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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From May in 2017

We enjoyed their service (Assurance Van Line Services)
My family was really happy with them (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Really good company (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Wonderful (C and D Movers)
Very Happy (C and D Movers)
Great job (Plymouth Relocation Services)
They did a wonderful job!!! (l.d moving and storage)
(Economic Moving Group)
EXCELLENT in every way!!! (American Home Movers)
Will totally recommend! (Key Moving & Storage)
Had an awesome experience!!! (HK world Wide Moving)
(Economic Moving Group)
5 Stars (First Way Movers)
Highly Recommended!!! (Gladiator Moving LLC)
All in all, a good experience!!! (Gladiator Moving LLC)
Fantastic Service!!! (Rhino Relocation)
Love you Guys!!! (Everest Van Lines)
Everything went very smooth!! (New York Best Movers)
Awesome Service!!! (USA Top Movers)
I am very Impressed!!! (Top Rate Moving Inc)
2 thumbs up!!! (Great Van Lines)
Great stuff guys, thanks very much! (State to State Transportation)
They made my day (PrimeWay movers)
Awesome movers (Big Ben's Moving)
My moving heroes (admiral van lines)
Awesome Move (Integrity Van Lines)
Very Happy (C and D Movers)
wonderful employees and excellent service (Great American Van Lines)
Felt like a member of the family (spartan moving system)
trust worthy (Kangaroo Van lines)
The price was perfect and the move went well!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Very Professional Service!!! (Gladiator Moving LLC)
THEIVES (Apple Van Lines)
Liked their professionalism (PrimeWay movers)
One of the best moving company (Integrity Van Lines)
Lot better than I expected (Agility Van Lines)
Super courteous (Southside Moving and Storage)
Movers and my experience (Expert Van Lines)
Nice work (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Very friendly (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Never Again (Coastal Van Lines)
Could not be happier! (C and D Movers)
thank you (Public Moving Services)
thank you (Public Moving Services)
they gave me a good rate (Public Moving Services)
Highly Recommended!! (Gladiator Moving LLC)
A plus! (Public Moving Services)
Very Happy Customer!!! (Gladiator Moving LLC)
Thanks for your great services! (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Thanks a lot! (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Good,Thanks! (Spartan Moving and Storage)
We all thank you. (Spartan Moving and Storage)
(Economic Moving Group)
(Economic Moving Group)
I say just thanks. (Spartan Moving and Storage)
great job (Public Moving Services)
Thanks (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Good job (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Reliable service at the reasonable price! (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Good job (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Smooth as silk! (Divine Moving)
Health problems. (I Relocation System)
They are the best!!! (l.d moving and storage)
Very Professional Movers!! (l.d moving and storage)
I'm Greatful with this Company (Integrity Van Lines)
It was definitely the best money spent (EXCELLENT CHOICE MOVERS)
Good (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Very good work (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Health problems. (Atlant van lines)
New Home (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Incredible movers (Apple Van Lines)
vBest movers around (C and D Movers)
great news (Relocation Express LLC)
Canada to USA move (Alliance Van Lines Inc.)
Call them first! (Presidential Moving Services)
really nice guys (Presidential Moving Services)
Across Border Move (Canadian National Van Lines Inc.)
Thanks Kiera (Trans United)
No shouting and running. (Atlant van lines)
I definitely recommend them! (Gladiator Moving LLC)
They did a brilliant job!!! (Gladiator Moving LLC)
Very reasonable price!!! (Gladiator Moving LLC)
They are the best!!! (Gladiator Moving LLC)
Proffesional movers! (Trans United)
priceless (Presidential Moving Services)
loved them (Presidential Moving Services)
Do what you want. (I Relocation System)
didnt get robbed (Public Moving Services)
they were great (Public Moving Services)
they really were careful (Public Moving Services)
Fantastic (Presidential Moving Services)
GREAT WORK (Real Movers Moving And Storage)
Best service. (Real Movers Moving And Storage)
So happy with them! (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Great (C and D Movers)
Amazing!!! (Assurance Van Line Services)
Great for long distance moving (PrimeWay movers)
Professional guys (Integrity Van Lines)
I am a repeat customer (unique van lines)
They dealt the move perfectly (admiral van lines)
Really fast and efficient (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Fast and efficient movers (Apple Van Lines)
Keep it up (Presidential Moving Services)
they were great (Public Moving Services)
Still waiting (Assurance Van Line Services)
Well experienced moving team (Blue sky Van Lines)
I am very happy with the move (Moving of America)
2 moves - same great service (Canadian Moving Systems Inc.)
