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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From March in 2017

Awesome Job! (Move Quick Inc)
Amazing (Public Moving Services)
so easy (Public Moving Services)
happy with them (Public Moving Services)
Super (Public Moving Services)
Highly suggested (Majestic Movers)
Helped My Son (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Did the job, thanks (spartan moving system)
Helped My Son (Kangaroo Van lines)
Fast, efficient and respectful (Alpha Movers and Storage)
great job megan (Expert Van Lines)
Great company (Presto Logistics)
Wonderful experience (Long Distance Relocation Services)
(Expert Van Lines)
Plants. (I Relocation System)
Made my move a breeze (Apple Van Lines)
Great, fast and efficient (Big Ben's Moving)
Most professional movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Very responsive and helpful over the email (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Highly Recommended!!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
They do great work (Majestic Movers)
(Relocation Express LLC)
cannot complain (moving relocation systems)
satisfied nonetheless (Moving Pro)
Fast and smooth move (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Move To Ottawa (Canadian National Van Lines Inc.)
great job coastal van lines (Coastal Van Lines)
Very Friendly movers (Texas Top Movers)
(CAL 1 Moving and Storage )
The moving men were outstanding (Rhino Relocation)
Highly recommend them (New York Best Movers)
Awesome Service!!! (USA Top Movers)
Will definitely use them. (Texas Top Movers)
Fantastic Job!! (Rhino Relocation)
Highly recommended!!! (Everest Van Lines)
I thoroughly recommend (New York Best Movers)
Efficient Moving (spartan moving system)
trust worthy (Kangaroo Van lines)
Movers were great (Big Ben's Moving)
Best moving company! (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Did the job, thanks (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Comparable to none (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Recently Retired (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Moving? Call these guys! (Majestic Movers)
They are fantastic! (Move Quick Inc)
The real deal (Assurance Van Line Services)
The perfect one (admiral van lines)
Will recommend (United Movers Group)
They took care of every detail (Admiral Moving Systems)
Fabulous movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Great service! (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
They were very responsive (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Fantastic moving company (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Cannot recommend them highly enough. (American Home Movers)
Top Notch! (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Very Helpful movers!!! (Key Moving & Storage)
Awesome Movers!! (Denver Movers)
Fast, efficient and friendly (Apple Van Lines)
Highly Recommended!!! (HK world Wide Moving)
Fantastic Service!!! (Texas Top Movers)
Well Done!!! (Rhino Relocation)
Organized and on time (United Movers Group)
Pleasure’s all mine (Agility Van Lines)
Overall job well done (New York Best Movers)
Supporting hands. (I Relocation System)
Supporting hands. (Atlant van lines)
The best. (I Relocation System)
The best. (Atlant van lines)
smooth move east coast (EAST COAST MOVING AND STORAGE)
Nice Job! (Majestic Movers)
Very Awesome Service (Texas Top Movers)
They were fantastic (Rhino Relocation)
Highly Recommended!! (Everest Van Lines)
Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. (New York Best Movers)
They were very accommodating and understanding (Best Price Moving and Storage)
A very pleasant and hard working team (American Home Movers)
Awesome Service!!! (Key Moving & Storage)
Well Done Guys!!! (Denver Movers)
The team were all very nice (HK world Wide Moving)
always in touch (Presidential Moving Services)
5 Stars Service!!! (Denver Movers)
Simply the best!!! (American Home Movers)
Very careful and very professional!!! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Experienced and thorough movers (Assurance Van Line Services)
Awesome and amazing experience (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Third Move With Them (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Fantastic Moving Service!!! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Great job by a great team! (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
A+ Service (First Way Movers)
Across Country moving (Alliance Van Lines Inc.)
Excellenct job (Lexington Moving Services)
Great and efficient movers (Big Ben's Moving)
winter day move (Canadian Moving Systems Inc.)
