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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From August in 2017

Expert theft company (Expert Van Lines)
Delightful experience (Long Distance Inc)
Awesome guys (Long Distance Inc)
Great service (Long Distance Inc)
Great movers (Long Distance Inc)
Best Company (All Trust Moving and Storage)
Luckily I found All Trust Moving & Storage. (All Trust Moving and Storage)
What a great company!!! (All Trust Moving and Storage)
Cannot Get Resolution on 7 Lost Boxes (Public Moving and Storage)
quick movers (Charter Van Lines)
good moving team (Assurance Van Line Services)
good pros (Charter Van Lines)
friendly movers (Assurance Van Line Services)
stress free (Charter Van Lines)
seamless move (Assurance Van Line Services)
great team workers (Charter Van Lines)
very helpful movers (Assurance Van Line Services)
diligent pros (Charter Van Lines)
impressive services (Assurance Van Line Services)
happy with move (Charter Van Lines)
nice and responsible movers (Assurance Van Line Services)
accurate and on time (Charter Van Lines)
pleasant move (Assurance Van Line Services)
Outstanding Service (Coach USA Moving and Storage)
great skills (Charter Van Lines)
honest and hardworking (Assurance Van Line Services)
Recommended (Long Distance Inc)
Great attributes (Ideal Moving & Stoage)
5/5 (Long Distance Inc)
Good Company! (Coastal Van Lines)
Thankful to them (Long Distance Inc)
punctual and skilled movers (Charter Van Lines)
easy and affordable (Assurance Van Line Services)
courteous pros (Charter Van Lines)
very good move (Assurance Van Line Services)
Great Move (American United vanlines)
They were brilliant (Divine Moving)
2 thumbs up!!! (Travel Van Line)
Highly Recommended!!! (Travel Van Line)
Thank you so much!! (We Move U)
Awesome Service!! (Travel Van Line)
Can’t recommend them enough! (unique van lines)
DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!! (David and Goliath Moving and Storage)
Thank you very much! (Sky Van Lines)
fantastic (All Trust Moving and Storage)
On the time (All Trust Moving and Storage)
best company (All Trust Moving and Storage)
careful and efficient (Charter Van Lines)
great movers (Assurance Van Line Services)
really good team (Charter Van Lines)
good experience (Assurance Van Line Services)
excellent experience (Charter Van Lines)
fantastic movers (Assurance Van Line Services)
efficient and harworking (Charter Van Lines)
great job (Assurance Van Line Services)
really good movers (Charter Van Lines)
attentive team (Assurance Van Line Services)
patient and friendly movers (Charter Van Lines)
Good Service! (Relocation Express LLC)
well organized move (Assurance Van Line Services)
efficient movers (Charter Van Lines)
great work on move (Assurance Van Line Services)
easy move (Charter Van Lines)
fast service (Assurance Van Line Services)
Highly Recommended!! (Travel Van Line)
(Coastal Van Lines)
Life time customer!! (Travel Van Line)
Good Job! (Expert Van Lines)
(Charter Van Lines)
really good movers (Assurance Van Line Services)
(Charter Van Lines)
quick and efficient (Assurance Van Line Services)
Very Pleased!!! (American Home Movers)
Pretty good move (Agility Van Lines)
Highly Recommended!!! (Key Moving & Storage)
You will be in excellent hands. (Rhino Relocation)
Picture perfect! (US Movers Inc.)
