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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From August in 2014

My moving experience (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Fast and great (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Lovely (Matrix Movers)
Good job (New York Local Movers)
Happy to leave a good review (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Simply the best (New York Local Movers)
I recommend them (UBER MOVERS)
Great service (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Best (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Like (Matrix Movers)
very good (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
A good move (Go East Movers)
A family mover (Go East Movers)
Exceptional (Go East Movers)
Very good (Go East Movers)
5 stars for these guys ! (All Around Vanlines)
Happy client (Go East Movers)
Loved them (Go East Movers)
I am very satisfied!!! (Olympus Moving and Storage)
Done in time (Matrix Movers)
Great boys! (Olympus Moving and Storage)
Alpha & Omega (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Easy (New York Local Movers)
They did a really good job (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Terrific job (Matrix Movers)
Will hire them again (UBER MOVERS)
Coolest service ever (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Exceeded expectations (New York Local Movers)
They know what they are doing!! (National Relocation Solutions)
Good job (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Full service (UBER MOVERS)
GREAT (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Impressed with them (Matrix Movers)
A successful move (Great Nation Van Lines)
reliable and professional (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Excellent and Professional Moving Experience (Mid-Atlantic Moving & Storage)
great service and low cost (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
my move with alpha and omega (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
:) Always on time (Olympus Moving and Storage)
Good job (UBER MOVERS)
Beyond my expectations (New York Local Movers)
Thanks people (Matrix Movers)
Best (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Super (Matrix Movers)
Thank you for the good service (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Masters of moving (New York Local Movers)
We’re happy (Matrix Movers)
Uber fast and easy (UBER MOVERS)
Totally affordable (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Good service and great price (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Best service here! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
moving (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Poor Franchisee - EE Ward (North American Van Lines)
Alfa and omega moving. (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
froffesional team! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
No problem recommending them (American Choice Van Lines)
100% perfect (American Choice Van Lines)
Perfecto (American Choice Van Lines)
Amazing experience (All Around Vanlines)
fast and efficient (All Around Vanlines)
So Happy (Olympia Moving and Storage)
Wonderful work (Olympia Moving and Storage)
Missing items (Allied Van lines)
Hassle free moving (American Choice Van Lines)
Fantastic job people (American Choice Van Lines)
A Good Teamwork (United Royal Van Lines)
The Speed Was Amazing (United Royal Van Lines)
booking for Alpha & omega (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
perfect ! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Do not use Metro Van Lines (Metro Van Lines)
I moved again! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Worst company on the planet (Great Nation Van Lines)
Polite (Certified Relocations)
Very great job (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
first time user (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
great transporting service. (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
I heart MM (Matrix Movers)
Classy and fabulous (UBER MOVERS)
Thanks for everything (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Awesome company (Matrix Movers)
Simply the best (New York Local Movers)
Low prices!!! (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Thanks! (Matrix Movers)
I am satisfied with their work (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Completely satisfied (New York Local Movers)
Best! BEST! (Jet Blue Van Lines)
America's best (American Choice Van Lines)
Best for on budget students (Matrix Movers)
Ten stars review (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
I recommend their services (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Thanks for everything! (Matrix Movers)
I love this company ! (All Around Vanlines)
I call it XXXthe best service (All Over The State Moving & Storage)
Great all around ! (Straight Forward Moving)
Stolen Items, Unprofessional Staff (Rogovin Moving and Storage)
Over charge (Bud Van Lines)
Early delivery (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Undelivered Furniture and Household Items (J&P Moving Service, Inc.)
