent (Fox Moving and Storage)
It was all glorious (Long Distance Van Lines)
All a success (Long Distance Van Lines)
A great team (Orange Van Lines)
Best experience ever (Great American Van Lines)
Highly recommend (North Van Lines)
fantastic (Moving Pro)
nothing broken (Moving Pro)
great group of guys (Moving Pro)
pleasant (US Relocation Systems)
wonderful (US Relocation Systems)
very good experience (Green Van Lines)
Awesome moving company (Atlantic Union Van Lines)
True professionals (Xtreme Movers)
Movers with a delicate touch (Puma Van Lines LLC)
I totally love them (The Roadway Van Lines)
The perfect moving company (Sprint Van Lines)
So wonderful (North Van Lines)
Content with the move (American Choice Van Lines)
:) GEM (Go East Movers)
Thanks (Proud American Vanlines)
Good work (Skyline Movers)
The right prices (New York Local Movers)
It was amazing (Skyline Movers)
I say they are the best (New York Local Movers)
GREAT EXPERIENCE (Great American Van Lines)
STRESS FREE MOVE (Great American Van Lines)
This company was amazing (Great American Van Lines)
Simply good move (Admiral Moving Services)
No deposits or extra fees (Guardian Moving Systems)
Really affordable (Admiral Moving Services)
polite and experienced (Great American Van Lines)
carefull (Moving Pro)
professional moving company, FABULOUS JOB (Great American Van Lines)
FLAWLESS SERVICE (Great American Van Lines)
Trustworthy (Guardian Moving Systems)
The go to mover (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Awesome experience (North Van Lines)
Splendid crews (Interstate Relocation Systems)
thanks for the job well done (US Relocation Systems)
great time (US Relocation Systems)
gratitude (US Relocation Systems)
Experience is the key (Xtreme Movers)
moving house (Green Van Lines)
Top notch quality (Exclusive Vanlines)
Their repute is unmatched (Exclusive Vanlines)
Amazing Experience (Long Distance Van Lines)
I recommend them (Long Distance Van Lines)
Superb move (Skyline Movers)
No troubles (Skyline Movers)
Excellent partners (Proud American Vanlines)
Neat (Skyline Movers)
Great local move (New York Local Movers)
Totally worth it (Guardian Moving Systems)
Thanks for the good service (New York Local Movers)
Legendary (Guardian Moving Systems)
This was great (Admiral Moving Services)
Real fast (Admiral Moving Services)
Priceless moving experience (admiral van lines)
My Heroes! (Atlantic Union Van Lines)
Thanks a ton guys (Finest Movers)
I would certainly hire them (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
everything went perfectly (North Van Lines)
I couldn’t be any happier (Agility Van Lines)
Thank you guys! (Exclusive Vanlines)
Good movers (Around The State Moving and Storage)
polite (Moving Pro)
Excellent teamwork (Fox Moving and Storage)
Thanks guys (North Van Lines)
great service & nice people. (Great American Van Lines)
Excellent service (Great American Van Lines)
Worth it (Interstate Relocation Systems)
fair and affordable (Great American Van Lines)
ALL aspects .. Professional! (Great American Van Lines)
Excellent experience (Great American Van Lines)
WHAT A GREAT JOB! (Great American Van Lines)
Right Mover (Interstate Relocation Systems)
It was well done (Long Distance Van Lines)
Keep up the Good Work (Long Distance Van Lines)
thank you cal 1! (CAL 1 Moving and Storage )
great service and company! (CAL 1 Moving and Storage )
Affordable and reliable movers (Economy Van Lines)
Only compliments for them (Trans United)
Not a single thing was broken (SAFEWAY MOVING & STORAGE INC)
Thank you (Skyline Movers)
Really well (Proud American Vanlines)
No problems (Skyline Movers)
Grand (New York Local Movers)
Great organization (Skyline Movers)
Perfect (New York Local Movers)
My best move (Guardian Moving Systems)
Very Impressive (Atlantic Union Van Lines)
Hardworking moving team (Admiral Moving Services)
Super (Guardian Moving Systems)
Affordable deal (Admiral Moving Services)
Tricky moving business (EAST COAST MOVING AND STORAGE)
It was a complete satisfaction!!! (Great American Van Lines)
AWESOME EXPIERENCE!! (Great American Van Lines)
We enjoyed their service!!! (Great American Van Lines)