You Guys are Awesome!!! (Gladiator Moving LLC)
Brilliant service!!! (Gladiator Moving LLC)
(Economic Moving Group)
good company (Real Movers Moving And Storage)
Appreciate the great service (United Movers Group)
Movers did an amazing job (Apple Van Lines)
Understanding crew (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Cant Complain (Economic Moving Group)
Movers did a fantastic job (Big Ben's Moving)
Enough money, (I Relocation System)
Enough money (Atlant van lines)
The Best Service (Integrity Van Lines)
Amazing movers (Moving Pros Inc )
Thanks (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Everything was managed well and on time!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Thank you! (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Thank you, Spartan moving and storage. (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Definitely a happy customer!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
I am so thankful to these guys! (Spartan Moving and Storage)
I am giving my great thanks! (Spartan Moving and Storage)
(Spartan Moving and Storage)
Thanks! (Spartan Moving and Storage)
I was thankful and happy. (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Super nice men! (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Great guys (Moving Pros Inc )
Thanks for my stress free moving days! (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Thanks! (Spartan Moving and Storage)
I couldn’t have wanted a better crew (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Good job (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Good,Thanks! (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Thanks to all who helped us! (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Thank you! (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Business. (I Relocation System)
A memorable experience (Agility Van Lines)
My moving heroes (PrimeWay movers)
Outstanding!! (Moving Pros Inc )
Awesome guys (Moving Pros Inc )
Best experience (Apple Van Lines)
Excellent Moving Experience (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Exceptionalism at its best (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Happy (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Wonderful job (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
amazing crew and prompt service (American United vanlines)
Pleasantly surprised (C and D Movers)
The best in my opinion (C and D Movers)
(Economic Moving Group)
top notch (Colonial Van Lines)
Good service (Real Moving Movers & Storage)
beyond good (Relocation Express LLC)
Excellent (Real Moving Movers & Storage)
Best in florida (Real Moving Movers & Storage)
(Assurance Van Line Services)
Great work (PrimeWay movers)
Thanks for not letting me down (Assurance Van Line Services)
Really Happy (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
They did a good job (C and D Movers)
Amazing work (C and D Movers)
Excellence Service (SMART CHOICE VAN LINES)
Perfect movers (Blue sky Van Lines)
A delay. (I Relocation System)
A delay. (Atlant van lines)
Truly super awesome movers (spartan moving system)
trust worthy (Kangaroo Van lines)
Amazing moving experience (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Don’t worry any more. (I Relocation System)
Awesome movers (Apple Van Lines)
Awesome Service!!! (Key Moving & Storage)
Friendly movers. Willing to cooperate (American Home Movers)
The perfect match (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Very Professional!!! (Texas Top Movers)
I am very impressed!!! (Rhino Relocation)
moving crew (Relocation Express LLC)
best company (Expert Van Lines)
Love these guys!!! (Everest Van Lines)
Thanks!!! (New York Best Movers)
Very Impressed!!! (USA Top Movers)
Super helpful! (Top Rate Moving Inc)
Great Service by them!!! (State to State Transportation)
Use them! (PrimeWay movers)
A good experience finally! (unique van lines)
Wonderful and joyful experience (admiral van lines)
I am very happy to have chosen them (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Really great work (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Best in town (BR Movers)
Great job! (C and D Movers)
Very professional movers (Apple Van Lines)
Love this company (C and D Movers)
Very Affordable Rate (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Exceptional moving experience (United Movers Group)
