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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From February in 2017

Couldn't of Asked for More! (Real Movers Moving And Storage)
fantastic job!! (Sky Van Lines)
Everest Van Lines is the best (Everest Van Lines)
simply the best (Presidential Moving Services)
What a great idea! (New York Best Movers)
they killed it (Presidential Moving Services)
greattt job (Coastal Van Lines)
You will be in excellent hands (Texas Top Movers)
thanks (Presidential Moving Services)
These guys were efficient (New York Best Movers)
(Presidential Moving Services)
work done nicely (Moving Pros Inc )
best moving company (Moving Pros Inc )
so easy (Presidential Moving Services)
Quite an easy move (Agility Van Lines)
great job (Expert Van Lines)
Simply amazing. (I Relocation System)
2 thumbs up!! (Rhino Relocation)
Highly Recommended!!! (New York Best Movers)
A+++++++ Service!!! (Everest Van Lines)
Very professional movers!! (New York Best Movers)
Really Efficient (Admiral Moving Systems)
Quick Response (Assurance Van Line Services)
Efficiently Managed (Freedom Movers)
Professional services (SAFEWAY MOVING & STORAGE INC)
best services ever (spartan moving system)
Good services (Kangaroo Van lines)
Few issues but good overall (All State Van Lines Relocation)
They run a clean operation better than most movers (All State Van Lines Relocation)
Really pleased (Big Ben's Moving)
good service (Relocation Express LLC)
never lifted a finger (Presidential Moving Services)
what a great job (Coastal Van Lines)
great job relocating me (Expert Van Lines)
absolutely fabulous (Great American Van Lines)
Simple and professional (All State Van Lines Relocation)
Make a moving less depressing. (I Relocation System)
the best (Public Moving and Storage)
like southern gentlemen (Presidential Moving Services)
No more scepticism (Straight Forward Moving)
BEST SERVICE (Moving Pros Inc )
PERFECT ! (Moving Pros Inc )
best service ! (Moving Pros Inc )
Muscle To The Rescue! (Real Movers Moving And Storage)
Smooth and easy move (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Fabulous experience (Alpha Movers and Storage)
very nice (Presidential Moving Services)
Great service (Big Ben's Moving)
First Move!! (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
great job (Presidential Moving Services)
fantastic (Presidential Moving Services)
quick (Presidential Moving Services)
Super Informative movers (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Great moving team (Apple Van Lines)
Skilled workers (United Movers Group)
Reasonable prices. (I Relocation System)
Fast, careful and friendly (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Professional moving experience (Big Ben's Moving)
The pros! (Moving Pros Inc )
great experience (Moving Pros Inc )
awesome (Moving Pros Inc )
Fantastic Job (Real Moving Movers & Storage)
No more losses. (I Relocation System)
Top notch service (Tri-state Van Lines)
Reasonable and efficient (Agility Van Lines)
Best moving experience (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Great service (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Expert movers (Big Ben's Moving)
Do Not Use!! They lie about everything (united national moving and storage)
Great movers (Moving Pros Inc )
exceptional (Moving Pros Inc )
professional (Moving Pros Inc )
Words are true (Agility Van Lines)
Great Enthusiasm (Freedom Movers)
Happy to work with them (Admiral Moving Systems)
Good reasons to check them (Great Lakes Van Lines)
Smart strategy (admiral van lines)
best movers (spartan moving system)
thank you (Kangaroo Van lines)
Great movers (Big Ben's Moving)
Perfect (Moving Pros Inc )
fantastic experience (Moving Pros Inc )
great service (Moving Pros Inc )
My Experience (All State Van Lines Relocation)
Efficient Moving (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Efficient and careful (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Couldn't be happier (Majestic Movers)
Pleasant Experience (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
So Highly Recommended (spartan moving system)
Upbeat Personalities (Kangaroo Van lines)
Easy Choice To Go With In The Future (SAFEWAY MOVING & STORAGE INC)
recommend them to everyone (Great American Van Lines)
good good good relocation (Relocation Express LLC)
fantastic (Coastal Van Lines)
great job (Expert Van Lines)
(All American Van Lines)
Very Professional!!! (Texas Top Movers)
Would recommend you guys!!! (Rhino Relocation)
Easy (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Great Moving Service!! (New York Best Movers)
easy peasy (Public Moving and Storage)
(Nation Relocation, Inc.)
Liz was amazing! (Kingsway Van Lines Inc.)
