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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From June in 2015

Great looking work (American Choice Van Lines)
The entire team was just terrific (Southside Moving and Storage)
Don’t go nay further (Interstate Relocation Systems)
No failures (Interstate Relocation Systems)
They are the experts (United Royal Van Lines)
You can Trust Them (United Royal Van Lines)
Perfection like never before (Long Distance Van Lines)
Good Company (Household Vanlines)
All is well (Long Distance Van Lines)
Move ny to Cary, NC (All National Van Lines)
Those moving company did perfect move for us (All Best NYC Manhattan Movers)
Those moving company did perfect move for us (All Best NYC Manhattan Movers)
great service! (National Relocation Van Lines)
abcs of moving (National Relocation Van Lines)
They are Capable (United Royal Van Lines)
happy as expected (National Relocation Van Lines)
They are a professional movers (Green Van Lines)
Very pleased with this company (moving relocation systems)
I loved it (UBER MOVERS)
Lovely (Matrix Movers)
Spotless service (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Pretty good (New York Local Movers)
Very well (New York Local Movers)
Stress free move! (Trans United)
Thank you! (New York Local Movers)
Worth it (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Awesome (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
They are worth it! (Infinity Van Lines)
Dedicated workers (Admiral Moving Services)
Excellent job (Admiral Moving Services)
Everything you want! (Finest Movers)
Moving out of NJ (pack & go moving inc)
My moving experience (Grace Van Lines)
It was Beyond My Expectations (United Royal Van Lines)
I got them in one piece (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Well-coordinated movers (Interstate Relocation Systems)
AWESOME JOB (Great American Van Lines)
Great experience with GVL (Green Van Lines)
Beyond My Expectations (United Royal Van Lines)
NY to FL (Top Quality Moving Services)
great experience (National Relocation Van Lines)
AWFULLLLLLL (Right Way is the Best Way Moving)
The Best Movers (United Royal Van Lines)
Sinister movers (Long Distance Van Lines)
I wish everyone were them (Long Distance Van Lines)
Scam Total Rip Off (Century Moving Services)
Dissatisfaction (Century Moving Services)
My movers were amazing (moving relocation systems)
I admire their services (American moving systems)
They are worth the money (Grace Van Lines)
Last minute move (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Beyond my expectations (UBER MOVERS)
Thank you (Admiral Moving Services)
Keep it up (Alliance Moving Service)
Moving went great (Admiral Moving Services)
Simple and great (Classic Moving Services)
Splendid (Matrix Movers)
Awesome (Classic Moving Services)
Pleasant (Matrix Movers)
Professional company (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Quite good (AV Moving)
Reasonable prices (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Best collaboration so far (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Satisfied with my movers (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
You guys are recommended (Top Movers Corporation)
Lovely work (New York Local Movers)
Best (New York Local Movers)
Real deal (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
The Reviews Are Not Fakes (United Royal Van Lines)
Rare breed of movers (Interstate Relocation Systems)
What a performance! (Interstate Relocation Systems)
A Memorable Experience (United Royal Van Lines)
There was no damage of any sort (United Royal Van Lines)
Watch out the difference (Long Distance Van Lines)
Very Professional (Gold Coast Relocation)
In love with Long Distance Van Lines (Long Distance Van Lines)
Fast time lines at a fair price (Gold Coast Relocation)
Easy to communicate (Straight Forward Moving)
amazing movers (National Relocation Van Lines)
Excellent Movers!!! (Great American Van Lines)
best in town (National Relocation Van Lines)
Very affordable price (UBER MOVERS)
All went well (Southeast Van Lines Inc.)
