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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From April in 2017

Sad story turned happy (C and D Movers)
My review for C and D (C and D Movers)
They helped us so much (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Very glad to have used them (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
You can't go wrong with these guys (spartan moving system)
You can't go wrong with these guys (Kangaroo Van lines)
Fine movers (Moving Pros Inc )
Good (Moving Pros Inc )
Good Job guys (Irelocation system LLC)
Positive Experience (Irelocation system LLC)
Wonderful individuals (admiral van lines)
Great Service (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Terrific!! (C and D Movers)
thanks (spartan moving system)
best services ever (Kangaroo Van lines)
moved to bc (Canadian National Van Lines Inc.)
Chilliwack - Tracadie, NB (Canadian Moving Systems Inc.)
Awesome Service!! (Texas Top Movers)
Great Service!!! (New York Best Movers)
Very Professional!!! (USA Top Movers)
Love them!!! (Top Rate Moving Inc)
We relocated so easily (Assurance Van Line Services)
Finest of them all (Agility Van Lines)
Great service ! (Moving Pros Inc )
extremely prompt crew! (Sky Van Lines)
Loved it .. (Moving Pros Inc )
Very good moving company (C and D Movers)
(Assurance Van Line Services)
Good services (spartan moving system)
Efficient Moving (Kangaroo Van lines)
Wonderful move last week (Coastal Van Lines)
gud service! (Moving Pros Inc )
Exceptional movers (Big Ben's Moving)
Thank You (First Way Movers)
great service!! (Moving Pros Inc )
loved it !! (Moving Pros Inc )
Great Job to my movers (Expert Van Lines)
Worth it!!!! (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Top Movers (Real Moving Movers & Storage)
Not a job for me. (I Relocation System)
Not a job for me. (Atlant van lines)
If they smash something. (I Relocation System)
If they smash something. (Atlant van lines)
Quality and price. (I Relocation System)
Hard time and helpful guys (Irelocation system LLC)
Beautiful experience (DOWNING MOVING AND STORAGE)
Quick and careful movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Great Choice (Assurance Van Line Services)
Very satisfied and grateful (Assurance Van Line Services)
great great greaat (Relocation Express LLC)
Top Notch Service (Assurance Van Line Services)
BEST SERVICE!! (Moving Pros Inc )
This company did great (C and D Movers)
Very good job (C and D Movers)
move from alabama to colorado (DOWNING MOVING AND STORAGE)
amazing job relocating me (Coastal Van Lines)
WOW !!! (Moving Pros Inc )
gud service! (Moving Pros Inc )
good service (Expert Van Lines)
Really efficient (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Awesome service overall (Assurance Van Line Services)
I will seek their services again (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Pleasant to work with (Big Ben's Moving)
good company (Relocation Express LLC)
Great Service (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Two Thumbs Up (First Way Movers)
Expensive Furniture Relo (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Children were upset. (I Relocation System)
Good Care (North Van Lines)
Pleasant Experience (spartan moving system)
Pleasant Experience (Kangaroo Van lines)
Thank God Relocation Express moved me! (Relocation Express LLC)
So amazing (C and D Movers)
worth it (Public Moving Services)
New York Move (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Great movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
life savers (Public Moving Services)
extra careful (Public Moving Services)
Super Service (First Way Movers)
Helped with new items (First Way Movers)
Good job. (I Relocation System)
Good job. (Atlant van lines)
Everyone is happy (Agility Van Lines)
What a move (BR Movers)
Super way to move (admiral van lines)
Great move (North Van Lines)
Very Friendly And Professional (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Best movers (Southside Moving and Storage)
(Relocation Express LLC)
fast movers (Relocation Express LLC)
C and D Movers are awesome (C and D Movers)
Movers did a great job (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Great movers (Apple Van Lines)
Experienced (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
parents move - CMS (Canadian Moving Systems Inc.)
Movers to New Jersey (Canadian National Van Lines Inc.)
Best Movers (Moving Pro)
super good (Public Moving Services)
Simply the best (Big Ben's Moving)
excellent (Presidential Moving Services)
Leaving him. (I Relocation System)
would use again (Presidential Moving Services)
My last minute move (Assurance Van Line Services)
They made it without a hitch (Moving of America)
Nice and polite (US Movers Inc.)
