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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From December in 2014

worth to hire! (24 hours moving inc)
very energetic movers! (Gulf Coast Van Lines)
Quality service provider (Full Service Van Lines)
It was a pleasant experience (Full Service Van Lines)
A trouble-free nice move (Full Service Van Lines)
great experience (Green Van Lines)
Great moving experience (Alpine Moving and Storage)
recommended (Green Van Lines)
Definitely recommend them! (Long Distance Movers)
Movers (Nationwide Van Lines)
My Move To Florida (Nationwide Van Lines)
Moving Could Be Stressful (United Royal Van Lines)
Very Fast (United Royal Van Lines)
Great price! Excellent service! (Gold Coast Relocation)
Missing hd television (Global Transportation)
no hidden fees (Green Van Lines)
Happy to be in Florida now (Accurate Movers)
I would definitely recommend them. (Household Vanlines)
Outstanding Service!! (Household Vanlines)
Good service men! (Household Vanlines)
good (Green Van Lines)
just to let ya'll know... (Grizzly Van Lines)
33 Minutes! That was all@! (State to State Relocation)
best movers ever (Green Van Lines)
Easy and smooth (Gold Coast Relocation)
One-of-a-kind moving experience (United Royal Van Lines)
moving with grizzly (Grizzly Van Lines)
Excellent in All Ramification (United Royal Van Lines)
Best Moving Company Ever!!! (Call 2 Duty Movers)
impressive service from CA to NY (Grizzly Van Lines)
Big Thanks (Long Distance Van Lines)
good job (Silver Van Lines)
They were awesome (Long Distance Van Lines)
terrific job (Trans United)
deserve 5 stars (Silver Van Lines)
I am happy (Silver Van Lines)
They valued my money (Great Nation Van Lines)
Stay Away (All My Sons Moving)
reliable movers (Silver Van Lines)
very good service (Green Van Lines)
inexpensive and professional (B52 Moving and Storage)
did a spectacular job (B52 Moving and Storage)
excellence is the word (Express1moving)
moving with express1movers (Express1moving)
well done express1 (Express1moving)
praises (Mountain Van Lines)
i reccomend (Mountain Van Lines)
fantastic experience (Green Van Lines)
Horrible and Harassing driver .. (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
A+ Company (Stateway Van Lines)
I would use them again (Long Distance Van Lines)
Highly recommended (Grizzly Van Lines)
You can rely on them for your moves (United Royal Van Lines)
my moving experience (Green Van Lines)
Excellent (Green Van Lines)
Great Move (Long Distance Van Lines)
Positive Moving Experience (America Van Lines)
excellent job! (BR Movers)
Amazing customer service (Full Service Van Lines)
100 stars if possible (Full Service Van Lines)
Good move (Grace Van Lines)
Excellent movers (Gold Coast Relocation)
4+ for Bell Air Moving (Bell Air Moving)
They Gave there best ! (Long Distance Van Lines)
100% well done (Green Van Lines)
well organized (Transunited inc.)
MVD Movers - Great Experience! (Baltimore Best Movers)
Will use them again (Green Van Lines)
Move went soomth (Long Distance Van Lines)
Very happy! (Household Vanlines)
Helpful workers. (All Over The State Moving & Storage)
Plesantly Surprised (Long Distance Van Lines)
worthy workers (Silver Van Lines)
useful very well (Mountain Van Lines)
full service (B52 Moving and Storage)
specialized movers (Silver Van Lines)
wonderful great guys (Express1moving)
success! (Mountain Van Lines)
true quality service (B52 Moving and Storage)
The wrapped everything (Certified Relocations)
Move from Virginia to Georga (Nationwide Van Lines)
Carol was a Joy to Work With (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
will use again (Long Distance Van Lines)
I got the best price (Long Distance Van Lines)
A+++++ (Grizzly Van Lines)
at last a new experience (Grizzly Van Lines)
Impressive moved (Green Van Lines)
grizzly you rocked it! (Grizzly Van Lines)
Grizzly vanlines (Grizzly Van Lines)
Great service (Transunited inc.)
