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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From May in 2014

Quality service and affordable price (United Royal Van Lines)
Very Happy CT to MD (Great American Van Lines)
presto logistics (Presto Logistics)
Never use this company (Low Cost Moving)
I am indeed grateful (United Royal Van Lines)
Fast and professional! (UBER MOVERS)
Fast, efficient and kind movers! (New York Local Movers)
Excellent (Household Vanlines)
I loved this company! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
It was a pleasure working with them! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Great service you can trust (Green Van Lines)
Green Van Lines professional (Green Van Lines)
Amazing! (Active Moving Inc)
Pretty good find! (National Relocation Solutions)
Enthusiastic workers! (New York Local Movers)
Decent moving job! (New York Local Movers)
A very pleasant move! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Low price but great service! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
The Best Movers IL to NJ (Great American Van Lines)
Fantastic move with Green (Green Van Lines)
Great Move! (Nationwide Van Lines)
Very Satisfied Customer (Beacon Moving)
Nationwide Van Lines (Nationwide Van Lines)
Thrilled! (Active Moving Inc)
Super job! (National Relocation Solutions)
Recommend Green Van Lines (Green Van Lines)
A great job indeed (United Royal Van Lines)
In love! (National Relocation Solutions)
Great job Green (Green Van Lines)
I am grateful guys (United Royal Van Lines)
Good Services! (Roadway Moving)
Fraud at its best (New Way Moving Services)
Fraud at its best (New Way Moving Services)
Professional SelfMoving (Professional SelfMoving, Inc.)
Reliable team of movers! (UBER MOVERS)
Professional movers! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Experts indeed (United Royal Van Lines)
Their customer service excellent! (New York Local Movers)
Reliable moving company! (New York Local Movers)
The moving experience was a great one (United Royal Van Lines)
verry professional (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
highly recommended (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
The move was hassle free (United Royal Van Lines)
Will definitely use them again. (Allways Moving and Storage)
Ideal Movers (Go East Movers)
Moving a shed (All My Sons Moving)
Damage Free Movers (Go East Movers)
Praise them for their effort (Go East Movers)
Urgent Help Provided (Go East Movers)
Friendly Company (Go East Movers)
Experts / Professionals (Go East Movers)
Fixed Price excellent move (American Choice Van Lines)
Move (Royal Relocation)
wonderful company (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Well Deserved (American Choice Van Lines)
Great Work (American Choice Van Lines)
great movers (Green Van Lines)
great experience with GVL (Green Van Lines)
They are terrific! (UBER MOVERS)
Great job guys! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
I hired the right company! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Very good movers! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
movers were marvelous (Great American Van Lines)
I enjoyed moving with them! (New York Local Movers)
The movers were extremely talented (Great American Van Lines)
Excellent customer service! (New York Local Movers)
Talented Crew (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
GREAT EXPERIENCE (Great Nation Van Lines)
You can Still Find Good Movers Out There (United Royal Van Lines)
Unprofessional (Countrywide Relocation LLC)
Eagle Movers NJ (Eagle Van Lines Moving and Storage (NJ))
Efficent company (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
There is no Better Company (United Royal Van Lines)
Excellent Experience! (Relocation Solution)
Chose them, you wont go wrong! (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Worst Moving Company (All My Sons Moving)
awesome move (Green Van Lines)
Great job done! (Active Moving Inc)
Helpful company! (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Great Organization, Perfect Service. (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Smooth Move, Stress Free (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Move from CA to WI (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Lucky Catch (American Choice Van Lines)
Safe Ride (American Choice Van Lines)
Worth the Charge (American Choice Van Lines)
Great experience (Green Van Lines)
thank you! (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Nice cooperation! (UBER MOVERS)
Horrible Experience!!!! (CLS Moving and Storage)
All in all-brilliant job! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Absolutely impressed! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
They went above and beyond! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
best movers (Continental Van Lines New Jersey)
Like a breeze! (New York Local Movers)
Super good! (New York Local Movers)
Thank you (Green Van Lines)
Perfect (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Rally bad moving company! RUN AWAY! (All State Van Lines Relocation)
No damage! Woot! (National Relocation Solutions)
An Expert Moving Company (United Royal Van Lines)
