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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From March in 2015

Quick movers (Top Quality Moving Services)
Best moving experience (Accurate Moving Services)
Nightmare (All State Van Lines Relocation)
Excellent service! (Gold Coast Relocation)
Superb relocation system (Interstate Relocation Systems)
They accorded me the best (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Capable, efficient and fast (United Royal Van Lines)
They made me think twice (United Royal Van Lines)
Quick and stern (Household Vanlines)
great people great service. (Gold Coast Relocation)
Great experience! (Alpine Moving and Storage)
highly recommend (Coastal Moving and Storage)
It was all perfect (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Best relocation deal (Interstate Relocation Systems)
I am proud of them! (United Royal Van Lines)
Excellent experience (Gold Coast Relocation)
I am certain to hire them in a future (United Royal Van Lines)
Thanks Guys!! (Stateway Van Lines)
Very satisfied, strong recommend (Coastal Moving and Storage)
Mission accomplished (Gold Coast Relocation)
Excellent Level of Service (Transit Systems)
Couldn't have been a better move (Century Moving Services)
Two Men and a Truck Nightmare (Two Men And A Truck)
Will use them again for a future move (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Pleasant move (Orange Van Lines)
thanks a lot,guys!! (Warner's Van Lines)
Moving (Dumbo Moving and Storage)
Excellent (State to State Relocation)
Moving (Dumbo Moving and Storage)
Great team work (Stateway Van Lines)
Fantastic movers (Global Transportation)
Fantastic movers (Global Transportation)
Fantastic movers (Global Transportation)
Great Service!!1 (Gold Coast Relocation)
Fantastic movers! (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Professional and Excellent (Straight Forward Moving)
I learnt my lesson (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Quality at its best (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Fantastic Movers! (Most Valuable Movers)
I am so grateful (United Royal Van Lines)
Definitely will use them again (Alpine Moving and Storage)
An amazing moving service (All Around Vanlines)
Fantastic Movers! (Household Vanlines)
GREAT SERVICE!!!!!! (Stateway Van Lines)
Quote (Allied Van lines)
Truly satisfied (Orange Van Lines)
GREAT SERVICE AT A GREAT PRICE! (Alpine Moving and Storage)
5 Star Service (Stateway Van Lines)
Awesome experience. (Coastal Moving and Storage)
WORSE COMPANY EVER (Transunited inc.)
WORSE MOVE EVER (Transunited inc.)
I don’t doubt their prowess (Interstate Relocation Systems)
I Recommend (Long Distance Van Lines)
Still my best (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Impressive services (United Royal Van Lines)
Clinical finish (Top Movers Corporation)
Passionate and full of dedication (United Royal Van Lines)
Worst Company I've Ever Dealt With (All Services Movers)
Awesome Experience! (Federal Relocation Services)
Awesome Experience! (Federal Relocation Services)
Awesome Experience! (Federal Relocation Services)
Go with this mover (You Box It)
Made my move easier (Orange Van Lines)
The Greatest Movers (Altitude Movers Denver)
Allways movers/never movers (Allways Moving and Storage, LLC)
Excellent service! (Gold Coast Relocation)
Great rates and great service (Coastal Moving and Storage)
Excellent Service (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Stop Searching and Use Them! (Long Distance Van Lines)
It wouldn’t have been any better (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Lost $3000 worth goods!!! (Most Valuable Movers LLC)
At long last (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Extremely satisfied (Stateway Van Lines)
They took the shorter time than expected (United Royal Van Lines)
They made it bearable (United Royal Van Lines)
Great Moving Company !!! (Puma Van Lines LLC)
Stress free experience (Grace Van Lines)
Great guys! (National Relocation Solutions)
Honest, Courteous, and Professional (Gold Coast Relocation)
Right choice (Orange Van Lines)
The greatest moving team I`ve worked with (Infinity Moving and Storage)
5 Star Service (Stateway Van Lines)
Would definitely use them again (Century Moving Services)
Great Experience (Coastal Moving and Storage)
Great service (National Relocation Solutions)
Good service (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Amazing! (National Relocation Solutions)