Pleasantly Surprised (Silver Van Lines)
Excellent Work And Move! (Silver Van Lines)
Reliable and Professional (Express1moving)
Best Moving Company! (Mountain Van Lines)
Happy I chose them! (Express Relocation Systems)
Outstanding (Mountain Van Lines)
Exceptionally skilled (B52 Moving and Storage)
Unbeatable mover (B52 Moving and Storage)
Move to Florida went great (Top Quality Moving Services)
Don't trust Platinum! (Platinum Van Lines)
well done!!! (Green Van Lines)
outstanding bunch (Top Quality Moving Services)
Excellent (Express Relocation Systems)
Pleased (State to State Relocation)
Superb Service (Accurate Movers)
Thank god it went well (Full Service Van Lines)
Stress free move (Gold Coast Relocation)
Thank for the moved (Green Van Lines)
These guys were wonderful (Accurate Movers)
First time mover (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Happy customer. (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
NY to NC (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Great Relocation (Trans United)
hardworking and friendly movers! (Gulf Coast Van Lines)
smooth moved (Green Van Lines)
Good work (Alpine Moving and Storage)
it was a safe and sound move. (Long Distance Van Lines)
would use again! (Grizzly Van Lines)
Great moving experience (Green Van Lines)
Absolutely impressed! (Olympia Moving and Storage)
I hired the right company! (Household Vanlines)
Exciting Moving Experience (United Royal Van Lines)
Very good movers and great job! (All Over The State Moving & Storage)
express!! (Express1moving)
Very Fast Move (United Royal Van Lines)
thank you 5 stars (Express1moving)
outstanding service! (Express1moving)
excellent service (Express1moving)
best move ever! (Express1moving)
thank you@! (Express1moving)
nicely done (Express1moving)
GOOD PRICE! (Straight Forward Moving)
lucky shot (Silver Van Lines)
perfect experience !!! (Green Van Lines)
great company to work with (Silver Van Lines)
wow thank you so much (Silver Van Lines)
5 (Mountain Van Lines)
Great Move! (Alliance Relocation Systems)
Super Satisfied (Moving of America)
yes! (Accurate Movers)
Ten out of ten (Great Nation Van Lines)
Very cool movers (Gold Coast Relocation)
high level service (Express1moving)
thank you 5 stars (Mountain Van Lines)
Very very good trucking (Alpine Moving and Storage)
greatly done (Express1moving)
family friendly (Express1moving)
These are the Right Movers (United Royal Van Lines)
All the Reviews are Positive (United Royal Van Lines)
Felt ripped off (Wheaton World Wide Moving)
Great moving company (Green Van Lines)
WORST EXPERIENCE OF OUR LIVES (Available Movers & Storage)
One of the best (Texas Movers Group)
WORST EXPERIENCE OF OUR LIVES (Available Movers & Storage)
surely use again! (Gulf Coast Van Lines)
My mover was great! (Stateway Van Lines)
They are Truly Excellent (United Royal Van Lines)
They are Truly Experienced (United Royal Van Lines)
number 1 (Express1moving)
nyc to la (Express1moving)
class act (Grizzly Van Lines)
Great movers (Green Van Lines)
These are the Right Movers (Coastal Moving and Storage)
awesome movers (Transunited inc.)
Thank you for smooth moved (Green Van Lines)
Thanks a lot guys (Full Service Van Lines)
They did a wonderfull job! (Long Distance Van Lines)
Lots of praise (Gold Coast Relocation)
Great experience (Green Van Lines)
No Sowed us on Moving Day (Regions Van Lines)
Accurate Moving Services, # 1 in MY book! (Accurate Moving Services)
Better than Other Services (United Royal Van Lines)
Very good movers and great job! (Household Vanlines)
We Got a Great Response (United Royal Van Lines)
Great Service (Green Van Lines)
Happy (State to State Relocation)
They were helpful (Certified Relocations)
Excellent service (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Great Job (Long Distance Van Lines)
These Guys are Reliable (United Royal Van Lines)
We had a wonderful move (United Royal Van Lines)
Tremendous company! (Straight Forward Moving)
Prompt, kind and professional! (Most Valuable Movers)
Awesome movers! (LV moving Co)
Thank You (Top Movers Corporation)
Highly recommended (Full Service Van Lines)
Unreliable (All Services Movers)
Terrible experience (avis express moving)
The best experience (Stateway Van Lines)
All done great (UBER MOVERS)
Very happy cosumer! (Long Distance Van Lines)
Cost-efficient moving experience (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Amazing service (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Punctual and responsible (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
No Doubt, They are The Best (United Royal Van Lines)
