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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From May in 2011

Green Van Lines and Rocky (Green Van Lines)
Referred (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Great Job last second (All Over United LLC)
Great international movers to India (Eagle Van Lines Moving and Storage (NJ))
Fantastic Moving Company (Big Brothers Moving)
Defective Create (Allied Van lines)
Sensible movers (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Top movers in Washington DC (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Good company (Movers group)
Special Thanks (Green Van Lines)
Definitely Recommended (Green Van Lines)
Review verizon van lines (Verizon Van Lines)
Finally, a good moving company. (Continental Van Lines)
good job1 (Nationwide Moving Services)
Had a great experience (Neigbors moving)
Great packers and movers. (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Best Storage in San Diego (Morena Self Storage)
Eco Van lines review (Eco-Vanlines)
Highly Recommended Service! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Good move (Verizon Van Lines)
Offered Good Service (Green Van Lines)
Royal Moving (Green Van Lines)
Quite Thrilled At First Time (Green Van Lines)
THEY ARE CROOKS! (am pm moving and storage)
Fast Service, Good Job (Xpress Movers)
Great Job Done! (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Total satisfied (White Glove Moving)
Can't appreciate enough!! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Great experience (American Choice Van Lines)
thanks for your help (Great American Van Lines)
Lovable guys (Moving On Up, Inc.)
Highly Ethical Movers (Green Van Lines)
Highy Recommand (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Excellent Movers (Movers group)
Excellent Movers (Movers group)
Verizon van lines was great (Verizon Van Lines)
Fantastic move (Verizon Van Lines)
great job (All Over United LLC)
They Saved The Day!! (Great American Van Lines)
Great Experience! (Movers group)
EXCELLENT MOVERS! (prudential van lines)
GREAT SERVICE!!! (greenpoint vanlines)
Reasonable And Very Professional! (Georgetown Moving & Storage)
Very happy with my move (America's Moving Services)
Worst company ever (Three Brothers Moving)
Wonderful Crew (Green Van Lines)
Excellent Team. (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Stressfree Move (First Van Lines)
R.U. Moving (R.U. Moving)
Amazing Company (White Glove Moving)
MOVING (USA Express Moving)
excellent service (Men On The Move)
Helpful and Professional Movers!!! (HERCULES MOVING & STORAGE)
make mistakes, but responsible (Ace Movers & Storage)
Not dependable. Don't go there (Nationwide Moving Services)
Excellent Movers (Movers group)
Best, I Think (The Movers)
Highly Recommanded (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
Crooks! (Nationwide Relocation Services)
Excellent! (Premium Moving & Storage)
Excellent! (Premium Moving & Storage)
Great move! (Hercules Movers Inc.)
BEWARE: THIEVES! CONTACT ME! (Nationwide Moving Services)
Horrible experience (State Wide Relocation)
2 Thumbs Up (Verizon Van Lines)
Longdistance move made easy with Eagle van lines (Eagle Van Lines Moving and Storage (NJ))
Pleasantly surprised (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Excellent job all around (All My Sons)
Amazing! (All My Sons Moving)
Well done, recommended. (Manchester Vanlines)
On time, on point. (Green Bay Movers)
Honest moving company (Green Van Lines)
Fab experience (Movers group)
Our Move (Verizon Van Lines)
Verizon (Verizon Van Lines)
Excellent! (America's Moving Services)
Stolen, lost, and damaged goods (Weststar Relocation)
Manchester Vanlines thumbs up (Manchester Vanlines)
Another Scam (Element Moving and Storage)
Unprofessional Company - elder abuse (Boyer Rosene Moving & Storage)
Generally OK Job (Manchester Vanlines)
Generally Ok job (Manchester Vanlines)
Pleasant Move (Movers group)
Bait and Switch (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Dishonest (Frontier Van Lines Moving and Storage)
Dishonest (Frontier Van Lines Moving and Storage)
I highly recommend this company! (A Plus Chicago Movers)
Superheros (Cube Moving)
Tireless Guys (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
Zooz Transpoertation AKA Mainlines Transportation (MainLine Transportation, Inc.)
