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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From October in 2013

Worst Nightmare (Air One Moving)
Excellent service (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Outstanding service very reasonable price (Allways Moving and Storage)
Alpha & Omega Made It Easy (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Great Experience ! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
cj7 (123Movers)
Superb service (Liberty Relocation)
excellent Services! (NYFL EXPRESS)
Do not hire this moving company!! (New Planet Moving & Storage)
Do not hire this moving company!! (New Planet Moving & Storage)
Damaged, broken and expensive (Infinity Moving and Storage)
DO NOT HIRE THEM (ABS Moving and Storage)
Really impressed (StarCity Moving)
Excellent Job! (vega Line Moving Company and Storage Services)
Superior All Around Service (Liberty Relocation)
I hire this professional movers team for my yearly move (united national moving and storage)
Thank you very much (Allways Moving and Storage)
The Best Movers! (Beacon Moving)
SIMPLY THE BEST! (Beacon Moving)
Love them! (Bayflower Moving Group)
Great Team! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Professional Team! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Really exceptional (Allways Moving and Storage)
Over the top Move (Great American Moving & Storage)
fantastic (Remax Van Lines)
Swell company (Great American Moving & Storage)
Move to Stanford (Going Your Way Moving & Storage)
Fantastic Movers (Liberty Relocation)
Still Waiting For Delivery (Hercules Moving Systems)
Worst Broker EVER! CRIMINALS! (First Call Movers)
Worst Broker EVER! CRIMINALS! (First Call Movers)
Worst company I have dealt with (All My Sons Moving)
Excellent Service!! (Express Vanlines)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! (1st Choice Moving & Storage)
My Testimonial (Express Vanlines)
great small business (Bayflower Moving Group)
Best movers out there (Liberty Relocation)
DO NOT EVER USE THEM (All My Sons Moving)
A nightmare! (united national moving and storage)
Very good move (Liberty Relocation)
Very good move (Liberty Relocation)
The best movers for the money (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Great and Adventurous (Countrywide Relocation LLC)
A+ - 2 Thumbs Up! (Beacon Moving)
FUNNY HOW LIFE IS... (Express Vanlines)
Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Great service i have ever use (Green Van Lines)
My expensive items were delivered unscathed (Alliance Relocation Systems)
Great Movers (Express Vanlines)
Excellent Movers (Liberty Relocation)
Changed my moving experience (Liberty Relocation)
Super Happy (Liberty Relocation)
Perfect moved (Greenland Van Lines)
Very Impressive (Liberty Relocation)
Great job Allways! (Allways Moving and Storage)
Fantastic Service (Liberty Relocation)
These Guys are Excellent!! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Good Deal (Liberty Relocation)
Marvelous Work (Liberty Relocation)
I would use this excellent company always! (Allways Moving and Storage)
Thanks Zachary and team (Liberty Relocation)
exceeded my expectations (Liberty Relocation)
Liberty Relocation is the best (Liberty Relocation)
Mission accomplished (Remax Van Lines)
They made my money count (Full Service Van Lines)
Would use these guys again (Liberty Relocation)
Strong recommend (Liberty Relocation)
Highly Recommend Company (Liberty Relocation)
SIMPLY THE BEST... (Express Vanlines)
Amazed with the movers (Express Vanlines)
An All star performance (UBER MOVERS)
Awesome company! (Allways Moving and Storage)
Avoid at all costs! (Hercules Moving Systems)
Trustworthy N Polite (Bayflower Moving Group)
TO THE POINT (Express Vanlines)
Good job (Straight Forward Moving)
hight recommend (Green Van Lines)
Worst Company ever (New Home Moving And Storage)
Top-rate Movers! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Beware! (Go East Movers)
DO NOT USE Bekins/Wheaton (Tri Valley Bekins Wheaton Worldwide)
Excellent Experience (Express Vanlines)
Best movers (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Would use again! (Allways Moving and Storage)
Movers are Honest and Well-mannered. (Countrywide Relocation LLC)
Solid Company (Express Vanlines)
These guys are absolutely great (Certified Relocations)
Thanks for the Wonderful job (Regions Van Lines)
Quality service (Allways Moving and Storage)
Great Job (Relocation Solution)
best movers ever! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Highly Recommended (Certified Relocations)
Right on time (vega Line Moving Company and Storage Services)
Quality Movers! (NYFL EXPRESS)
Perfectly Executed Move (Express Vanlines)
DO NOT USE ALLEGIANT (Allegiant Van Lines)
Great Movers (Express Vanlines)
STEER CLEAR FROM THE CROOKS! (North American Master Lines)
Keep doing excellent job (Allways Moving and Storage)
Pleasant expereince (Going Your Way Moving & Storage)
they are awesome (Green Van Lines)
Great Service (Liberty Moving Group)
Worst Company I Ever Used (Excel Carriers)
Worst Company I Ever Used (Excel Carriers)
Outstanding service (StarCity Moving)
Do not use this mover (Allegiant Van Lines)
