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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From June in 2013

Seamless Moving (UBER MOVERS)
Very pleased (Great Nation Van Lines)
Great Service (United West Moving and Storage)
Piano move done right (Great American Van Lines)
Very amazed (high touch moving)
No Shows!!!! (Apartment Movers of Florida)
Honest, professional, and caring staff (United West Moving and Storage)
Punctual (Great Nation Van Lines)
Stole My Items (Virgin Van Lines)
Really satisfied with the move (American Home Movers)
Very satisfied with them! (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Thank you guys! (Remax Van Lines)
Long distance made easy (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Courteous Service oH to MD (Great American Van Lines)
Did great....THANKS (Great Nation Van Lines)
Great Service (Joy Moving And Storage)
Extremely organized (United West Moving and Storage)
Awesome service (Great Nation Van Lines)
Very pleased (Great Nation Van Lines)
Moving experience (UBER MOVERS)
On time and no issues (Joy Moving And Storage)
A job well done!!! (American Home Movers)
Smooth Experience (Cross Country Movers)
Awesome Movers (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Great! (Olympia Moving and Storage)
Excellent Job (Platinum Van Lines)
Great moving company! (Remax Van Lines)
Truly a great company (Dallas Movers)
Good mover these guys (Best Rate Movers)
Good move,good mood (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Good to work with... (Great Nation Van Lines)
kudos to you north east movers (North East Movers)
Just amazing (Remax Van Lines)
Moving comapny was great (Remax Van Lines)
Great job once again (Straight Forward Moving)
not happy (Metro Van Lines)
Do Not Use (Mahwah Movers)
Best Company........ (Best Rate Movers)
concrete job. on time and best price (Great Nation Van Lines)
What a Great Company to Trust (Mirit Great American)
Great company! (Best Rate Movers)
solid moving team (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Liars and Thieves (Colonial Van Lines)
Great Moving Company! (Best Rate Movers)
Helped me alot (Remax Van Lines)
One happy customer (American Home Movers)
Outstanding service (Cross Country Movers)
Big thank you!! (Platinum Van Lines)
Happy customer (Dallas Movers)
Very reliable (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Professional And Excellent (North East Movers)
Excellent Job (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Worth every penny (American Home Movers)
Very Helpful! (Super Jet Van Lines)
So fast! (Straight Forward Moving)
furniture damaged (movers choice moving and storage)
Great Job! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Highly recommended!! (Altitude Movers Denver)
Best move that I have ever had (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Awesome (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
AMAZING! (Remax Van Lines)
Smooth moving company (Best Rate Movers)
Nice experiance (North East Movers)
wonderful and professional service (Great American Van Lines)
MOVING EXPERIANCE (Cross Country Movers)
First time I have move (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Moving Reveiw (Platinum Van Lines)
Thank you Dallas Movers (Dallas Movers)
Thank you Dallas Movers (Dallas Movers)
good job (American Home Movers)
Highly recommended (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Thank you! Thank you! (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Great Moving company (A-Available Moving Company)
Great Moving company (ABC MOVING SERVICE)
Our First Move (First Call Movers)
A Team Moving & Storage (A Team Moving and Storage)
A Team Moving & Storage (A Team Moving and Storage)
Will never happen again (MACKINTOSH MOVERS)
A Team Moving And Storage (A Team Moving and Storage)
Thanks guys! (UBER MOVERS)
this company Made It Easy (Above and Beyond Movers)
Great Moving company (usa van lines llc)
this company Made It Easy (Capital Moving)
will recommend to anyone (American Home Movers)
Moving Reveiw (Platinum Van Lines)
Quality preparation (Straight Forward Moving)
TX to Cali with a smile (Dallas Movers)
Great Movers - Excellent Job (Williamsburg Mover)
Recommended (Cross Country Movers)
overall great job (American Home Movers)
Thanks progressive relocation for the great move (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
Top notch service (Remax Van Lines)
Con Men (Allegiant Van Lines)
Awesome job!! (Best Rate Movers)
Thanks guys. (us van lines)
Great Moving company (247 movers group)
Great Moving company (247 movers group)
Very happy! (Remax Van Lines)
Recommended! (Great American Van Lines)
Excellent service (StarCity Moving)
this company Made It Easy (1 Way 2 Move)
Quick move (Super Jet Van Lines)
Great (Remax Van Lines)
Great Job (Super Jet Van Lines)
Did a great job with my move (Remax Van Lines)
Smooth move (Best Rate Movers)
wow! (Super Jet Van Lines)
Very poor and dishonest (Regions Van Lines)
Thanks guys. (us van lines)
US Van Lines Recomended (us van lines)
excellent (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Tricky move! (Best Rate Movers)
Very pleased (Great Nation Van Lines)
I am glad! (UBER MOVERS)
Great Moving company! (
Great move! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
They made me comfortable (Super Jet Van Lines)
Great Movers You Can Trust (Remax Van Lines)
Brokers, stay away from them. (Allegiant Van Lines)
Great Customer Service (Puma Van Lines LLC)
The right stuff (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Great Moving Experience (North East Movers)
