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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From January in 2015

Love you guys (Interstate Relocation Systems)
My family had very efficient moving (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Thank you presto (Presto Moving & Storage)
Thank you Presto (Presto Moving & Storage)
Not a waste of money (Accurate Moving Services)
very good service! (Coastal Moving and Storage)
I rate them as the best (Stateway Van Lines)
They were truly fantastic! (Interstate Relocation Systems)
effective and efficient (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Wonderful!! (Long Distance Van Lines)
Express Relocation was on point (Express Relocation Systems)
They did a super job! (StarCity Moving)
Wonderful Experience (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Thanks for taking care us (Top Quality Moving Services)
Just right (Accurate Moving Services)
GREAT MOVE (State to State Relocation)
Murfreesboro Movers (Murfreesboro Movers)
Not a far move but very successfull! (Express Relocation Systems)
First time moving, was a pleasure! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Best Movers in Jersey (Top Quality Moving Services)
Calmed My Nerves, thanks guys (Accurate Moving Services)
National Moving System is AWESOME (National Moving System)
Great mov (State to State Relocation)
Move Was Perfect (State to State Relocation)
Great experience (Alpine Moving and Storage)
totally worth it! (Warner's Van Lines)
I recommend (BP Movers)
I recommend (BP Movers)
Amazing Service (Long Distance Van Lines)
Horrible experience - AVOID ALLWAYS (Allways Moving and Storage)
Pleasantly Surprised! (LV moving Co)
Bad Customer Service (Southside Moving and Storage)
I will definitely use them again (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Fantastic Movers! (All Over The State Moving & Storage)
Reasonable pricing (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Prompt and Honest! (Most Valuable Movers)
It was a great moved (Green Van Lines)
Dedicated Movers! (Straight Forward Moving)
Excellent Service! (Olympia Moving and Storage)
Provided us with great service! (Long Distance Van Lines)
I am super content (Stateway Van Lines)
They exceeded our expectations. (Certified Relocations)
Great service (Green Van Lines)
HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! (Coastal Moving and Storage)
Best service I've ever had (Green Van Lines)
Worst move ever (Full Service Van Lines)
HonestCompany (Long Distance Van Lines)
A++!! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Good communication (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Professional move (Interstate Relocation Systems)
These guys were on point (Express Relocation Systems)
Professionalism and diligence (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Great care and timely delivery (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Not honest, no communication. (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
It was an excellent and efficient move! (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Excellent Service (Long Distance Van Lines)
Accurate Moving Services was great (Accurate Moving Services)
Excellent Service! (LV moving Co)
Excellent service. Would recommend. (Gold Coast Relocation)
Prompt, kind and professional! (Household Vanlines)
Extremely helpful (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Fantastic Movers! (All Around Vanlines)
Top of the class moving (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Impressive Work! (Most Valuable Movers)
Outstanding (All Services Movers)
Timely move (State to State Relocation)
Repeat customer Excellent (Stateway Van Lines)
Timely and efficient (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Concerned and responsive (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Worst experience ever (Allied Van lines)
Excellent customer service (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Excellent customer service (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Thanks for a Great Job! (Gold Coast Relocation)
Move gone right (Express Relocation Systems)
Good job (Matrix Movers)
Classy moving (UBER MOVERS)
Absolutely the best (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Honest and good company (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Last choice – the best choice (New York Local Movers)
Loved it (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Would use the services of NYLM again (New York Local Movers)
Excellent deal (New York Local Movers)
All right! (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Thank you for my moving (New York Local Movers)
In just 5 days (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Great Service..!!!! (Stateway Van Lines)
Thanks for a Great Job! (Coastal Moving and Storage)
No regrets (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Safe move (Top Quality Moving Services)
Great understanding (Interstate Relocation Systems)