It was all amazing (Interstate Relocation Systems)
No stress at all! (Interstate Relocation Systems)
They proved me wrong (United Royal Van Lines)
They are the best. (Straight Forward Moving)
Exceptional movers (United Royal Van Lines)
Easy move (Grace Van Lines)
Excellent Excellent (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Best Movers (Orange Van Lines)
I have the best (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Undoubtable quality (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Never use again (vega Line Moving Company and Storage Services)
Best Move Ever (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Excellent Movers ! (Gold Coast Relocation)
I am so happy with them (United Royal Van Lines)
It was nice having them around (United Royal Van Lines)
Worst Moving Company Ever (Olympia Moving and Storage)
*Excellent * (Gold Coast Relocation)
Excellent Moving Service! (Household Vanlines)
Good movers (Century Moving Services)
Amazing Job! (All Over The State Moving & Storage)
Third Time Lucky Charm (StarCity Moving)
Local Move (Joy Moving and Storage)
Great experience, one more time (Gold Coast Relocation)
Professional and reliable (Coastal Moving and Storage)
Great team (Long Distance Van Lines)
StarCity Moving (StarCity Moving)
Tremendous Experience (Stateway Van Lines)
Great Experience (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Excellent, as expected (Coastal Moving and Storage)
Great and fast service! (Stateway Van Lines)
HORRIBLE COMPANY (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Nothing more than perfect (Top Quality Moving Services)
They are all you need (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Unique movers (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Great Move (Accurate Moving Services)
100 (State to State Relocation)
Be rest assured (United Royal Van Lines)
Great Move! (Meridian International Movers)
I trust them (United Royal Van Lines)
FL to OK (Finest Movers)
small and great job! (24 hours moving inc)
Had a good move (All Services Movers)
Great Job (Top Movers Corporation)
Excellent professional (Orange Van Lines)
Excellent Service (Gold Coast Relocation)
Good job! (AAZ Removals)
Easy as A-B-C (Men On The Move)
Easy as A-B-C (Men On The Move)
Go for it! (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Moving (EZ Movers)
Movers were great (StarCity Moving)
I do not regret anything (United Royal Van Lines)
Cute move (United Royal Van Lines)
Best move ever (AV Moving)
STAY AWAY - SCAMMERS (All State Van Lines Relocation)
Friendly and helpful (Orange Van Lines)
It was a success (United Royal Van Lines)
Good to perfection! (United Royal Van Lines)
No Complaints (StarCity Moving)
Terrible Experience (All State Van Lines Relocation)
Worst Moving Experience Ever (Traditional Express Van Lines)
Moved From PA to NC (Mega Relocation)
Exceeded expectations (StarCity Moving)
Wonderful memory (You Box It)
Smooth & Stress Free (StarCity Moving)
Recommend them highly (You Box It)
Went above and beyond (StarCity Moving)
Easy, nice and very competitve pricing (Gold Coast Relocation)
Totally new experience (United Royal Van Lines)
Best movers ever (United Royal Van Lines)
thanks,Gulf Coast! (Gulf Coast Van Lines)
Absolutely fantastic (StarCity Moving)
Amazing job (StarCity Moving)
Quintessial Scam Artists (UBER MOVERS)
I am more than happy! (Grace Van Lines)
Perfection to the maximum (Gold Coast Relocation)
Excellent company (National Relocation Solutions)
Excellent Service (Stateway Van Lines)
Excellent promptness (Orange Van Lines)
Never too late (United Royal Van Lines)
The best company (National Relocation Solutions)
No disappointments (United Royal Van Lines)
Friendly reliable service (StarCity Moving)
Top of the line company! (B52 VAN LINES)
the best!!! (B52 VAN LINES)
GREAT REVIEW (Coastal Moving and Storage)
They impressed me a lot (American moving systems)
Well done (All Services Movers)
Highly recommended (Southside Moving and Storage)
Thanks (Orange Van Lines)
Recommended movers (Gold Coast Relocation)
It was done again! (United Royal Van Lines)
Real performers (United Royal Van Lines)
moving (Active Movers)
Movers Rock (StarCity Moving)
GREAT SERVICE (Gold Coast Relocation)
Natalie Put us at Ease (Transit Systems)
Moved this weekend- very happy (StarCity Moving)
Criminal Company (UBER MOVERS)
Strongly recommended (Orange Van Lines)
Items Handled With Care (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Took great care of us (StarCity Moving)
