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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From March in 2014

The service was impeccable (Xtreme Movers)
Great Work. Love It (Low Cost Moving)
Great job (VIP Express Moving)
They knew what to do (Full Service Van Lines)
Great service (Remax Van Lines)
Second experience (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
My biggest thanks! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Save Your Time & Money! (All My Sons Moving)
Great great great (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
OUTRAGE (Excel Carriers)
Great Moving Company (Xpress Movers)
Skilled and friendly movers (Remax Van Lines)
Impressed (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Good professionals (Full Service Van Lines)
They are perfect (Xtreme Movers)
the best choice (American Choice Van Lines)
The nightmare turned to effectiveness (American Choice Van Lines)
Effective Moving (American Choice Van Lines)
An efficiency and speed service (American Choice Van Lines)
Service of Quality (American Choice Van Lines)
Excellent Service (American Choice Van Lines)
Great Job (Low Cost Moving)
Perfect Move (Go East Movers)
Well Moved (Go East Movers)
Happy Moving (Go East Movers)
Punctual mover (Xtreme Movers)
great service (VIP Express Moving)
Los Angeles - Orlando (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Reliable and professional (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Good Packing (Go East Movers)
The Best (Go East Movers)
On-Time and Professional (Low Cost Moving)
5 Star Service (Go East Movers)
Great work (Full Service Van Lines)
Really top notch mover (Remax Van Lines)
EXCELLENT (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
No more NJ (Bayflower Moving Group)
Great experiance (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Avoid this company (United West Moving and Storage)
Keep up the good work ! (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Like a movie (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
An excellent move (Green Van Lines)
Local benefits (Interstate Movers)
Trustworthy company (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Well Efficient Mover (Full Service Van Lines)
Very Professional and Friendly (Low Cost Moving)
100% recommended! (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Excellent Company! (New York Local Movers)
I have never been more satisfied. (LIGHT EXPRESS VAN LINES)
Everyone can rely on them (Xtreme Movers)
Highly Recommended! (Roadway Moving)
HORRIFIED! (Excel Carriers)
1st top of moving company (Green Van Lines)
Great move! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
THE BEST MOVERS! (VIP Express Moving)
THE BEST MOVERS! (VIP Express Moving)
First choice (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Perfect! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Great from start to finish! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
The best mover (Remax Van Lines)
service is very satisfactory (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Hope that helps. (Low Cost Moving)
Happy with the services MD to CA (Great American Van Lines)
It was a wonderful job! (UBER MOVERS)
small move specialists (Small Move Specialists)
This was a great experience! (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Alpha & Omega - I Love You Guys! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
5 stars for this company! (New York Local Movers)
Great move (Remax Van Lines)
Good Experience! (Relocation Solution)
Simply Amazing (American Choice Van Lines)
Thank YOU! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Exceptional service (Full Service Van Lines)
Daniel- sales (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Did good work (Global Transportation)
Daniel-Sales (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Good Guys. (Moving of America)
beware - read before you commit (Liberty Relocation)
price , service (All My Sons Moving)
Great Experience (All Inclusive Moving and Storage)
Perfect mover (Xtreme Movers)
I'm so glad! (Certified Relocations)
Definitely would hire again! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Excellent Service and Care (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
DO NOT USE QRS!!!! (Quality Relocation Services)
Great Job (Liberty Moving Group)
A job well done (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Thank You! (Texas Movers Group)
I really had a great experience (Bayflower Moving Group)
Finally a moving company that can be trusted! (united national moving and storage)
"Virgill Tittleman" (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Denver colorado is our new home:) (Bayflower Moving Group)
best choice (Green Van Lines)
Move from California to TN (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Professional movers (Full Service Van Lines)
Reliable company (Xtreme Movers)
They are skilled movers (Remax Van Lines)
No Compalaints (Moving Network USA)
positive experience (ORION VAN LINES)
Great job!! (united national moving and storage)
Rip off (Compton Brothers Moving)
Great Company (united national moving and storage)
Great Movers! (MoveOurStuff.Com)
Great service at great price! (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Smooth and good move! (New York Local Movers)
I would definitely use them again! (All Around Vanlines)
Couldn't ask for better ! (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
I recommend it 100%! (All Over The State Moving & Storage)
A&O is the top! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
well done, Excellent move (Green Van Lines)