Worst moving company ever (Infinity Van Lines)
Such a simple move (Long Distance Relocation Services)
They were fantastic! (Texas Top Movers)
Hard workers (PrimeWay movers)
Hassle-free, on-time, fast service (United Movers Group)
Thank you (Ideal Moving & Stoage)
I'm so surprised (Big Ben's Moving)
Good (All Trust Moving and Storage)
nice experience! (All Trust Moving and Storage)
pleasant (All Trust Moving and Storage)
Just had an awesome experience (spartan moving system)
Just had an awesome experience (Kangaroo Van lines)
easy process (Charter Van Lines)
phenominal customer service (Assurance Van Line Services)
best moving experience (Charter Van Lines)
friendly and agreeable (Assurance Van Line Services)
hardworking pros (Charter Van Lines)
simple move (Assurance Van Line Services)
respecful and fast movers (Charter Van Lines)
happy with service (Assurance Van Line Services)
great and easy move (Assurance Van Line Services)
pleasant moving compnay (Assurance Van Line Services)
fast and professional (Charter Van Lines)
great moving experience (Assurance Van Line Services)
Happy with the service. (Relocation Express LLC)
Great Service!! (Everest Van Lines)
I would highly recommend them (New York Best Movers)
Thank you again guys!! (USA Top Movers)
great move! (Coastal Van Lines)
An Amazing Move without Trouble (We Move It Relocation LLC)
Very Professional!!! (Great Van Lines)
These guys were amazing! (State to State Transportation)
They managed to move me pretty well (American United vanlines)
Good and easy move (PrimeWay movers)
Easy Move. (Expert Van Lines)
Love you Guys!! (We Move U)
Awesome Service!! (Travel Van Line)
Perfect! (Relocation Express LLC)
Awesome Service!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Thanks again guys!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Highly Recommended!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Best moving experience ever (Blue sky Van Lines)
My Move Was Made At Record Time (We Move It Relocation LLC)
I Recommend Them! (Coastal Van Lines)
Ideal choice (Ideal Moving & Stoage)
I am super thrilled (Agility Van Lines)
Treat you like kings and queens (Big Ben's Moving)
Good and affordable moving company (Assurance Van Line Services)
Speechless! (American United vanlines)
Authentic! (PrimeWay movers)
By far the best moving experience (spartan moving system)
Did a good job (Ideal Moving & Stoage)
Highly Recommended!! (We Move U)
Very Professional!! (Travel Van Line)
Fragile move done with care (Great Lakes Van Lines)
Extremely helpful (Big Ben's Moving)
Extremely effective (Ideal Moving & Stoage)
More than happy! (US Movers Inc.)
Respectful and reliable (admiral van lines)
Spot on! (National Moving and Storage)
Informative, efficient, on time (United Movers Group)
Expert movers (We Move It Relocation LLC)
Made the move less stressful! (spartan moving system)
Made the move less stressful! (Kangaroo Van lines)
Can't Get Better Than This (All around van lines)
Can't Get Better Than This (All around van lines)
Great work ethic (Blue sky Van Lines)
Not the cheapest but the safest (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Great staff, Great service (United Movers Group)
They service was not bad (American United vanlines)
A very reliable moving company (Big Ben's Moving)
A+++ (Impress Moving & Storage)
great experience (All Trust Moving and Storage)
HIGHLY RECOMMEND (All Trust Moving and Storage)
Thank you (All Trust Moving and Storage)
Satisfied (North Van Lines)
Great work (Long Distance Inc)
Good movers (Long Distance Inc)
Very Professional!!! (We Move U)
Awesome Movers!! (Travel Van Line)
2 thumbs up!! (We Move U)
Thank you so much! (Travel Van Line)
Excellent Move Best Job Ever (Tri-state Van Lines)
Very Happy Customer!! (Travel Van Line)
Thank you so much!!!! (We Move U)
Quick and easy! (Great Lakes Van Lines)
Thank you Julio and his team (Moving of America)
Awesome Service!! (l.d moving and storage)
Thank you so much!! (l.d moving and storage)
Recommended!!! (l.d moving and storage)
Fantastic company (American United vanlines)
I am so happy (PrimeWay movers)
Everest Van Lines is the best!! (Everest Van Lines)
These guys were professional (Top Rate Moving Inc)
Highly Recommended!!! (Great Van Lines)
These guys were awesome! (State to State Transportation)
Worst Movers EVER !! (iMove Inc.)
Simply excellent. (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Thank you (Blue sky Van Lines)
Brilliant customer service (Agility Van Lines)
NO- Never do business with them (Ocean Moving and Storage)
Clear pricing, good mover team (Long Distance Relocation Services)
The Moving Company for You (We Move It Relocation LLC)
Nothing hidden! (Assurance Van Line Services)
It went great! (PrimeWay movers)
Best movers ever (Transatlantic Moving Systems)
They are the best! (American United vanlines)
A quality company (Ideal Moving & Stoage)
Worst company ever (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Price and Fraud (Moving Pros Inc )
Movers (Canadian National Van Lines Inc.)
Amazing!!! (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Highly recommended (Long Distance Inc)
Good experience (Southside Moving and Storage)
Fair price (CLS Moving and Storage)
Pleasent move!! (Long Distance Inc)
Please do not hire (iMove Inc.)