COMFORTABLE AND EASY .. (Moving Pros Inc )
FRIENDLY .. (Moving Pros Inc )
(Moving Pros Inc )
Fantastic Movers!!! (American Home Movers)
Simply the best!!! (Key Moving & Storage)
Great group of professionals (Spartan Van Lines)
Best movers ever (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Great Job thank you so much (Expert Van Lines)
Efficient moving company (Big Ben's Moving)
Strong Guys (First Way Movers)
handled it like pros (Public Moving Services)
The move went very smoothly (HK world Wide Moving)
they didnt let me down (Public Moving Services)
Fantastic Service!!! (Texas Top Movers)
Quality (Public Moving Services)
Finally a good move (First Way Movers)
Pretty dang good (C and D Movers)
even got there early (Public Moving Services)
Awesome Service!! (Rhino Relocation)
(Public Moving Services)
Dining Room Shipment (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
thank you guys! (Relocation Express LLC)
Moving was a breeze (United Movers Group)
They were true professionals (Agility Van Lines)
Spartan Moving And Storage (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Spartan Moving and Storage (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Nice and Smooth (Able Moving and Storage Inc)
Fantastic and amazing (Blue sky Van Lines)
Thanks for getting there in one piece (The Students Movers orange county)
Thanks for getting there in one piece (The Students Movers orange county)
Fast and Effective (Able Moving and Storage Inc)
Very smooth move (BR Movers)
They were efficient and careful (Everest Van Lines)
Great quality service. (Great Van Lines)
The workers were quick and efficient (State to State Transportation)
Moving is not for me. (I Relocation System)
Moving is not for me. (Atlant van lines)
Fantastic movers (Big Ben's Moving)
They made the process easier (admiral van lines)
Remarkable service (Apple Van Lines)
Great move-Satisfied again (North Van Lines)
Lexington Moving Services (Lexington Moving Services)
Careful and fast movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
perfect moving company (spartan moving system)
Efficient Moving (Kangaroo Van lines)
loved it !! (Moving Pros Inc )
Excellent job (Moving Pros Inc )
Happy costumer (Able Moving and Storage Inc)
BEST SERVICE!! (Moving Pros Inc )
I know only how to pack. (I Relocation System)
Extraordinary Customer Service (United Movers Group)
Reliable moving partners (North Van Lines)
Very Hard Working (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Awesome movers (Apple Van Lines)
Big Move (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Good services (spartan moving system)
Wish I had found them sooner (Kangaroo Van lines)
neat (Relocation Express LLC)
Reputable Movers (First Way Movers)
good (Coastal Van Lines)
(Long Distance Relocation Services)
GOOD SERVICE! (Moving Pros Inc )
(Irelocation system LLC)
EASY AND FAST (Moving Pros Inc )
Awesome moving company (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Very Professional (Moving Pros Inc )
Really pleased (Blue sky Van Lines)
(Long Distance Relocation Services)
Recommendable without a doubt (Assurance Van Line Services)
Happy Me (First Way Movers)
They were very polite, friendly and professional (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Regina to Toronto (Canadian National Van Lines Inc.)
Simply the best!!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Definitely Use These Guys Again (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Awesome movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Customer Service (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Spartan Muving and Storage (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Customer Service (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Customer Service (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Great Job Relocation Express! (Relocation Express LLC)
Last Minute (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Customer Service (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Customer Service (Spartan Moving and Storage)
thank you (Expert Van Lines)
Sweet Relocations (Long Distance Relocation Services)
not for me (Presidential Moving Services)
Amazing Customer Service! (moving relocation systems)
they were great (Public Moving Services)
very good job (Public Moving Services)
so quick (Public Moving Services)
Responsive, pujnctual and fast (Big Ben's Moving)
they killed it (Public Moving Services)
Move to USA (Alliance Van Lines Inc.)