Awesome crew (Long Distance Relocation Services)
best moving service I have used (EAST COAST MOVING AND STORAGE)
Signs. (I Relocation System)
Signs. (Atlant van lines)
Moving masters (admiral van lines)
Qualified helping-hand (Divine Moving)
All kinds of great they are (Admiral Moving Systems)
perfect moving company (spartan moving system)
Efficient Moving (Kangaroo Van lines)
They were great! (Plymouth Relocation Services)
best (spartan moving system)
(Kangaroo Van lines)
Great! (First Way Movers)
Courtesy and professional (Empire Moving and Storage)
I liked it very much :) (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Best movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
RECOMMENDED (Great American Van Lines)
(Expert Van Lines)
Easy process (Agility Van Lines)
Joyful experience (US Movers Inc.)
great help (Presidential Moving Services)
The experience I needed (Long Distance Relocation Services)
good job (Presidential Moving Services)
price was good (Presidential Moving Services)
fantastic (Presidential Moving Services)
No mistakes. (I Relocation System)
Quick (Presidential Moving Services)
so affordable (Presidential Moving Services)
Professional Movers (United Movers Group)
Awesome Movers!!! (Texas Top Movers)
Best Movers!!! (Rhino Relocation)
Highly Recommended!!! (Everest Van Lines)
Many many thanks!!! (New York Best Movers)
Best among all (Impress Moving & Storage)
awesome service I recommend these movers (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
Best movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Magnificent! (Majestic Movers)
Can't recommend enough (Big Ben's Moving)
Super (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Thank you! (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Great work (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
thank you for helping my boy! (Relocation Express LLC)
Highly recommend them. (Great American Van Lines)
Overall the service was good (Tri-state Van Lines)
complete statisfaction (Moving Pros Inc )
what a experience (Moving Pros Inc )
:) (Coastal Van Lines)
I recommend them (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Pure Pros (Assurance Van Line Services)
2 thumbs up (Expert Van Lines)
I enjoyed moving with them (Assurance Van Line Services)
On schedule. (I Relocation System)
On schedule. (Atlant van lines)
thank you (Presidential Moving Services)
everything (Presidential Moving Services)
(Plymouth Relocation Services)
Fast and careful (Apple Van Lines)
Packed neatly (Southside Moving and Storage)
Very professional (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Wonderful movers (Big Ben's Moving)
w o n d e r f u l (Relocation Express LLC)
Late Review (First Way Movers)
truely exceptional (Moving Pros Inc )
Made it in time thanks to them (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Amazing movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Move was fast (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Helpful. (I Relocation System)
CMS Moving Service (Canadian Moving Systems Inc.)
Awesome Service!!! (Texas Top Movers)
(Rhino Relocation)
friendly (Presidential Moving Services)
Fantastic Service!!! (Everest Van Lines)
Excellent service! Worth it!! (New York Best Movers)
We have used them 4 times now (Top Rate Moving Inc)
A perfect move (Agility Van Lines)
Sackville, NB - GTA Move (Alliance Van Lines Inc.)
Life savers (Admiral Moving Systems)
Trustworthy people (TLS VAN LINES INC)
Such professionals (BR Movers)
We got a good deal (admiral van lines)
The easy move (Freedom Movers)
Absolutely amazing (Big Ben's Moving)
2 thumbs up!!! (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Excellent and easy experience (Alpha Movers and Storage)
2 thumbs up!!! (xtra mile moving and storage Inc)
Great Movers!!! (xtra mile moving and storage Inc)
Highly recommended (xtra mile moving and storage Inc)
Wonderful Service (xtra mile moving and storage Inc)
Great Moving Service (xtra mile moving and storage Inc)
wonderful movers (Relocation Express LLC)
Great Moving Service (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
what a wonderful job (Coastal Van Lines)
(Expert Van Lines)
Forever Grateful (Assurance Van Line Services)
They made it special (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Wonderful movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Better than expected (First Way Movers)
Company Move (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Good job. (I Relocation System)
Good job. (Atlant van lines)
It was a pleasant experience (Freedom Movers)
Fast, efficient and friendly (Big Ben's Moving)
Very much pleased with their job (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Excellent move (Blue sky Van Lines)
Long Trip Made Easy (spartan moving system)
They did it so quickly (Kangaroo Van lines)
Highly Recommended!!! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Very Professional Service!! (American Home Movers)
5 STAR SERVICE!!! (Key Moving & Storage)
Excellent, trustworthy service! (HK world Wide Moving)
Really satisfying service (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Thank you (Lexington Moving Services)
Experience. (I Relocation System)
Great Moving crew (Texas Top Movers)
Great Service!!! (Rhino Relocation)
Great Moving Service (Everest Van Lines)
Super Efficient Service!! (New York Best Movers)
Great Service!!! (Top Rate Moving Inc)
Great service (spartan moving system)
best services ever (Kangaroo Van lines)
got job done right (EAST COAST MOVING AND STORAGE)
The service was excellent and on time (Best Price Moving and Storage)
worth trying (Moving Pros Inc )
They are very professional, careful (American Home Movers)
must try (Moving Pros Inc )
Fantastic Service!!! (Key Moving & Storage)
Thank you (HK world Wide Moving)
A name you can rely on (Agility Van Lines)
Great guys (BR Movers)
They made the move easier (US Movers Inc.)
