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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From October in 2011

Excellant Move (Northern Van Lines)
Smooth sailing (greenpoint vanlines)
As if moving isnt stressfull enough (Virginia-Beach-Movers)
Universe Express is the Best!!! (Universe Express Inc)
Do Not Use This Company (Metro Van Lines)
happily moved (Express Movers, Inc.)
Houston Move (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
RUN AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE !!! (worldwide van lines)
Top-Notch Movers (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
More Than Double the Estimate (Merit Van Lines)
My review (Proud American Moving Network)
Horrible (A to Z Movers Inc)
Solid Moving Service (Nationwide Relocation Services)
Extremely Poor Service (Metro Van Lines)
Moving Company in Encino,CA (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
best (Low Cost Moving)
Universe Express Moving Ripped Us Off (Universe Express Inc)
Fast Move. (Eco-Vanlines)
Happy with the service provided (Proud American Moving Network)
Never Again (mayflower)
Do not use!!!! (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
HORRIBLE!! Do Not Hire!! (BestWay Moving LLC)
HORRIBLE!! Do Not Hire!! (BestWay Moving LLC)
horriable (worldwide van lines)
Super friendly and professional (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
The best moving company ever! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
outstanding quaity and service (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
NJ to GA Family Move (xpress moving vanlines brooklyn ny)
Excellent customer service (Colonial Van Lines)
Do not use (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
review (All My Sons Moving)
Don't do it (East Movers)
awesome (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
wonderful company (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Good Moving Company (Velocity - Long Distance And Local Moving Company)
Great Moving Company (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Guardian Moving & Storage - shady operation (Guardian Moving & Storage)
Stolen and damaged (All My Sons Moving)
Excellent Service (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Perfect (Verizon Van Lines)
DON'T USE UNIQUE VAN LINES! (unique van lines)
good moving company (Low Cost Moving)
1st time customer (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Uncaring Attitudes (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
Something Special (Eco-Vanlines)
Very Good Service (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
The Best Moving Company (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
a great moving company (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Great Move! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Absolutely Perfect! (J&P Moving Service, Inc.)
Absolutely Perfect! (J&P Moving Service, Inc.)
Finally i avoided moving scam (Moving Contract)
Best For Interstate Move (Green Van Lines)
All The Reviews Are True (compass van lines)
GREAT NO BS MOVERS (Universe Express Inc)
Professional Reliable Movers... (Universe Express Inc)
Stay away from this company (Victory Van Lines)
Great Mover (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Quick and Efficient (Presto Logistics)
Great Move! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Move Worked Out Smoothly (Green Van Lines)
You Will Not Regret (Compass Van Lines)
Pleasant Move (White Glove Moving)
Less than honest (North American Van Lines)
awesome (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
generally dissatisfied (American Moving Services)
Excellent Service (J&P Moving Service, Inc.)
Excellent Service (J&P Moving Service, Inc.)
Sysco Moving and Storage (SYSCO MOVING AND STORAGE)
Very good (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Literally Moving On (J&P Moving Service, Inc.)
The Best Moving Company (All Inclusive Moving and Storage)
DN VanLines Best movers (DN Van Lines)
Best Package (Green Van Lines)
Organized At Office Move (Compass Van Lines)
I'D USE ECO AGAIN (Eco-Vanlines)
Worst Move EVER (worldwide van lines)
5 STARS (Low Cost Moving)
Worst service ever!!!! (American Movers Group)
Thieves and Liars (greenpoint vanlines)
Move from CA to Michigan (Sausalito Moving & Storage)
Moving Made Easy (J&P Moving Service, Inc.)
No call - no show (Prestige Movers)
Residential Movers in Beverly Hills,CA (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
You have done a great job (Proud American Moving Network)
They are not what they appear (worldwide van lines)
Love this company (SYSCO MOVING AND STORAGE)
Hustle Free (Green Van Lines)
Reasonable Price-Honest Service (Compass Van Lines)
Satisfied with the result (White Glove Moving)
Liers and Cheaters (All My Sons Moving)
great company (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
I Got Everything I Wanted (Green Van Lines)
Big Relief (Compass Van Lines)
Honestly The Best Movers I Have Ever Used (Agility Moving & Storage Ltd.)
