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Packed & Moved Efficiently (Compass Van Lines)
Frustrated (City Moving)
Most Advanced Movers (Compass Van Lines)
Suprisingly Painless (White Glove Moving)
was expecting Great American to screw up! (Great American Van Lines)
Worst servive ever (All Inclusive Moving and Storage)
Awful moving experiences (Valet Movers)
Not bad! (Xpress Moving Vanlines Corp.)
Thanks Guys (Great American Van Lines)
Great Movers (Royal Relocation)
Terrible (American Movers Group)
unloading (All My Sons Moving)
Excellent Service..! (Alpharetta Movers)
What a great company (Moving Contract)
Very Caring Crew (Great American Van Lines)
Thank you (Houston 1 Movers)
local move (Houston 1 Movers)
Outstanding customer service (Houston 1 Movers)
good job (1st Class Moving of Memphis)
super easy (A Friendly Moving Company)
Amazing (67th Avenue Moving and Storage)
no problems (Atom Moving)
My review (Zooz Transportation)
I would like to comment (Working Guys Love Moving)
These guys are amazing. (Full Service Moving and Storage)
The Best Moving Company (Compass Van Lines)
Perfect Company For All Move (Green Van Lines)
Trustworthy For So Many Years (Compass Van Lines)
Great job done (Great American Van Lines)
Awesome Price & Awesome Job! (Merit Van Lines)
Excellent Service! (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
moving (Royal Relocation)
Distinguish Moving Service (Green Van Lines)
Attention Please!!! (1-866-U-MOVING)
Terrible........ (4WeHelp)
Unforgettable Good Experience (Compass Van Lines)
QUALITY MOVERS (Green Van Lines)
Never Hire Them (1st Moving Corp.)
Thank You (Green Van Lines)
World Wide Van Lines is Pathetic (worldwide van lines)
Cross Border Move To Canada (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Verizon Van Lines (Verizon Van Lines)
WOW (Verizon Van Lines)
Interstate Move in 1 Day (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Highly recommend this company! (Jersey City Best Movers NJ Moving & Storage)
My Right Commendation (Great American Van Lines)
The Move was good (best moves one)
LIARS (Eagle Van Lines LLC - Houston)
Go Green (Green Van Lines)
Fraud Movers (Von Sydow's)
Jeopardise (4 Seasons Moving)
Moving Experience Of A Lifetime (Compass Van Lines)
Special Thanks to Their Crew (Green Van Lines)
Saved By Compass Van Lines (Compass Van Lines)
Fast And Careful (Great American Van Lines)
Enjoyable Experience Truly (Compass Van Lines)
Top Choice (BR Movers)
This move was done very professionally (Proud American Moving Network)
Excellent Service (J&P Moving Service, Inc.)
RUN RUN AND DON"T LOOK BACK (Eagle Van Lines LLC - Houston)
If it sounds to good to be true think twice (Eagle Van Lines LLC - Houston)
They use EXTORTION!!!! (Eagle Van Lines LLC - Houston)
Timely & Professional (Green Van Lines)
PLEASE DO NOT HIRE THEM (Hall-Lane Moving & Storage)
Best Authentic Reviews (Green Van Lines)
Excellent Moving Service! (CR Moving Services)
A+ from me (worldwide van lines)
Very competitive pricing and dependable (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Couldn't be Happier! (J&P Moving Service, Inc.)
Lifesavers!!!! (White Glove Moving)
High Touch movers (high touch moving)
Good job (transnational moving services)
Disappointing move (World moving services)
My move from Cali to Kansas (Manchester Vanlines)
Thank You!! (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
smoth move (Royal Relocation)
Poor Service and Out of Business (Xpress Movers and Storage)
Residential Moving (Progressive Movers Inc)
The Absolute WORST experience! (Merit Van Lines)
Very Satisfied (Great American Van Lines)
Would not use again or refer (Eagle Van Lines Moving and Storage (NJ))
International Move (echo trans world)
Fair Budget (Green Van Lines)
A Company You Can Trust (Compass Van Lines)
Quite Delighted (Green Van Lines)
Our Move (Verizon Van Lines)
Professionalism movers at affordable (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Straight Up! (Verizon Van Lines)
Very Pleased! (State Wide Relocation)
Great Job (Proud American Moving Network)
Pretty Good (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Move From DC To Virginia (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
A real proper service (White Glove Moving)
Move From DC To Virginia (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
The company was OK (Proud American Moving Network)
Very Good Service! (xpress moving vanlines brooklyn ny)
Highly recommanded (Valet Movers)
Wonderful & Perfect (Green Van Lines)
Average Movers (50 Dollar Movers)
Focused & Dedicated (Green Van Lines)
Perfect Professionals (Compass Van Lines)
Very Bad...Avoid Them (Accord Moving LLC - Office Moving)
Totally Satisfied (Compass Van Lines)
Never showed up (Nationwide movers)
Awful (White Glove Moving)
Damages (move rite llc)
nice company (fresh start movers)
Very Poor Experience (Budget Van Lines)
nice company (fresh start movers)
My White Glove Experience (White Glove Moving)
Very Good Experience (State Wide Relocation)
horrible (move rite llc)
never (move rite llc)
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh (move rite llc)
Polite moving crew (Proud American Moving Network)
THANKS AGAIN (Green Van Lines)
Always Use Compass Van Lines (Compass Van Lines)
Most Seamless - From My Heart (Green Van Lines)
Again Great Job (Compass Van Lines)
Good Move (State Wide Relocation)
Very Pleased (State Wide Relocation)
My stress-free move..! (New York City Best Movers Manhattan Moving Company)
Best Move (State Wide Relocation)
Verizon van lines (Verizon Van Lines)