Simply wonderful (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Reasonable pricing (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Truly Satisfied (United Royal Van Lines)
No problems (Matrix Movers)
Service was really good (Great Nation Van Lines)
Professionally done (UBER MOVERS)
So great (UBER MOVERS)
Moved with the best (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Simply the best movers ever! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
terrible experience (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
An Experience I enjoyed (United Royal Van Lines)
terrible experience (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
I Paid So Little For an Amazing Service (United Royal Van Lines)
100% satisfaction (Full Service Van Lines)
100% recommended (Sprint Van Lines)
Well done divine moving (Divine Moving)
Best in town (Gold Coast Relocation)
Our move went very smoothly and quickly (Certified Relocations)
BEST (Accurate Moving Services)
Simply amazing (BR Movers)
Move . to storage . then move into new home (All My Sons Moving and Storage)
Thank you guys! (Alpine Moving and Storage)
They did an excellent job (Coastal Moving and Storage)
A very put together company! (National Relocation Solutions)
Like their service (Great Nation Van Lines)
Friendly @ Professional (Green Van Lines)
Thank you GREEN (Green Van Lines)
Excellent Service! (Household Vanlines)
Very Satisfied (Long Distance Van Lines)
This move was wonderful! (Olympia Moving and Storage)
Excellent and Cheap (United Royal Van Lines)
Energetic and Dedicated! (United Royal Van Lines)
We are in the warmth!!! Woohoo (Top Quality Moving Services)
Best Movers ever (Men On The Move)
They were careful (Certified Relocations)
They were awesome !!!! (Green Van Lines)
Wonderful company (Alpine Moving and Storage)
A very pleasant move! (All Around Vanlines)
Thank You Household Van Lines. (Household Vanlines)
No Broken Items Items (Long Distance Van Lines)
Pick up was Confusing but Good (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
All in all-brilliant job! (Straight Forward Moving)
Great move! (Most Valuable Movers)
Job well done guys! (Stateway Van Lines)
Wowed me with service (Trans United)
Prompt, kind and professional! (All Over The State Moving & Storage)
Great experience (Green Van Lines)
Worth every cent (Gold Coast Relocation)
Professional movers (Green Van Lines)
Never Use Them (Manchester Vanlines)
Great move (Green Van Lines)
They were fab (Top Quality Moving Services)
HORRIBLE (moving express and storage inc.)
Amazing job (National Relocation Solutions)
Very impressed (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Express is my moving company now (Express Relocation Systems)
Moving (Best Price Movers)
the be at by far. (Alliance Relocation Systems)
Don't Use This Company! (Olympia Moving and Storage)
professional company! (Gulf Coast Van Lines)
Good Service and Reasonable Cost (Full Service Van Lines)
Perfect time bound delivery (Full Service Van Lines)
Stress Free Service (Full Service Van Lines)
Simply amazing (BR Movers)
Excellent work (Alpine Moving and Storage)
A good move (Coastal Moving and Storage)
Recommended GREEN!!! (Green Van Lines)
Did not let me down (Long Distance Van Lines)
Great Move (2 men and a truck)
I was impressed (Green Van Lines)
Fantastic Job!! (Compass Van Lines)
They were awesome !!!! (Gold Coast Relocation)
Excellent movers (Green Van Lines)
Excellent company (Accurate Moving Services)
Just Great (State to State Relocation)
These guys are great (Global Moving Systems)
Thank You!!!! (Certified Relocations)
Professional Service (Stateway Van Lines)
Job well done!! (Green Van Lines)
Good Job ! (Long Distance Van Lines)
The best moving experience (Green Van Lines)
Perfect!! (Green Van Lines)
Thank for the great moved (Green Van Lines)
Twice in 3 years (Coastal Moving and Storage)
DO NOT USE!!! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
So Happy! (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Great experience @ happy (Green Van Lines)
Affordable (Long Distance Van Lines)
I would do it again (National Relocation Solutions)
Great job with my family (National Relocation Solutions)
Very Satisfied!! (Stateway Van Lines)
Experienced moving company (Accurate Moving Services)
Fantastic moving company (Stateway Van Lines)
This move was good (Express Relocation Systems)
Top Quality Moving Services, they are wonderful (Top Quality Moving Services)
Great movers , great movers (Top Quality Moving Services)
International move (Full Service Van Lines)
Great move and great job! (Coastal Moving and Storage)
RATS/MICE AND STINK BUGS/ DAMAGE/ (Noah's Ark Moving and Storage)