Efficient and timely (Platinum Van Lines)
Awesome moving experience! (Green Van Lines)
comfortably moved (American Home Movers)
Recommended indeed (Dallas Movers)
Move from Las Vegas to Seattle (American Home Movers)
Good move (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Fantastic Moving Experience (Platinum Van Lines)
Moving Experience (Nationwide Van Lines)
Nice Job, Nice people (Straight Forward Moving)
Reliable moving company (Super Jet Van Lines)
My Big Move (Remax Van Lines)
The best movers for the money (Best Rate Movers)
Awesome service, thank you IL to MD (Great American Van Lines)
commercial and private move (American Home Movers)
Impressed (Platinum Van Lines)
Friendly, professional, and much more (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Stress free move (Cross Country Movers)
One happy customer!!!! (Dallas Movers)
Wonderful move (North East Movers)
Pleasure (American Home Movers)
Extremely Helpful (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Satisfaction guaranteed.... (Green Van Lines)
Thank You so much for this great move (Midway Moving and Storage)
Appreciate good work (Cross Country Movers)
Incredibly well move (American Home Movers)
Frustration (Liberty Relocation)
Thank you (Platinum Van Lines)
The best in Texas!!! (Dallas Movers)
Easy Move (Straight Forward Moving)
Great Move (Green Van Lines)
Happy Mover! (Straight Forward Moving)
Absolutely perfect! (R & M Moving Company)
Absolutely perfect! (Remax Van Lines)
Excellent Professionals (Finest Movers)
Act smart; hire progressive relocation (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
Progressive Relocations has Great professionals! (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
Trans united is too good (Trans United)
Wonderful service (BestWay Moving LLC)
Positive Experience (DC Pro Movers)
Flawless performance (Allegiant Van Lines)
Try them at least once (United West Moving and Storage)
Lied about price (Straight Forward Moving)
Great Job! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Wonderful moving experience (bp express moving company)
Exellent Job! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Definitely Recommended! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
time fram was reasonlabe (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Good communication (Super Jet Van Lines)
Great Service! (Remax Van Lines)
Easiest move in history (Best Rate Movers)
Good Deal (Straight Forward Moving)
Will recommend (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
My parents say thanks (North East Movers)
WOW (Olympia Moving and Storage)
Decided to write a review (Platinum Van Lines)
The Movers were Great!!! (American Home Movers)
Thank You so much for this great move (Midway Moving and Storage)
Awesome team work... (Green Van Lines)
Excellent Service (American Home Movers)
Overall Experience (America's Moving Services)
MOVING EXPERIANCE (Cross Country Movers)
Close Call (Straight Forward Moving)
Thanks (Straight Forward Moving)
Great Jon (Straight Forward Moving)
great service (Green Van Lines)
Great Movers (Straight Forward Moving)
Nice Movers (Straight Forward Moving)
Good Choice (Straight Forward Moving)
This is why I hate movers (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
My move with This company (Remax Van Lines)
Long distance movers (Best Rate Movers)
WORST SERVICE and DELIVERY. DISHONEST (Infinity Moving and Storage)
They were awesome from day 1 (Remax Van Lines)
Great Moving company (
Great Moving Experience (Cross Country Movers)
Happy customer (Platinum Van Lines)
Good work guys (American Home Movers)
Excellent Service (Dallas Movers)
Nice experiance (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Very reliable (Cross Country Movers)
Happy customer (North East Movers)
Appreciate good work!!!! (Platinum Van Lines)
the best movers (Green Van Lines)
Appreciate good work!!!! (Platinum Van Lines)
nice job (Straight Forward Moving)
Thank You! (Presto Logistics)
Thank you! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Very Professional Team! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Couldn't Have Been More Pleased! (prudential van lines)
Great Movers NJ to NC (Great American Van Lines)
Great Moving Company! (infinity movers)
Terrible Moving Company/Broker (Great Value Movers)
Love Your Service! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Good movers (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
3rd time using these guys (Remax Van Lines)
Use Great American Van Lines NC to NJ (Great American Van Lines)
My move from SC to CT (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
well worth it (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
This company was terrific (Remax Van Lines)
Silver Star Movers (Silver Star Movers)
love this company!! (Green Van Lines)
NIGHTMARE OF AN EXPERIENCE (Quality Relocation Services)
Better then I thought (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Overall it was a good job. (ALL AMERICAN VAN LINE)
Good rate (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Excellent Job Infinity Moving! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Highly Recommended by my Family and Me (Infinity Moving and Storage)
We Recommend Infinity Moving to Anyone (Infinity Moving and Storage)
I've found the best! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Awesome service (Remax Van Lines)
Very competent (Super Jet Van Lines)
Very professional and efficient! (Southside Moving and Storage)
local move (Universe Express Inc)
Professional Service (Remax Van Lines)
Great experience (Remax Van Lines)