Damaged and Costly (All My Sons Moving)
WOW (Express Vanlines)
Poor experience began as soon as they had my deposit (United West Moving and Storage)
Professional movers team (United Relocation Moving & Storage)
Very professional (Allways Moving and Storage)
Fantastics!! (Express Vanlines)
Highly Recommended! (Express Vanlines)
Wonderful Job! (UBER MOVERS)
Excellent Service! (American Choice Van Lines)
Moved us with great results! (Eagle Van Lines Moving and Storage (NJ))
Poor service bad company (Ocean Moving and Storage)
Happy Single Mother (Express Vanlines)
Poor service bad company (Ocean Moving and Storage)
Poor service bad company (Ocean Moving and Storage)
TOTAL SCAM!!! (Liberty Moving Group)
worst customer service in the world (New Way Moving Services)
worst customer service in the world!!! (New Way Moving Services)
Realizing dreams (UBER MOVERS)
LOST, DAMAGED, AND LATE!!!!!!!! (East West Van Lines)
I'd definitely use them again! (Express Vanlines)
Thanks Express Van Line (Express Vanlines)
Do Not Use A Team Moving (A Team Moving and Storage)
Class Act Movers (Great American Moving & Storage)
The Best Movers!! (Virgin Van Lines)
Thanks Texas Moving Group! (Texas Movers Group)
smooth moved (Green Van Lines)
DONT BE FOOLED !!!! (Cross Country Movers)
Finished my moves timely, never late (Allways Moving and Storage)
Hassle-Free Moving Experience (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Successfull move (united national moving and storage)
Easy move! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
World class (Allways Moving and Storage)
Long Distance Move Goes GREAT (Express Vanlines)
Great job (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
UNITED VS EXPRESS (Express Vanlines)
Best Movers Ever!!!! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Lies, Lies, and more Lies (americanqualitymovers)
You guys rock! (UBER MOVERS)
Thanks Infinity !! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Great Services! (Roadway Moving)
Very Pleased and Happy to Recommend (Relocation Solution)
great experience (Green Van Lines)
Honest Estimate (District Relocators)
Highly Recommended (NYFL EXPRESS)
Happy with Service (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
Excellent (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
Congratulations! you gained a loyal customer. (Alliance Relocation Systems)
Nightmare (New Home Moving And Storage)
I would highly recommend them (Certified Relocations)
The Best One! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
A Very Happy Customer! (Beacon Moving)
Easy With NYFL Express! (NYFL EXPRESS)
Kudos to you (UBER MOVERS)
BEST MOVER HANDS DOWN (Express Vanlines)
APPRECIATE IT (Express Vanlines)
Overall Recommend (Men On The Move)
Short and to the point (Express Vanlines)
Poor Poor Job! (Mayflower-Pensacola FL)
great service (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Nightmare company (All My Sons Moving)
Most Professional Movers (American Choice Van Lines)
Thank You... (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Great movers (moving express and storage inc.)
work hard and honest (Green Van Lines)
Poor, Poor Move (Mayflower-Pensacola FL)
Amazing Job Great american (Great American Moving & Storage)
Reliable from start to finish (StarCity Moving)
West coast move (ORION VAN LINES)
professional and prompt (Low Cost Moving)
Highly recommended moving company! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Very Good Experience! (Roadway Moving)
horrible company (All My Sons Moving)
Very Happy (Express Vanlines)
Highly recommended (StarCity Moving)
I had a nice move (Certified Relocations)
Definitely recommended! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Would use them always! (Allways Moving and Storage)
First class service (Allways Moving and Storage)
Top Notch Experience (vega Line Moving Company and Storage Services)
They were great (Certified Relocations)
They were great. (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Timely move high quality service (Allways Moving and Storage)
Very pleased (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Scammers and liars (UBER MOVERS)
American Choice Van Lines – Logical choice (American Choice Van Lines)
Outstanding honesty, promptness and skill (Allways Moving and Storage)
Accountability! (Express Vanlines)
Very satisfied with their outstanding service (Allways Moving and Storage)
Easy Move! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Company w/ Integrity (Express Vanlines)
Flabbergasted! (UBER MOVERS)
Professional Team! (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
American Choice Van Lines – Life Savers (American Choice Van Lines)
Great for a Local Move (Great Nation Van Lines)
an exceptional company (American Home Movers)
helpful (Dallas Movers)
Job well done (Cross Country Movers)
Efficient and timely (North East Movers)
Keep up the good work (Atlanta Van Lines)
Happy customer (Platinum Van Lines)
Easy Move from North Van Lines (North Van Lines)
Great service from Progressive relocation (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
Canceled Two Hours Before My Move (Moving On Up, Inc.)