Sophisticated company. (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Effort and quality! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Moved from CT -TN (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Seemingly effortless! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Moved to Washington (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Terrific movers! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
They were able to schedule (Certified Relocations)
They worked hard (Xtreme Movers)
Extremely careful (Full Service Van Lines)
They released from agony (Remax Van Lines)
An outstanding service! (UBER MOVERS)
Very dedicated team of workers! (New York Local Movers)
World class company (Allways Moving and Storage)
The best company! (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Regions to the Rescue (Roadway Moving)
San Diego - Austin TX (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Honest mover (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Highly Recommended Service! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Highly recommended (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Recommended to everyone (Full Service Van Lines)
Excellent Move, affordable Price (Allways Moving and Storage)
Fabulous move (Xtreme Movers)
Friendly and economical (Remax Van Lines)
Moving with Style (American Choice Van Lines)
The most deserving company (American Choice Van Lines)
The joy of shifting (American Choice Van Lines)
Short notice move (American Choice Van Lines)
The coolest company ever (American Choice Van Lines)
Thoroughly Impressed (Impress Moving & Storage)
Just Perfect (Go East Movers)
Best ever shifting (Go East Movers)
Trusted Friend (Go East Movers)
Planned Move (Go East Movers)
Dishonest (UBER MOVERS)
Dishonest (UBER MOVERS)
Can't appreciate enough!! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Excellent Team. (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
A great transporting service. (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
splendid :) (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
bad move (All My Sons)
Entire move was SPECTACULAR (Bayflower Moving Group)
Mickey Mouse Operation (Interstate Movers)
Great move (united national moving and storage)
Stress free move (Full Service Van Lines)
met my hopes (Interstate Movers)
I will recommend you guys (Liberty Moving Group)
Gladly Recommended! (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
ARIZONA here we are!!!! (Bayflower Moving Group)
Dropped it and won't pay for it (All My Sons Moving)
destrutive (All Inclusive Moving and Storage)
Thank You! (Best Rate Movers)
Thanks guys!!!!! (Straight Forward Moving)
Thank YOU! (Southeast Van Lines Inc.)
A fabulous team! (UBER MOVERS)
Jet Blue Van Lines Movers rock! (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Move to Michigan (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Thank u! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Success (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
My Move...... (Ash Moving Corp)
My feedback to Green (Green Van Lines)
Great job (Remax Van Lines)
These guys did a great job! (New York Local Movers)
affordable rate (Xtreme Movers)
worst move ever. (Colonial Van Lines)
Five stars for these guys! (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Reliable (Global Transportation)
Prompt Delivery of Large Paintings (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
definitely come back again (Green Van Lines)
Impressive (united national moving and storage)
Talented Crew (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Great Organization, Perfect Service. (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
I found the right company! (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Moving (Moving Network USA)
Definitely Recommended! (Across USA Dallas, TX)
Easy move (Bayflower Moving Group)
They were exactly professional (Green Van Lines)
Such a great move (Green Van Lines)
Highly Recommend (Liberty Moving Group)
Well Done! (Relocation Solution)
Reasonable! (Joy Moving And Storage)
Satisfied with my move (Bayflower Moving Group)
New York Local Movers did a great job! (New York Local Movers)
Thank You For A Great Move! (Roadway Moving)
Efficient team of workers (Jet Blue Van Lines)
many thank for smooth move (Green Van Lines)
Our first choice (Remax Van Lines)
Courteous workers (Xtreme Movers)
Perfect move (Sunrise van lines)
Excellent movers (VIP Express Moving)
I like your company (Liberty Moving Group)
Best service (Full Service Van Lines)
NICE job!!! (VIP Express Moving)
Very Pleased (Allways Moving and Storage)
Terrific Job (united national moving and storage)
Moved it all safely (Interstate Movers)
Highly skilled (Remax Van Lines)
Move went well (united national moving and storage)
Highly skilled (Remax Van Lines)
Valdes family move (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Great movers, great experience (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Would def reuse! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Top notch company (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Recommended without hesitation (Remax Van Lines)
Great job!!!! (united national moving and storage)
Beautiful Moving Experience!!!! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
They mad my move perfect (Green Van Lines)
The crew was fast working, respectful, (Continental Van Lines New Jersey)
Succssefle Move! (MoveOurStuff.Com)
Painless move (Full Service Van Lines)
Excellent (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
100% recommended! (All Over The State Moving & Storage)
Thank you for a good service (Green Van Lines)
Excellent Movers (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Not a Cross Country Mover (American Choice Van Lines)
5 stars are not enough. (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Outstanding service (Royal Relocation)
Exceptional (North Van Lines)
