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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From August in 2011

no show and no paperwork (NJ Elite Movers)
Absolutely awesome company (Proud American Moving Network)
Paid Off Our Trust (Compass Van Lines)
great service (Michael's Moving and Storage)
Absolutely Awesome Company (State Wide Relocation)
Moving from NC to TX (Cross state moving LLC)
Great Experience (State Wide Relocation)
Do not use (Cross state moving LLC)
Fair & Competitive Movers (Great American Van Lines)
Absolutely awesome company (Great American Van Lines)
The Right Choise For Our Move (Green Van Lines)
Greatful (Compass Van Lines)
Amazing job guys. Thanks. (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
I will defiantly recommend you guys (Proud American Moving Network)
Really Good (State Wide Relocation)
Great Move (State Wide Relocation)
Impeccable move. Thanks ProAce (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Did Not Provide What They Promised (World moving services)
Do Not Use Eagle Van Lines LLC (Eagle Van Lines LLC - Houston)
If you want to see Pictures contact me (SYSCO MOVING AND STORAGE)
Compass Van Lines Saved Our Move (Compass Van Lines)
Good Job !! (Proud American Moving Network)
Wonderful Moving (State Wide Relocation)
Terrific Move (State Wide Relocation)
From Minneapolis to South Africa (Blue Horizon Shipping Inc)
Best Move Yet (Regions Van Lines)
Most Pleaseant (Verizon Van Lines)
THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE (Best Price Moving and Storage)
My Move With Lightning Van Lines (LIGHTNING VANLINES)
Could not be happier (Express Movers, Inc.)
Good company overall (Proud American Moving Network)
Decent Job (Safe Load Moving & Storage)
Decent move (Safe Load Moving & Storage)
Very Poor Service (Precision Mini Moving and Storage)
True to Their Word (State Wide Relocation)
A huge help! (Eco Van Lines)
Don't use these crooks! (Royal Moving and Storage)
Don't waste your time (B & B Transportation & Everything Moves)
Don't waste your time (B & B Transportation & Everything Moves)
Beware (Colonial Van Lines)
Amazing Job!!! (DN Van Lines)
You Get What You Pay For (State Wide Relocation)
My first move was grea (State Wide Relocation)
Thanks for a great Job. I appreciate it. (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Very professional and great communication (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Not to Bad (Continental Van Lines)
Not to Bad (Continental Van Lines)
Excellent job all around (Great American Van Lines)
Highly charged. Dishonest! (Best Time Movers)
These guys are great (Proud American Moving Network)
Fantastic Moving Service (StarCity Moving)
My move (Eco-Vanlines)
DISHONEST MOVERS (Proud American Moving Network)
Green Moving (Green Van Lines)
Great High end mover (White Glove Moving)
Lucky To Find Green Van Lines (Green Van Lines)
Affordable company & Honest (Proud American Moving Network)
amazing service (Eco-Vanlines)
Excellent move - All Thanks To Nathan. (Great American Van Lines)
Poor Cross Country Move Experience (White Glove Moving)
Good experience (My Move Options)
no response (move rite llc)
also (move rite llc)
My family is happy (for the move)
Highly recommended!!! (Low Cost Moving)
Response after bill paid in total (Nationwide Relocation Services)
Honest and affordable (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Took Care Of My Piano - Satisfied (Compass Van Lines)
Organized Moving Company (Green Van Lines)
Happy With Green van Lines (Green Van Lines)
Overcharge / Damage (All My Sons Moving)
Great Service (Proud American Moving Network)
Super (Verizon Van Lines)
The Best (Verizon Van Lines)
incredibly poor communication (All My Sons Moving)
Great professionalism and honesty (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Affordable and efficient (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
incredibly poor communication (All My Sons Moving)
Thank you reliable low cost (Low Cost Moving)
FRIENDLY COMPANY :-) (Eco-Vanlines)
My Recent Moving Experience (LIGHTNING VANLINES)
Early pick up and just on time delivery (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Small and efficient (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Nice guys (Proud American Moving Network)
Experienced guys (3 Gorillas Moving and Storage)
Considerate & Caring Help (Infinity Moving and Storage)
A Company to Consider (White Glove Moving)
Terrible (Liberty Moving Group)
Thanks for your help! (Ocean Moving & Storage)
Thank You (Liberty Moving Group)
Moving Day (Roadway Moving)
unbelievable (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
I Preferred Compass Van Lines (Compass Van Lines)
Best quote (Proud American Moving Network)
I'm Glad (Green Van Lines)
Lack Integrity (Big Brothers Moving)
totally screwed us!!! (Transunited inc.)
totally screwed us!!! (Transunited inc.)