worst experience of my life (Allied Van lines)
worst experience of my life (Cross Country Movers)
Worst moving company ever (Beacon Moving)
WHAT A NIGHTMARE (All My Sons Moving)
Review about my move ) (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
great job ! thanks (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Great Job (Certified Relocations)
Horrible service (Hercules Moving Systems)
BAD (Chad Moving)
Professional service! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
awesome team (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Fastest moving (Matrix Movers)
Simply great (UBER MOVERS)
I had amazing time (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Life Savor (All Around Vanlines)
Completely affordable (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Good job (Matrix Movers)
Glad I haired them (UBER MOVERS)
They are the men! (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Good (New York Local Movers)
Good (New York Local Movers)
Easy job (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Thumbs up (Matrix Movers)
Super experience (UBER MOVERS)
Great prices (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Loved it (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Seven days movement (Matrix Movers)
Good Movers (Gold Coast Relocation)
Brilliant work (Full Service Van Lines)
Move from Chicago Texas (Global Transportation)
Thanks a lot guys! NJ to NC (Great American Van Lines)
rewiew A & O (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
fast guys :) (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Amazing job (Matrix Movers)
We got a great deal (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Super easy (Matrix Movers)
Shout out to my favorite movers (New York Local Movers)
Super moving (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Thanks! (Matrix Movers)
Really laid back (UBER MOVERS)
service is excellent (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Lovely moving (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Good job (New York Local Movers)
Low costs and good moving (Jet Blue Van Lines)
I recommend them (Matrix Movers)
Easy and good (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Great job (Matrix Movers)
Great job (Matrix Movers)
Northeast to South (Nationwide Van Lines)
Classy and great (UBER MOVERS)
Alfa and omega review ) (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Solid mover (Remax Van Lines)
Moving across country is stressful. (Continental Van Lines New Jersey)
Classy and great (UBER MOVERS)
Fast! Great! Affordable (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
My 4 bedroom (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Crooks - Buyer Beware! (Allways Moving & Storage)
Made moving easy! (Nationwide Van Lines)
Loved it (Matrix Movers)
Thumbs up (New York Local Movers)
Awesome experience (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Best (Matrix Movers)
Affordable moving (UBER MOVERS)
Thanks for everything (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
I liked it (New York Local Movers)
Grateful for them (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Professionals (UBER MOVERS)
Cool (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Fun moving (Matrix Movers)
I am glad (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
We would definitely hire them again. (American Home Movers)
I highly recommend them! (Classic Van lines)
highly recommend them. (Best Price Movers)
Easiest move ever! (American Home Movers)
Easiest move ever! (American Home Movers)
I highly recommend them! (Classic Van lines)
would definitely use them again! (Cross Country Movers)
really efficient (Cross Country Movers)
Great company. (Best Price Movers)
My moving crew was great! (Classic Van lines)
My moving crew was great! (Classic Van lines)
The movers were amazing. (Classic Van lines)
The movers were amazing. (Classic Van lines)
Perfect Service (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Bad communication (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
I was amazed (Great American Van Lines)
Move to Miami (Household Vanlines)
Experience that counts ! (All Over The State Moving & Storage)
Hats off to Straight Forward Moving (Straight Forward Moving)
Superb mover (Great Nation Van Lines)
Nice company (Olympus Moving and Storage)
Don't make my mistake! (New Way Moving Services)
My experience (Ash Moving Corp)
appreciate Liberty Van Lines (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Good service - thank you ! (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
OH JUST RIGHT! (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Never picked up (Alliance Moving Service)
Perfect Service with A&O (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
wonderful discounts offered (Car Shipping Pros)
amazing movers!! (Warner's Van Lines)
very professional company! (Gulf Coast Van Lines)
Good job (Matrix Movers)
It’s done great (UBER MOVERS)
The best moving experience (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Moving with them went easy (Matrix Movers)
Went really great (New York Local Movers)
Good work (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Best (Matrix Movers)
Happily moved (Ash Moving Corp)
Best movers (UBER MOVERS)
Best movers (UBER MOVERS)
Perfect Service (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Really great (National Relocation Solutions)
My choice the best movers Alpha & Omega (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Sweet experience (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Low prices for high level service (New York Local Movers)
Five stars (Matrix Movers)
Trustworthy (Xtreme Movers)
I am really satisfied (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Punctual and trustworthy (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Really great (UBER MOVERS)
the worst, most dishonest company (Platinum Van Lines)
lack of service (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Worst moving experience with Atlas Van Lines (Atlas Van Lines/Ace Southwest)
Moving back from CA to CO (Pacific Ocean Moving & Storage)
Jerry Rivard (Full Service Van Lines)
Terrible moving experience (Manchester Vanlines)
Easy, without stress and low cost (New York Local Movers)
Surprisingly great moving (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Super moving (Matrix Movers)
Loved the service and the price (New York Local Movers)
Awesome moving is awesome (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Trustworthy (Matrix Movers)
Really great price (UBER MOVERS)
Really inexpensive services (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Perfect (Jet Blue Van Lines)
hire them for sure (Go East Movers)
I move one could cherish (Go East Movers)
Pretty satisfied (UBER MOVERS)
Fast, affordable and good experience (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Practically the best (New York Local Movers)
Great and fast delivery (Jet Blue Van Lines)
It was great (UBER MOVERS)
Ames Movers (Your Local Movers)
Exellent organization (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Kind and great movers (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Awesome moving (New York Local Movers)
Loved it (Matrix Movers)
Talented guys ! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Best service (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Best for moving with pets and kids (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Easy moving (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Punctual and careful moving (Matrix Movers)
Satisfied with their work (Matrix Movers)
GREAT! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
My good experience with A&O (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Awesome! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
pleasant experience ;) (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Best movers and team ! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
GEM to the rescue (Go East Movers)
A planned move (Go East Movers)
Perfect Job (Go East Movers)
Moving with thrill (Go East Movers)
MY WAY TO IOWA (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Alpha and Omega good movers company! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Wonderful Job! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Honored their original price (Household Vanlines)
No Stress! (Olympia Moving and Storage)
Moving company scam (Global Transportation)
I moved again (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
very fast moving company (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
This move was so pain free (Maya Van Lines, Inc.)
