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What a picture perfect move ! (Green Van Lines)
Perfect!!! (President Moving)
Household Move (Blaylock Movers)
Got everything that I was hoping for (Great American Van Lines)
Thank you Delta Van Lines (Delta Van Lines)
Fine move (Eco Movers)
Cheerful, polite and professional (Big Foot Moving & Storage)
Extremely Professional (Straight Forward Moving)
Overall great experience (Nationwide Van Lines)
Unbelievable! (Trans United)
Starcity earned my praise (StarCity Moving)
happy with great american van lines (Great American Van Lines)
Effortless Pickup (Straight Forward Moving)
Great Moving Company (BT Transport)
My Excellent Easy Move (Move America)
Highly Recomend (Move America)
Highly Recomend (Move America)
Worth reading about this great company!! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Highly Recommend!!! (Olympus Moving and Storage)
great experience (Great American Van Lines)
My move with Move America (Move America)
Honest and Reliable Service! (Armstrong Van Lines, Inc.)
movers excellent (Universe Express Inc)
moving from nj to ny (Universe Express Inc)
move to ny (Universe Express Inc)
Stay away from them (Eco Movers)
Top notch (StarCity Moving)
Move went well. (Liberty Moving Group)
Highly Recommend!!! (Olympus Moving and Storage)
Better Late than Never (Straight Forward Moving)
Happy Camper! (Straight Forward Moving)
Dishonest (bostonflatratemovers)
nj moving (Universe Express Inc)
Good all around (Eco Movers)
Moved from Miami to Mexico (Blue Horizon Shipping Inc)
Successful art gallery move (StarCity Moving)
Surprising!!! Don't pay deposits!!! (Great American Moving & Storage)
True to their Word (Straight Forward Moving)
Smooth Move (full house van lines)
Smooth Move (full house van lines)
Thanks! (Liberty Relocation)
Learned a valuable lesson (Colonial Van Lines)
Progressive Relocation was wonderful (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
BEWARE IS RIGHT! (Universe Express Inc)
Exceeded my expectations (StarCity Moving)
Satisfied to the core! (Green Van Lines)
As convenient as possible (Great American Van Lines)
Did the job right (StarCity Moving)
move (Victory Van Lines)
Excellent moving experience (Best US Moving)
Get a word of advice (Liberty Relocation)
Abe and Luis were great (Presto Logistics)
Professional to the Core ! (Green Van Lines)
Thieves (DN Van Lines)
Would definitely use again (StarCity Moving)
Saved us money. (Eco Movers)
easy and worry free ($99 Movers)
very pleased with them !!! (First Call Movers)
very pleased with them !!! (First Call Movers)
Smooth move to say the least (America's Moving Services)
What a Relief! (America's Moving Services)
Late Delivery but great move (America's Moving Services)
Nice Job (North Van Lines)
Ill recommend you guys (Liberty Moving Group)
Came to the rescue (Eco Movers)
Very nice and flexible (Great American Moving & Storage)
Brilliant job (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
They are very reliable (Great American Moving & Storage)
Great company (American Home Movers)
Thank you (New Times Moving)
They definitely think out of the box! (Great American Moving & Storage)
Flawless (Great American Moving & Storage)
Superstar movers (StarCity Moving)
White Glove Relocation-Tracie Terman-Terrible Company (White Glove Relocation Services)
Super Move (Great American Van Lines)
Shuttle Disaster! (Straight Forward Moving)
Effortless moving (StarCity Moving)
Steer Cleer your tensions ! (Green Van Lines)
Best Move Ever! (Big Foot Moving & Storage)
Quite pleased with starcity (StarCity Moving)
Can't believe it (Viking Moving And Storage Inc.)
Real pros at Progressive Relocation (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
Solved all my problems at ease (Green Van Lines)
Content Consumer (Straight Forward Moving)
Thanks for the awesome service (Great American Van Lines)
I recommend them (MOVING PROPOSAL INC.)