Much obliged (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
What Wonderful Movers! (United Royal Van Lines)
gladly recommending Liberty Van Lines (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Professional And Prompt (White Glove Moving)
Recommended! (Active Moving Inc)
Claim (Metro Van Lines)
wonderful job (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
opinion (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Excellent (Green Van Lines)
Beautiful Moving Experience!!!! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Made It Look Easy (Joy Moving And Storage)
well done (All Around Vanlines)
Really helped me out of a bind! (Interstate Movers)
They impressed me! (UBER MOVERS)
They are very good! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
a good choice (Global Transportation)
They impressed me! (New York Local Movers)
Five stars for them! (UBER MOVERS)
This move was wonderful! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Awesome movers! (New York Local Movers)
Small Estate Shipment (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Great Service! (The Moving Company)
Thanks again! (Certified Relocations)
My move was so smooth! (UBER MOVERS)
Smooth and easy! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
The move was so smooth! (New York Local Movers)
Very knowledgeable movers! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Great company at great quote! (New York Local Movers)
For me, excellent workers! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Never Thought Moving Would be so Easy (United Royal Van Lines)
A Dependable Moving Company (United Royal Van Lines)
Amazing Crow (Great American Van Lines)
save my time and money (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
best offer (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Dont care about damages (Expert Movers DFW)
Best Move Ever (Greater Washington DC Movers)
Great Servies With Bay Flower Moving (Bayflower Moving Group)
great move company (Bayflower Moving Group)
md to nj quick move (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Great For Local Moves (Joy Moving And Storage)
Definitely Recommended! (Southeast Van Lines Inc.)
Great movers (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Very satisfied with them! (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Very Responsible (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Terrific Experience (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Best move ever! (avis express moving)
Great jooob! (Active Moving Inc)
Great moving experience! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Excellent moving experience! (New York Local Movers)
I had an easy move! (UBER MOVERS)
This was an easy move! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Fast and nice movers! (New York Local Movers)
Very dedicated movers! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Great Company (The Moving Company)
totally impressed (Capital Movers Texas)
They Did It Again (Great American Van Lines)
Prompt and Efficient (Nationwide Van Lines)
on time , thank you Liberty (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
on time , thank you Liberty (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
great job (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Professional. Responsive. Organized (Grand Express Van Lines INC)
Professional. Responsive. Organized (Grand Express Van Lines INC)
I received my goods 4 days later (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
affordable company (Great American Van Lines)
professional company (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
affordable and professional (North Van Lines)
Great Job! (Texas Movers Group)
Best moving company I've used. (Moving of America)
Thanks for the job well done (avis express moving)
Wonderful Move (Professional SelfMoving, INc)
Movers I can trust! (Active Moving Inc)
I made it to San Fran!! (American Quality Movers)
Professional movers! (National Relocation Solutions)
They are wonderful! (UBER MOVERS)
Well trained Professionals (Capital Movers Texas)
They are wonderful movers! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Would use again! (UBER MOVERS)
Prompt, kind and professional! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
It was a very good experience (Great Nation Van Lines)
They were fast, kind and efficient! (New York Local Movers)
My smooth and easy move! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Awesome Service (Great American Van Lines)
Thank You for Successful Move. (Across USA Dallas, TX)
Stressful Failure (Elite Moving Labor)
Best movers! (National Relocation Solutions)
Wonderful (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
would recommend them (Continental Van Lines New Jersey)
Excellent Job! (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Good Moving Company! (American quality movers)
Easiest move ever (You Move Me)
Excellent local movers! (New York Local Movers)
No complaints at all! (UBER MOVERS)
Excellent performance! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Nice job! Nice movers! (New York Local Movers)
Great performance! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Our Move (Canadian Moving Systems Inc.)