Punctual move (Admiral Moving Services)
I'm glad I chose this company (moving relocation systems)
Shout out for the great work (Admiral Moving Services)
Number one movers (Matrix Movers)
Totally affordable (Classic Moving Services)
Great company (Classic Moving Services)
Awesome (Matrix Movers)
The best moving so far (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Great company (Grace Van Lines)
Excellent and cost efficient (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Suitable for small budgets (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Highly recommended! (pack & go moving inc)
Lovely moving experience (New York Local Movers)
Moved in 3 days (New York Local Movers)
Steady prices and good service (New York Local Movers)
Solid Experience (Coastal Moving and Storage)
FANTASTIC SERVICE (Great American Van Lines)
HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE (Meridian International Movers)
I hail you guys for doing great job (United Royal Van Lines)
No gambling; they do it (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Good job Grizzly! (Grizzly Van Lines)
That was so fast (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Perfect service (Proud American Vanlines)
Organized and Efficient (United Royal Van Lines)
Pleasant experience (Green Van Lines)
Interesting Experience (United Royal Van Lines)
I was impressed (Long Distance Van Lines)
Awesome company (moving relocation systems)
What a great referral (Long Distance Van Lines)
Smart choice (Admiral Moving Services)
Excellent deal (Admiral Moving Services)
Excellent (UBER MOVERS)
Thanks guys! (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Cost efficient price and good service (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Classy (Classic Moving Services)
Coolest dudes ever (Matrix Movers)
Check them out (Classic Moving Services)
The best movers! (New York Local Movers)
Awesome (New York Local Movers)
Excellent guys (New York Local Movers)
I am a repeat customer (Infinity Van Lines)
I strongly recommend (Trans United)
Wonderful Experience (The Roadway Van Lines)
Would love to use again (Sprint Van Lines)
It was a wise decision to hire them (Alliance Moving Service)
One of the best in business (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Perfect Timing (United Royal Van Lines)
Superb relocation (American Choice Van Lines)
Recommended (American Choice Van Lines)
Nice choice (American Choice Van Lines)
God Bless (American Choice Van Lines)
We had a good experience (
Can't go wrong with these guys (
Reliable and diligent (Interstate Relocation Systems)
BEST MOVER FOR ME ! (Great American Van Lines)
I feel contented (Interstate Relocation Systems)
They are Experts (United Royal Van Lines)
Incredible job (United Royal Van Lines)
My Move (National Moving Systems)
rare (National Relocation Solutions)
my move to CA (Green Van Lines)
You’re missing a lot (Long Distance Van Lines)
Highly motivated crew (Long Distance Van Lines)
No Show (Classic Moving Services)
Really good move (UBER MOVERS)
Great job! (Cross state moving LLC)
Great job! (Cross state moving LLC)
Excellent (UBER MOVERS)
Very happy (Cross state moving LLC)
They made my moving great (Matrix Movers)
Lovely work (Matrix Movers)
Loved their way of work (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Greatest movers ever (New York Local Movers)
Good job (New York Local Movers)
Affordable costs (New York Local Movers)
Truly the best (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Thanks for the good moving (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Simply the best (Grace Van Lines)
We were impressed (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Fabulous (Classic Moving Services)
Great job (Classic Moving Services)
I would hire them again (Admiral Moving Services)
Perfect May moving (Admiral Moving Services)
My Move (National Moving Systems)
Great company (Accurate Movers)
My moving experience with the best (american moving masters)
Accurate company (american moving masters)
More than average service (Orange Van Lines)
I am indebted to you (United Royal Van Lines)
They gave me quality moving service! (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Congratulations (United Royal Van Lines)
I am a witness (United Royal Van Lines)
DO NOT USE Viper! (If you value your items) (Viper Moving and Storage)
Perfect mover (Long Distance Van Lines)
Flawless, prompt and timely (Long Distance Van Lines)
The moving went all right (Guardian Moving Systems)
star city moving experience (StarCity Moving)
Uber great (UBER MOVERS)
Low cost (Guardian Moving Systems)
Awesome job (Guardian Moving Systems)
Good choice (Guardian Moving Systems)
Well handled big moving (Matrix Movers)
Really good (Admiral Moving Services)
Real deal (Admiral Moving Services)
Thank you (Matrix Movers)
Special prices (Classic Moving Services)
Happy customer here (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Good timing (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Thanks! (New York Local Movers)
Service like no other (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Classy moving (New York Local Movers)
Worth it (New York Local Movers)
Good Job (pack & go moving inc)
Excellent customer service (Grace Van Lines)