lost and damaged (National Relocation Solutions)
lost and damaged (National Relocation Solutions)
lost and damaged (National Relocation Solutions)
Grateful for their services (Accurate Moving Services)
NEGLIGENT MOVERS (Blankenship Movers)
Highly recommended (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Very good service (admiral van lines)
Extraordinary (Matrix Movers)
Easy and good service (UBER MOVERS)
Recommending them (Matrix Movers)
Highly professional (UBER MOVERS)
Pleasant experience (Matrix Movers)
Done on time (UBER MOVERS)
Literally amazing! (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Pretty good (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Great company (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Very good (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Classy and awesome (Classic Moving Services)
Great (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Amazing company (Classic Moving Services)
Incredibly good service (Grace Van Lines)
Spotless relocation (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Opportunity to save! (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Great moving expreience (Green Van Lines)
Arrived on time and everything (State to State Relocation)
Great job (Top Movers Corporation)
GOOD COMPANY (Express Relocation Systems)
Thank you so much (Top Quality Moving Services)
Green movers! (Green Van Lines)
Top rated (Divine Moving)
Classiest moving so far (UBER MOVERS)
Loved my moving (Classic Moving Services)
Affordable (Classic Moving Services)
Great service! (UBER MOVERS)
Good job (Classic Moving Services)
Well arranged (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Good job (UBER MOVERS)
Best deal (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Good moving (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Thanks BLVL! You did a fantastic job (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Five stars (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Easy moving experience (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Pretty good (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Amazing and affordable (New York Local Movers)
Easy job (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Hiring them again for sure (New York Local Movers)
affordable and professional (Alpine Moving and Storage)
The move went incredibly well (Certified Relocations)
Awesome experience from GVL (Green Van Lines)
Best Moving Experience (Kings Van Lines, Inc)
Thank U (BR Movers)
affordable and professional. (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Bogus company, Stay away. (Transunited inc.)
best moving experience ever. (Green Van Lines)
Passionate movers (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Happy returning client (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Smooth Cross Country Shipment (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Great Service for Table Shipment (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Thank for the wonderful moved (Green Van Lines)
Great job!!! (Green Van Lines)
They took remarkable care (Grace Van Lines)
Trustworthy (Classic Moving Services)
Great deal (Classic Moving Services)
Greatest moving (UBER MOVERS)
Very classy (Classic Moving Services)
Pretty good (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Great Moving (UBER MOVERS)
It was great (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Glad I did the moving with them (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
We’re thanking PRVL (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Very affordable (New York Local Movers)
Well done (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Great job (New York Local Movers)
Everything was great (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Punctual (New York Local Movers)
Awesome company (New York Local Movers)
Great price! Excellent service! (Gold Coast Relocation)
Highly recommend (Green Van Lines)
Affordability! Affordability! (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Very Small Shipment Was Great (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Totally satisfied (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Thank for a good moved guys (Green Van Lines)
Great company!!! (Coastal Moving and Storage)
Great move (National Relocation Van Lines)
More than happy (Green Van Lines)
Painless (Long Distance Van Lines)
Painless (Long Distance Van Lines)
Will use them again (Top Movers Corporation)
I'd hire them again in a heartbeat (Certified Relocations)
Excel Solutions Great move (Excel Solutions LLC)
Easy and smooth (Coastal Moving and Storage)
Good Rates and efficient (Green Van Lines)
Great for first moving (Classic Moving Services)
Best recommendation (UBER MOVERS)
Really easy (Classic Moving Services)
Entirely done within 4 days (Classic Moving Services)
Awesome guys (UBER MOVERS)
Very good deal (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Done! (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Cost-efficient (UBER MOVERS)