Job well done (American Home Movers)
Highly recommended (North East Movers)
Great Workers (Straight Forward Moving)
Worth every penny(quarters) (Cross Country Movers)
Excellent Service (American Home Movers)
Shall Use them again (All USA Van Lines)
Awesome company! (Remax Van Lines)
Great Movers!!! (Universe Express Inc)
Highly Recommanded (ALL AMERICAN VAN LINE)
Move Went Incredibly Well (North East Movers)
do not use this company ever (American Quality Movers)
Nice experiance (American Home Movers)
Thanks Amerisouth! (Amerisouth Relocation)
I will definitely use Infinity Moving Again! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Very Pleased eith your Services! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
I was scammed (First Call Movers)
not licensed to do interstate moves (United West Moving and Storage)
Deceitful (movers choice moving and storage)
Big thank you!! (American Home Movers)
Appreciate good work!!!! (Cross Country Movers)
Worst company in the history of man kind (New Home Moving And Storage)
Fantastic Moving Service (UBER MOVERS)
Keep up the good work (Platinum Van Lines)
Move (Universe Express Inc)
Infinity Moving - Definitely Recommended! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Go with Interstate Movers! (Interstate Movers)
Excellent Experience! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Thanks a lot! (Southside Moving and Storage)
this moving company is the best (Great American Moving & Storage)
Best move ever (Dallas Movers)
Pleasantly Surprise (Beacon Moving)
Worth every penny (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
fantastic move highly recommend this company (Great American Moving & Storage)
Terrible (Interstate Movers)
Great office staff (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Hassle free move (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Made it a breeze! (Priority 1 Moving and Storage)
The best moving company ever!! (Movers of the Valley)
Left me speechless From IN to MA (Great American Van Lines)
Awesome Job! (Straight Forward Moving)
Terrible Experience! (All My Sons Moving)
Terrible Experience! (All My Sons Moving)
Couldn't be more happier (American Home Movers)
Smooth Experience (Cross Country Movers)
Excellent Service (Platinum Van Lines)
5 stars remark (UBER MOVERS)
Keep up the good work (Dallas Movers)
Really satisfied with the move (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Boerman - Honest and Ethical movers (Boerman Moving and Storage)
Job well done (North East Movers)
Speedy (Elite Movers of Washington DC)
Great American Great job (Great American Moving & Storage)
Absolutely horrible!!!!! (All Star Moving Services)
Worst moving experience (vega Line Moving Company and Storage Services)
Wow! Thats all i have to say! (Forward Van Lines)
Excellent Experience (Forward Van Lines)
A Vibrant Service (UBER MOVERS)
Safe relocation (UBER MOVERS)
What a relief! (Priority One Moving and Hauling)
Pleasured move with alpha and omega. (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Thank you Crew members! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
My parents say thanks (American Home Movers)
Wonderful move (North East Movers)
Appreciate good work (Cross Country Movers)
Best move ever (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Happy customer (Dallas Movers)
Very reliable (Platinum Van Lines)
Efficient and timely (American Home Movers)
Not disappointed AT ALL (Straight Forward Moving)
Diligent crew (UBER MOVERS)
Horrible Experience (Super Jet Van Lines)
We were thoroughly impressed (Olympus Moving and Storage)
AMAZING! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Big Fat Liars! (All My Sons Moving)
Thank you Platinum (Platinum Van Lines)
Really satisfied with the move (Cross Country Movers)
Moving Reveiw (Platinum Van Lines)
Highly recommended (American Home Movers)
Keep up the good work (Platinum Van Lines)
Criminals (full house van lines)
Big thank you!! (Dallas Movers)
Criminals (full house van lines)
Excellent Service (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
comfortably moved (Platinum Van Lines)
Bad Service (New York Van Lines Inc)
Bad Service!! (New York Van Lines Inc)
horrible and what a rip off (Allegiant Van Lines)
Great Service (Remax Van Lines)
Nice truck (Super Jet Van Lines)
This Moving Company is Wonderful (Great American Moving & Storage)
Top-rated NJ movers (Alpha Moving & Storage)
worst (New Planet Moving & Storage)
Impressed (American Home Movers)
Decided to write a review (Platinum Van Lines)
Outstanding service (North East Movers)
Thank you (Cross Country Movers)
Excellent Job (Platinum Van Lines)
Move Went Incredibly Well (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Great service!!! (Green Van Lines)
Reliable Moving Company (UBER MOVERS)
Horrible (All My Sons Moving)
Hope your stuff makes it! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Thanks for everything (Remax Van Lines)
Good mover to work with (Super Jet Van Lines)
THIS WAS A GREAT MOVE CAPPISCI (Great American Moving & Storage)
crappy service (Allegiant Van Lines)
Thanks For great Service. (Delta Van Lines)
will recommend to anyone (North East Movers)
Honest Movers (Straight Forward Moving)
Look no further (Cross Country Movers)
Move Went Incredibly Well (American Home Movers)
Moving Reveiw (Platinum Van Lines)
Simply Amazing! (Forward Van Lines)
Worst Experience Ever (Virgin Van Lines)
Great company (Green Van Lines)
PERFECT MOVE (Lightning Van Lines)
NO damage (Remax Van Lines)
Do not use this company! (vega Line Moving Company and Storage Services)