They were Stunning (Assurance Van Line Services)
Was a pleasure to deal with (EAST COAST MOVING AND STORAGE)
They are a great moving company (Agility Van Lines)
Pleased with the service (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Amazing movers (Big Ben's Moving)
GREAT GUYS!! (Relocation Express LLC)
highly recommended (Great American Van Lines)
great job narla (Coastal Van Lines)
Went as expected (All State Van Lines Relocation)
Super job! (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
great care (Presidential Moving Services)
Have to say, loved the move :) (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Stress free movers (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
I move too much lol (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Fantastic movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Great company (Majestic Movers)
focused (Presidential Moving Services)
nothing broke (Presidential Moving Services)
good job cody (Expert Van Lines)
no stress (Public Moving and Storage)
god bless (Public Moving and Storage)
Great movers (Apple Van Lines)
A plus! (Public Moving and Storage)
good humor (Public Moving and Storage)
These guys were GREAT (Texas Top Movers)
Highly recommended! (Rhino Relocation)
Very Professional!!! (New York Best Movers)
Well done guys (admiral van lines)
Good moving team (Freedom Movers)
They were stunning (Admiral Moving Systems)
Wonderful work, gentlemen (Majestic Movers)
Best moving company (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Really satisfied (Big Ben's Moving)
great job guys! (Relocation Express LLC)
great (Coastal Van Lines)
first time (Public Moving and Storage)
Recommended a lot (David and Goliath Moving and Storage)
Moving Experts (Straight Forward Moving)
Star Company (Real Moving Movers & Storage)
Very Disappointed (Premier Relocations)
Great experience (Big Ben's Moving)
good old fashioned service (EAST COAST MOVING AND STORAGE)
Highly efficient (Southside Moving and Storage)
Amazing Movers (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Surprisingly good (Majestic Movers)
Truly Amazed (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Thanks so much (Long Distance Relocation Services)
they dont cheat you (Public Moving and Storage)
Can't recommend them enough! (Majestic Movers)
Happy and Glad we went with them (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
What a great sacrifice! (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Straight Shooters (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Going Home (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
The staff was extremely nice (Rhino Relocation)
Awesome Service (Everest Van Lines)
Great Service!! (New York Best Movers)
Easy Process Job well done (First Way Movers)
Couldnt ask for more (First Way Movers)
Commendable services (Tri-state Van Lines)
Capable movers (Great Lakes Van Lines)
Such Great Movers (First Way Movers)
Right Choice (First Way Movers)
Last Minute Help (First Way Movers)
Professional, efficient and polite (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Phenomenal experience (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
5 star worthy service (EAST COAST MOVING AND STORAGE)
Would hire them again (spartan moving system)
best services ever (Kangaroo Van lines)
best services ever (Kangaroo Van lines)
Keep up the great work guys! :) (Plymouth Relocation Services)
They were terrific! (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Excellent!!! (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Well done movers (Big Ben's Moving)
Pleased with the service (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Fast and nice (Big Ben's Moving)
Cool Guys (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Such Professionals (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Simple and Easy (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Such a Pleasure (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Grandfather Clock "White Glove" Move (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
The right company. (I Relocation System)
(spartan moving system)
best services ever (Kangaroo Van lines)
Small Move (C & D Movers )
Brilliant!! (Assurance Van Line Services)
Good company (admiral van lines)
Highly Recommended!! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Strongly recommend to others! (American Home Movers)
Love these guys!!! (Key Moving & Storage)
Quickest move ever (Admiral Moving Systems)
Happy Customer (Real Moving Movers & Storage)
Awesome Service (Denver Movers)
Really efficient (Big Ben's Moving)
good job jen (Relocation Express LLC)
Spectacular Relocation (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Profesionals (iMove Inc.)
I appreciate (Long Distance Relocation Services)
great movers i hired! (Coastal Van Lines)
Very professional, courteous and helpful! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Fabulous service (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
pricing was fair and the staff was very professional (All State Van Lines Relocation)
Would rehire in the area! (American Home Movers)
great (Expert Van Lines)
They are fantabulous (Agility Van Lines)
They had the can-do attitude (admiral van lines)
Worth every last penny (Denver Movers)
They were awesome! (HK world Wide Moving)
Cracking job (Admiral Moving Systems)
Top Notch Movers (Straight Forward Moving)
Excellent pricing strategy (Freedom Movers)
Excellent movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
(Plymouth Relocation Services)
great (Relocation Express LLC)
Thank you very much. (CLS Moving and Storage)
Incredibly happy (Long Distance Van Lines)
Excellent moving team (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
great job guys (Coastal Van Lines)
NICE AND PROFESSIONAL (Great American Van Lines)
good job (All American Van Lines)
Nice Movers (Moving Pros Inc )
Truly Great (Moving Pros Inc )
Would use them again (Majestic Movers)
Fabulous movers (Apple Van Lines)
Amazing (Moving Pros Inc )
I trust them (Public Moving and Storage)
so strong (Public Moving and Storage)
CMS Movers (Canadian Moving Systems Inc.)