What an experience!! (american moving masters)
Highly recommended! (Household Vanlines)
Efficient (United Royal Van Lines)
I was proven wrong (United Royal Van Lines)
Satisfactory moving (Long Distance Van Lines)
I recommend them highly to anyone (Long Distance Van Lines)
It was just superb (United Royal Van Lines)
I will recommend you everywhere!! (Interstate Relocation Systems)
100 percent satisfied!!! (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Good move with Viper (Viper Moving and Storage)
Great deal for a great move! (Grizzly Van Lines)
Great employees (moving relocation systems)
SERVICE WAS VERY VERY GOOD (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Excellent service (UBER MOVERS)
Well done (UBER MOVERS)
Glad I hired Matrix Movers (Matrix Movers)
Lovely (Matrix Movers)
So happy (Guardian Moving Systems)
Thanks! (Guardian Moving Systems)
Happy to have them (Guardian Moving Systems)
Lucky to find them (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Excellent (New York Local Movers)
Liked it (Admiral Moving Services)
Would hire them again (Admiral Moving Services)
Nice work (New York Local Movers)
Nice (Classic Moving Services)
We appreciate their service (Alliance Moving Service)
Way better than any other move I had (Classic Moving Services)
Recommending NYLM (New York Local Movers)
Lovely work (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Thankful for the good moving (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Appreciations (United Royal Van Lines)
I love these guys. (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Great team of movers (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Highly recommended (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Successful Move! (Great American Van Lines)
This company puts they customer FIRST! (Great American Van Lines)
More than I needed (United Royal Van Lines)
You earned my respect (United Royal Van Lines)
very good company (Green Van Lines)
Thank you for the hard work guys! (Viper Moving and Storage)
Very good moving service from viper (Viper Moving and Storage)
Excellent (UBER MOVERS)
Amazing (moving relocation systems)
Cost efficient (UBER MOVERS)
Greatest movers ever (Matrix Movers)
use these movers! (National Relocation Van Lines)
We’re content (Matrix Movers)
Practical and professional (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Wonderful deal (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
It couldn’t have been better (pack & go moving inc)
Smooth (New York Local Movers)
The very best (New York Local Movers)
Trustworthy (Grace Van Lines)
Thank you for the pleasant moving (New York Local Movers)
Thank you (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Quite great (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Had a great move (Classic Moving Services)
Awesome (Alliance Moving Service)
Classic work (Classic Moving Services)
Awesome dudes (Admiral Moving Services)
Lovely work (Admiral Moving Services)
Great movers (Guardian Moving Systems)
Very content (Guardian Moving Systems)
Very good job (Guardian Moving Systems)
Mind blowing! (Top Movers Corporation)
They were brilliant (AV Moving)
I long for such again (United Royal Van Lines)
Horrible Moving Experience (Top Quality Moving Services)
The whole process ended on schedule (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Efficient and courteous (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Go Viper go! (Viper Moving and Storage)
Surely recommended (Puma Van Lines LLC)
A perfect solution (Southeast Van Lines Inc.)
Responsible for my smiles (United Royal Van Lines)
Top movers (american moving masters)
Good service, good mood (Sprint Van Lines)
FIVE STARS!!! (Great American Van Lines)
Moving was easy! (american moving masters)
Simply give them a chance (United Royal Van Lines)
Jack of moving, master of moving (The Roadway Van Lines)
Thank you Viper moving! (Viper Moving and Storage)
Overall Good Move (Viper Moving and Storage)
Time to recognize the best (Infinity Van Lines)
They were very honest (Trans United)
Good move for cheap! (Viper Moving and Storage)
Cost efficient (Guardian Moving Systems)
Awesome (Guardian Moving Systems)
Great work (UBER MOVERS)
Love them! (Guardian Moving Systems)
Superb (Matrix Movers)
Lovely work (Matrix Movers)
Hardworking moving team (Admiral Moving Services)
Well planned (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Thank you guys! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Excellent (Admiral Moving Services)
Hire these guys (Classic Moving Services)
Perfect arrangement (Classic Moving Services)
Very good (New York Local Movers)
Wonderful job (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Thanks! (New York Local Movers)
Good moving service (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Well selected company (New York Local Movers)
Lot more than I expected (Top Movers Corporation)
Fantastic company (Grace Van Lines)
Lovable service (pack & go moving inc)
Delivered as Promised - No problems (Gold Coast Relocation)
I prefer United Royal Van Lines (United Royal Van Lines)
Relocation to Ohio (All National Van Lines)
It was really a great time moving (Interstate Relocation Systems)
We were very happy with the services (Gulf Coast Van Lines)