lots of thanks! (Warner's Van Lines)
Peaceful move (American Choice Van Lines)
amazing movers!! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Professionals (Go East Movers)
Ultimate choice (American Choice Van Lines)
Awesome job (Green Van Lines)
highly recommended (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Great work! (Coastal Moving and Storage)
Awesome Service So Far! (United Royal Van Lines)
As Fast and Powerful As Horse in Service (United Royal Van Lines)
Excellent Movers!!! (Great American Van Lines)
Excellent Movers!!! (Great American Van Lines)
Great job guys (Green Van Lines)
I highly recommend them (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Very good moving company (Top Movers Corporation)
Grandfather Clock Shipment (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Professional and helpful (Alpine Moving and Storage)
They were never insincere (Stateway Van Lines)
5 Stars service ***** (Green Van Lines)
Amazing service (Gold Coast Relocation)
The best in business (Long Distance Van Lines)
Items left behind during pick up (All Star Moving Services)
Items left behind during pick up (All Star Moving Services)
Items left behind during pick up (All Star Moving Services)
ACVL cool (American Choice Van Lines)
ACVL cool (American Choice Van Lines)
Highly rated (American Choice Van Lines)
Moving Experience Filled With Joy (United Royal Van Lines)
All the Hype about Them Are True (United Royal Van Lines)
Excellent movers (Alpine Moving and Storage)
no additional cost (Mega Relocation)
no additional cost (Mega Relocation)
no additional cost (Mega Relocation)
It was Great (Mega Relocation)
It was Great (Mega Relocation)
It was Great (Mega Relocation)
It was Great (Mega Relocation)
It was Great (Mega Relocation)
Two thumbs up!!! (Mega Relocation)
Two thumbs up!!! (Mega Relocation)
Two thumbs up!!! (Mega Relocation)
Two thumbs up!!! (Mega Relocation)
What a great move!!! (Mega Relocation)
What a great move!!! (Mega Relocation)
What a great move!!! (Mega Relocation)
What a great move!!! (Mega Relocation)
What a great move!!! (Mega Relocation)
What a great move!!! (Mega Relocation)
What a great move!!! (Mega Relocation)
What a great move!!! (Mega Relocation)
I recommend Green Van Lines (Green Van Lines)
Moved us swiftly, thank you (Accurate Moving Services)
Outstanding Service!! (Stateway Van Lines)
Thank you for the best service (Green Van Lines)
The Best Cheating Men (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
All done great (Alpine Moving and Storage)
very good price!!! (Stateway Van Lines)
Perfect service (Coastal Moving and Storage)
Review of Grand Express Van Lines Inc (Grand Express Van Lines INC)
Superb and expert service (Interstate Relocation Systems)
They Rendered Outstanding Service (United Royal Van Lines)
I Am Just Very Lucky (United Royal Van Lines)
Lost $2500 worth items (Most Valuable Movers LLC)
Lost $2500 worth items (Most Valuable Movers LLC)
Great price! Excellent service! (Stateway Van Lines)
It was amazing moved (Green Van Lines)
Un-PROFESSIONAL & DISHONEST (All National Van Lines)
Speedy and anxiety free move (Interstate Relocation Systems)
The Service Was Perfect (United Royal Van Lines)
The Workers Are Full Of Life (United Royal Van Lines)
Faultless moving (United Royal Van Lines)
Fantastic movers! (Alpine Moving and Storage)
best mover I've ever used (Stateway Van Lines)
good srevice (Liberty Transportation)
Professional (Long Distance Van Lines)
Thank you Interstate Relocation Systems (Interstate Relocation Systems)
The Move I Will Never Forget (United Royal Van Lines)
We Approve Them to Everybody (United Royal Van Lines)
Smooth and stress free moving (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Stress free move (Men On The Move)
The fastest pick up and delivery (Coastal Moving and Storage)
Thank you gentlemen (Stateway Van Lines)
Best Movers ever seen!! (5 star moving company)
Honest and skilled movers (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Wonderful work (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Timely and professional relocation (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Happy Customer (Long Distance Van Lines)
Too good (Go East Movers)
Value services (Go East Movers)
Super movers (Go East Movers)
Amazing amazing (Go East Movers)
Simple (Go East Movers)
A Class (Go East Movers)
A Class (Go East Movers)
Great guys (Express Relocation Systems)
Great services (Top Quality Moving Services)
I will never move myself again (Accurate Moving Services)
On Point (State to State Relocation)
The Movers Are Good For Everyone (United Royal Van Lines) </