Excellent Moving (MOVING PROPOSAL INC.)
Quick Moving Service (MOVING PROPOSAL INC.)
"A" rated moving company (Xpress Movers)
Picture Perfect Move (Allegiant Van Lines)
Thanks For the great move Progressive Relocation (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
Happy Customer (American Home Movers)
UNPAID CLAIM (World Wide Van Lines)
Great office movers (StarCity Moving)
Picture Perfect Move (Allegiant Van Lines)
Highly recommend (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Nice services (New Times Moving)
Great deal (Eco Movers)
Superb moving experience (StarCity Moving)
afforable and worth it. (Liberty Moving Group)
DON'T USE (Green Van Lines)
Elite is a great mover (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Thank You Summit Van Lines (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Best Moving Company (MOVING PROPOSAL INC.)
Thank you Low Cost Moving (MOVING PROPOSAL INC.)
All credit goes to them (Great American Van Lines)
Great move Honest prices!! (ryder moving and storage)
Highly recommended! (MOVING PROPOSAL INC.)
Recent service (White Glove Moving)
I am very happy with their service (MOVING PROPOSAL INC.) experience! (The Moving Kangaroo)
Surpassed Our Expectations (Great American Van Lines)
Wonderful Company (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
From OR to Cali - HORRIBLE, BAD COMPANY (Viking Moving And Storage Inc.)
Affordably priced (New Times Moving)
Mistreatment of a Senior Citizen (All My Sons Moving)
Job well done (MOVING PROPOSAL INC.)
Wonderful company (MOVING PROPOSAL INC.)
Cancelling Move (First Call Movers)
Facility move - pleasent experince (Great American Moving & Storage)
very nice company (Great American Moving & Storage)
Great job Brian (Liberty Relocation)
Impeccable service and with a great price (Great American Van Lines)
Top Movers As They Say (Straight Forward Moving)
Amazing Move (Move America)
A++ rate by me! (Liberty Relocation)
Experienced and professional movers (MOVING PROPOSAL INC.)
We highly recommend these guys. (MOVING PROPOSAL INC.)
I would recommend to anyone (Super Jet Van Lines)
Military Move (Super Jet Van Lines)
amazing job Great American Van Lines (Great American Van Lines)
Good choice (Liberty Moving Group)
These guys ROCK! (Olympus Moving and Storage)
Above and beyond!! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
best move ever with Progressive Relocation (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
Great service and great company (New Times Moving)
What a Wonderful Company! (Great American Van Lines)
First Move (White Glove Moving)
Nice and pleasent experience (Great American Moving & Storage)
OR to WA (Great American Moving & Storage)
A Nice Worry free move (Great American Moving & Storage)
Maginificent Military Move (Allegiant Van Lines)
To the rescue (New Times Moving)
The right choice (American Home Movers)
Amazing Company (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Just Awesome.... (Green Van Lines)
You Won't regret later...!! (Green Van Lines)
Tremendous value and service (StarCity Moving)
doubled the quote (brothers relocation)
Big Time real Scammers (Metro Van Lines)
Just call them, you'll be so glad you did. (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Satisfied customers (American Home Movers)
thank you summit (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Do Not Use Them- Please Read!!! (Good team movers)
Moved Twice and Satisfied! (Great American Van Lines)
highly recommended (Great American Van Lines)
Suitcase Stolen/Lost during the Move (Alpha Moving & Storage)
Amazing service... (MOVING PROPOSAL INC.)
Move handled incredibly well (StarCity Moving)
Huge Wall Unit to tackle (Straight Forward Moving)
Green Van Lines Rocks...! (Green Van Lines)
Would definitely use them again (Great American Van Lines)
Great Service (Moving Proposal Inc)
Bulshit company (White Glove Moving)
Got to hand it to them... (Allegiant Van Lines)
Damaged Goods (USA Movers Express)
Wonderful service (New Times Moving)
Thank you (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
High class moving (American Home Movers)

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