Smooth moving (Long Distance Inc)
Happy (Long Distance Inc)
Recommend them highly (Peak Van Lines)
Excellent Service (Old Country Van Lines)
worst company ever (Rhino Relocation)
locked in quote is a lie!!! (Rhino Relocation)
Highly Recommended!!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
They were professional!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Champion! (admiral van lines)
Brilliantly done (National Moving and Storage)
Excellent Service (Transatlantic Moving Systems)
Outstanding staff and moving crew (United Movers Group)
They are worth every penny (unique van lines)
Real pros (American United vanlines)
Efficient Moving (Kangaroo Van lines)
Reliable Company (Transatlantic Moving Systems)
Quite fast (Agility Van Lines)
Thanks guys! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Fantastic Service!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
You guys rock (unique van lines)
Recommended! (admiral van lines)
Happy with the overall process (United Movers Group)
Very reliable service (Ideal Moving & Stoage)
They were very punctual! (American United vanlines)
Great moving day (Presidential Moving Solutions)
Highly Recommend Them (Presidential Moving Solutions)
Very Professional and Top Quality (Great Lakes Van Lines)
Great Move! (Expert Van Lines)
Changed me perspective (Assurance Van Line Services)
(DeltaPro Movers)
They are indeed reliable (American United vanlines)
I LOVE THEM (PrimeWay movers)
Great movers (unique van lines)
Great work!! (National Moving and Storage)
Moved with the best (admiral van lines)
Thank you so much ! (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Most efficient movers (Southside Moving and Storage)
experiences were excellent (All Trust Moving and Storage)
What a great company!!! (All Trust Moving and Storage)
Thanks again Guys ! (All Trust Moving and Storage)
Thank you! (Relocation Express LLC)
Honest! (Coastal Van Lines)
Very Impressive!! (Tri-state Van Lines)
Pros (First Way Movers)
Awesome Service!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Highly recommended! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Best Movers!!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Thank you!!! (Everest Van Lines)
Thanks for the great job! (New York Best Movers)
Thank you!!! (USA Top Movers)
Very efficient and careful!!! (Top Rate Moving Inc)
Awesome Service!!! (State to State Transportation)
Satisfied returning customers (United Movers Group)
Clearly very disciplined (Big Ben's Moving)
Easy move! (Relocation Express LLC)
My best moving experience (Long Distance Van Lines)
Extraordinary move (National Moving and Storage)
Inventory (Assurance Van Line Services)
Experienced!! (American United vanlines)
Smooth, easy and stress free (unique van lines)
They did more than I expected (admiral van lines)
Wonderful Service (Old Country Van Lines)
2 thumbs up!!! (Coach USA Moving and Storage)
professional (All Trust Moving and Storage)
recommend (All Trust Moving and Storage)
respect (All Trust Moving and Storage)
Thanks for doing such a great job (CLS Moving and Storage)
Smooth Move! (Coastal Van Lines)
Easy, fast, safe – what else do you need! (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Very Professional!!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Nice Move (C&D MOVING)
Our lifetime business (Peak Van Lines)
Great service - very professional and efficient. (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Awesome Service!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Thanks guys! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Highly Recommended!!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Everything went as planned (US Movers Inc.)
RESPECT! (Assurance Van Line Services)
They were fantastic (PrimeWay movers)
Professional to the core (American United vanlines)
Great job (Plymouth Relocation Services)
recommend the company (All Trust Moving and Storage)
Great guys. (All Trust Moving and Storage)
very experienced (All Trust Moving and Storage)
Amazing service (Blue sky Van Lines)
Very courteous movers (DeltaPro Movers)
Trustworthy company (Peak Van Lines)
AN HONOR! (Agility Van Lines)
Helpful Movers (C&D MOVING)
Easy Move (C&D MOVING)
Very happy with the result (American United vanlines)
No more panicking! (PrimeWay movers)
Super Professional!!! (Travel Van Line)
A great company (Big Ben's Moving)
Extremely polite And Professional (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Excellent communication (Ideal Moving & Stoage)
They gave the best quote (American United vanlines)
The suffering is over! (PrimeWay movers)
Best wishes (unique van lines)
Everyone recommended them! (admiral van lines)
Very reliable and cost effective moving company! (Affordable Movers Chula Vista)
Happy with the service (United Movers Group)