All my items were in perfect condition!!! (Great American Van Lines)
They are professional NJ to MA (Great American Van Lines)
would use them again in a heartbeat (Great American Van Lines)
definitely use them again. (Great American Van Lines)
Moving out From GA (Great American Van Lines)
Very happy !!! (Great American Van Lines)
Good job guys!!! (Great American Van Lines)
Excellent Job !!! (Great American Van Lines)
Best Moving Company Ever (North Van Lines)
It was a personalized service (Interstate Relocation Systems)
The young men were polite (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Five stars (Around The State Moving and Storage)
They did the entire job for me (Exclusive Vanlines)
Great skills (Exclusive Vanlines)
Undoubtedly the best (Xtreme Movers)
Amazing company (Green Van Lines)
I would hire them in a heartbeat (admiral van lines)
excellent! (US Relocation Systems)
Forever Loyal (Long Distance Van Lines)
Beyond Ordinary Relocations (Long Distance Van Lines)
Pretty happy (Fox Moving and Storage)
Superb moving services (Divine Moving)
wonderful (Moving Pro)
Very satisfactory (North Van Lines)
Excellent service (Frontier Van Lines)
Professional moving (Interstate Relocation Systems)
A Refreshing Moving Experience (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Very professional (Orange Van Lines)
Truly satisfied (Economy Van Lines)
A company you can trust (SAFEWAY MOVING & STORAGE INC)
No waiting at all (Skyline Movers)
Good price and service (Proud American Vanlines)
Great quality service (Around The State Moving and Storage)
Check them (Skyline Movers)
Great effort (New York Local Movers)
Terrific (Skyline Movers)
Amazing (Guardian Moving Systems)
They booked me right away (New York Local Movers)
Essential for a great move (Guardian Moving Systems)
Reasonable price (Admiral Moving Services)
Great for business relocations (Admiral Moving Services)
Incredible job (Fox Moving and Storage)
Without any problems (Exclusive Vanlines)
A faultless moving (Exclusive Vanlines)
Overall Excellent (Frontier Van Lines)
Very fast and efficient (Interstate Relocation Systems)
They were polite (Interstate Relocation Systems)
First choice (Around The State Moving and Storage)
Experienced group of movers (North Van Lines)
An experienced team (Fox Moving and Storage)
Beyond professional (Economy Van Lines)
Unbelievable discounts (SAFEWAY MOVING & STORAGE INC)
Thank you! (Skyline Movers)
No problems (Proud American Vanlines)
Love these guys (Skyline Movers)
Triple better than my previous movers (New York Local Movers)
Practical movers (Skyline Movers)
We learned so much from them (Guardian Moving Systems)
No paying in advance (New York Local Movers)
This is a wonderful company (Guardian Moving Systems)
Super move (Admiral Moving Services)
Many thanks Great American Van Lines (Great American Van Lines)
Amazing (Admiral Moving Services)
a hassle free move (Great American Van Lines)
I'm very happy (Great American Van Lines)
Excellent JOB IL to NJ (Great American Van Lines)
Perfect Job And Movers NJ to VA (Great American Van Lines)
Great American Van Lines is my favorite one (Great American Van Lines)
professional Moving Company (Great American Van Lines)
I would absolutely recommend them! (Great American Van Lines)
I would absolutely recommend them! (Great American Van Lines)
A TRUSTWORTHY CREW INDEED. (Great American Van Lines)
moving company five stars. Good job guys. (Great American Van Lines)
moving company five stars. Good job guys. (Great American Van Lines)
Excellent! Highly recommend!!! (Great American Van Lines)
Excellent! Highly recommend!!! (Great American Van Lines)
seamless moving experience (Great American Van Lines)
seamless moving experience (Great American Van Lines)
I am a happy client (Xtreme Movers)
Great Moving Company OH to FL (Great American Van Lines)
excellent moving team!!! (Great American Van Lines)
Very Happy (Great American Van Lines)
Great Services !!! (Great American Van Lines)
Exceptional movers (Frontier Van Lines)
Best movers (Fox Moving and Storage)
Big thanks (Orange Van Lines)
