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Con Artists and lazy, late liar movers (Precision Mini Moving and Storage)
Perfect (President Moving)
Moving Review (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
awesome (Xpress Movers)
Excellent Communication. (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Do NOT Book w/New HOme! (New Home Moving And Storage)
I was surprised! (Eco Movers)
Very professional !! (President Moving)
Very professional !! (President Moving)
Oasis is a 1 out of 10 (Oasis Family Moving and Storage)
Contract Issues (America Van Lines)
Best Moving Experience (Green Van Lines)
Blown Away by Professionalism (MOVING CROSS COUNTRY INC)
Flawless Moving Company (Moving Cross Country Inc.)
moving project was a great success (G&G Best Moving & Storage)
Budget Move indeed... (Green Van Lines)
Unethical Company and Damaged table with no response/repair (Oklahoma Quality Moving and Storage)
Wonderful Experience (Green Van Lines)
reals pros at Progressive relocation (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
Shameful (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Overall Horrible Experience (Universe Express Inc)
SCAM (Moving On Up, Inc.)
Moving company Scam (NOBLE MOVING & HAULING)
5 Stars all the way!!! (Sky Van Lines)
Excellent Movers (495movers)
kind honest and excellent service !! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
What An Amazing Moving Experience (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
thank you Great American Van Lines (Great American Van Lines)
A+ MOVERS (Great American Van Lines)
express moving Rocks (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Holiday Moves (Movers USA)
PICTURE PERFECT MOVE (Allegiant Van Lines)
Highly recommended (Great American Van Lines)
Worst Move I have Had (American Home Movers)
Good Job Done! (Nationwide Van Lines)
Awesome movers Great American Van Lines (Great American Van Lines)
READ THIS (E-Z Movers)
Kudos Green Van Lines ! (Green Van Lines)
BEST IN PACKING (Grade A Movers)
SUMMER ALL YEAR ROUND (moving express and storage inc.)
Best I've Seen! (Green Van Lines)
Good Choice (Green Van Lines)
Very Happy Customers (New Times Moving)
I moved back to France (Express Cargo USA LLC)
review for move (Nationwide Van Lines)
5 Stars Above and Beyond (Super Jet Van Lines)
Scam, Scam, Scam (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Low Cost Moving is the best! (Low Cost Moving)
Moved to UK (Express Cargo USA)
A good lesson to learn. (New Times Moving)
Full Service Moving (New Times Moving)
Absolutely Wonderful (Green Van Lines)
Thank you (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Professional company (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Cheaper than doing a self move (American Home Movers)
Royal Relocation is a Scam (Royal Relocation)
Royal Relocation is a Scam (Royal Relocation)
GVL made moving easy! (Green Van Lines)
Big Thanks to MOVERS (Virginia-Beach-Movers)
Worst Moving Co. Ever (Nationwide Relocation Services)
Great Company Overall (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Thanks :) (Green Van Lines)
Approx. 20,000 Pds to move (CEH Moving Inc.)
Great Service and Great Price (Nationwide Van Lines)
Approx. 20,000 Pds to move (CEH Moving Inc.)
Honest Company (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
i just moved From ($99 Movers)
Great Job (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
These guys were awesome! (Olympus Moving and Storage)
Helpful company! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Hard workers, Great service! (Reign Moving & Relocation Company Inc.)