Courteous and patient movers (Big Ben's Moving)
Fantastic Results (Economic Moving Group)
perfect (Public Moving Services)
life savers (Public Moving Services)
nothing broke (Presidential Moving Services)
(Assurance Van Line Services)
the best (Presidential Moving Services)
Its true (Public Moving Services)
Best in the business!!! (Trans United)
No complaints whatsoever!!! (New York Best Movers)
Great Service!!! (Top Rate Moving Inc)
Best Move Ever!!! (Great Van Lines)
Top-notch customer service!!! (State to State Transportation)
Prompt, careful and efficient (American United vanlines)
I'm glad I chose them (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Fantastic (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Very good. (I Relocation System)
Very good. (Atlant van lines)
Extraordinary (C and D Movers)
Everything went smoothly (United Movers Group)
Recommended!!! (Plymouth Relocation Services)
No problems (spartan moving system)
Efficient Moving (Kangaroo Van lines)
great work (Old Country Van Lines)
Could not be more pleased (United Movers Group)
Best of the best (Long Distance Relocation Services)
(Relocation Express LLC)
(Old Country Van Lines)
(Coastal Van Lines)
Great movers (Apple Van Lines)
(Assurance Van Line Services)
It is such fun to move! (I Relocation System)
Choose these guys (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Very happy with them (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
They are the one (American United vanlines)
Recommended Company (Integrity Van Lines)
Another awesome moving company (unique van lines)
Fantastic (C and D Movers)
I am very happy with the move (admiral van lines)
You are the best (PrimeWay movers)
Masters of Moving (Agility Van Lines)
They are the right choice (US Movers Inc.)
Thumbs up!!! (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Real movers and storage (Red Lion Moving and Storage)
i loved them (Old Country Van Lines)
(Expert Van Lines)
a pleasure to work with (Public Moving Services)
clear cut (Public Moving Services)
picture perfect (Presidential Moving Services)
They did great! (Presidential Moving Services)
I am glad I used them (Presidential Moving Services)
my move was fantastic (Presidential Moving Services)
Highly recommended (American Home Movers)
Overall, this team was fantastic (HK world Wide Moving)
Fantastic moving crew (Apple Van Lines)
(Relocation Express LLC)
moving is the worst (Economic Moving Group)
(Coastal Van Lines)
Great Service!!! (Everest Van Lines)
Thank you so much!!! (Great Van Lines)
True To Their Word (North Van Lines)
Very Nice Movers (David and Goliath Moving and Storage)
Fabulous Job (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Appreciable Service (Impress Moving & Storage)
Wonderful experience (Blue sky Van Lines)
Consistency All Around (spartan moving system)
Great Customer Service Reps (Kangaroo Van lines)
Excellent experience (Apple Van Lines)
They have it all (PrimeWay movers)
Truly glad (Agility Van Lines)
They made our day (American United vanlines)
Thank you (New York Best Movers)
A very clever idea. (I Relocation System)
Will recommend to everyone! (Great Van Lines)
Simply the best!!! (State to State Transportation)
One State to another (spartan moving system)
I was late when ordering (Kangaroo Van lines)
More than great (unique van lines)
Just finished unpacking (PrimeWay movers)
No more worrying (American United vanlines)
Very upfront (admiral van lines)
RUN! RUN! RUN! (Moving Pros Inc )
Guys Were Great (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Very Happy (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Pretty decent (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Wow (C and D Movers)
No Hassle (North Van Lines)
(Expert Van Lines)
(Relocation Express LLC)
Could not have had it any better (Real Moving Movers & Storage)
Better than any other movers (Moving of America)
Great Choice (Able Moving and Storage Inc)
Returning customer, Will use again (United Movers Group)
They totally nailed it! (Assurance Van Line Services)
Happy with them (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Outstanding Movers (David and Goliath Moving and Storage)
They made moving easy (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Really great work (C and D Movers)