Efficient with the move (Admiral Moving Systems)
Very Professional Service!! (Texas Top Movers)
Incredible service by these movers (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
Very Friendly Staff (Rhino Relocation)
All our goods were packed efficiently (New York Best Movers)
Long distance. (I Relocation System)
Long distance. (Atlant van lines)
Awesome Service!!! (USA Top Movers)
The price was very competitive (Top Rate Moving Inc)
Affordable price rate (Freedom Movers)
Fantastic service all around (admiral van lines)
Amazing client service (North Van Lines)
Five stars!!! (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Good services (spartan moving system)
perfect moving company (Kangaroo Van lines)
Incredibly friendly and professional (Alpha Movers and Storage)
great job (Coastal Van Lines)
They do great work (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
AWESOME!! (xtra mile moving and storage Inc)
5 stars service.. (xtra mile moving and storage Inc)
Fast and honest movers (Big Ben's Moving)
great job to them (Expert Van Lines)
Happy Customer (xtra mile moving and storage Inc)
As needed (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Thank you guys!!! (Top Rate Moving Inc)
Highly Recommended!!! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Top level of service (American Home Movers)
Fast Movers (xtra mile moving and storage Inc)
Movers that care (First Way Movers)
Fantastic Service (xtra mile moving and storage Inc)
High Quality & Low Cost Movers (xtra mile moving and storage Inc)
Best experience ever (Agility Van Lines)
Not for long. (I Relocation System)
C and D Movers are great! (C and D Movers)
star services (Moving Pros Inc )
honest services (Moving Pros Inc )
Recommend them highly (iMove Inc.)
Great movers (Blue sky Van Lines)
Happy! (Majestic Movers)
Without a doubt the greatest movers I've ever hired! (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Best moving company (Big Ben's Moving)
Simply the best (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Best moving company (C and D Movers)
My honest opinion (C and D Movers)
relocation express is the best (Relocation Express LLC)
Corporate Relocation (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Great movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
perfect from start to finish (CAL 1 Moving and Storage )
Incredible!!!!! (First Way Movers)
(Assurance Van Line Services)
Attentive and Efficient (Divine Moving)
(Expert Van Lines)
Dutiful company (BR Movers)
Last Min. Move (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
New experience. (I Relocation System)
New experience. (Atlant van lines)
Amazing movers (Big Ben's Moving)
Highly recommended!! (Sky Van Lines)
Strong 5 stars! (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Fantastic moving company (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Great Company! (C and D Movers)
Nobody is better (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Majestic Movers rules! (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
careful attention to detail (Great American Van Lines)
company move (Canadian National Van Lines Inc.)
Thank you (CLS Moving and Storage)
moved for school (Canadian Moving Systems Inc.)
