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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From June in 2011

Great First Moving Experience (Green Van Lines)
Don't Use this Company! (Capital Van Lines)
Thank you Compass Van Lines (Compass Van Lines)
Moving to London (Blue Horizon Shipping Inc)
Thank you guys (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
will definitely recommend (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Hard working moving company! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Great job! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Thanks Yelp! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
good and honest company! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
You guys are really great! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
risk-free move (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Way to go guys! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
In and out in 30 mins (Allied Van lines)
Need a Mover ?? (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
highly recommend (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Miami (Miami Best Local Movers Co)
Excellent Service for a Reasonable Price (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Horrible Experience (Condor Moving Systems)
HIGHLY recomended (Moving On Up, Inc.)
Great Guys Great Company (statewide movers inc.)
highly recommend (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Helpful Movers (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Use them! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
money well spent! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Very Good (Verizon Van Lines)
My Move to Minnesota (Prestige Relocations)
Great to move with! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
will use Delta Van Lines again (Delta Van Lines)
use again (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Movers to avoid (A Noah's Movers, LLC)
Excellent service! (American Movers Group)
Very Clean and Neat (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
Took the Stress Out of Moving (Element Moving and Storage)
Awesome Job (Green Van Lines)
Misrepresented themselves (Certified Relocations)
Great moving company! (Longoria Moving)
Perfect Experience (Moving On Up, Inc.)
Very Hard Working Crew (Green Van Lines)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! (Best Time Movers)
#1 Movers (CEH Moving Inc.)
Unethical (Metro Van Lines)
Best Choice For Every Move (Green Van Lines)
DE-GA Move was smooth (CEH Moving Inc.)
DAMAGES (Neigbors moving)
Charged way more than "binding quote" (American Movers Group)
BAIT & SWITCH (Flatrate Van Lines)
Fantastic (White Glove Moving)
Eco van lines (Eco van lines)
Very reasonable rate, great move! (Proud American Moving Network)
Failed to provide a carrier (United states van lines)
Caring and sincere guys (Moving On Up, Inc.)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY (American Movers Group)
Happy Client (Verizon Van Lines)
Bait and Switch (All My Sons)
Bait and Switch (All My Sons Moving)
Bait and Switch (All My Sons)
Great Service (Atlantis Movers Florida)
They have no clue what they are doing (American Movers Group)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY (American Movers Group)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! (experience moving)
OMG!! Horrendous company-DONT USE (Northern American Van Lines)
Took Way Too long!!! (All My Sons Moving)
Verizon van lines review (Verizon Van Lines)
Shall not demand more (ALL AMERICAN VAN LINE)
What a service!!! (G&G Best Moving & Storage)
What a service!!! (G&G Best Moving & Storage)
Do not get suckered like this (All My Sons Moving)
Dishonest Moving Company (All My Sons Moving)
I recommend to everyone (Transnational moving services)
Comparitively better (Moving On Up, Inc.)
I recommend to everyone (Transnational moving services)
Well orgenized smooth move (Manchester Vanlines)
Awesome Movers (Moving On Up, Inc.)
Highway Robbery (G&G Best Moving & Storage)
Great Service (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Dishonesty (Bekins)
My 1st move made easy! (Cube Moving)
Job Well Done! (Manchester Vanlines)
5 stars not enough for the (Great American Van Lines)
My Right Choice (Great American Van Lines)
I can't believe how easy they made it. (Georgetown Moving & Storage)
I will recommend your company!!!! (Proud American Moving Network)
They were great (Eco-Vanlines)
These guys are great (SafeGuard Moving Co.)
Fully Creditable (ALL AMERICAN VAN LINE)
Worse than a Nigerian email scam (American Van Lines)
Buyer Beware (Island Movers)
Great Moving Company! (statewide movers inc.)