Happy customer!!! (Great American Van Lines)
Good prices (Roadway Moving)
Professional (Low Cost Moving)
Last minute move performed professionally (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Feel sad leaving the beach (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
A+ (Liberty Moving Group)
Totally satisfied (Valet Movers)
Recommend (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Superb in Every Way!!! (White Glove Moving)
Superb in Every Way!!! (White Glove Moving)
The Crew Did Everything (Compass Van Lines)
Ok Service (ABF UPACK)
A job well done (move rite llc)
Just Terrible (3 Gorillas Moving and Storage)
there was one thing (move rite llc)
atom (Atom Moving)
No Show (fresh start movers)
In and out they were (In and Out Movers)
ahh (fresh start movers)
confused (123Movers)
Grenner Move (Green Van Lines)
Professional and Detailed (White Glove Moving)
CEH Movers, Inc. Raleigh NC (CEH Moving Inc.)
Verizon (Verizon Van Lines)
RUN THE OTHER WAY (Proud American Moving Network)
great VA movers (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Impeccable move: Arrived as predicted (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
THIEVES!!! (am pm moving and storage)
excellent service (HERCULES MOVING & STORAGE)
Scammer Mover Low Country (Low Country Vanlines)
rip off movers (Low Country Vanlines)
White Glove Moving A+ (White Glove Moving)
worst company i ever dealt with (statewide movers inc.)
Experience from hell (Merit Van Lines)
Don't USE! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Thank you (Proud American Moving Network)
Great Movers (Great American Van Lines)
Beckens is a nightmare... find someone else (Beckens Moving & Storage Inc.)
Top-Notch Movers! (Eco-Vanlines)
Good job (All My Sons Moving)
Use this company (All My Sons Moving)
CEH Moving, Inc (CEH Moving Inc.)
NO DELIVERY!!!!! (Proud American Moving Network)
I felt comfortable with your staff (Proud American Moving Network)
I would never use this company again (worldwide van lines)
Protected Furniture (Roadway Moving)
Had you over a barrel (White Glove Moving)
Very professional (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Good job (4WeHelp)
so horrible (move rite llc)
also (move rite llc)
crazy (123Movers)
Awesome (1st Class Moving of Memphis)
Overall soild service (A Woman's Touch Moving, Inc.)
USA Van lines run by dacoits (usa van lines llc)
Good job (All My Sons Moving)
Definition of a moving nightmare (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
moving services (HOUSTON MOVERS R US)
Utmost Professional (Compass Van Lines)
Gave Us Everything (Green Van Lines)
Short and sweet (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
From the Rooftops! (BR Movers)
Do Not Use (All My Sons Moving)
Great Company (Proud American Moving Network)
Move was good (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Never too late to recommend (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Really great guys (Roadway Moving)
Stay away from world wide van lines (worldwide van lines)
Stay away from world wide van lines (worldwide van lines)
Excellent (Proud American Moving Network)
Great experience (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
My Seattle Move (White Glove Moving)
Very quick and affordable (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Furniture Stolen Money Stolen (Certified Relocations)
My Move (Continental Van Lines)
moving my things (Continental Van Lines)
Highest Marks (Roadway Moving)
Splendid Service... (Liberty Moving Group)
Great Job (Transnational moving services)
Real Integrity (Eco Van Lines)
Worth Every Penny (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Happy Customer (Transnational moving services)
Horrible scammers, stay away! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
New Planet Movers Major Rip Off! (New Planet Movers)
New Planet Movers Ripp Off Scum (New Planet Movers)
Thank you Proud American Moving !! (Proud American Moving Network)
'Can do' Attitude... (Compass Van Lines)
Horrible Service, Hidden charges. (White Glove Relocation Services)
Use them (Roadway Moving)
Great Work (Infinity Moving and Storage)
still no word (move rite llc)
also this (move rite llc)
Good job (City Moving)
Fantastic (fresh start movers)
crap (3 Gorillas Moving and Storage)
I Choose Compass Van Lines (Compass Van Lines)
On Time!!! (White Glove Moving)
Our Review (Verizon Van Lines)
Fairly price (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Liars and Scammers (Safe Load Moving & Storage)
Easy Move (Merit Van Lines)
Great movers (Merit Van Lines)
Great Movers with great price *Eagle* (Eagle Van Lines Moving and Storage (NJ))
Good job (jupiter movers)
A White Glove Move (White Glove Moving)
Thanks to TSI! (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Got the job done (Eco van lines)
Arrived Safely (Roadway Moving)
TAKE THE WORRY OUT OF MOVING (Proud American Moving Network)
Never picked up furniture (father & son moving and storage)