Excellent company (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
5 stars for 5 days (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Great company (National Relocation Van Lines)
Awesome (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Best in NY (New York Local Movers)
Really well done (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Recommending them (New York Local Movers)
Pleased (New York Local Movers)
Bless them (New York Local Movers)
Easy and faultless (Interstate Relocation Systems)
So much for so less (Interstate Relocation Systems)
First Class Service (Green Van Lines)
Highly Experienced (United Royal Van Lines)
A++ Reviews (United Royal Van Lines)
Don't for this company (United Royal Van Lines)
Helpful workers. (Most Valuable Movers)
LIARS AND THIEVES!!! (Budget Van Lines)
LIARS AND THIEVES!!! (Budget Van Lines)
Content customer here (Classic Moving Services)
Good price (UBER MOVERS)
Great job (Classic Moving Services)
I got moved with the best (Classic Moving Services)
Recommendation (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Good charged (UBER MOVERS)
Beyond great (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Move to Long Beach (Accurate Moving Services)
Highly Recommend (State to State Relocation)
Very reasonable (Stateway Van Lines)
Best service (Green Van Lines)
There is nothing bad I can say about the service!!! (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Very happy with my move (National Relocation Van Lines)
Professional Movers! (Straight Forward Moving)
Fantastic (National Relocation Van Lines)
The Experience was mindblowing! (United Royal Van Lines)
recommend!! They are the best (Green Van Lines)
All in all-brilliant job! (Most Valuable Movers)
We are Truly Pleased and Grateful (United Royal Van Lines)
Great! (National Relocation Van Lines)
Amazing guys (UBER MOVERS)
I’m content (Classic Moving Services)
Inexpensive moving (Classic Moving Services)
Arranged and organized (Classic Moving Services)
Absolutely great (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Better than I expected (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Good price! (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Pro! (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Loved their hard work (New York Local Movers)
God bless them (New York Local Movers)
Amazing company and perfect service (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Very well (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Worth it (New York Local Movers)
Happy (New York Local Movers)
Cherished my satisfaction (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Fast and professional moving (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Just excellent (Stateway Van Lines)
very bad customer service (Accurate Moving Services)
Stree free move! (National Relocation Van Lines)
Thank you!! Joseph (Gold Coast Relocation)
Wonderful (National Relocation Van Lines)
Really good service (Green Van Lines)
The Number One Moving Company (United Royal Van Lines)
Reasonable Price (Accurate Moving Services)
I give them my recommendation (United Royal Van Lines)
Making my life so much easier. (Great American Van Lines)
Absolutely superb service (Green Van Lines)
DO NOT USE THEM! (Platinum Van Lines)
LOVE THEM! (State to State Relocation)
Organized (UBER MOVERS)
Amazing Classic Moving Services (Classic Moving Services)
Pleasant moving (Classic Moving Services)
Recommending Uber Movers (UBER MOVERS)
Super (Classic Moving Services)
Perfect (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Moved in 4 days (UBER MOVERS)
Pleasant moving (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Excellent (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Fast and inexpensive (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Moving problem solved (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Loved how they handled it (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Easy (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Good job, guys (New York Local Movers)
Yes for the best (New York Local Movers)
NYLM are the best (New York Local Movers)
I am Truly Glad for the Job You Guys Did (United Royal Van Lines)
A Different Moving Company! (United Royal Van Lines)
Instantly done (UBER MOVERS)
Well moving (Classic Moving Services)
Fantastic (Classic Moving Services)
Loved their approach (Classic Moving Services)
Excellent service (UBER MOVERS)
Excellent (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
We did it (UBER MOVERS)
Good recommendation (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Highly recommendable (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Unmatched service (Interstate Relocation Systems)
I am very pleased!! (Stateway Van Lines)
Very Reliable Movers (United Royal Van Lines)
My Permanent Movers (United Royal Van Lines)
Happy about it (Classic Moving Services)
More than good moving (Classic Moving Services)
I am very happy (UBER MOVERS)
