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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From April in 2019

Super fast and very careful. (Skyline Movers)
It was a great decision (moving nation)
couldn’t be happier (First National Van Lines)
Life-savers (Alliance Van Lines)
Good job, guys! (Big Bens Moving and Storage)
Absolutely the best moving service (AFFORDABLE MOVING SYSTEMS, LLC)
Lovely Experience! (Blue Horizon Shipping Inc)
No items broken (Skyline Movers)
Demand met service (Alliance Van Lines)
First time relocation- solved (New Beginnings Relocation)
Movers were well trained (unique van lines)
I enjoyed this move (admiral van lines)
Meticulous movers (True State Moving Services Inc.)
Best Experience (admiral van lines)
They are good (moving nation)
Professional and great work (AFFORDABLE MOVING SYSTEMS, LLC)
It was a good move (Alliance Van Lines)
A simple relocation (Charter Van Lines)
Great experience (Skyline Movers)
Thanks for the help! (DieHard Movers Denver)
Wise choice (Northern Star Moving Systems)
Best company (Big Bens Moving and Storage)
Move for my father (Canadas Leading Van Lines)
CNVL Movers (Canadian National Van Lines Inc.)
Cheap but reliable (New Beginnings Relocation)
Thanking them is not enough (Alliance Van Lines)
AMAZING experience!! (Skyline Movers)
guys are the best (First National Van Lines)
Positive experience! (UBER MOVERS)
Excellent move (Northern Star Moving Systems)
Beautiful moving experience (AFFORDABLE MOVING SYSTEMS, LLC)
I highly recommend them! (Skyline Movers)
The price is only an illusion (Alliance Van Lines)
Astoundingly professional (Agility Van Lines)
Just the best in town (US Movers Inc.)
Honest and reliable movers (Safebound Logistics)
I’m satisfied! (Big Bens Moving and Storage)
Thank You (Skyline Movers)
They are worth hiring (Charter Van Lines)
No lagging with them (Alliance Van Lines)
Absolutely reliable (Alliance Van Lines)
Exceptional services (admiral van lines)
Moving headaches are gone (unique van lines)
They didn’t charge extra (True State Moving Services Inc.)
They are moving wizards (Safebound Logistics)
Easiest move of my life (AFFORDABLE MOVING SYSTEMS, LLC)
They are the best (Alliance Van Lines)
Genuinely Happy Moving Service (Big Bens Moving and Storage)
They are good at what they do (Northern Star Moving Systems)
The movers were skillful (New Beginnings Relocation)
Such professionals are rare (Alliance Van Lines)
Overall fantastic (Alliance Van Lines)
Friendly people (Northern Star Moving Systems)
Best Moving (Big Bens Moving and Storage)
Satisfied with the services! (Skyline Movers)
Everything was flawless (Charter Van Lines)
Apt and skilled set of movers (Alliance Van Lines)
They were a good find (True State Moving Services Inc.)
They earned my praise (unique van lines)
Total awesomeness (admiral van lines)
They made ours special (Northern Star Moving Systems)
Thank you guys (UBER MOVERS)
Great Move Experience (admiral van lines)
Top-notch professionals (Safebound Logistics)
Regina to Vancouver move (Canadas Leading Van Lines)
Storage services (Atlanntis Van Lines Inc.)
A very reliable name (Alliance Van Lines)
Superb service (True State Moving Services Inc.)
Very professional crew (Northern Star Moving Systems)
Amazing Work (Big Bens Moving and Storage)
Life savers (Divine Moving)
Apt and skilled set of movers (unique van lines)
They keep getting better (Northern Star Moving Systems)
At the summit of moving business (Alliance Van Lines)
Amazing display of professionalism (True State Moving Services Inc.)
Highly recommend (First National Van Lines)
Excellent move. (Skyline Movers)
These men were born to move (admiral van lines)
I had a great experience (moving nation)
good experience moving. (Skyline Movers)
Pleased with everything (Charter Van Lines)
They know their job (New Beginnings Relocation)
Surely perfect (Northern Star Moving Systems)
Sensational move (Agility Van Lines)
Very Appreciated Work (Big Bens Moving and Storage)
Always a stunner (Alliance Van Lines)
Job well done (Fresh Start Relocation)
Very impressed (Fresh Start Relocation)
I couldn’t complain (Alliance Van Lines)
Hiring them is a no-brainer (Alliance Van Lines)
Happy Moving Service! (Big Bens Moving and Storage)
Terrific service (Fresh Start Relocation)
Smooth process (New Beginnings Relocation)
This is a great company (admiral van lines)
Great experience (Fresh Start Relocation)
Fantastic movers (Alliance Van Lines)
Best value of money (unique van lines)
No complaints from me (True State Moving Services Inc.)
friendly and very skilled. (Sky Van Lines)
Recommend (First National Van Lines)
Professional and approachable (admiral van lines)
Very Respectable Moving Company (Big Bens Moving and Storage)
Winter Move (Canadas Leading Van Lines)
Smooth move from Regina to Vancouver (Canadian National Van Lines Inc.)
