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Misled Information (Golan Van Lines)
Smooth move with Professional movers!!! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Great Moving experience (Victory Van Lines)
Fantastic service! (American Choice Van Lines)
Pro-Movers (Dumbo Movers)
Awesome Movers! (Big Brothers Moving)
Great Moving Company! (Big Brothers Moving)
Local Move (BOSTON Moving Co)
Great Moving Company (Big Brothers Moving)
Damage, Dishonesty (Compass Van Lines)
Virgina Move (Metro Van Lines)
Good and quick (Metro Van Lines)
Can cheaper be better? YES! (Statewide Van Lines of New Jersey)
Vancouver Moving company (Galaxy Moving & Mobile Storage)
Never recommand anyone use their service! (Flat Price Moving & Storage)
They are aweful (Flat Price Moving & Storage)
Satisfied Customer (Transunited inc.)
Efficent & Professional (LIGHTNING VANLINES)
Great experience (American Choice Van Lines)
100% satisfied in VA Beach! (All My Sons Moving)
moving was great (SunShine VanLine)
NO LICENSE TO MOVE!!!!!! (SunShine VanLine)
Packed and moved smoothly. (American Choice Van Lines)
Review of moving expereience (Mirit Great American)
Our recent move was great (All In One Moving and Storage)
Loyalty (Twins Moving and Storage)
Absolutely Fabulous!! (Stallions Moving)
We Were Very Pleased With TSI (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Professionalism and great customer service! (American Choice Van Lines)
Fair price, great service! (American Choice Van Lines)
moving 1 are crooks (Moving 1)
They might charge you more after delivery (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
United States Van Lines (Nationwide Relocation Services)
DO NOT USE THESE THIEVES !!!! (Nationwide Relocation Services)
DO NOT USE THESE THIEVES (Nationwide Relocation Services)
Fantastic Service (Metro Van Lines)
Statewide was great for me! (State Wide Relocation)
5 STARS!!!! (BestWay Moving LLC)
Excellent movers (high touch moving systems)
Will use again (high touch moving systems)
This company WILL RIP YOU OFF!!! (All In One Moving and Storage)
Best Time Movers is a HUGE Scam (Best Time Movers)
BEWARE!!! (Metro Van Lines)
RIP OFF (Eagle Van Lines Moving and Storage (NJ))
good moving experience (Golden Hands Movers)
Great Moving Company (Northern American Van Lines)
My Move (Move On & Relocation)
SCAMMERS!!!! (Northern American Van Lines)
Great from start to finish (LIGHTNING VANLINES)
Wow Move! (Sky Moving & Storage)
Wake me up! (Union of DC Movers)
Great movers! (World moving services)
Great experiance (Ori Van Lines Inc.)
I like (Metro Van Lines)
pretty impressive (Ori Van Lines Inc.)
Shady (Compac Moving and Storage)
Review From Volunteers of America (All Inclusive Moving and Storage)
A GREAT AND POSITIVE EXPERIENCE!! (American Best Moving Services, Inc.)
Peace & Love! (Peace Movers Inc.)
Loved this Company (Move On & Relocation)
Move On & Relocation is the Best (Move On & Relocation)
several items not found (andrews van lines)
Excellent service!!! (Northern American Van Lines)
Simply the best (Northern American Van Lines)
NOT A REPUTABLE COMPANY!!! (Northern American Van Lines)
They are so honest!! (Northern American Van Lines)
A class service with Northern American (Northern American Van Lines)
WOW what a coincidence!!! (Northern American Van Lines)
WOW what a coincidence!!! (Northern American Van Lines)
Honest business (Ori Van Lines Inc.)
Excellent Boston Movers (Boston Movers USA)
Excellent Boston Movers (Boston Movers USA)
4 hours, 20 minutes late (Apartment Movers)
A sunny move (best movers ca)
Very good company (First Van Lines)
First van lines...more info (First Van Lines)
BEWARE of USA Moving and Storage (USA 1 Moving and Storage)
truthfulness (All My Sons Moving)
First move with AMS (American Moving Services)
Worst of the Worst (King Arthur Moving Express LLC)
TSI Delivered It Safe and Sound (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Big mistake (worldwide van lines)
Horrible (worldwide van lines)
Great company!!!! (Northern American Van Lines)
Electronics box stolen (Dimension Moving and Storage)
Better than Expected (LIGHTNING VANLINES)
Metro Van Lines Review-4/15 (Metro Van Lines)
Frontier Van Lines is an A+ Pittsburgh Moving Company! (Frontier Van Lines Moving and Storage)
Excellent Crew (All Inclusive Moving and Storage)
Great delivery services! (American Choice Van Lines)
RIP OFF MOVERS (overnightvanline)
TSI was excellent! (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
From Sunny South FL to Rainy WA (Nations Choice Moving & Storage)
My Move Was good. (Best Time Movers)
HIGHWAY ROBERY! (Nationwide Relocation Services)
It worked for me (Ori Van Lines Inc.)
Good reference! Excellent team ! (Mirit Great American)
Do not use King arthur moving express (King Arthur Moving Express LLC)
no complaints! (best movers ca)
OUTSTANDING!!!! (King Arthur Moving Express LLC)
Scam - Thief - Be aware (Metro Van Lines)
BEWARE! SCAM! DO NOT USE (Metro Van Lines)
Bait & Switch Operation (USA Relocations)
Wow !!!! (Metro Van Lines)
my relocation (Allied Van lines)
Caught (Metro Van Lines)
I Love this Guys. (Royal Relocation Systems Inc.)
OVERNIGHT VANLINES (overnightvanline)
great moving company dallas (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Wonderful Experience! (Mazel Tov Moving & Storage, Inc.)
Best Movers (best movers ca)
One of my worst moves ever (Victory Van Lines)
I found a keeper, thanks (Ori Van Lines Inc.)
BEWARE - FRAUD!!! (Best Time Movers)

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