A move without trouble (Household Vanlines)
splendid service! (B52 VAN LINES)
Repeat customer (Stateway Van Lines)
Third Time Lucky Charm (StarCity Moving)
hard working movers!! (Gulf Coast Van Lines)
Excellent Customer Service (Coastal Moving and Storage)
Stay happy (You Box It)
Came Highly Recommended! (Beacon Moving)
Came Highly Recommended! (Beacon Moving)
Professional Service (StarCity Moving)
Would Use Meridian Again (Meridian International Movers)
Great team (StarCity Moving)
Movers have great qualities (Great Nation Van Lines)
Forth time is a charm (Top Quality Moving Services)
Highly recommended (StarCity Moving)
Super Efficient (StarCity Moving)
Awesome! (Stallion Moving Services)
EXCELLENT SERVICE (Gold Coast Relocation)
Accurate Moving is a great company (Accurate Moving Services)
State to State is awesome! (State to State Relocation)
Had a good move (Century Moving Services)
Recommending them (Top Movers Corporation)
Well done (AV Moving)
Moving Gods! (Beacon Moving)
No surprises & good service (StarCity Moving)
missing items (DMV Moving and Storage Inc)
Hire these guys! (Finest Movers)
Perfect service (Orange Van Lines)
my friend recommend them (Stateway Van Lines)
Great Moving Experience (Beacon Moving)
Don't Use Atlantic (Atlantic Relocation)
Very great service! (Orange Van Lines)
Good experience! (Olympia Moving and Storage)
My first relocation experience (Coastal Moving and Storage)
Grateful for the move (Straight Forward Moving)
The movers were excellent. (National Relocation Solutions)
Successful last minute move (StarCity Moving)
My first relocation experience (Stateway Van Lines)
SCAMMER BROKER ! (Matrix Movers)
Wonderful Experience! (Gold Coast Relocation)
Thank You!!!! (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Great, phenomenal experience (Orange Van Lines)
Very satisfied (Great American Moving & Storage)
Criminals Stay Away (Great American Moving & Storage)
Fast and reasonable (Stateway Van Lines)
Thank you Guys! (Orange Van Lines)
very impressed (Green Van Lines)
Effective and Excellent (Coastal Moving and Storage)
I can’t believe it went so smooth. (National Relocation Solutions)
Saved the day (National Relocation Van Lines)
Very efficient company (National Relocation Van Lines)
Excellent service (National Relocation Solutions)
Excellent service (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Would use them again ... (Beacon Moving)
Incredible experience (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Magnificent Moving (LV moving Co)
Awesome experience (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Awesome movers (Orange Van Lines)
Great relocation services (United Royal Van Lines)
I would definitely recommend them. (Stateway Van Lines)
The best decisions ever (United Royal Van Lines)
Great move (Williamsburg Mover)
No one like them (Interstate Relocation Systems)
It was all different! (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Great company! (Gold Coast Relocation)
I felt honoured (United Royal Van Lines)
They made me happy (United Royal Van Lines)
bad delivery to new home (Xtreme Movers)
Do not use! (Virginia-Beach-Movers)
AWESOME MOVERS! (Entourage Moving System)
Great company! (Gold Coast Relocation)
Quality service (Safe Load Moving & Storage)
Satisfied Customer (Safe Load Moving & Storage)
Overall excellent! (Orange Van Lines)
Wish I knew them earlier (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Quality uncompromised (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Diligent, expertise and professionalism (United Royal Van Lines)
Honest People (All Over The State Moving & Storage)
I am proud of you! (United Royal Van Lines)
great job at an affordable price! (Gulf Coast Van Lines)
Best movers (Orange Van Lines)
Very good experience (Stateway Van Lines)
Severe negligence (Platinum relocations)
Easy and smooth (Most Valuable Movers)
No supervisions needed (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Forever grateful (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Incredible how these guys work! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Worth trying out! (United Royal Van Lines)
I know where to head (United Royal Van Lines)
Bait and Switch (Cross Country Movers)
Cannot say enough good things (National Relocation Van Lines)
perfect movers (Great American Van Lines)
perfect movers (Great American Van Lines)
Mind blowing!!! (Southeast Van Lines Inc.)
