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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From August in 2015

I felt honoured (Long Distance Van Lines)
You Can Trust Them (Long Distance Van Lines)
It was the best experience! (United Royal Van Lines)
Always United Royal Van Lines (United Royal Van Lines)
The Worst Moving Company EVER!!!!!!!!! (All State Van Lines Relocation)
Worst move of my life (Agility Van Lines)
Expensive but capable (Full Service Van Lines)
Grizzly saved my move! (Grizzly Van Lines)
Best movers (Orange Van Lines)
Best downsizing ever (Alpha & Omega Moving and Storage)
It’s a good life (Full Service Van Lines)
Very easy to work with (Top Movers Corporation)
Move with Alliance moving services (Alliance Moving Service)
We made just one phone call (Infinity Van Lines)
They were on top of everything (EAST COAST MOVING AND STORAGE)
I will stick to this company (Full Service Van Lines)
Good job (Guardian Moving Systems)
Cost efficient (Guardian Moving Systems)
Simply awesome (UBER MOVERS)
Nice and clean work (Guardian Moving Systems)
Excellent (Admiral Moving Services)
Great Work (Admiral Moving Services)
Moving went great (Matrix Movers)
Recommending them (Classic Moving Services)
We are content (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Awesome (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Reasonable prices (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
My compliments for the great work (New York Local Movers)
A company that deserves a shout out (New York Local Movers)
Serious movers (New York Local Movers)
Bad Move (Certified Relocations)
HORRIBLE (Agility Van Lines)
Definitely recommend (Wheaton World Wide Moving)
Beware! (Royal Relocation)
They did a fine job (Full Service Van Lines)
I would certainly use them again (Full Service Van Lines)
They took great care of my breakables (pack & go moving inc)
Friendly and qualified (Grace Van Lines)
More pros than cons (Full Service Van Lines)
Professional Movers (Long Distance Van Lines)
This Is a Truthful Company (Long Distance Van Lines)
Something out of the ordinary (United Royal Van Lines)
Services worth going for (United Royal Van Lines)
cordial (National Relocation Van Lines)
excellent (National Relocation Van Lines)
Great and complete move (Great Nation Van Lines)
Would Use Again (Orange Van Lines)
Great first moving experience (Full Service Van Lines)
Can’t complain (UBER MOVERS)
The best company for big moves (Guardian Moving Systems)
They changed my perception (Puma Van Lines LLC)
Safe and fast (Guardian Moving Systems)
Really good work (Matrix Movers)
Better than my previous move (Guardian Moving Systems)
Awesome (Admiral Moving Services)
Thank you! (Admiral Moving Services)
Much love for them (Classic Moving Services)
Magnificent workers (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
I can’t thank them enough (Sprint Van Lines)
Amazing (Classic Moving Services)
Very systematic movers (Full Service Van Lines)
Moved like a boss (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Affordable move with real professionals (New York Local Movers)
No reason to complaint (Trans United)
Pleased with the service (New York Local Movers)
Stretched the money I paid (Divine Moving)
Straight A (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Got the best move (Proud American Vanlines)
Best deal (New York Local Movers)
Deserves 5 star (Grace Van Lines)
They definitely gained my trust (Full Service Van Lines)
Very capable moving company (Southeast Van Lines Inc.)