Thank you so much! (Fresh Start Relocation)
Best in business (Alliance Van Lines)
Properly trained movers (True State Moving Services Inc.)
Great job and thank you!! (Skyline Movers)
Nothing like the reviews (Charter Van Lines)
Happily moved (US Movers Inc.)
Moved to Storage and back (Alliance Van Lines)
Great move (Fresh Start Relocation)
Very satisfied (Fresh Start Relocation)
Happy with the outcome! (Altitude Movers Denver)
reasonable and fast (DieHard Movers Denver)
Very helpful guys (Stallion Moving Services)
I'll seek their services again (Northern Star Moving Systems)
Smooth as silk (Agility Van Lines)
Excellent and Quality Service! (Big Bens Moving and Storage)
BUNCH OF SCAMMERS (Excalibur Moving Group)
Thank you! (Fresh Start Relocation)
Outstanding job (Fresh Start Relocation)
You are simply THE BEST. (Skyline Movers)
They mean business (unique van lines)
Prices were reasonable (UBER MOVERS)
They did it perfectly (Divine Moving)
They made us happy (admiral van lines)
They handled it professionally (Northern Star Moving Systems)
They did everything possible (Alliance Van Lines)
I trust this company, no questions asked (True State Moving Services Inc.)
Thank you so much (Fresh Start Relocation)
Their team was fantastic. (Skyline Movers)
They take control (Northern Star Moving Systems)
They are always amazing (Charter Van Lines)
Luxury Moving Services (Big Bens Moving and Storage)
Highly recommend (Fresh Start Relocation)
Would definitely use again! (Skyline Movers)
Thank you for the effort (Northern Star Moving Systems)
I’m very fond of them (New Beginnings Relocation)
We really needed their expertise (True State Moving Services Inc.)
Hassle-free relocation (Alliance Van Lines)
You guys are awesome (Fresh Start Relocation)
A+ (Fresh Start Relocation)
EXCELLENT MOVE (Skyline Movers)
Dependable movers (Alliance Van Lines)
Consistent and organized (True State Moving Services Inc.)
We were stress-free (unique van lines)
Easiest move ever (admiral van lines)
Moving legends (US Movers Inc.)
Very good company (Agility Van Lines)
Complete Moving Service (Big Bens Moving and Storage)
FIVE BIG STARS. (Skyline Movers)
Cheap but professional (New Beginnings Relocation)
Incredible and capable worker (AFFORDABLE MOVING SYSTEMS, LLC)
Great job guys (Fresh Start Relocation)
Great company (Fresh Start Relocation)
Great job (Fresh Start Relocation)
Easy relocation (Alliance Van Lines)
We are fulfilled (New Beginnings Relocation)
Impressive moving company (True State Moving Services Inc.)
Tranquil relocation (unique van lines)
Glad it was so (Northern Star Moving Systems)
Excellent company (Agility Van Lines)
God bless you all (moving nation)
Excellent! (Spyder Moving Services)
Perfect moving service (Big Bens Moving and Storage)
professional service (Skyline Movers)
Time and cost efficient movers (Alliance Van Lines)
Lovely crew (Northern Star Moving Systems)
Here is a great moving company (Alliance Van Lines)
Too good (Northern Star Moving Systems)
Superb movers (True State Moving Services Inc.)
Thank you very much (Skyline Movers)
Great service both time (Fresh Start Relocation)
Professional Moving Company (Big Bens Moving and Storage)
Nothing was damaged! (Skyline Movers)
Paid off (Northern Star Moving Systems)
Really reliable and really cheap (Alliance Van Lines)
It couldn’t have gone any better (New Beginnings Relocation)
Wonderful experience (moving nation)
They made my life easy (US Movers Inc.)
Very grateful work and definitely recommend them (Big Bens Moving and Storage)
very nice and courteous. (Skyline Movers)
Excellent customer support (Northern Star Moving Systems)
Excellent relocation services (Safebound Logistics)
Moving (TikTok Moving & Storage)
Affordable prices (Alliance Van Lines)
Close to my heart (Northern Star Moving Systems)
They shook my core (admiral van lines)
This move was a success (True State Moving Services Inc.)
Relocations have never been easier (New Beginnings Relocation)
Really bankable moving company (unique van lines)
Great moving experience (Fresh Start Relocation)
Sensational move (Divine Moving)
The movers were an energetic bunch (Alliance Van Lines)
They deserve what I paid (True State Moving Services Inc.)
great experiences (Skyline Movers)
Great job (unique van lines)
Smooth as silk (admiral van lines)
Best in the business (admiral van lines)
I’m very impressed (Big Bens Moving and Storage)
Excellent moving experience (AFFORDABLE MOVING SYSTEMS, LLC)
Commendable movers (Alliance Van Lines)
Reliable moving company (admiral van lines)
Easiest move (Alliance Van Lines)
Great service! (First National Van Lines)
Very impressed (True State Moving Services Inc.)
Full of gratitude (Northern Star Moving Systems)
Absolutely amazing service (AFFORDABLE MOVING SYSTEMS, LLC)
I would definitely recommend them! (Fresh Start Relocation)
Amazingly efficient (Alliance Van Lines)

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