Secure Relocation Services (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Best experience ever! (North Van Lines)
Great Movers!!! (David and Goliath Moving and Storage)
Wow movers (Big Ben's Moving)
Positive experience (Majestic Movers)
2 thumbs up!!! (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Excellent movers at a great price... (Plymouth Relocation Services)
These guys are the best!!! (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Great move (International Van Lines)
great job (Relocation Express LLC)
great job, vicky (Coastal Van Lines)
great job (Expert Van Lines)
Great Movers!!! (A One Van Lines)
Incredible professionalism (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
(All American Van Lines)
Awesome (Moving Pros Inc )
(Long Distance Relocation Services)
Good (Moving Pros Inc )
Great (Moving Pros Inc )
Reliable company (Agility Van Lines)
Grateful (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Impressed (Long Distance Relocation Services)
smooth (Public Moving and Storage)
good (Public Moving and Storage)
fantastic (Public Moving and Storage)
without a glitch (Presidential Moving Services)
the best (Presidential Moving Services)
Answer for all moving issues (Tri-state Van Lines)
best movers (spartan moving system)
thank you (Kangaroo Van lines)
Poor service overall and bribery (CAL 1 Moving and Storage )
My All-Time Mover (North Van Lines)
Splendid (Moving Pros Inc )
Amazing service (United Movers Group)
the big move (Public Moving and Storage)
Excellent (Moving Pros Inc )
Great (Moving Pros Inc )
Thank you guys!! (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Thank you for your great job!! (Interstates Vanlines)
GREAT JOB (Relocation Express LLC)
Really excellent (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Good Job People (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Violet is Great (First Way Movers)
Amazing movers (Big Ben's Moving)
great price (Presidential Moving Services)
So Amazing (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Best movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Labels to write. (I Relocation System)
Measuring right. (I Relocation System)
very happy (Presidential Moving Services)
(Long Distance Relocation Services)
the best (Presidential Moving Services)
great job (All American Van Lines)
Thankful (Majestic Movers)
In a different class (Assurance Van Line Services)
Reasonable long distance move cost (EAST COAST MOVING AND STORAGE)
Impressive performance (admiral van lines)
Business of Helping Others (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
A+ service (Great Lakes Van Lines)
Reliable Ratings (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
Very well done (Majestic Movers)
Right on time (Southside Moving and Storage)
Excellent Movers (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Grade A service!! (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Thank You!!! (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Best moving experience (Apple Van Lines)
Thanks guys!!! (Texas Top Movers)
Great Service (Rhino Relocation)
Great Service (Everest Van Lines)
The crew was very friendly (New York Best Movers)
They were awesome (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Desirable Moving Crew (Impress Moving & Storage)
Just great (Big Ben's Moving)
Great Move (First Way Movers)
Best Mover (Moving Pros Inc )
Best Mover (Moving Pros Inc )
great relocation thanks Bob! (Relocation Express LLC)
Excellent mover (Moving Pros Inc )
so easy (Presidential Moving Services)
Amazing movers (Moving Pros Inc )
gems (Presidential Moving Services)
more then perfect (Presidential Moving Services)
Fantastic Movers (David and Goliath Moving and Storage)
Excellent job (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
sooooo good (Presidential Moving Services)
no sleepless nights (Presidential Moving Services)
great help (Presidential Moving Services)
goof job (Coastal Van Lines)
Last Minute moving! (Canadian Moving Systems Inc.)
Movers were great! (Canadian National Van Lines Inc.)
Committed team (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Good quality. (I Relocation System)
Clean and easy. (I Relocation System)
Amazing customer service (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Two thumbs up (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Really amazing (Big Ben's Moving)
Amazing Service (David and Goliath Moving and Storage)
(Long Distance Van Lines)
(Long Distance Relocation Services)
best movers (Moving Pros Inc )
best movers (Moving Pros Inc )
awesome experience (Moving Pros Inc )
accommodating and professional (CAL 1 Moving and Storage )
Your dear things. (I Relocation System)
Finally received my shipment! (Canadian Moving Systems Inc.)