wonderful job (Big Brothers Moving)
Great guys (Men On The Move)
Green Van Lines...Truly Great (Green Van Lines)
Worst Ever (The One Move)
Sterling Van Lines (Sterling Van Lines)
Surely Will Use Them Again (Green Van Lines)
Great team work (Proud American Moving Network)
This Company is Terrible (America's Moving Services)
mover review (Verizon Van Lines)
Thank You (State Wide Relocation)
Awful (Allied Van lines)
Reliable moving company, Great Service (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
A Note on Best Movers (Green Van Lines)
Satisfied Again (Compass Van Lines)
Commited & Devoted (Green Van Lines)
Nice Move (State Wide Relocation)
Great and easy to work with (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Irresponsible (Source 1 Movers)
One of the best movers in Jersey! (Eagle Van Lines Moving and Storage (NJ))
White Glove - A move to remember (White Glove Moving)
Recommended (Eco Van Lines)
Just outstanding service. (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Nasty Scam! (X-Press Van Lines)
Not on TIME (America's Best Movers Van Lines)
Memorable Moving Experience (Compass Van Lines)
PLEASE BEWARE!!!!!! (4 Seasons Moving)
Fair & Competitive Movers (Green Van Lines)
Absolutely Amazing Crew (Compass Van Lines)
THESE GUYS SUCK (All My Sons Moving)
Bait & Switch (All My Sons)
Bait and Switch (All My Sons Moving)
Refreshing change (Proud American Moving Network)
d.b.a.prestige relocations (CROOKED) (greenpoint vanlines)
Stress free move with Proud American Moving (Proud American Moving Network)
A Great Experience (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Amazing service at great price (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
NO SURPRISES (Green Van Lines)
Great Move By Compass Van Lines (Compass Van Lines)
Incredible Service (Green Van Lines)
Avoid Amarican Pride Movers (American Pride Movers)
I had an OK move, Fair enough (Proud American Moving Network)
A Turn Around (State Wide Relocation)
Excellent job ProAce Movers (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Thanks for the quick delivery (Great American Van Lines)
An overall great experience (Presto Logistics)
Best Move Yet (Compass Van Lines)
We are suing these criminals! (Merit Van Lines)
A+ (Merit Van Lines)
Happy With Compass Van Lines (Compass Van Lines)
Stellar Experience (Green Van Lines)
Will Hire Them Again (Compass Van Lines)
FAST & FANTASTIC (Green Van Lines)
Reviews are bogus. Proof. (Presto Logistics)
My move to California (White Glove Moving)
Thank you Jack you were great (Proud American Moving Network)
You should use them as well (Victory Van Lines)
Well Done (State Wide Relocation)
Excellent ! (Roadway Moving)
#1 Shipping Service (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Thankful girl! (Cube Moving)
Absolute Worst Experience (Merit Van Lines)
liars, rip off artist, (All United Van Lines)
Very disappointing (StarCity Moving)
Cancelled at last minute (Blake Enterprises Moving & Storage)
I will recommend this company (Proud American Moving Network)
Very Pleased (Verizon Van Lines)
A+ Service (Verizon Van Lines)
Amazing service. Great company (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Good Move (State Wide Relocation)
Great Move (All Over United LLC)
North Amercian Van Lines/Beltmann (American Van Lines)
Smooth Move (State Wide Relocation)
Fast, efficient, honest and reputable (Infinity Moving and Storage)
High Touch moving is a great company (high touch moving systems)
Worst Move Ever (Scott Relocation Services)
moving from Portland OR to NY City (All United Van Lines)
Great Job (All Force Movers)
Fast, reliable, efficient (American Choice Van Lines)
Happy customer!!! (Go East Movers)
Thanks Chris you were awesome (Proud American Moving Network)
Best For International Move (Green Van Lines)
my move (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Excellent help (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Honest company: Good work ethics (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Disappointed (Liberty Moving Group)
Would use again (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Happy (Infinity Van Lines)
Excellent Customer Service! (Great American Van Lines)
My worst nightmare (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Good overall service! (Go East Movers)
Safe Moving Experience (Compass Van Lines)
sick service i ever had. (Safe Load Moving & Storage)
Eco Friendly Moving Company (Green Van Lines)
Best Moving Compant I've ever used!!! (Wall to Wall Moving & Cleaning)
Proud American/Moving Central Nightmare (Proud American Moving Network)
Good Job (State Wide Relocation)
Do Not Use NY Moving and Storage (NY MOVING & STORAGE CORP)
Great moving company on short notice (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Great choice of movers (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Great great (Merit Van Lines)
Awesome (Merit Van Lines)
Customer NO Service (Peachtree Movers)
Excellent Movers (Merit Van Lines)
More Than A Moving Service (Compass Van Lines)
On Time and Careful (Merit Van Lines)
Worst Move (compass van lines)
Exceeded My Expectations! (Great American Van Lines)
Awesome Movers! (Universe Express Inc)
Awesome Movers! (Universe Express Inc)
Reliable company (Proud American Moving Network)
Dishonest (American Movers Group)
Inexcusable (Proud American Moving Network)
Amazing company to deal with (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
GREAT COMPANY, THANK YOU SO MUCH !! (Proud American Moving Network)
Easier than expected (Express Movers, Inc.)