Wonderful service! (UBER MOVERS)
Very efficient movers! (New York Local Movers)
I love this company! (Jet Blue Van Lines)
ACVL is Quality along with Assurance (American Choice Van Lines)
Professionalism with Personal Touch (American Choice Van Lines)
My savior (American Choice Van Lines)
Trust Worthy & Reliable option: (American Choice Van Lines)
Best service under your budget (American Choice Van Lines)
Great Service again (American Choice Van Lines)
Urgent Help Provided (American Choice Van Lines)
Perfectionist (American Choice Van Lines)
American Choice Van Lines the best (American Choice Van Lines)
Very smooth move! (UBER MOVERS)
Good Job (American Choice Van Lines)
I would always hire this company! (New York Local Movers)
Very kind and dedicated movers! (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Super professional movers (Remax Van Lines)
Simply outstanding (Full Service Van Lines)
Excellent! (Royal Relocation)
Pleasured move with alpha and omega. (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Thank you Crew members! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Dishonest Thieves (All My Sons)
Dishonest Thieves (All My Sons Moving)
GREAT MOVERS 5 STAR ***** (B & B Transportation & Everything Moves)
5 Star moving company.***** (B & B Transportation & Everything Moves)
Amazing movers (Xtreme Movers)
Five star movers (Xtreme Movers)
I am impressed (Remax Van Lines)
Great experience (Allways Moving and Storage)
AMAZING! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Excellent (Go East Movers)
Excellent (Go East Movers)
Undisputed Champs (Go East Movers)
Right Choice (Go East Movers)
Do you a favour (Go East Movers)
good move (Go East Movers)
Ultimate and on time (Go East Movers)
Honest Job (Go East Movers)
Recommended (Go East Movers)
GREAT MOVER!! (B & B Transportation & Everything Moves)
It was special move (Full Service Van Lines)
Ever best movers (Allways Moving and Storage)
Great movers! (UBER MOVERS)
Thanks ! (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
It was great (Remax Van Lines)
Very nice experience! (New York Local Movers)
I had a wonderful move! (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Best wishes to Xtreme (Xtreme Movers)
Awesome movers (Xtreme Movers)
They are our first priority (Full Service Van Lines)
Remax made a link (Remax Van Lines)
Efficient, Careful, Professional, and Courteous (Continental Van Lines New Jersey)
They solved our all problem (Full Service Van Lines)
Horrible Moving Experience (New Home Moving And Storage)
MY LOCAL MOVE (Real Canada Wide Moving Services Inc.)
World's Worst Movers (Mahwah Movers)
Unbelievably skilled (Xtreme Movers)
Flawless move (Remax Van Lines)
Hard workers (Green Van Lines)
You are Amazing (Green Van Lines)
New York Local Movers are excellent! (New York Local Movers)
Good work ! (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Great job (united national moving and storage)
Great Move (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Supreme moving company! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Well trained mover (Remax Van Lines)
Thank you !!! (Royal Relocation)
Expert movers (Remax Van Lines)
Loved to work with (Full Service Van Lines)
Will use them again (American Quality Movers)
Smooth Move!!!! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Will use them again (American quality movers)
Hardworking guys (Liberty Moving Group)
Extremely satisfied with service! (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Thanks for the excellent job you did! (New York Local Movers)
Super fast, friendly and professional! (All Over The State Moving & Storage)
Will use them again !! (Straight Forward Moving)
Very Professional (united national moving and storage)
Amazing crews (Xtreme Movers)
5 Stars for sure!! (Great American Van Lines)
horrible experience (All My Sons Moving)
Would use again (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Highly recommended (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Very Helpful! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
exquisite! (24 hours moving inc)
Impeccable service (Full Service Van Lines)
Overall GREAT experience (Express Vanlines)
Do not hire! (Tuff N Speedy Movers)
Overall service- GREAT! (New York Local Movers)
Very Impressed (Express Vanlines)
Problem-solver (Full Service Van Lines)
Excellent!!! (Bayflower Moving Group)
SC here we are (Bayflower Moving Group)
Great experience NJ to TX (Great American Van Lines)
eXCELLENT SERVICE (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
OMG, they were so professional (Green Van Lines)
THANK YOU ALL (Real Canada Wide Moving Services Inc.)
Good Job Alpine Van lines (alpine van lines)
The best services (Remax Van Lines)
aLPHA & oMEGA mADE iT eASY (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Happy with them (Interstate Movers)
Great care and services (American Quality Movers)
Great care and services (American quality movers)
Amazing Job! (united national moving and storage)
Very accomodaiting staff (VIP Express Moving)
Very great move (Active Moving Inc)
They deserve five stars (Xtreme Movers)
Highly recommended (Remax Van Lines)
The best movers for the money (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
The Best Movers (prudential van lines)
They worked like soldiers (Xtreme Movers)
Everything was on time (Full Service Van Lines)
Screwed Up: Beginning to End (All State Relocation)
Superb service (Remax Van Lines)
Would def. use again. (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
thumbs up (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Way to go! (Active Moving Inc)
Thank you, guys (Full Service Van Lines)
great experience (American quality movers)
Antique Glass China Cabinet (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)