Exceptional movers (BR Movers)
Hardworking Movers (admiral van lines)
I can count on them (Admiral Moving Systems)
Highly recommended (A One Van Lines)
2 thumbs up!!! (A One Van Lines)
Amazing Movers (A One Van Lines)
Recommended a lot.. (A One Van Lines)
Thankful (Majestic Movers)
California!! (Majestic Movers)
Business Of Helping Others (spartan moving system)
Pleasant Experience (Kangaroo Van lines)
Terrific Moving Company (All In The Family Moving and Storage)
No more damages. (I Relocation System)
No more damages. (Atlant van lines)
They did very well (Agility Van Lines)
great moving experience!! (Sky Van Lines)
Excellent experience (Big Ben's Moving)
Easiest move (Apple Van Lines)
great job with the relocation (Relocation Express LLC)
great job! (Public Moving Services)
great service (Public Moving Services)
(Long Distance Relocation Services)
very happy with the move (B52 VAN LINES)
intact (Presidential Moving Services)
great (Coastal Van Lines)
They were professionals (Rhino Relocation)
Extremely positive experience (Everest Van Lines)
Thank you!!! (New York Best Movers)
Packing is not good. (I Relocation System)
I’m thankful (Assurance Van Line Services)
(A One Van Lines)
Amazing Job (A One Van Lines)
Best Moving Experience (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Happy Customer (Plymouth Relocation Services)
Seamless Move (Real Moving Movers & Storage)
Fabulous experience (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Happy And Glad We Went With Them (spartan moving system)
Happy And Glad We Went With Them (Kangaroo Van lines)
great (Relocation Express LLC)
great (Coastal Van Lines)
(Expert Van Lines)
great job with my move (All American Van Lines)
Awesome service (Alpha Movers and Storage)
on time (Public Moving Services)
really easy (Public Moving Services)
nothing bad to say (Public Moving Services)
good care (Public Moving Services)
Move to Halifax, NS (Canadian National Van Lines Inc.)
My experience (Sun City Movers Florida)
They were the best (admiral van lines)
Right kind of moving company (Admiral Moving Systems)
Fantastic Job (United Movers Group)
Violins to go. (I Relocation System)
A great moving team (Big Ben's Moving)
Truly awesome (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
great job (Relocation Express LLC)
greaat service (Coastal Van Lines)
Thrilling Move (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Excellent experience (Alpha Movers and Storage)
They will take away your worries (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Big China Cabinet (Canadian National Van Lines Inc.)
Cant Say Enough (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
They made moving so easy for me (Texas Top Movers)
Rhino Relocation is the best (Rhino Relocation)
They were very polite (New York Best Movers)
Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (First Way Movers)
Thanks for helping me out guys (New York Best Movers)
trust worthy (Presidential Moving Services)
very helpful (Presidential Moving Services)
Had a great experience (Big Ben's Moving)
Move went very well (Southside Moving and Storage)
They are different (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Professional and efficient (Apple Van Lines)
I loved their working style (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
Worth Trusting (Long Distance Relocation Services)
Thank you for the excellent move (Radius Moving and Storage Corp)
great price (Presidential Moving Services)
a breeze (Presidential Moving Services)
first class (Presidential Moving Services)
first class (Presidential Moving Services)
(Coastal Van Lines)
they rocked it (Presidential Moving Services)
Wonderful service (Alpha Movers and Storage)
Very Nice Movers.... (David and Goliath Moving and Storage)
on time (Presidential Moving Services)
Moving. (I Relocation System)
will use again (Presidential Moving Services)
outstanding service (CAL 1 Moving and Storage )
(All American Van Lines)
Great work! (Lexington Moving Services)
very bad company (Assurance Van Line Services)
These guys surely are the best (Texas Movers Group)
Fantastic Service... (Plymouth Relocation Services)
excellent (Presidential Moving Services)
Honest and careful movers (Viking Van Lines, LLC)
Thank You!!! (Plymouth Relocation Services)
(Assurance Van Line Services)
Best around (Assurance Van Line Services)
Fabulous movers (Alpha Movers and Storage)
wonderful (Public Moving Services)
best company (Public Moving Services)
Great Move (Assurance Van Line Services)
great (Public Moving Services)
Fast Move!! (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
too good (Public Moving Services)
They let me take my time (Smooth Relocation Vanlines)
Professional Movers (David and Goliath Moving and Storage)
quick (Public Moving Services)
Fast and Easy (Assurance Van Line Services)