Blue Horizon Shipping (Blue Horizon Shipping Inc)
I am so pleased with the service provided (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
disgusted (Ishy's State To State Moving)
Service (Eco-Vanlines)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY (G&G Best Moving & Storage)
Universe Express did a great job (Universe Express Inc)
Everything was damaged- everything! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
They did an amazing job. (Georgetown Moving & Storage)
Awesome Moving Company (Moving On Up, Inc.)
Best Movers CA (best movers ca)
Awesome Move With Compass (Compass Van Lines)
Excellent (Roadway Moving)
Got It Done (infinity movers)
The Human Side of Moving (Unity Van Lines)
Finally a good mover.. (Universe Express Inc)
wow! (Midnight Hour Moving)
Best Price per Pound (Eco-Vanlines)
Excellent Service (Delta Van Lines)
DO NOT USE (Eco-Vanlines)
HORRIBLE (Eco van lines)
Horrible (Eco Van Lines)
Waiting forever... (vega Line Moving Company and Storage Services)
Professional Movers (Moving On Up, Inc.)
You won't Regret (All Inclusive Moving and Storage)
Thrustworthy and Reliable Movers (Lonestar Moving LLC)
One week notice: Great job (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Impressed! (Eco Van Lines)
Big Mistake (vega Line Moving Company and Storage Services)
Allied Ex-Con Van Lines (Allied Van lines)
Worst Customer Service (American Moving Services)
Effecient Movers (Moving On Up, Inc.)
Best Package & Most Reliable (Green Van Lines)
Delivered On Time (Compass Van Lines)
Convenient and Well-Priced (Eco Van Lines)
Moving Made Easy (BR Movers)
Excellent Service (White Glove Moving)
On Time (Infinity Moving and Storage)
My move to philly. (Presto Logistics)
Scam (B & B Transportation & Everything Moves)
Great service! (City Movers DC)
My Move With Green Van Lines (Green Van Lines)
How do they do it!? (Eco Van Lines)
Unprofessional & Unreliable (Nationwide Relocation Services)
Fast Efficient Careful (Low Cost Moving)
All Items Damaged upon arrival (All My Sons Moving)
WELL DONE (Eco-Vanlines)
Great Moving Service (LIGHTNING VANLINES)
Good job (Merit Van Lines)
terrible (vega Line Moving Company and Storage Services)
Took Care Of My Creations (Compass Van Lines)
Worldwide van lines (worldwide van lines)
Great Movers (Merit Van Lines)
First class packing service (White Glove Moving)
Thank you (Proud American Moving Network)
Worked Fast (Roadway Moving)
Lost and Damaged Items (Budget Van Lines)
It Wasn't That Costly (Compass Van Lines)
A truly "smooth move"! (LIGHTNING VANLINES)
Great job! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
You guys did a great job !! (Proud American Moving Network)
Fabulous!!! (J&P Moving Service, Inc.)
Worth it. (Eco van lines)
Would Use Again (J&P Moving Service, Inc.)
Would Use Again (J&P Moving Service, Inc.)
Easier Than Thought (J&P Moving Service, Inc.)
