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I trust these guys! (American Choice Van Lines)
Just Read This! (Apartment Movers)
Thanks for good relocation. (American Choice Van Lines)
For the first time, no damages! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Courteous and professional. (American Choice Van Lines)
LIES and MISQUOTE (Compac Moving and Storage)
Friendly and efficient! (American Choice Van Lines)
worst moving experience ever (Apartment Movers)
Non stop movers (American Choice Van Lines)
Just moved me with care! (American Choice Van Lines)
I would use them again! (American Choice Van Lines)
Best Price did a good job with my move (Best Price Moving and Storage)
sky moving and storage, Incý (Sky Moving & Storage)
Best move! (American Choice Van Lines)
My expierence with BP (Best Price Moving and Storage)
WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!!! (American Moving Services)
sunshine Florida is beautiful! (American Choice Van Lines)
Thank you Gomovers... (Go Movers NY)
Good Move by Go Movers (Go Movers NY)
Lots of Damage (Caliber Moving & Cartage Company)
great customer service! (American Choice Van Lines)
The moving experts (The Moving Experts Inc)
EZ Movers were great! (E-Z Movers)
great (Ori Van Lines Inc.)
move was great (AVL Moving Systems)
Great Move (federal moving systems)
Cost and Timing (A professional Movers)
My expierence moving to Rhode Island (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Dishonest and Poor Management (Xpress Movers - Licensed and Insured)
Job Well Done (federal moving systems)
Move with Delta Van Lines (Delta Van Lines)
Impressive move (District Relocators)
Bad Business (USA 1 Moving and Storage)
Very Unprofessional (e-z moving)
Thanks Guys (federal moving systems)
Moving process was quick! (American Choice Van Lines)
King Van Lines (King Van Lines)
Good moving experiance! (American Choice Van Lines)
These guys were AWESOME! (Excellent Quality Movers)
Excellent Service (District Relocators)
A NIGHTMARE of a Move!!!! (America's Moving Services)
Thank you so much! (American Choice Van Lines)
Thank goodness I didnt choose a broker! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Excellent Service (Sky Moving & Storage)
Never use this company!!! (USA 1 Moving and Storage)
Very reliable company! (Big Brothers Moving)
Great Moving Company (Big Brothers Moving)
The Martin Family Move (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Most professional mover in use (Sky Moving & Storage)
Complete Rip-off!!! (Best Time Movers)
Abolute Thieves! Stay Away (Moving Forward Relocation)
Abolute Thieves! Stay Away (Moving Forward Relocation)
To texas within 7 days! (American Choice Van Lines)
thanks for the great job! (ocean moving & storage)
Thank you guys, you really worked hard! (American Choice Van Lines)
They met our satisfaction! (American Choice Van Lines)
Avoid using APioneer Moving (Apioneer Moving Systems)
thank you American Choice! (American Choice Van Lines)
Great experience (All In One Moving and Storage)
Honest Excellent Mover (Best Choice Moving & Storage)
amazing service. (American Choice Van Lines)
Superb Experience (Xpress Movers and Storage)
relocation was quick. (American Choice Van Lines)
great discounted rates (American Choice Van Lines)
accurate estimate! (American Choice Van Lines)
Very smooth move. (American Choice Van Lines)
Thanks (Blake Enterprises Moving & Storage)
Huge A+ (American Choice Van Lines)
Moving was easy. (American Choice Van Lines)
Pathetic movers, totally rip off (Universe Express Inc)
My Recent Piano Move (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Excellent job with my belongings !!!!!!!!!!!! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Nothing was scratched or broken (American Choice Van Lines)
Amazing Crew (Low Price Mover LLC)
it went smoothly (American Choice Van Lines)
#1 Moving Company In Las Vegas (Interstate Contracted Movers)
WOW!!!! (Interstate Contracted Movers)
Never Use This Company (Nationwide Relocation Services)
everywhere (Ori Van Lines Inc.)
I am delighted with this move (The Moving Experts Inc)
SCAM BEWARE (Continental Express)
HIGHWAY ROBBERY (Nationwide Relocation Services)
I used them twice, the are the best choice! (American Choice Van Lines)
Superior Service (Mighty Movers)
How smooth our move was (All My Sons Moving)
Thank YOU! (American Choice Van Lines)
Graebel was Great (Graebel)
Great company! (Pack N Roll Movers)
Very helpful guys! (American Choice Van Lines)
FANTASTIC NYC MOVERS (columbia moving systems)
Used them twice in the past year (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
great experience (American Choice Van Lines)
To sky moving and storage management (Sky Moving & Storage)
Excellent! (American Choice Van Lines)
Highly Recommended (Universe Express Inc)
Job DONE! (American Choice Van Lines)
Stress free move! (American Choice Van Lines)
XpressMovers Rock :} (Xpress Movers)
XpressMovers Rock :} (Xpress Movers)
DO NOT USE!!! (Metro Van Lines)
Overall Customer Service (All My Sons Moving)
Dishonest, poor customer service (All My Sons Moving)
To sky moving and storage (florida) (Sky Moving & Storage)
These guys did a good job. (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Very impressed with this moving company! (American Choice Van Lines)
From old home, to storage, to new home (Best Choice Moving & Storage)
They were terrific. (American Choice Van Lines)
F.I.D International (F.I.D International)
Third move, and again a success (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Excellent service, and clear website (Best Price Moving and Storage)
TRUSTED MOVER (Best Choice Moving & Storage)
Kudos! Very friendly and trustworthy bunch! (America's Moving Services)
Good Service (The Moving Experts Inc)
very competitive price (American Choice Van Lines)
Honest and reliable company! (American Choice Van Lines)
Great experience (Big Brothers Moving)
Called me the day before I moved to cancel (Compac Moving and Storage)
BEST MOVING COMPANY ever! (Great American Van Lines)
I will recommend them! (American Choice Van Lines)
Lovable Movers (Green Van Lines)
Excellent Job (In and Out Movers)
Cheaters (Graebel)
Marvelous job! (American Choice Van Lines)
Apartment Move (Available Movers & Storage)
Movers are great (Metro Van Lines)
Awesome work!!!!! (Best Time Movers)
Don't go with these guys! (America's Moving Services)
Reputable movers! (American Choice Van Lines)
ABS Movers....great moving and storageý (ABS Moving and Storage)

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