recommend the company (All Trust Moving and Storage)
positive disposition (All Trust Moving and Storage)
movers pleasant (All Trust Moving and Storage)
Worst Experiance we had (Public Moving Services)
Great Overall Service (Northstar Movers)
(Expert Van Lines)
Positive Attitude (Old Country Van Lines)
Thankful (DeltaPro Movers)
I certainly recommend them (Moving of America)
I was right (Divine Moving)
Excellent experience (United Movers Group)
Great experience (Long Distance Inc)
Very impressive (Blue sky Van Lines)
Nice people (Long Distance Inc)
Professional (Long Distance Inc)
Thumbs up (Long Distance Inc)
Fair Price! (Relocation Express LLC)
Fast Delivery! (Coastal Van Lines)
I need them again! (Texas Movers Group)
(Great Lakes Van Lines)
Surprised! (Agility Van Lines)
Good Sales Rep. (Expert Van Lines)
A good experience all around (Ideal Moving & Stoage)
Well-coordinated (American United vanlines)
Outstanding service provided! (PrimeWay movers)
Worst movers ever (Assurance Van Line Services)
Best Price (We Move It Relocation LLC)
higher appreciation for this company (All Trust Moving and Storage)
thanks (All Trust Moving and Storage)
The worst company (Public Moving Services)
Very Nice Movers (Old Country Van Lines)
(Coastal Van Lines)
Amazing Job!! (We Move U)
Great Service!! (Travel Van Line)
Thank you!!! (Travel Van Line)
Fantastic Service!! (We Move U)
rogue movers (unique van lines)
No worries! (Texas Movers Group)
Awesome Movers!!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Never had seen such an amazing moving crew before. (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Highly Recommended!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Overall absolutely wonderful (Peak Van Lines)
Great service and great care (American United vanlines)
Only good words (PrimeWay movers)
Reliable and careful movers (Big Ben's Moving)
best experience (All Trust Moving and Storage)
very good (All Trust Moving and Storage)
So thankful (Traditional Express Van Lines)
Good people, good movers (Traditional Express Van Lines)
Not to worry at all (Texas Movers Group)
Wonderful Experience (C&D MOVING)
Love them (C&D MOVING)
Wow, what a service! (admiral van lines)
stress free move!! (Sky Van Lines)
Service! (Coastal Van Lines)
Stress-free company (Traditional Express Van Lines)
As Traditional as it gets (Traditional Express Van Lines)
Keep up the good work (Blue sky Van Lines)
thank you (Traditional Express Van Lines)
Outstanding Service!!! (Travel Van Line)
Front five stars (Peak Van Lines)
Highly recommend. (Travel Van Line)
Brilliant service. (We Move U)
Good Work! (Expert Van Lines)
Simple and easy move (Assurance Van Line Services)
Never imagined! (Texas Movers Group)
Friendly and nice pricing (American United vanlines)
The ultimate moving company (Big Ben's Moving)
Absolutely perfect (Ideal Moving & Stoage)
Very Professional!! (l.d moving and storage)
Thank you!!! (l.d moving and storage)
I will refer them to my friends. (l.d moving and storage)
Awesome Movers!!! (l.d moving and storage)
Simple and quality service (Peak Van Lines)
Very Professional Service!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Pricing was very affordable as well. (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Very Happy Customer!!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Great customer service (National Moving and Storage)
They took good care of me (admiral van lines)
secured safely (All Trust Moving and Storage)
experiences were excellent (All Trust Moving and Storage)
Great (All Trust Moving and Storage)
Fantastic Movers (Old Country Van Lines)
Professional And Friendly Movers (Old Country Van Lines)
I'm so grateful (Peak Van Lines)
Mind blowing experience (Texas Movers Group)
This move went smoothly (US Movers Inc.)
Good move (PrimeWay movers)
Really surprised (American United vanlines)
Excellent Job- highly recommend! (spartan moving system)
Excellent Job- highly recommend! (Kangaroo Van lines)
Really pleased (Big Ben's Moving)
Great Movers!!! (Old Country Van Lines)
Amazing Movers (Old Country Van Lines)
recommend and use again. (All Trust Moving and Storage)
exciting (All Trust Moving and Storage)
Thank you for making my move so successful! (All Trust Moving and Storage)
(Coastal Van Lines)
Have yet not recevied my delivery!! (Irelocation system LLC)
seamless move (Move Us Inc)
(C and D Movers)
No discrepancies (Traditional Express Van Lines)
Free storage! (Traditional Express Van Lines)
Truly a top notch moving company (Ideal Moving & Stoage)
Wow! (Expert Van Lines)
They know how to move you! (Texas Movers Group)
Was worth my money! (Texas Movers Group)
Finally it happened! (Assurance Van Line Services)
Reasonable price good service (Long Distance Inc)
Very efficient (Southside Moving and Storage)