liars unqualified (best moves one)
Damaged Door While moving (Merit Van Lines)
Do NOT use these MOVERS! (Metro Van Lines)
Phenomenal (America's Moving Services)
Knew how to get it done (White Glove Moving)
South Florida move (RoboVault Fine Art & Antique Services)
Scammers! (Nationwide Moving Services)
Courtious Movers (Moving On Up, Inc.)
Caring Movers (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
horrible service (State Wide Relocation)
Thanks All You Can Move (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Amazing Service (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
reliable moving company (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Best Moving Experience (First Van Lines)
"Fat Chance" Scam Lines (Flatrate Van Lines)
Great to Move with (Movers group)
Excellent job! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Terrible Customer Service (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Delightfull Moveing Experience (Green Van Lines)
Good Moving Experience (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Great service!!! (Proud American Moving Network)
Verizon Van Lines Review (Verizon Van Lines)
our review (Verizon Van Lines)
reasonable price, good service (Budget Van Lines)
7 days!!!!!!!!! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
The movers were fast (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Pleasent and Efficient Team (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Worst ever experiance (State Wide Relocation)
nightmare for me (State Wide Relocation)
Best moving company around! (statewide movers inc.)
Best moving company around! (statewide movers inc.)
What a SCAM! (worldwide van lines)
What a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!! (worldwide van lines)
SCAMSCAMSCAM!!! (Worldwide Transfer Co.)
Reliable Movers (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Never use this company (American Movers Group)
Dimension Moving hard work and professionalism. (Dimension Moving and Storage)
Exceeded my expectations in VA (All My Sons Moving)
Fits the bill. (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
A moving broker (Budget Van Lines)
Easy moving (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Perfect Moving Service (Green Van Lines)
Cool Service We Recieved (Green Van Lines)
Awesome Movers (Moving On Up, Inc.)
The Best (Verizon Van Lines)
Thanks You!! (Royal Relocation Systems Inc.)
R&C Relocation Services, Inc (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
All My Sons Moving out of Richmond (All My Sons Moving)
Went above & beyond! (statewide movers inc.)
Look no further! (statewide movers inc.)
Whew! (statewide movers inc.)
Made the right choice! (statewide movers inc.)
Great experience! (statewide movers inc.)
Manchester Vanlines, good move (Manchester Vanlines)
Do NOT use this Company (A One Moving & Storage Inc)
Definitely Excellent! (Royal Relocation Systems Inc.)
AWESOME MOVERS (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
Helpful Movers (Green Van Lines)
Thank You! (Great American Van Lines)
My Good Movers (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
All You Can Move (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Awesome Company! (statewide movers inc.)
my move from VA to TX (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
scam (Best Time Movers)
Couldn't be happier! (Roadway Moving)
Great company (Infinity Moving and Storage)
beware: scam (Best Time Movers)
A long distance job well done by eagle van lines in NJ (Eagle Van Lines Moving and Storage (NJ))
Great Moving Experience (Moving On Up, Inc.)
Best Moving Experience (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
will call again (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Best Moving Experience (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
Couldn't ask for more (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
Awesome Moving Experience (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
A great transporting service. (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
NEVER SHOWED UP!! (All Force Movers)
Antique Shiping, great service (Manchester Vanlines)
splendid :) (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
They falsify documents (Eagle Van Lines LLC - Houston)
Good move with Manchester Vanlines (Manchester Vanlines)
Will use again (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
pleasant experience! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Go for the best (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Statisfied Moving Experience (Green Van Lines)
Quick response (Manchester Vanlines)
Efficient Movers (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
Great Experience! (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Great Experience (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Great move (ABS Moving and Storage)
Plan Ahead with Moving On Up!! (Moving On Up, Inc.)