Trustworthy company (Able Moving and Storage Inc)
No begging. (I Relocation System)
No begging. (Atlant van lines)
So glad I chose them (admiral van lines)
Very professional (Agility Van Lines)
They were gleeful (TLS VAN LINES INC)
They make tough jobs look easy (North Van Lines)
Efficient Movers (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Fast and careful (Big Ben's Moving)
thanks (spartan moving system)
trust worthy (Kangaroo Van lines)
a pleasure (Public Moving Services)
LOVED IT ! (Moving Pros Inc )
Great service ! (Moving Pros Inc )
fantastic (Public Moving Services)
Total Studs! (Moving Pros Inc )
Work keeps transferring me (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Good Team (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Love this company (Able Moving and Storage Inc)
For Work (First Way Movers)
Lots of Glass (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
No Damages!!! (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Good communication (New York Best Movers)
Awesome Service!! (USA Top Movers)
Fantastic Service!!! (State to State Transportation)
Awesome Service!!! (Great Van Lines)
Business. (I Relocation System)
Fast and safe (US Movers Inc.)
Very Friendly And Professional (Plymouth Relocation Services)
EXPERTS (Kangaroo Van lines)
very happy (spartan moving system)
It was nice hiring them (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Thank You so much (Relocation Express LLC)
Would definitely recommend them (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Impressive Move (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Courteous and efficient (Apple Van Lines)
cheap and fast (Public Moving Services)
Superb service (Real Moving Movers & Storage)
the best (Public Moving Services)
Everything professionally handled (United Movers Group)
Punctual and friendly (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
so fast (Presidential Moving Services)
Great movers (Big Ben's Moving)
Easy move (Able Moving and Storage Inc)
A surprise. (I Relocation System)
A surprise. (Atlant van lines)
Really efficient movers (PrimeWay movers)
Easily moved my shop (BR Movers)
Efficient Movers (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Wonderful Job (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
A Great Choice! (moving relocation systems)
best (Kangaroo Van lines)
would use again (Presidential Moving Services)
Run from these people (Midwest Movers)
thank you Coastal (Coastal Van Lines)
(Long Distance Relocation Services)
Delightful movers (Apple Van Lines)
Fabulous movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Excellent movers (Big Ben's Moving)
Soon to party. (I Relocation System)
Really glad I hired them (Blue sky Van Lines)
Wow movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
They are simply rare gems (Assurance Van Line Services)
GOOD SERVICE! (Moving Pros Inc )
A day early! (eCar movers)
Move from texas to houston (Able Moving and Storage Inc)
Good Job (Able Moving and Storage Inc)
They made me very happy (Moving of America)
No hidden costs, No complaints (United Movers Group)
Very Friendly (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Excellent job (Moving Pros Inc )
Friendly. (Moving Pros Inc )
Thank you guys!!! (American Home Movers)
Great service, great communication!! (Key Moving & Storage)
Love them!!! (HK world Wide Moving)
Very Professional!!! (Texas Top Movers)
5 stars!!! (Rhino Relocation)
I highly recommend them. (Everest Van Lines)
Very Professional Service!! (New York Best Movers)
Very Impressed!!! (USA Top Movers)
The movers were friendly, polite and cheerful. (State to State Transportation)
Awesome Service!!! (Top Rate Moving Inc)
Mindful and Helpful Movers (Able Moving and Storage Inc)
Never come back (I Relocation System)
Never come back (Atlant van lines)
They only employ the best (PrimeWay movers)
Delightful way to relocate (admiral van lines)
Best experience ever! (North Van Lines)
Top level service (Southside Moving and Storage)
Very Fast Movers (Plymouth Relocation Services)
services were so lovely (spartan moving system)
best (Kangaroo Van lines)
Stupendous Service (United Movers Group)
Marion was a big help (First Way Movers)
Able team (Long Distance Relocation Services)
The service was impeccable (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
A brilliant company!!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Kind and Helpful Movers (Able Moving and Storage Inc)
Very good. (I Relocation System)
Efficiency knows no distance (US Movers Inc.)
Great family move (Agility Van Lines)
Great service from start to finish (Assurance Van Line Services)
(Plymouth Relocation Services)
Satisfied Move (North Van Lines)
Customer Service (First Way Movers)
Best Company Hands Down! (moving relocation systems)
My Sons Move (Canadian National Van Lines Inc.)
Delivery on time (United Movers Group)
Niagara Falls move (Canadian Moving Systems Inc.)