Great moving company (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Well done (All Over United LLC)
Movers on short notice (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
The worse experience of my life! (Great Price Moving)
20 days delivery (American Moving Services)
20 days delivery (American Moving Services)
20 days delivery (American Moving Services)
Best movers I ever used (American Choice Van Lines)
Saved Our Move (Compass Van Lines)
Thank you for a great service !! (Proud American Moving Network)
A True Family Move (State Wide Relocation)
Hassle Free For Me! (State Wide Relocation)
DO NOT USE THESE CROOKS!!!! (Beckens Moving & Storage Inc.)
A well arranged service (White Glove Moving)
Thank You (Liberty Moving Group)
Never Use This Company (Quality Move)
Good service (Eagle Van Lines LLC - Houston)
Mover Was Unprofessional and Sloppy (America's Moving Services)
They Forgot Us, didn't show, didn't call (Nationwide Moving Services)
Great Job (Liberty Moving Group)
Happily Moved! (A Plus Quality Movers)
UNPROFESSIONAL (Infinity Moving and Storage)
All Thanks To Green Van Lines (Green Van Lines)
My Good Move (State Wide Relocation)
Good Move (State Wide Relocation)
Thank you everyone for a great job (Proud American Moving Network)
Greatest (State Wide Relocation)
Great Move (State Wide Relocation)
Moving company with choices (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
DO NOT USE THEM!! (Neigbors moving)
Take good care of your stuff (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Very Nice job (Liberty Moving Group)
Yikes (Eagle Van Lines LLC - Houston)
Yikes (Eagle Van Lines LLC - Houston)
truly disappointing service (Certified Relocations)
Smooth movers (American Choice Van Lines)
Honest and Relible Firm (White Glove Moving)
You guys were great (Proud American Moving Network)
Excellent Move for Us (State Wide Relocation)
Accommodating (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Great Morale (State Wide Relocation)
Best Movers (Roadway Moving)
Great Experience (fresh start movers)
Great Experience .. Great Company (Victory Van Lines)
Forgot to mention (fresh start movers)
Dont use (Aardvark Moving)
got the job done (123Movers)
hate them (Atom Moving)
Fast movers (American Choice Van Lines)
Stay Away from these movers (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Greatest Movers! (Universal Moving and Storage)
DO NOT USE WORLD WIDE VAN LINES (worldwide van lines)
Greatest Movers! (Universal Moving and Storage)
Great Movers (Proud American Moving Network)
Moving Service (Verizon Van Lines)
Don't even think of using them (World moving services)
Hidden Fees Galore (Progressive Movers Inc)
Great timing: Thanks ProAce moving (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Please read this and protect yourself (G&G Best Moving & Storage)
Please read this and protect yourself (G&G Best Moving & Storage)
Took Excellent Care of Our Things (State Wide Relocation)
This company is pretty good (Proud American Moving Network)
Awesome Job (State Wide Relocation)
Never Use Movers of the Valley (Movers of the Valley)
Read PLEASE (Safe Load Moving & Storage)
never came to get my stuff (Patriot Van Lines)
SCAM!!! (Cali Moving)
great service!!! thanks (American Choice Van Lines)
avoid this company (East Movers)
avoid this company (East Movers)
New planet movers are liers (New Planet Movers)
A+ (statewide movers inc.)
SCAM (New Planet Movers)
Unprofessional, cheats, scammers (All Inclusive Moving and Storage)
Worst Move Ever! (All United Van Lines)
My representative was extremely helpful (Proud American Moving Network)
Thanks guys (All Over United LLC)
Stranded In Illinois! (America's Moving Services)
WORST EXPERIENCE- Do NOT USE THEM (Great American Van Lines)
Great job. Very affordable (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Long Island to Raleigh (CEH Moving Inc.)

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