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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From August in 2010

TERRIBLE!!! (B & B Transportation & Everything Moves)
First rate service! (Ori Van Lines Inc.)
CALL CALL CALLLLLLLLL THEM! (Planet Moving and Storage)
call them! (Best Time Movers)
excellent! (Metro Van Lines)
call today! (Personal Touch)
Lies and lack of communication (Express Relocation Inc)
White Glove rocked (White Glove Moving)
Worst moving company. (America's Moving Services)
Great movers for the best price! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Worst Movers! (Compac Moving and Storage)
First Out of State Move! (White Glove Moving)
great move ! great service! (Best Time Movers)
So happy! (All My Sons Moving)
Great Service (Universe Express Inc)
They were really superior (Noah's Ark Movers)
moving well done (Golden Hands Movers)
Horrible Moving Experience (North American Van Lines)
DO NOT USE (Big Brothers Moving)
DONT use them (Compac Moving and Storage)
excellent Choice! (best movers ca)
horrible experience (Union of DC Movers)
Positive Reviews are Fake (Compac Moving and Storage)
Dishonest Moving Company (Best Choice Moving & Storage)
Job well done and much appreciated. (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
GVL guys are electrifying! (Green Van Lines)
Moved Furniture and Boxes with TSI (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Second Times a Charm! (Big Brothers Moving)
Great job thanks (Nationwide Moving Services)
AmeriCarrier (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
great people! (Low Price Mover LLC)
Double Standards (Broadway Express)
forgot to mention! (Low Price Mover LLC)
Great work done by GVL (Green Van Lines)
Stuff Stolen - TERRIBLE COMPANY (State Wide Relocation)
first class movers (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
AmeriCarrier you're the best! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Flat Quote Movers were great (Flat Quote Movers)
Stellar (White Glove Moving)
Great Job! (Ori Van Lines Inc.)
Easy move (Northern American Van Lines)
Recommended long distance movers (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Great service and full support (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
IT WAS A PLEASURE!!! (Ori Van Lines Inc.)
they came on time (Northern American Van Lines)
Excellent move! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Worst Way Moving (BestWay Moving LLC)
GREAT MOVERS!!! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Good Deal! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
a good company (Northern American Van Lines)
Poor moving experience (North American Van Lines)
Significant Damage to 35% of Items (Ben Express Movers)
Requesting a Quote (All My Sons Moving)
do not use them (vega Line Moving Company and Storage Services)
These guys know about moving (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
top notch customer service (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Rip Off! (King Arthur Moving Express LLC)
Read all small prints (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Thanx! (Ori Van Lines Inc.)
Great! (best movers ca)
Blatantly misrepresented the price (Moving and Relocation, Inc)
well done (Northern American Van Lines)
OUTSTANDING (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Lack of Integrity (Presto Logistics)
review (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Fantasmic!!! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Amazing move (Presto Logistics)
Very disatisfied (Universe Express Inc)
Planet Moving and Storage (Planet Moving and Storage)
Green thumb to GVL Guys (Green Van Lines)
Seamless Process (White Glove Moving)
Great Job (G&G Best Moving & Storage)
Great Company (G&G Best Moving & Storage)
Professional movers, Good customer service (Georgetown Moving & Storage)
Excellent Company (Presto Logistics)
great service (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
GVL you rock (Green Van Lines)
Illegal Contract & Extrotion (MainLine Transportation, Inc.)
Good job (ASAP Relocations)
Also Scammed (Metro Van Lines)
The worst moving company (King Arthur Moving Express LLC)
Great Moving Experience (Victory Van Lines)
Best Movers Ever (Victory Van Lines)
they broke and stole our things (Noah's Ark Movers)
Consumer Beware! (KING ARTHUR MOVING)
Do Not Fall For The Good Reviews!! (Low Price Mover LLC)
Do Not Be Fooled By the Reviews!! (Low Price Mover LLC)
Move well done. (Low Price Mover LLC)
Stay away at all cost!! (Capital Van Lines)
Great Choice (Golans Moving and Storage)
Supreme Service from Nationwide (Nationwide Relocation Services)
Great service (ASAP Relocations)
The absolute worst! (Metro Van Lines)
Absolutely professional (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Thank you very much!!! (Low Price Mover LLC)
Immediate Trust (Preferred Movers)
Satisfied Customer (BR Movers)
Awesome Movers! (BR Movers)
Total satisfied (White Glove Moving)
worst move ever (Transunited inc.)