excellent service! (Gulf Coast Van Lines)
Definitely recommended!!! (Warner's Van Lines)
highly recommend ! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
A&O Moving and Storage was great! (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Good job (Matrix Movers)
Great job (UBER MOVERS)
Thanks! (New York Local Movers)
Thanks! (Matrix Movers)
Easiest so far (Jet Blue Van Lines)
I would hire them again (Matrix Movers)
Uber Movers are awesome (UBER MOVERS)
I am glad it all went great (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Professional, fast and polite (All My Sons Moving & Storage of Milwaukee)
They do awesome job (New York Local Movers)
Thanks for the great service (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Best (Matrix Movers)
Good organization (UBER MOVERS)
Amazing move! (Household Vanlines)
My first positive experience (Full Service Van Lines)
Millions of stars (Great Nation Van Lines)
The company was GREAT! (All Around Vanlines)
I loved it (New York Local Movers)
They exist thank lord (Jet Blue Van Lines)
5 star mover (Remax Van Lines)
They’re like a machine (Matrix Movers)
Thank you (BR Movers)
A flawless move (Remax Van Lines)
friendly,professional and efficient. (Continental Van Lines New Jersey)
Quick and straightforward (Interstate Movers)
Poor service - high rates (All USA Van Lines)
BEWARE - Deceitful Company (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
excellent! (Green Line Moving Corp.)
American Van Lines - Well Done! (American Van Lines)
Pleasant move (Xtreme Movers)
Wonderful experience (Matrix Movers)
Full service for reasonable price (New York Local Movers)
Wonderful moving (Jet Blue Van Lines)
They made it easy (Matrix Movers)
I recommend this company (Matrix Movers)
Glad that hired them (UBER MOVERS)
Completely affordable service (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Matrix Movers for the win (Matrix Movers)
Service is great (UBER MOVERS)
I recommend them (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Surprisingly low prices (Jet Blue Van Lines)
I had the time of my life (Matrix Movers)
These guys were awesome... (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Caring guys ^_^ (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
incredible!! Thank you!! (Best Price Movers)
pleasure (American Home Movers)
I'd recommend this company (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Simply fabulous (Atlanta Van Lines)
do yourself a solid (East Coast Movers)
Easiest move ever! (Best Price Movers)
nice job (Economy Van Lines)
great movers! (East Coast Movers)
great movers! (East Coast Movers)
Extremely reasonable (Classic Van lines)
I'd recommend this company (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
Fantastic movers! (Atlanta Van Lines)
I'd recommend this company (Mid Moving & Storage Inc.)
wonderful company Alpha & Omega MS (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
Mislead by reviews! (Chad Moving)
low cost and excellent service (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
smooth Move NJ to IL (Great American Van Lines)
Great moving experience (Nationwide Van Lines)
They did very hard job (Full Service Van Lines)
Movers at their best (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Best company in all of New Jersey. (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Flat rate great prices!! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Massachusetts to Colorado (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
I had a Great Experience This Time (United Royal Van Lines)
FANTASTIC MOVERS! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
They Made the Difficult Move Easy (United Royal Van Lines)
Great Moving Company! (Roadway Moving)
Very expert mover (Remax Van Lines)
THANK YOU GUYS! (American Quality Movers)
extremely bad experience (Two Men And A Truck)
True Professionals (Southside Moving and Storage)
Impressive work (Remax Van Lines)
Very easy move (Global Transportation)
Great guys (Full Service Van Lines)
Fantastic mover (Full Service Van Lines)
Fast moving! (UBER MOVERS)
It went really great (Matrix Movers)
Fantastic (New York Local Movers)
They work really fast and great (Jet Blue Van Lines)
Awesome (Matrix Movers)
Fun experience (UBER MOVERS)
Thank you Express Van Lines (Express Vanlines)
Job well done (New York Local Movers)
Hands Down Great Company (Express Vanlines)
Very Good Moving Company (Express Vanlines)
Thumbs up and five stars (Jet Blue Van Lines)
I loved it (Matrix Movers)