Good Job for our move (Manchester Vanlines)
Saved us a lot of trouble! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Awfull (movingonup)
AWESOME!! (Metro Van Lines)
Fantastic job!!! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Best Budget Movers (Nations Van Lines)
Outstanding (White Glove Moving)
Enjoyable Move (Green Van Lines)
south carolina to ohio (American Van Lines)
from South Carolina to Ohio (American Van Lines)
Horrible (Easy Movers)
Great Customer Service. (Atlanta Best Movers)
Richmond went above and beyond! (All My Sons Moving)
Very nice people (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Nice service (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Thank You Transnational Moving Services! (Transnational moving services)
AWESOME Service with a SMILE! (Transnational moving services)
Great deal, great service (Manchester Vanlines)
Excellent Movers (Compass Van Lines)
My Planned Move (Green Van Lines)
Thank you!!! (Proud American Moving Network)
Perfect experience (Eco-Vanlines)
Willing to Hire Them Again (Green Van Lines)
Very Caring Crew (Green Van Lines)
NEVER USE THIS COMPANY (American Movers Group)
Best Crew Ever (Compass Van Lines)
The Best Moving Crew (Compass Van Lines)
Excellent Moving Company (Compass Van Lines)
HORRIBLE (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
Great service (Roadway Moving)
Misrepresented themselves (Certified Relocations)
Misrepresented themselves (Certified Relocations)
GREAT GUYS>> (Universe Express Inc)
BAD SERVICE (Flatrate Moving & Storage Inc.)
Last Minute Cancellation! (Nationwide Moving Services)
Easy move with Manchester vanlines (Manchester Vanlines)
Very Efficient Movers (Compass Van Lines)
Very Reasonable Quotation (Compass Van Lines)
My family is happy (White Glove Moving)
Smooth Moving (Compass Van Lines)
Great job, thanks guys. (J&P Moving Service, Inc.)
Tippet Richardson (Tippet Richardson)
First time user (Manchester Vanlines)
best ever (Proud American Moving Network)
it was amazing (Eco-Vanlines)
it was amazing! (Eco-Vanlines)
My Good Move (Green Van Lines)
Thoroughly Satisfied (Green Van Lines)
Affordable Moving Company (Green Van Lines)
Friendly & Professional Movers (Green Van Lines)
Awesome Move (Green Van Lines)
My Right Commendation (Green Van Lines)
Outstanding Service! (Virginia Best Movers Arlington Moving & Storage)
Missing Item (Experienced Vanlines)
Transport (America's Moving Services)
Don't usie this Co. for storage (All My Sons Moving)
WORST COMPANY EVER (Ocean Moving & Storage)
Proud (Proud American Moving Network)
unreliable & unhelpful (White Glove Relocation Services)
Very Smooth Move (Compass Van Lines)
Great For Any Move (Compass Van Lines)
Great Crew (Green Van Lines)
wonderful job (American Knighst Moving)
Verizon Van Lines Review (Verizon Van Lines)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY...UNETHICAL LIARS (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
This is a crime (American Movers Group)
Beyond Thrilled Experience (Green Van Lines)
Experienced Moving Company (Compass Van Lines)
Move Went Great (Green Van Lines)
Remarkable Service (Compass Van Lines)
First Rate (Verizon Van Lines)
Worst Moving Company (Element Moving and Storage)
Excellent Movers! (Pacifica Moving)
Awesome service! (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Profesionalism (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Thugs and CRIMINALS! (All My Sons Moving)
Very Good Move (Compass Van Lines)
SCAM becareful. (worldwide van lines)
Worthy Movers (Compass Van Lines)
Honest Movers (Green Van Lines)
Great Move (CEH Moving Inc.)