My move review (Low Cost Moving (Burlington, NJ))
awesome movers! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
I will definitely use again (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Great Service Overall (Roll's Moving & Storage)
Excellent experience (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Good Movers (Compass Van Lines)
Incredible! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Common sense! (Manchester Vanlines)
Common sense! (Manchester Vanlines)
Thank you All You Can Move !!! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Thank you guys (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
THIEVES!! HORRIBLE RIP OFF (Zooz Transportation)
Nice movers (Manchester Vanlines)
Nice movers (Manchester Vanlines)
moving people (ABS Moving and Storage)
Great Job (American Moving Services)
My move to San Jose (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
definitely recommend (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Couldn't Ask for more (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
Worst Movers Ever (Apartment Movers)
Movingmade simple (Manchester Vanlines)
Movingmade simple (Manchester Vanlines)
Good Professionals (Green Van Lines)
Qualified Crew (Green Van Lines)
Very Prompt Moving Service (Green Van Lines)
good movers (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
very happy (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Office move (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Best Move Ever (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
The relocation was short and sweet (Manchester Vanlines)
The relocation was short and sweet (Manchester Vanlines)
They are honest (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Mover Review (Verizon Van Lines)
Straight A's (Verizon Van Lines)
Great Experience! (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Excellent Customer Service (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Good job Summit Van Lines (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Dishonest in quotes (Atlantic Moving & Storage Inc)
Fantastic! (All Inclusive Moving and Storage)
Hire These folks again! (Moving On Up, Inc.)
Makes Moving A Great Exprience (Green Van Lines)
Pleasant and Patient (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Thanks Again to the Whole CVL Team! (Continental Van Lines)
Superb Move with Continental (Continental Van Lines)
Last minute move (Miami Best Movers Moving Company)
Naples Relocation & Moving great...! (Naples Relocation & Moving)
Highly Recommanded. (Movers group)
Move from NJ to VA (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Move from NJ to VA (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Great company (Low Cost Moving (Burlington, NJ))
Great company (Low Cost Moving (Burlington, NJ))
Professional Movers (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
My Right Choice (Green Van Lines)
EXCELLENT (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Worst Movers Ever (Apartment Movers)
Excellent Customer Service! (America's Moving Services)
Wonderful experience (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Very Friendly. (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Great experience. (Royal Relocation Systems Inc.)
Very Professional! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Professional Guys for moving (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
Poor rating (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
Time saving movie (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
Elite (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Great movers! (Go East Movers)
Washington DC Best Movers (Washington DC Best Movers)
Best local mover in VA (Victory Van Lines)
They are fraud (Best Price Moving and Storage)
These boys are amazing. (Moving On Up, Inc.)
stress free move (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Excellent (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Such nice company! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
VERY BAD (Best US Moving)
good moving company (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
go to my blog, (Eagle Van Lines LLC - Houston)
Never go with Green Van lines (Green Van Lines)
Great Company (best moves one)
Great Company (best moves one)
Eco Vanlines review (Eco-Vanlines)
Good going with Moving On Up (Moving On Up, Inc.)
Recommanded ! (Moving On Up, Inc.)
Pleasant Move (Moving On Up, Inc.)
True Reviews (Green Van Lines)
Very Helpful Moving Crew (Green Van Lines)
professional company (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Great work (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Dallas to Houston (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
best pricing out there (Cube Moving)
Prompt services (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
Great Movers ! (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!! RUN!!!! (All United Van Lines)
Exceptional Movers (Moving On Up, Inc.)
Very Friendly Moving Crew (Green Van Lines)
unresponsibilty (Budget Van Lines)
Great Service (Infinity Moving and Storage)
customer service is priceless (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Terrible Move (mayflower)
Great experience! (ALL AMERICAN VAN LINE)
Movers never showed up (Houston 1 Movers)

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