Awesome movers for local moves! (New York Local Movers)
Very good movers and great job! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Great NY Local Movers! (New York Local Movers)
Masters in moving (American Choice Van Lines)
Perfect Perfect (American Choice Van Lines)
No words but only praise (American Choice Van Lines)
No words but only praise (American Choice Van Lines)
Neat Work (American Choice Van Lines)
Class Act (American Choice Van Lines)
Class Act (American Choice Van Lines)
Their reviews are true (American Choice Van Lines)
Great Service yet again (Go East Movers)
Quality Assurance (Go East Movers)
Quality Assurance (Go East Movers)
Show of Character (Go East Movers)
Very good (Interstate Movers)
A professional full service mover (Global Transportation)
Amazing service 10/10 (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Best move i've ever had (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
I highly recommend (Capital Movers Texas)
Great job! (H2H Movers Inc)
Great Job! (Relocation Solution)
Impressed (Bayflower Moving Group)
A few good words (Low Cost Moving)
Great Service (Certified Relocations)
very professional company (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Client Feedback PA-CA (North Van Lines)
They made things so smooth (Continental Van Lines New Jersey)
recommend their service to everyone (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
You Name it and you get it (Go East Movers)
happy customer (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
An Amazing Moving Services! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Awesome move!!!! (Green Van Lines)
thank you Liberty (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
thank you Liberty (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Great Services! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
my awesome experience (Green Van Lines)
Awesome Move (Low Cost Moving)
NJ to Sc move (North Van Lines)
My team of movers was awesome! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Excellent! (Low Cost Moving)
No problems with the move! (New York Local Movers)
Thank you for a great job (Green Van Lines)
Very Impressed (Low Cost Moving)
Great price! (New York Local Movers)
Much above average! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
High level of service! (UBER MOVERS)
Very reliable workers! (UBER MOVERS)
Perfect (Low Cost Moving)
Customer Rep were great (Alliance Relocation Systems)
Good, reliable and punctual! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Good, kind and efficient! (New York Local Movers)
Brilliant job! (UBER MOVERS)
No stress with these guys! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
very nice and professional!! (Gulf Coast Van Lines)
Smooth with no stress! (New York Local Movers)
Honest, efficient, knowledgeable! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Great pleasure! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Simply awesome! (New York Local Movers)
Would choose again (Moving Network USA)
Amazing (Ash Moving Corp)
surely going to recommend you. (Great American Van Lines)
impressive with the moved (Green Van Lines)
Thank you CLS (CLS Moving and Storage)
Pleasured move with alpha and omega. (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
smooth move (Green Van Lines)
The service was as promised (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Move from California to CT (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Guy Neal review (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Moving pros (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
99% of these Reviews are Fake (Liberty Relocation)
Excellent Overall Service (Best Movers of America, Inc)
Run (Remax Van Lines)
Thank you Crew members! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
FINALLY A SMOOTH MOVING EXPERIENCE (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Supreme moving company! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
thumbs up! (Gulf Coast Van Lines)
try Liberty Van Lines service (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
thank you (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
They are true professionals (Great Nation Van Lines)
Pacific is truly terrific (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
absolutely Profesional (Green Van Lines)
Successful move! (National Relocation Solutions)
Great experience (National Relocation Solutions)
Very Happy ! (Household Vanlines)
Made my move so smooth ! (Household Vanlines)
Excellent Overall Impression! (All Around Vanlines)
Nice Job! (All Around Vanlines)
Easy move (All Over The State Moving & Storage)
Quick and efficient! (All Over The State Moving & Storage)
Knowledge and Innovation! (Straight Forward Moving)
It was a very good move! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
My things were intact! (New York Local Movers)
Perfect item condition! (UBER MOVERS)
It was a very easy move for me! (New York Local Movers)
Smooth Move!!!! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Great team of movers (vega Line Moving Company and Storage Services)
A fast and good move! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Two thumbs up (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE (a good moving company)
Excellent service (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
honest company (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
good move , professional company (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
move during the weekend done (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
My experience with compass movers (Compass Van Lines)
Move to Mexico (Blue Horizon Shipping Inc)
Professional Movers (Big Boys Moving Company)
Great (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Great Moving service (North Van Lines)
they save me (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Wonderful Move! (Roadway Moving)
All you need! (UBER MOVERS)
Extremely Pleased With The Performance (Joy Moving And Storage)
we definitely use them again (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Very good price! (New York Local Movers)
Very fast move! Also very smooth! (New York Local Movers)
Right choice! (Active Moving Inc)
We had an amazing move! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Movers (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
I found professional movers! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Great Move! (Roadway Moving)
They did everything as it was said! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
very thankful (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Awesome!!! (a good moving company)
Top-rate Movers! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Best movers (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
I would move with them again! (Active Moving Inc)
Binding estimate never honored (All Services Movers)
Great job (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Best Movers Ever!!!! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Excellent service! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Quick and efficient! (New York Local Movers)
Thanks you. (Certified Relocations)
Best Movers Ever!!!! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
appreciate you the best (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Everything went smoothly! (Active Moving Inc)
thank you for the help Great job (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
THANK YOU! (Texas Movers Group)
Untrained Packers/Poor Service (Allegiant Van Lines)
Great Moving Service (North Van Lines)
WOW (avis express moving)