A to Z good service (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Excellent movers (Apple Van Lines)
so polite (Presidential Moving Services)
well taken care of (Presidential Moving Services)
so peaceful (Presidential Moving Services)
good movers (Presidential Moving Services)
Great moving company (Blue sky Van Lines)
Perfect (Real Moving Movers & Storage)
I can't recommend them more (Texas Top Movers)
Don't do business with them! (Public Moving and Storage)
Awesome Movers!!! (Rhino Relocation)
Best Service!! (New York Best Movers)
I would definitely recommend. (Top Rate Moving Inc)
Fantastic move (Assurance Van Line Services)
Saved the day. (I Relocation System)
Great moving team (Big Ben's Moving)
Really pleased (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Reliable moving partners (North Van Lines)
Thanks (spartan moving system)
thanks (Kangaroo Van lines)
Amazing movers (Apple Van Lines)
(Expert Van Lines)
(Expert Van Lines)
Executed on time (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Nice, efficient and friendly movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Fantastic Service!!! (Rhino Relocation)
The team was hard working (Everest Van Lines)
My packing. (I Relocation System)
My packing. (Atlant van lines)
Reliable and safe (BR Movers)
wonderful (Presidential Moving Services)
Best moving company (admiral van lines)
I was happy with their service (New York Best Movers)
Great Pleasure to deal with (USA Top Movers)
Professional movers (Blue sky Van Lines)
Great team (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
(Relocation Express LLC)
what a good move (Coastal Van Lines)
Great job (Apple Van Lines)
(Expert Van Lines)
(Expert Van Lines)
Fantastic moving company (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Incredibly efficient movers (Big Ben's Moving)
Nothing like other movers (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Plan your perfect move (Agility Van Lines)
Incredible workers (Assurance Van Line Services)
They do very good work (C and D Movers)
No issues whatsoever (C and D Movers)
So nice (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Strongly Recommend them!!! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
I recommend this company to EVERYONE. (American Home Movers)
The moving crew itself was prompt (Key Moving & Storage)
Great Communication!! (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Great Customer Service!!! (Denver Movers)
Highly Recommended!!! (HK world Wide Moving)
A surprise. (I Relocation System)
A surprise. (Atlant van lines)
Totally rude and disrespectful (Expert Van Lines)
Very Quick Movers (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Fantastic work (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Liars; Scammer (Century Moving Services)
Love it!!! (New York Best Movers)
Great Service!!! (USA Top Movers)
I am very Impressed!!! (Top Rate Moving Inc)
For me. (I Relocation System)
pleasant (Presidential Moving Services)
Very good moving services (North Van Lines)
Moving job went perfectly fine (Southside Moving and Storage)
AWESOME!! (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Movers did a great job (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Hardworking company (United Movers Group)
Great Care with our Stuff (Assurance Van Line Services)
Fast and professional movers (Blue sky Van Lines)
great job to my movers!! (Coastal Van Lines)
Con Artist and Thieves (Public Moving and Storage)
perfect moving company (spartan moving system)
Good services (Kangaroo Van lines)
good movers (Expert Van Lines)
Thanks Violet :) (First Way Movers)
No complaints (United Movers Group)
Thanks Billy!! (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Fabulous and extremely helpful (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Truly impressed (Canadian National Van Lines Inc.)
Alberta to BC Move (Canadian Moving Systems Inc.)
Suitable for the job (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Incredible move (admiral van lines)
A lot more. (I Relocation System)
A lot more. (Atlant van lines)
Awesome and professional (Big Ben's Moving)
Best company around (C and D Movers)
Very efficient (Blue sky Van Lines)
(Plymouth Relocation Services)
Thank You (C and D Movers)
thank you Relocation Express (Relocation Express LLC)
love my movers (Coastal Van Lines)
Love them!!! (Everest Van Lines)
great job boys!! (All American Van Lines)
Really great (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
Good communication (USA Top Movers)
I would definitely use them again. (Top Rate Moving Inc)
Efficient, courteous and careful (Alpha Movers and Storage)
You did a commendable job (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Broke and lost items !!! (Viper Moving and Storage)
Fast Turnaround (PrimeWay movers)
Nicely Done People!! (First Way Movers)
Moved me home (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
The guys were friendly (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Very Professional!!! (American Home Movers)
Stress Free :) (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
5 Stars!!! (Denver Movers)
Definitely Recommend them!!! (HK world Wide Moving)
(Moving of America)
Successful one (Assurance Van Line Services)
no damage (Presidential Moving Services)
Will use again (United Movers Group)
amazing (Presidential Moving Services)
Well-Defined and Comprehensive (North Van Lines)
beyond expectation (Moving Pros Inc )
worth trying` (Moving Pros Inc )
Fast and Reliable (Euro Movers International)
Very Efficient And Very Friendly Movers (Plymouth Relocation Services)
So happy with them (Majestic Movers Inc-East Coast)
great job (Relocation Express LLC)
Great movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
excellent movers (Coastal Van Lines)
Everyone was happy (Long Distance Relocation Services)
so happy with my move (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
great movers i hired! (All American Van Lines)
Moms Move (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
spectacular (Public Moving Services)
Awesome moving company (Alpha Movers and Storage)
worth it (Public Moving Services)
Fair prices/rates (Canadian Moving Systems Inc.)
Highly Recommended!!! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Fantastic Service!!! (American Home Movers)
Great Movers!!! (Denver Movers)
Fast, efficient and friendly (Big Ben's Moving)
Back Home (First Way Movers)
Very Accommodating (United Movers Group)
Work very efficiently (Blue sky Van Lines)
very helpful (Public Moving Services)
Well done! (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Absolutely terrific (Real Moving Movers & Storage)