Definitely awesome (Classic Moving Services)
Awesome (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Swell work (UBER MOVERS)
Pleasant moving (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Love PRVL (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Easy and great (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
They are the best!!! (Interstate Relocation Systems)
My family and I enjoyed our collaboration with them (Interstate Relocation Systems)
I have ended my searches (United Royal Van Lines)
A Move at Record Time (United Royal Van Lines)
effective and efficient (Coastal Moving and Storage)
They Get a straight A from me !! (Straight Forward Moving)
Thank you (National Relocation Van Lines)
Great job, for cheap (Household Vanlines)
Great Price and even better service (Most Valuable Movers)
My move (National Relocation Van Lines)
Best moving service (Green Van Lines)
My move (National Relocation Van Lines)
excelent service (MOVING USA LLC)
excelent service (MOVING USA LLC)
Nice people (Men On The Move)
Recommend (BR Movers)
THEY ROCK!!!!! (Stateway Van Lines)
Pleasantly Surprised! (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Professional and nice service (Grace Van Lines)
Just Fantastic (National Relocation Van Lines)
I would definitely recommend them. (All Around Vanlines)
Really Good Job! (Olympia Moving and Storage)
Their pricing is very friendly (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Contact them for personalized moving. (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Dedicated Movers! (Household Vanlines)
Great (National Relocation Van Lines)
An Enjoyable Move (United Royal Van Lines)
They Charged Very Low For Such a Service (United Royal Van Lines)
AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE (All My Sons Moving and Storage)
Wonderful experience (Coastal Moving and Storage)
ecar who? (eCar movers)
affordable, easy and excellent experience! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Best in moving special items (Stateway Van Lines)
The Experience was mindblowing! (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Scumbag scam artists (Classic Van lines)
They were honest, fast, meticulous and affordable. (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Bait and Switch (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Obviously the Best (United Royal Van Lines)
Last minute move, ended up a breeze (movers choice moving and storage)
Last minute move, ended up a breeze (movers choice moving and storage)
These Guys are Truly Reliable (United Royal Van Lines)
Helped me move to Cedar Park (Army Ant Moving)
Excellent service (Grace Van Lines)
Polite/ Hardworking Movers (Movers of San Antonio)
Excellent Excellent Excellent (Gold Coast Relocation)
Recommending them (New York Local Movers)
I am content with the moving (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Thanks Interstate Relocation Systems. (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Stress free moving (New York Local Movers)
STAY AWAY!!! (Milestone Relocation)
Best service (New York Local Movers)
I suggest them to everybody. (Interstate Relocation Systems)
A+ recommendable moving company (Coastal Moving and Storage)
Professional Movers! (LV moving Co)
Quick, Affordable, Careful and Timely (United Royal Van Lines)
Really Good Service (United Royal Van Lines)
Good price and great team (Alpine Moving and Storage)
CHEATS!!! (Joy Moving And Storage)
Best service I ever got (Divine Moving)
Great Move, Great service! (Stateway Van Lines)
Awesome Transporter! (eCar movers)
Excellent Service (eCar movers)
DISHONEST (All Over The State Moving & Storage)
I made the right choice! (Stateway Van Lines)
All State Van Lines - BAD BAD Read This First (All State Van Lines Relocation)
The Best around (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Amazing guys! (Coastal Moving and Storage)
Great company!!! (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Three For Three (eCar movers)
The Best Service I Have Ever Had (United Royal Van Lines)
Great experience (You Box It)
Highly recommended (Top Movers Corporation)
Amazing guys! (Stateway Van Lines)
Great company! (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Great service (Top Quality Moving Services)
My first good review! (Coastal Moving and Storage)
Way to go (State to State Relocation)
Pleased Customers (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Respectful Company (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Highly recommended (Alpine Moving and Storage)
New Home (United Royal Van Lines)
Absolutely Superb Service (United Royal Van Lines)
Do not use! (Professional Van Lines)
Worst Moving Experience Ever (American moving systems)
Thank you guys!! (New Jersey Transport inc)
Top Quality (Top Quality Moving Services)
What a company! (Stateway Van Lines)
Accurate to the rescue! (Accurate Moving Services)
Fantastic (State to State Relocation)
A pleasure! (Coastal Moving and Storage)
Fast Movers (Interstate Relocation Systems)