Excellent customer service! (Brooklyn Movers New York Best Moving Companies)
Very careful (Roadway Moving)
Aloha from Hawaii (Manchester Vanlines)
Aloha from Hawaii (Manchester Vanlines)
Worse move EVER (Apartment Movers)
Flawless Move (Certified Relocations)
family company (Certified Relocations)
Family company (Certified Relocations)
NO BUSINESS ETHICS!!!!! (TSI transit systems inc)
Highly Recommended (Delta Van Lines)
Worst Experience Ever!!!!!!!! (TSI transit systems inc)
NO BUSINESS ETHICS!!!!! (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
WORST MOVE EVER!!!! (Able Moving, LLC)
good moving experience (A - TOPPS MOVING & STORAGE L.L.C)
Helpful Movers (Green Van Lines)
Right Estimated Movers (Green Van Lines)
STAY AWAY (BuildMyMove)
Horrible Time Wasters!! (Best Time Movers)
Great moving……… (Compass Van Lines)
review (Men On The Move)
Careful with my belongings (Roadway Moving)
Amazing service! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
My experience with Proud American Moving (Proud American Moving Network)
Moving experience with Liberty Group (Liberty Moving Group)
Good Reference (Green Van Lines)
Good to Use Them (2 men and a truck)
Satisfied (BOSTON Moving Co)
Efficient Crew (Green Van Lines)
Local move was the worst ever (All My Sons Moving)
Worst company ever!!!!!!! (Best Time Movers)
Best moving company……. (Compass Van Lines)
At our wits end!!!!! DO NOT USE!!!!! (United states van lines)
Household Move (federal moving systems)
Long Distance Moving with Dishonest Company (DMV Moving and Storage Inc)
Delivery and Lost Items (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Best Moving Experience (AVL Moving Systems)
Best Experience (AVL Moving Systems)
Please Save Yourself! (Royal Relocation)
I had a great transition with my move (Proud American Moving Network)
I had a good experience (Eco-Vanlines)
Exceeded Our Expectations!!!! (Hercules Moving Systems)
Exceeded Our Expectations!!!! (Hercules Moving Systems)
Anyway But Good Movers ($99 Movers)
Honest Endeavour (Green Van Lines)
Frienldy movers (Roadway Moving)
Reliable Movers..! (Queens Best Price Movers)
My best movers (Great American Van Lines)
My best movers (Great American Van Lines)
Do not use EZ Movers (EZ Movers)
Terrific Corporate Move (Certified Relocations)
Do not use this company! (Proud American Moving Network)
Exceptional (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Appalling (Proud American Moving Network)
MADE A BELIEVER OUT OF ME! (Transnational moving services)
Most Horrible moving experience (Safe Load Moving & Storage)
Astonishing Experience (Compass Van Lines)
Hard Working Movers (Green Van Lines)
True To Their Word (Compass Van Lines)
Fraud (123Movers)
My Move (Great American Van Lines)
Marvellous Move (Green Van Lines)
Good Effort (Green Van Lines)
highly recommended. (Great American Van Lines)
Thank you so much for a great experience (Proud American Moving Network)
Great service (Roadway Moving)
quick move (Transnational moving services)
Transnational Moving Services (Transnational moving services)
Satisfied (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Get going with Nations Van Lines (Nations Van Lines)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! (Brickell Moving & Storage)
False advertising.. DO NOT USE (Proud American Moving Network)
friendly, professional, and efficient! (Hercules Moving Systems)
Correct Decision (Compass Van Lines)
Men At Work (Green Van Lines)
Horrible (212Moving)
You Can Rely Them (Green Van Lines)
Outstanding service (Proud American Moving Network)
The Great Thief (2 men and a truck)
Quite Careful With Our Belongings (Compass Van Lines)
I recommend them (Merit Van Lines)
Delightfull Experience (Transnational moving services)
Budget Van Lines (Budget Van Lines)
Moving experience was great (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Thank you for everything (Proud American Moving Network)
Pleasant to deal with (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Choose JP Movers (J&P Moving Service, Inc.)
moving scam!!! (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
A Horrible Experience (Great American Van Lines)
Thieves and Liars (Precision Mini Moving and Storage)
Great Move (Royal Relocation)
FRAUD (1 of a Kind Van Lines)
Good job R&C Relocation Services (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
Wonderful Example (Green Van Lines)
Most Preffered Crew (Compass Van Lines)
SHOCKED (2 men and a truck)
Rated Movers (Green Van Lines)
very good service (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Excellent job (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Really Good Movers (Compass Van Lines)
10 Stars! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Great company, good move (statewide movers inc.)
The Best (Verizon Van Lines)
the worst moving company (First Choice Movng & Storage)
good moving experience (Great American Van Lines)
Avoid NY moving&storage corp (NY MOVING & STORAGE CORP)
This company ruined our life (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
I will recommend your company!!!! (Great American Van Lines)
Don't do it! Go with someone else... (Best Price Moving and Storage)

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