Wow’d us (Kangaroo Van lines)
Wow’d us (spartan moving system)
Orion Van Lines (ORION VAN LINES)
I have them to appreciate (Long Distance Relocation Services)
great (Presidential Moving Services)
Kudos (Presidential Moving Services)
very friendly (Presidential Moving Services)
Did more than we asked (TLS VAN LINES INC)
moving fast (Old Country Van Lines)
They took great care of everything! (American United vanlines)
great company (Expert Van Lines)
Thank you guys! (Economic Moving Group)
Helpful, honest, responsible (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
They Did Great Work (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Highly recommended (C and D Movers)
Like these guys a lot (C and D Movers)
A delay. (I Relocation System)
A delay. (Atlant van lines)
Easy Move (Able Moving and Storage Inc)
Professionals (I Relocation System)
Professionals (Atlant van lines)
Outstanding Job (Advantage Moving And Storage)
Excellent experience (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Warning this company don't care about you stuff!!! (All State Van Lines Relocation)
loved them (Old Country Van Lines)
They made it memorable (Long Distance Relocation Services)
moved successfully (Expert Van Lines)
amazed (Coastal Van Lines)
Highly Recommend them!!! (l.d moving and storage)
seen the greatness (Relocation Express LLC)
Great Company!! (Bald Eagle Moving, LLC)
very careful (Presidential Moving Services)
Settled (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Smooth, easy and quick (Divine Moving)
We are friends now! (Assurance Van Line Services)
Movers from Sudbury - Trenton, ON (Alliance Van Lines Inc.)
True professionals (American United vanlines)
Extremely helpful (PrimeWay movers)
Not only good, they are great! (unique van lines)
Super friendly and helpful (admiral van lines)
Truly great (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
The best (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
So good, highly recommended (C and D Movers)
Great work (C and D Movers)
My first moving. (I Relocation System)
My first moving. (Atlant van lines)
Disagreement. (I Relocation System)
moving (Goal Line Moving )
Terrific movers (Apple Van Lines)
VERY VERY HAPPY (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Big Steps For Me (spartan moving system)
Big Steps For Me (Kangaroo Van lines)
Fabulous movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
movers were pros (Assurance Van Line Services)
They are the real deal! (Trans United)
nothing bad to say (Public Moving Services)
Everything was right (US Movers Inc.)
The greatest movers I've ever hired (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
wed use again (Public Moving Services)
Outstanding service (Advantage Moving And Storage)
I'm satisfied with it (EXCELLENT CHOICE MOVERS)
Very Professional (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Exceeded My Expectations (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Good Service (North Van Lines)
Nice Guys (David and Goliath Moving and Storage)
Polite people (North Van Lines)
Awesome service (SMART CHOICE VAN LINES)
smooth moving process (United Movers Group)
moved fast (Old Country Van Lines)
(Old Country Van Lines)
Smooth as silk (PrimeWay movers)
Great Service!!! Very Professional!!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
They did such a wonderful job! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
My friends. (Atlant van lines)
My friends. (I Relocation System)
It’s cool… (I Relocation System)
They are great at this job (Agility Van Lines)
It was a stress free move (American United vanlines)
Great experience (Blue sky Van Lines)
We liked just everything (EXCELLENT CHOICE MOVERS)
These People Rocked! (North Van Lines)
Really amazing experience (Apple Van Lines)
Good customer experience (North Van Lines)
Had the most amazing move (spartan moving system)
Exceeded our expectations (spartan moving system)
Smooth Service (PrimeWay movers)
Only hire this company! (unique van lines)
You won’t regret it!! (American United vanlines)
Awesome move, awesome experience! (admiral van lines)
Great experience (United Movers Group)
Very Impressed!!! (Everest Van Lines)
Fantastic job!!! Thank you so much!! (Top Rate Moving Inc)
Great Customer Service!!! (Great Van Lines)
The rate was very fair!!! (State to State Transportation)