These Moving Guys are Really Wonderful (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Highly recommend (Viper Moving and Storage)
No delay (United Royal Van Lines)
Excellent (United Royal Van Lines)
Terrible (All State Relocation)
Would re-use. (american moving masters)
On hand one of the best (american moving masters)
my moved well done (Green Van Lines)
Horrible moving company (Top Movers Inc)
Good, small business to use! (Viper Moving and Storage)
our move (Viper Moving and Storage)
moving (National Relocation Van Lines)
I am satisfied (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
I just love this company (American moving systems)
Overall review! (american moving masters)
American moving (american moving masters)
My personal rate (american moving masters)
Perfect! (Guardian Moving Systems)
All went well (Guardian Moving Systems)
Thank you! (UBER MOVERS)
First class move (Guardian Moving Systems)
Thankful for the lovely service (Admiral Moving Services)
Fantastic job (Matrix Movers)
Reliable (Admiral Moving Services)
Amazed (Classic Moving Services)
Money saving service (Matrix Movers)
Fantastic work (Classic Moving Services)
Super (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Masters of moving (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Awesome (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Awesome price (New York Local Movers)
Amazing people (New York Local Movers)
Grateful for them (New York Local Movers)
The movers were efficient & Friendly (Certified Relocations)
The staff is professional and efficient (Southside Moving and Storage)
Enjoyable relocation services (United Royal Van Lines)
Fabulous Moving Experience (Great American Van Lines)
They made it bearable (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Forever indebted to them (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Above average move (Viper Moving and Storage)
Enjoyable (United Royal Van Lines)
GREAT SERVICE AT A GREAT PRICE! (Alpine Moving and Storage)
Excellent Moving Company (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Happy that I appointed them (pack & go moving inc)
Dependable movers (Grace Van Lines)
I knew it (Alliance Moving Service)
Courteous Employees and Movers (Interstate Relocation Systems)
They are Experts in Moving Service (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Brilliant Movers!! (Olympus Moving and Storage)
Skilled & Punctual (Olympus Moving and Storage)
Thanks ACVL (American Choice Van Lines)
Great (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Moving (American Choice Van Lines)
Great service (American Choice Van Lines)
Great work that deserves praise (American Choice Van Lines)
All doubts clear (United Royal Van Lines)
Awesome ACVL (American Choice Van Lines)
My search paid off this time around (United Royal Van Lines)
Superb and beyond my words (American Choice Van Lines)
Lovely work (Guardian Moving Systems)
True professionals (Guardian Moving Systems)
Absolutely the best (Guardian Moving Systems)
Casual and relaxed move (Admiral Moving Services)
Perfect organization (Matrix Movers)
Worth it (Admiral Moving Services)
Well done (Matrix Movers)
Excellent workers (Classic Moving Services)
Efficient (Classic Moving Services)
Thank you good people (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Amazing movers (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Great deal (New York Local Movers)
Simple and great move (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Fantastic (New York Local Movers)
Practical and professional (New York Local Movers)
Great job from start to finish (moving relocation systems)
Well selection (Infinity Van Lines)
Hassle-free move (Trans United)
Breakage free Breakthrough Performance (EAST COAST MOVING AND STORAGE)
Instant (Guardian Moving Systems)
Dream team (Guardian Moving Systems)
Great work (UBER MOVERS)
The greatest (Guardian Moving Systems)
Thank you! (Admiral Moving Services)
Deal of the year (Matrix Movers)
Good work (Admiral Moving Services)
Worth it (Matrix Movers)
Fantastic team (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Steady (Classic Moving Services)
Worth the hire (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Serious and professional company (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Not a rip off (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Awesome moving (New York Local Movers)
They work pretty well (New York Local Movers)
Amazing company (New York Local Movers)
They maintained the tight schedule (American moving systems)
Forever in my memories (Interstate Relocation Systems)
I have never seen such energetic workers (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Cool work (Go East Movers)
For a smooth move (Go East Movers)
Will use them again (Long Distance Van Lines)
Joy of moving (Go East Movers)
Awesome moving crew (Long Distance Van Lines)
Good Pick (Go East Movers)
GEM job (Go East Movers)
Speechless move (Go East Movers)
I love these guys. (Gold Coast Relocation)
Extremely pleased! (Household Vanlines)
Cross Country College Move (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
I rate them as the best (Southeast Van Lines Inc.)
Calculative approach (Puma Van Lines LLC)
Good work! (Grace Van Lines)
Good to recommend GEM (Coastal Moving and Storage)