Trusted (Around The State Moving and Storage)
Call them (Go East Movers)
Fabulous job (Fox Moving and Storage)
No complaint (Orange Van Lines)
Smoothly and without any hitches (Exclusive Vanlines)
They are the real deal! (Exclusive Vanlines)
Very satisfied (Frontier Van Lines)
Excellent service (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Honest people (Interstate Relocation Systems)
They took away our worries (Atlantic Union Van Lines)
Excellent service (Around The State Moving and Storage)
Very Reasonable Everything (Orange Van Lines)
Undoubtedly Perfect (Long Distance Van Lines)
Simply Memorable (Long Distance Van Lines)
Lovely experience (SAFEWAY MOVING & STORAGE INC)
Just perfect (Skyline Movers)
So good (Proud American Vanlines)
Very Happy with The Moving Company (Great American Van Lines)
Amazing and fast (Skyline Movers)
good moving company (Great American Van Lines)
Thanks a lot guys! NJ to TX (Great American Van Lines)
Simple but great (New York Local Movers)
Grand workers (Skyline Movers)
Superb service (Guardian Moving Systems)
surprised with the service (Great American Van Lines)
Awesome (New York Local Movers)
Thankful (Guardian Moving Systems)
Moving saving price (Admiral Moving Services)
No delays (Admiral Moving Services)
The charge very low (Finest Movers)
surprised with the service (Great American Van Lines)
Great Price great Job (Great American Van Lines)
dealing with professionals (Great American Van Lines)
Thank You Great American Van lines!!! (Great American Van Lines)
Thank You Great American Van lines!!! (Great American Van Lines)
I am quite satisfied!!! (Great American Van Lines)
Thanks Great American Van Lines (Great American Van Lines)
great experience!!! (Great American Van Lines)
All I can say they did a tremendous job (Great American Van Lines)
Great Job!!! (Great American Van Lines)
Commendable work (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Safe and intact (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Affordable price (Exclusive Vanlines)
done what was needed (American Home Movers)
Personal Move (Long Distance Movers)
Apartment Move (Cross Country Movers)
Efficient, energetic, and powerful, (Great American Van Lines)
I was in good hands (Great American Van Lines)
would definitely use them again!!! (Great American Van Lines)
Good job guys!!! (Great American Van Lines)
excellent (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Work well was done (Long Distance Van Lines)
Shipment of Sofa (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
I Certain of their worth (Long Distance Van Lines)
hardworking (US Relocation Systems)
hardworking (Moving Pro)
definitely recommend this Company (Great American Van Lines)
Excellent Services (Great American Van Lines)
Job done perfectly (Exclusive Vanlines)
Wow they are good (SAFEWAY MOVING & STORAGE INC)
Thanks (Skyline Movers)
Moved in a weekend (Proud American Vanlines)
I got a wonderful relocation (Skyline Movers)
They dealt with everything (New York Local Movers)
Well done (Guardian Moving Systems)
My greatest move (New York Local Movers)
Done just how we wanted it (Guardian Moving Systems)
Perfectly organized (Admiral Moving Services)
True work (Admiral Moving Services)
Best Price with the best services (Great American Van Lines)
afordable moving company (Great American Van Lines)
incredible communication skills!!! (Great American Van Lines)
workers were experts (Great American Van Lines)
The crew that moved us was great!!! (Great American Van Lines)
I would definitely recommend. (Great American Van Lines)
I am very happy with this experience!!! (Great American Van Lines)
I am very happy with this experience!!! (Great American Van Lines)
I was referred to them by a friend (Great American Van Lines)
I was referred to them by a friend (Great American Van Lines)
Great service, indeed!!! (Great American Van Lines)
Everything was satisfactory (Puma Van Lines LLC)
Very organized company (Sprint Van Lines)
A successful relocation (admiral van lines)
I will only hire them in the future (The Roadway Van Lines)
Relocation in such terrible weather (Southeast Van Lines Inc.)