Great Service (Jet Van Lines)
Reasonable Price (Roadway Moving)
Outstanding Local Move (Victory Van Lines)
Reliable Moving Company (Merit Van Lines)
Very Impressed (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
I will defiantly recommend you guys (Proud American Moving Network)
Hardworking studs (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
DON'T DO IT (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
Wheaton (wheaton movers)
Moving Back Home (Eco Van Lines)
Excellent Move (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
Very Pleasent Experience (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
a very satisfactory service (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
service is very satisfactory (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Universe Express, Inc. (Universe Express Inc)
Universe Express, Inc. (Universe Express Inc)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY (America's Moving Services)
I Was Assured (Compass Van Lines)
Stolen Chair (Budget Van Lines)
Convenient and Cheap (Eco van lines)
My best move (American Choice Van Lines)
Pleasant Throughout The Day (Roadway Moving)
So Grateful (infinity movers)
Low Country SCAM LINES (Low Country Vanlines)
Excellent guys! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
The Best Move So Far!!! (LIGHTNING VANLINES)
Fabulous moving company all around (LIGHTNING VANLINES)
Hidden Charges, Items Damaged and STOLEN (trusted moving & storage)
Nightmare On Elm Street (Nationwide Relocation Services)
Attentive Movers (Compass Van Lines)
Excellent Movers! (DN Van Lines)
Patient and Understanding (Eco van lines)
Easy move. Thank you (BestWay Moving LLC)
Impressive Moving!!!!! (Great American Van Lines)
Great Moving Company (Roadway Moving)
Good Guys (infinity movers)
Our move (Allied Van lines)
Great Moving Experience (LIGHTNING VANLINES)
Terrible decision! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
Please do not use FLAT PRICE MOVING AND STORAGE (Flat Price Moving & Storage)
Great Moving Experience (White Glove Relocation Services)
Great Movers (White Glove Relocation Services)
Hard to get deposit back for a non-move (America's Moving Services)
Great Service (BestWay Moving LLC)
Horrible Moving Experience (Metro Van Lines)
Excellent Move from Illinois to Michigan (White Glove Relocation Services)
Excellent Move from IL to MI (White Glove Relocation Services)
Last Minute Move Done Well (LIGHTNING VANLINES)
Back To Our First Choice (Great American Van Lines)
Fantastic (Eco van lines)
Hire These Guys (Roadway Moving)
Very Professional (infinity movers)
highly recommend (Mega Moving)
Pleasant experience (Texas Brothers Moving)
Best of the best (Proud American Moving Network)
Good & Not-So-Costly (Green Van Lines)
Un-questionable Quality (Compass Van Lines)
Great Service!!! (BestWay Moving LLC)
BestWay-exellent the company!!! (BestWay Moving LLC)
Excellent Communication (Roadway Moving)
Highly Reccomends.Thank You! (BestWay Moving LLC)
Horrid Move (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Moving Day Near Nightmare (Great American Van Lines)
Back To Our First Choice (Mega Moving)
Positive experience (Budget Van Lines)
Scam Artists Deluxe (Transnational moving services)
Lives Up to Expectations (Eco-Vanlines)
:-)) (Low Cost Moving)
Minimum hassle move (StarCity Moving)
great service (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Great service @ great price (American Choice Van Lines)
great company (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
The top moving service! (City Movers DC)
great company (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Great move! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Amazingly Terrible (Nationwide Relocation Services)
Move Got Finished Easily (Green Van Lines)
Local Move With Compass (Compass Van Lines)
Thanks you huge!! (BestWay Moving LLC)
Best company for move (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Great Service! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Trustworthy company (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
RIPOFF BEWARE NIGHTMARE (worldwide van lines)
With the help BestWay... (BestWay Moving LLC)
SCAM - MO DOT NO ADDRESS (Movers Norfolk VA)
Great reliable company, u can trust. (American Choice Van Lines)
WARNING: easymoveaz TOTAL SCAM (All Star Moving Services)
Great to do business with! (J&P Moving Service, Inc.)
best service (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
excellent (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Good Going with R and C (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
Good Job (Great American Van Lines)
Terrible! (Metro Van Lines)
Impressed (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Impressed (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Don't trust its quote!!! (Proud American Moving Network)
Great Service (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Right on Schedule (Eco-Vanlines)
Very Professional & No Additional Cost !!!! (Great American Van Lines)
good experience (Budget Van Lines)
Reasonable Price-Honest Service (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Great movers (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Did The Move With Utmost Care (Compass Van Lines)
Thank You!! (BestWay Moving LLC)
fast packing and moving (Great American Van Lines)
Good To Go (BR Movers)
My Feedback (Proud American Moving Network)
Thanks a lot !! (Proud American Moving Network)
Fantastic Moving Cmpany (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Liars (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)

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