Couldn't ask for better company (G&G Best Moving & Storage)
Damage/Customer Response (American Eagle Moving)
Terrific! (BR Movers)
Hard Working and Reasonableý (G&G Best Moving & Storage)
Americas BEST movers (ASAP Relocations)
Long Distance move from NJ to FL (All Inclusive Moving and Storage)
Thanks White Glove (White Glove Moving)
THANK YOU GUYS!!! (Low Price Mover LLC)
Horrible experience (Delta Moving and Storage)
GVL did a great job (Green Van Lines)
Liars! Absolutely Terrible Company. (Northern American Van Lines)
Nightmare experience (high touch moving systems)
Quality all the way!! (All My Sons Moving)
Horrible Experience (USA Relocations)
Lightning LVL did a splendid job (LIGHTNING VANLINES)
Hats off GVL! (Green Van Lines)
Will use Victory Van Lines Again (Victory Van Lines)
Will use Victory Van Lines Again (Victory Van Lines)
SUPERB!!!! (BR Movers)
Bad moving experience (North American Van Lines)
100% FRAUD (Northern American Van Lines)
STAY AWAY: TOTAL SCAM (Apartment Movers)
This is a dependable moving company. (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Undependable (Excalibur Van Lines, LLC)
Careless movers, unsatisfactory service (America's Moving Services)
Never thought a move will be this easy (Best Price Moving and Storage)
What I emailed to TSI (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Professional in Richmond, VA (All My Sons Moving)
A+ Movers (Northern American Van Lines)
Efficient Work (White Glove Moving)
Better than expected (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Long live GVL! (Green Van Lines)
Don't fall for the low ball estimates! (George Moving and Storage)
move from NY to MD (All Inclusive Moving and Storage)
Absolutely Horrible (G&G Best Moving & Storage)
Absolutely Horrible (G&G Best Moving & Storage)
Just moved this week (Compac Moving and Storage)
Honest, Proffesional, and Prompt (White Glove Moving)
Worth the wait (Presto Logistics)
Asap Relocations did it perfect (ASAP Relocations)
Don't Use this Company (Dimension Moving and Storage)
This is my Thank You Guys :-) (Great American Van Lines)
Absolutely the best (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Do Not Use This Company! (Infinity Van Lines)
excelent move!!! (Best Times MOvers)
Great and honest move! (Metro Van Lines)
DO NOT USE THIS MOVER!!!!! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
SCAM and RIPOFF!!!! (Metro Van Lines)
Very good experience (White Glove Moving)
The Best Move of My Life (Transunited inc.)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! (New Planet Movers)
Liar and liars (Compac Moving and Storage)
happy customer (worldwide van lines)
Reliable & Professional Movers (Great American Van Lines)
fairly great moving experience (United Relocation Moving & Storage)
Run and Don't Look Back (MainLine Transportation, Inc.)
Just Great @ everything! (Nationwide Moving Services)
Great business (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
I'm glad thais choise (ASAP Relocations)
Smooth Move (America's Moving Services)
Awful (MainLine Transportation, Inc.)
the move was great! (Best Time Movers)
4th Move! (CEH Moving Inc.)
Happy Client (White Glove Moving)
Stolen Items! Beware! (mayflower)
Deceitful and Incompetent (Green Buffalo Moving)
scam (Northern American Van Lines)
Just moved a room (America's Moving Services)
Highly Recommended! (BR Movers)

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