excellent service (sunshine state moving)
These guys were awesome! (Olympus Moving and Storage)
Super satisfaction!! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Best Move I have ever had ! (Green Van Lines)
I couldn't be happier (Low Cost Moving)
Orion van lines great (ORION VAN LINES)
Great As Always! (Green Van Lines)
LYING DISHONEST BROKERS- NOT MOVERS (Alliance Express Moving & Storage)
great job with great american van lines (Great American Van Lines)
HIGHLY RECOMMEND (Kings Van Lines, Inc)
terrible company! scammers (QRS Moving & Storage)
Terrible Service - Extremely Late Delivery (North American Van Lines)
Super pleasant (Great American Van Lines)
Very Impressed (Green Van Lines)
Do not use (Green Van Lines)
Satisfyingly recommended (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
They were friendly, on time, on budget (Great American Van Lines)
Awesome Movers!!! (Precision Mini Moving and Storage)
my move from NJ to NY (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Horrible Move Experience (All My Sons Moving)
Horrible move Experience (All My Sons Moving)
liars, cheats, and poor customer service (Cross Country Moving & Storage)
highly recommended (Green Van Lines)
liers!! (New Home Moving And Storage)
Green Van Lines Brings Smile ! (Green Van Lines)
Great moving experience (Master Movers LLC)
Great NJ Movers (UBER MOVERS)
customer service (All My Sons Moving)
Best movers out there! (Low Cost Moving)
Simply WOW..!! (Green Van Lines)
Sweden (Express Cargo USA)
SuperA Moving Job! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Awful!!! Do Not Use Allied (Allied Van lines)
Reliable Movers (Green Van Lines)
TOTAL SCAM (always 4 you moving)
Nightmare (Nationwide Relocation Services)
i cancelled my move and still... (First Call Movers)
My moving pals (Allegiant Van Lines)
Most professional movers (Allegiant Van Lines)
It was smooth as silk (xpress moving vanlines)
I suggest using them (BMA Movers)
good company to use (Universe Express Inc)
Pleasantly Surprised (Straight Forward Moving)
Kept Postponing (Straight Forward Moving)
Company Relocation Nightmare (Crown Moving and Storage)
You Guys are Genius (Green Van Lines)
Refrigerator move (Victory Van Lines)
Beware of Northern Van Lines (Northern Van Lines)
Total Fraud (always 4 you moving)
moving/ cleaning (adrians moving cleaning)
LIES! (New Home Moving And Storage)
Great Job! (Capital Moving)
Will Hire Again. (Capital Moving)
Awesome!!! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
okay but expensive (New Home Moving And Storage)
Stress free and Affordable move. (Victory Van Lines)
Stolen and broken items (Precision Movers Group)
Stolen and broken items (Precision Movers Group)
5 Stars (Olympus Moving and Storage)
impressed! (Precision Movers Group)
5 Stars (Olympus Moving and Storage)
What more could i ask for.. (Green Van Lines)
Orion Van Lines Great Company (ORION VAN LINES)
Fantastic Movers (Green Van Lines)
Good Company (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Great job (1st Class Moving of Memphis)
From start to final finish... (Green Van Lines)
Dishonest, Fraud & poor Quality (Amerisouth Relocation)
Do Not Use!!! (Neigbors moving)
Dishonest Movers (Amerisouth Relocation)
Moving specialists (American Home Movers)
Great job (American Home Movers)
King Sized Bed Shipment (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Worst (Nationwide movers)
Thank You Great American Van Lines (Great American Van Lines)
Last minute save (Eco Movers)
Real Pros at Progressive Relocation (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
Great service and great company (New Times Moving)
Move for my new promotion (ryder moving and storage)
GREAT PRICE GREAT SERVICE (Great American Van Lines)
Works wonders!! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Wonderful (Student Movers)
Wonderful (Student Movers)
Great job (Moving Proposal Inc)
San Fran Move (Straight Forward Moving)
Extremely Professional (Straight Forward Moving)
Great Company (Moving Center Services)
Affordable, Cheap & Fast (moving express and storage inc.)
plenty of damage. (New Home Moving And Storage)
industrial move at its best (Green Van Lines)
Pleasantly Surprised (Straight Forward Moving)
thank you Shimon! (Jakes' moving LLC)
Way above average… (Great American Van Lines)
Miami movers (Able City Movers Inc.)
Become a happy customer!! (Green Van Lines)
No worries..!! (Green Van Lines)
review (Elite Moving & Storage LLC)
Flawless Move! (Straight Forward Moving)
Stole form us (always 4 you moving)
Reebie/Allied (Allied Van lines)
Satisfied with my move (Great American Van Lines)
Have a perfect Movers (Great American Van Lines)

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