BOGUS (Proud American Moving Network)
bad news (move rite llc)
opps (move rite llc)
The Best by far (White Glove Moving)
Honest Movers (Liberty Moving Group)
Happy move!!! :-))) Thank you guys. (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Move 3/11/11 (American Movers Group)
Take Responsibility (Eco Van Lines)
Honest and trustwhorthy moving company (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Excellent Customer Service (Great American Van Lines)
very good mover (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
professiona movers (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Hard Work Paid Off (Green Van Lines)
Just a pleasure (White Glove Moving)
AVOID (American Moving Services)
A2B Elite Moving Services (a2belitemovingservices)
Nice Guys (infinity movers)
Do not use. AT ALL (Colonial Van Lines)
Worst Experience Ever (Best Time Movers)
The worst move experience ever (All Points Moving and Storage)
Worst Ever (World moving services)
Thank you (Proud American Moving Network)
Good Service (Proud American Moving Network)
The good reviews are FAKE. WORST EXPERIENCE ever!! (Proud American Moving Network)
horrible company (Compass Van Lines)
Very safe movers. (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Will use this company again! (Low Cost Moving)
Great Job =) (Liberty Moving Group)
Movers with class (Eco Van Lines)
Do not use (Coast 2 Coast Moving & Storage)
THE WORST Company I've ever dealt with (Trans National Van Lines)
Good team movers... Do not use (Good team movers)
Thank you guys :) (White Glove Moving)
Overcharged (All My Sons Moving)
Best Movers in a long time (Transnational moving services)
No Complaints (Transnational moving services)
NEVER-EVER BOOK THIS COMPANY! (Proud American Moving Network)
Hassle Free (Eco van lines)
Great Job - Thank you (Proud American Moving Network)
Perfect (Verizon Van Lines)
Good Service (Verizon Van Lines)
Thanks!!!! (American Choice Van Lines)
Great alternative to moving (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Finally some alternative to moving services. (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Job WELL DONE (Nations Van Lines)
Very happy (Low Cost Moving)
Run, use another group (Jet Van Lines)
Hard Workers (Roadway Moving)
Cross Country Move (Allied Van lines)
How American Movers Group cheated me (American Movers Group)
So Far-No Complaints (Green Van Lines)
Joyful Experience (Green Van Lines)
The right moving company for our move (Great American Van Lines)
I liked them (greenpoint vanlines)
Master Movers LLC (Master Movers LLC)
NOT CHEAP BUT GOOD & EFFCIENT (Great American Van Lines)
Thanks for a great experience (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Service (Aardvark Moving)
No Show (gps movers)
Had a great move, Thank you (Proud American Moving Network)
wonderful and professional service (Great American Van Lines)
CHAMPION MOVERS!! (Eco van lines)
Very unprofessional (statewide movers inc.)
Very unprofessional (statewide movers inc.)
Very unprofessional (statewide movers inc.)
Thanks for the great performance (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
I would use your services again (Proud American Moving Network)
Felt like a bait and switch!!! (All Inclusive Moving and Storage)
Move Finished Early (Compass Van Lines)
Efficient Crew-Affordable Rate (Green Van Lines)
BIG MOVE, but no problems (Transnational moving services)
Cancelled 6 days before Move (Neigbors moving)
Moving with MBM Moving Systems (MBM Moving Systems)
Quick and efficient moving service (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Sysco Moving & Storage DOT #2093749 (SYSCO MOVING AND STORAGE)
DO NOT USE (Proud American Moving Network)
Best. Move. Ever! (Can't Stop Moving)
good service (1st moving&storage inc.)
HORRIBLE COMPANY. (Proud American Moving Network)
Best company ever (Proud American Moving Network)
Stand Different (Green Van Lines)
Underquoted and Overpriced! (All My Sons Moving)
Go Platinum, Trust me (White Glove Moving)
Awesome movers (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
perfect move (gold coast movers, inc)
great move (gold coast movers, inc)
Great People! (Eco-Vanlines)
I would use again (greenpoint vanlines)
Bait and Switch (worldwide van lines)
Worst movers ever (DMV Moving and Storage Inc)
Don't use this company (America's Moving)
Don't use this company (America's Moving)
Good never delivered by Liberty. (Liberty Moving Group)
Excellent Service, thank you (Proud American Moving Network)
Smooth Move (Able Moving, LLC)
Peaceful and satisfying moving experience (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Best moving experience by far (Victory Van Lines)
Exceeded expectations (united van lines)
Excellent! (Low Cost Moving)
Professional (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
A Terrible Company (Proud American Moving Network)
Shipment to our Granddaughter (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Thankful! (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)