Great service (Orange Van Lines)
Would Definitely Use Again! (Beacon Moving)
Good price Easy transaction (Coastal Moving and Storage)
I count myself lucky (Interstate Relocation Systems)
A great idea it was! (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Excellent experience (You Box It)
I will never look back (United Royal Van Lines)
Excellent and ontime service (Alpine Moving and Storage)
No more doubts (United Royal Van Lines)
pathetic service (Classic Van lines)
pathetic service (Classic Van lines)
Thank you review writers (Colonial Van Lines)
Last minute move (Great American Van Lines)
Professional customer support (Stateway Van Lines)
Move with the best (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Perfect move (All Services Movers)
Use them! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Well done (Grace Van Lines)
Great Company (Global Moving Systems)
Very kind (AV Moving)
Such a good moving company (Top Movers Corporation)
Extremely clean! (Orange Van Lines)
thorough and punctual movers! (Gulf Coast Van Lines)
Great guys (24 hours moving inc)
amazing crew of movers! (Warner's Van Lines)
Highly Recommended! (Stateway Van Lines)
Quality at its best! (Interstate Relocation Systems)
They deserve all the glory and honour (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Great Job!!!! (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Great job (National Relocation Van Lines)
All doubts clear (United Royal Van Lines)
I trust their capability (United Royal Van Lines)
Very smooth, stress free (Crown Van Lines)
Picture Perfect Move (Finest Movers)
Very good job (Crown Van Lines)
Easiest Move Ever! (Infinity Van Lines)
move (Van Lines USA INC.)
Everything went so well. (National Relocation Van Lines)
move (Van Lines USA INC.)
Thank you for your services (All Services Movers)
THANK YOU (Grace Van Lines)
Great Move (AV Moving)
Relaible chaps (American Choice Van Lines)
Superb job (American Choice Van Lines)
Great experience! (Orange Van Lines)
Fast Response, Excellent Service (Gold Coast Relocation)
I am glad it was them (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Made my first move easy (StarCity Moving)
They are the best (Interstate Relocation Systems)
move to Israel (Blue Horizon Shipping Inc)
RECOMMENDED!!! (Stateway Van Lines)
They came to my aid! (United Royal Van Lines)
Stress free move (Sprint Van Lines)
What a surprise! (United Royal Van Lines)
Great company! (Puma Van Lines LLC)
Super efficient! (AV Moving)
Nicely done (American Quality Movers)
Better than expected (National Relocation Van Lines)
Really great. Thanks! (National Relocation Solutions)
Great work (National Relocation Van Lines)
Everything On time (Orange Van Lines)
They are my ideal choice (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Perfection at its best! (United Royal Van Lines)
Timely relocation services (United Royal Van Lines)
The men were awesome. (National Relocation Solutions)
Thanks (Crown Van Lines)
Perfect job (National Relocation Van Lines)
Hats off (Delta Van Lines)
See you again (Infinity Van Lines)
Second Time (Trans United)
Cheers! (Crown Van Lines)