Really excellent company (Allways Moving and Storage)
Fraudulent Company (Low Cost Moving)
Never use Bekins (Bekins)
Horrible experience (Liberty Relocation)
Poor experience Scammers (First Call Movers)
great company (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Smooth! (Presto Logistics)
An Awesome Guys! Great Job! (Relocation Solution)
Thanks. (Southside Moving and Storage)
Great Experience! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Positive approach (Allways Moving and Storage)
Registration agency - not actual movers (AMERICAN MOVING & STORAGE SERVICES)
A Job Well Done! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Flash Moving LLC was Great! (Flash Moving LLC)
Great American did a Great Job!! (Great American Moving & Storage)
American Choice Van Lines – All the Best (American Choice Van Lines)
American Choice Van Lines – A DJ’s Choice (American Choice Van Lines)
American Choice Van Lines – Trusted Friend (American Choice Van Lines)
5 star service (American Choice Van Lines)
Good Experience with ACVL (American Choice Van Lines)
Right choice (Allways Moving and Storage)
My art painting arrived safely. (Alliance Relocation Systems)
Will Use Again (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Great Services (Roadway Moving)
EXCELLENT COMPANY & EXCELLENT SERVICE (vega Line Moving Company and Storage Services)
No complaints at all (UBER MOVERS)
No complaints at all (UBER MOVERS)
Great job! (Great Nation Van Lines)
Great job! (Great Nation Van Lines)
Great Work Fellows (American Choice Van Lines)
Excellent Move! (NYFL EXPRESS)
Quickest move (North Van Lines)
outstanding job great american van lines (Great American Van Lines)
Fantastic Moving Company! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
San Diego > Chicago = 30 days (Low Cost Moving)
Three great guys! (Presto Logistics)
San Diego > Chicago = 30 days!! (All State Relocation)
Horrible experiance (Straight Forward Moving)
Profesional and friendly (StarCity Moving)
Horrible-Horrible Company (All My Sons Moving)
Promptness in business (American Choice Van Lines)
Quick Responce (American Choice Van Lines)
Professional Team! (American Choice Van Lines)
Smooth Moving (American Choice Van Lines)
Super-fast, Energetic and Skillful (united national moving and storage)
Hard to get deposit back for a non-move (America's Moving Services)
Relocation Success! (Joy Moving and Storage)
A+ service (Allways Moving and Storage)
Trustful and amazing company!!! (Great American Moving & Storage)
Standing Ovation for your good work (American Choice Van Lines)
Couldn't be Happier (American Choice Van Lines)
I had a very good experience (Certified Relocations)
Damage without compensation (Allied Van lines)
Thank you for a great job well done! (Southside Moving and Storage)
Wonderful job Great American (Great American Moving & Storage)
Highly experienced movers (Allways Moving and Storage)
Sweet Deal (Express Vanlines)
No.1 Moving Company (American Choice Van Lines)
Reputed Movers & Packers (American Choice Van Lines)
Residential Move (vega Line Moving Company and Storage Services)
Thanks Olympia! (Olympia Moving and Storage)
Best Houston Movers (Best Moving & Storage Inc)
Great company!!! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
dont use them (movingonup)
Smart Choice (American Choice Van Lines)
My opinion changed! (UBER MOVERS)
Hard Body Haulers (Hard Body Haulers)
So easy and convenient! (Olympia Moving and Storage)
Extremely punctual, efficient and helpful (Allways Moving and Storage)
Great Services! (Relocation Solution)
Moving? Contact Great American (Great American Moving & Storage)
Last Minute Movers (Pacific West Van Lines)
Thank you Express.. (Express Vanlines)
Damaged items (New Home Moving And Storage)
Moving with Presto... (Presto Logistics)
Fabulous Move (American Choice Van Lines)
If ever there was an enjoyable move, this was it (Frontier Van Lines Moving and Storage)
THANK YOU! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Quick and Easy (Upline Moving)
Terrific Work (American Choice Van Lines)
Best Movers!!! (American Choice Van Lines)
I highly recommend them. (Southside Moving and Storage)
Great Site Very pleased (
Grandfather Clock Shipment (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Thank you for a job well done! (Good Movers Annapolis)
Still don't have my stuff. (father & son moving and storage)
Highly Recommended! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Best movers in texas! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
This Moving Company is Great (Great American Moving & Storage)
Best Movers (Allways Moving and Storage)
Good Job! (Roadway Moving)
I wish I had come here first! (Budget Van Lines)
Highly Recommended! (NYFL EXPRESS)
A+ Dollar Movers, LLC Are Bad Business (A+ DOLLAR MOVERS, LLC)
A+ Dollar Movers, LLC are bad business (A+ DOLLAR MOVERS, LLC)

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