Great moving company (Roadway Moving)
A happy customer (Around The State Moving and Storage)
Tremendous (Fox Moving and Storage)
I am a very happy (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Marvelous (Interstate Relocation Systems)
very courteous (Great American Van Lines)
Am proud of you (Long Distance Van Lines)
Everything was done professionally (Great American Van Lines)
THANKS FOR A JOB WELL DONE (Great American Van Lines)
Happy Man (Long Distance Van Lines)
Fnatastic (Great American Van Lines)
GREAT MOVING EXPERIENCE (Great American Van Lines)
They did it! (Exclusive Vanlines)
Hassle free service (Frontier Van Lines)
The Perfect Team (Exclusive Vanlines)
Awesome movers (Orange Van Lines)
extremely Happy (Great American Van Lines)
wonderful (US Relocation Systems)
best service ever!!! (Great American Van Lines)
best service ever!!! (Great American Van Lines)
first time (US Relocation Systems)
No water damaging my belongings (Interstate Movers)
Fully satisfied (Xtreme Movers)
Grateful (Skyline Movers)
Five stars (Proud American Vanlines)
Perfectly finished work (Skyline Movers)
Crucial for my move (New York Local Movers)
Efficient (Skyline Movers)
Amazing movers (Guardian Moving Systems)
Best (New York Local Movers)
Excellent (Guardian Moving Systems)
Such professionals (Admiral Moving Services)
Only good words for them (Admiral Moving Services)
What an outstanding effort (Divine Moving)
I HAD TO RECOMMEND (Atlantic Union Van Lines)
Many thanks Great American Van Lines!!! (Great American Van Lines)
pleasant experience!!! (Great American Van Lines)
the right choice!!! (Great American Van Lines)
the right choice!!! (Great American Van Lines)
A bankable moving company (Trans United)
Wow they are good (Thrifty Moving&Storage Inc)
I have total faith in them (EAST COAST MOVING AND STORAGE)
It was a last minute scramble (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
Affordable and experienced (Agility Van Lines)
will definitely refer you (Great American Van Lines)
Definitely an A plus company!!! (Great American Van Lines)
Great Job !!!! (Great American Van Lines)
satisfied customer!!! (Great American Van Lines)
Super easy (Around The State Moving and Storage)
Everybody from the company was cool (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Highly Satisfied! (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Definitely would use again (Fox Moving and Storage)
I am Glad (Long Distance Van Lines)
It is the best (Long Distance Van Lines)
very pleasure (Green Van Lines)
Very nice (Frontier Van Lines)
tension free (Great American Van Lines)
HIGHLY PLEASED (Great American Van Lines)
professionally (Great American Van Lines)
professional and respectful (Great American Van Lines)
Nice Relocations (Exclusive Vanlines)
I would use them again (Great American Van Lines)
hard working (US Relocation Systems)
great customer service (Great American Van Lines)
moving made easy (Great American Van Lines)
service was fast (US Relocation Systems)
Lovely Work (Exclusive Vanlines)
stress free (US Relocation Systems)
Incredible (Long Distance Van Lines)
Blessed (Long Distance Van Lines)
They respected me and my time (Interstate Relocation Systems)
USE THESE GUYS (Great American Van Lines)
prompt and knowledgable (Great American Van Lines)
Keep up the good work guys (Interstate Relocation Systems)
timely and seamless move. (Great American Van Lines)
Careful & helpful (Fox Moving and Storage)
No Disappointments (Exclusive Vanlines)
Excellent at work (American Choice Van Lines)
Peaceful Relocations (Exclusive Vanlines)
Tremendously professional (Great American Van Lines)
PUTS CUSTOMER FIRST (Great American Van Lines)
NO stress, it was even a little fun. (Great American Van Lines)
very easy and affordable experience (Great American Van Lines)
Good experience (Frontier Van Lines)
Will hire again if i were to move again (Coast To Coast Relocation)
GREAT (US Relocation Systems)
Solid moving company (Interstate Relocation Systems)
They are the best - no doubts (Interstate Relocation Systems)
affordable with no surprises (Great American Van Lines)
PROFESSIONAL NO DAMAGES (Great American Van Lines)
VERY PLEASED CUSTOMER (Great American Van Lines)
moved three items to my new home (2 men and a truck)
Fully satisfied (Xtreme Movers)
Quick delivery (Long Distance Van Lines)
It’s you again (Long Distance Van Lines)
We had a blast (Atlantic Union Van Lines)
Helpful and professionals (Green Van Lines)
All practical and well done (Skyline Movers)