Our experience with Able (Able Moving and Storage Inc)
if you are looking to move (United Transportation Moving and Storage)
A company that you can trust (PrimeWay movers)
smoothy (Sun City Movers Florida)
Great Service (Strong Man for Hire)
Surprisingly incredible (Divine Moving)
High Quality (The Student Movers)
Handled nicely. (Moving Pros Inc )
Took right step. (Moving Pros Inc )
Schneider Moving & Storage (SCHNEIDER MOVING & STORAGE)
Efficient moving company (Alpha Movers and Storage)
(spartan moving system)
perfect moving company (Kangaroo Van lines)
USA Move (Alliance Van Lines Inc.)
Nice (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Happy with them (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Very good (C and D Movers)
Now I know (Long Distance Relocation Services)
dont ever hire them (Great Lakes Van Lines)
Great employees (Public Moving Services)
Life saver (Public Moving Services)
would use again for sure (Public Moving Services)
Great Help (First Way Movers)
No need to buy. (I Relocation System)
No need to buy. (Atlant van lines)
Nicely Done (Able Moving and Storage Inc)
Excellent Experience (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Nice crew (Moving Pros Inc )
Fantastic! (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Greatest relocating service (C and D Movers)
Well done (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Positive grade (Moving Pros Inc )
Professionals (Moving Pros Inc )
good review (Relocation Express LLC)
AMAZING (Public Moving Services)
family recommend us (spartan moving system)
family recommend us (Kangaroo Van lines)
super easy (Public Moving Services)
not stressful (Public Moving Services)
great (Presidential Moving Services)
nothing broke (Presidential Moving Services)
one and only (Moving Pros Inc )
Real quick (Moving Pros Inc )
Best choice (Moving Pros Inc )
good people (Expert Van Lines)
loved it (Coastal Van Lines)
They did it again (Long Distance Relocation Services)
nice (Great Lakes Van Lines)
Best movers ever! (Presto Logistics)
Follow my advice. (I Relocation System)
Impressive skills displayed (PrimeWay movers)
Trustworthy company (admiral van lines)
Everything went according to plan (United Movers Group)
Spartan moving and storage (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Spartan moving and storage (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Spartan moving and storage (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Spartan moving and storage (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Spartan moving and storage (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Spartan moving and storage (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Really efficient movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
genuine (Relocation Express LLC)
One Bedroom (First Way Movers)
Quick and careful (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
top notch (Public Moving Services)
kept in touch (Presidential Moving Services)
Fast (Presidential Moving Services)
the bst (Presidential Moving Services)
Worse Ever (United Movers Group)
friendly and quick (Public Moving Services)
So Amazing (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Easiest move ever (Smooth Move People)
Nice (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
spend your money the right way (United Transportation Moving and Storage)
A party. (I Relocation System)
Super (First Way Movers)
Stellar Job (moving relocation systems)
5 Star Service (Moving Pro)
Very Professional Service!!! (Moving of America)
Excellent Service (Affinity Van Lines)
Very helpful, thanks much (United Movers Group)
One of the best in business (US Movers Inc.)
Superb (spartan moving system)
trust worthy (Kangaroo Van lines)
Estimate - Quote (Public Moving Services)
small move (Irelocation system LLC)
Love these guys!! (Everest Van Lines)
Highly Recommended!!! (Top Rate Moving Inc)
Simply the best!!! (Great Van Lines)
Awesome Service!!! (State to State Transportation)
Amazing!!! (Moving of America)
These guys are amazing (PrimeWay movers)
Low price but super organization (admiral van lines)
Recommended by our friends (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Great time (Impress Moving & Storage)
Great Service (Colonial Van Lines)
Good services (spartan moving system)
Good (Kangaroo Van lines)
Really deserve! (spartan moving system)
Very well. (spartan moving system)
Thank you for your real nice job. (spartan moving system)
Top players in the industry (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Great Service! Would Use again (Quality Moving Services)
Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!! (Quality Moving Services)
Thank you so much!!! (Quality Moving Services)
No worries. (I Relocation System)
Interstate move on short notice (vega Line Moving Company and Storage Services)
Great job, Will refer (United Movers Group)
Awesome company (Interstate Relocation Systems)
The best (Spartan Moving and Storage)
Great experience (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Remarkable diligence (Long Distance Moving Solutions)
Good job (Spartan Moving and Storage)