Liars/Rude/subcontract (North Van Lines)
unproffessional/dishonest (North Van Lines)
Liars/Rude/subcontract (North Van Lines)
unproffessional/dishonest (North Van Lines)
I am happy I called them (Long Distance Van Lines)
The Very Best Moving Company (Long Distance Van Lines)
The customer service is excellent (Southside Moving and Storage)
marvelous SERVICE! (Great American Van Lines)
Perfect relocation services (United Royal Van Lines)
Not the same again (United Royal Van Lines)
Really excellent company (Household Vanlines)
pleased (National Relocation Van Lines)
adapted (National Relocation Van Lines)
exceeded (National Relocation Van Lines)
Agility Van Lines (Agility Van Lines)
great moving (National Relocation Solutions)
On time and great time! (Long Distance Van Lines)
Prompt Service (Long Distance Van Lines)
Recommended (Green Van Lines)
Overall excellent move (Orange Van Lines)
Moving company scams (Proud American Vanlines)
Look no further for a moving company (Full Service Van Lines)
Best movers I have ever seen (Delta Van Lines)
They have my recommendation (Agility Van Lines)
Excellent Move (Agility Van Lines)
I have nothing but good things to say (Full Service Van Lines)
Worth the wait (Finest Movers)
Nothing is impossible (Trans United)
Very thorough with everything (Infinity Van Lines)
They delivered more than what I expected (Full Service Van Lines)
They try harder (Alliance Moving Service)
Very reliable mover (AV Moving)
Perfect job in an affordable price (Top Movers Corporation)
They were well equipped (admiral van lines)
Excellent service (Certified Relocations)
Perfect (United Royal Van Lines)
Excellent Piano Shipper (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
An Extremely Good Moving Company (Long Distance Van Lines)
Trouble-Free and Seamless Move (Long Distance Van Lines)
Punctual moving (Guardian Moving Systems)
Magnificent (UBER MOVERS)
A company like no other (Guardian Moving Systems)
Quality work (Matrix Movers)
STRESS FREE MOVE (Great American Van Lines)
Best company for my situation (Viper Moving and Storage)
I trust them (Full Service Van Lines)
Will call them again (Matrix Movers)
Lucky me (Guardian Moving Systems)
All was done great (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
My heroes (Admiral Moving Services)
My favorites (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Nicely done (New York Local Movers)
Right on time (Admiral Moving Services)
The best and the fastest movers (Classic Moving Services)
Thanks! (New York Local Movers)
The best movers (New York Local Movers)
Such a fast move (Classic Moving Services)
They finished the job in four days (Proud American Vanlines)
Superb (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Great movers (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
I have never had a move go so well (Full Service Van Lines)
I appreciate their sincerity (Grace Van Lines)
No vertical limit (Full Service Van Lines)
Never trust these guys (pack & go moving inc)
Same day moving (American Choice Van Lines)
Hell yes (American Choice Van Lines)
Priceless movers (American Choice Van Lines)
Excellent moving option with ACVL (American Choice Van Lines)
Awesome transporters (American Choice Van Lines)
big house moved (Green Van Lines)
Good company for the lazy and tired mover! (Viper Moving and Storage)
Thanks guys (Long Distance Van Lines)
Forever a loyal client (Long Distance Van Lines)
AMAZING!!! (Orange Van Lines)
you guys rock!! (National Relocation Van Lines)
Very dishonest (North Van Lines)
job well done (National Relocation Van Lines)
Fantastic service (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Time saving move (UBER MOVERS)
I collaborated with a professional crew (Guardian Moving Systems)
Huge effort (Guardian Moving Systems)
Quality moving team (UBER MOVERS)
Kind staff and hardworking movers (Guardian Moving Systems)
Outstanding work (Admiral Moving Services)
Steady company (Matrix Movers)
Take my recommendation (Admiral Moving Services)
Awesome dudes (Classic Moving Services)
Well done (Classic Moving Services)
Recommending this company (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Excellent choice (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
They were very expert (Available Movers & Storage)
Best done with professionals (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Long live Full service van lines (Full Service Van Lines)
It was all good (Full Service Van Lines)
Better than the (Grace Van Lines)
Inexpensive yet great service (Full Service Van Lines)
Apt and experienced moving company (Alliance Moving Service)
They delivered flawlessly (admiral van lines)
Ease of moving (American Choice Van Lines)
Best selection (Go East Movers)
I recommend GEM (Go East Movers)
They are the best around (Long Distance Van Lines)
All lies (Trans United)
Moving experts (Long Distance Van Lines)
Awesome and inexpensive move (New York Local Movers)
Friendly staff (New York Local Movers)
Hands down they do good work (Proud American Vanlines)
Cost efficient (UBER MOVERS)
Thanks! (Guardian Moving Systems)
Very affordable and pro move (Guardian Moving Systems)
Cost efficient price (Matrix Movers)
Ended great (Guardian Moving Systems)
My best move (Matrix Movers)
Expert Team! (1st National Movers)
Top movers (Straight Forward Moving)
Impossible made possible (Full Service Van Lines)
A highly respected company (Long Distance Van Lines)
Easy breezy relocation (Infinity Van Lines)
Thank You, You Guys Were Great (Long Distance Van Lines)
Very concerned (Orange Van Lines)
Drama free relocation (admiral van lines)
They were on top of everything (Alliance Moving Service)
A total nightmare (National Relocation Van Lines)
They have the best crews (Full Service Van Lines)
Hire this company (Grace Van Lines)
Most affordable (Admiral Moving Services)
Really affordable (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
So content (Admiral Moving Services)
Not sorry I hired them (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Wow (Classic Moving Services)
Stand out service (New York Local Movers)
Moved very well with this company (Classic Moving Services)
Pretty good (New York Local Movers)
Moved easily with RPVL (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Must try them if you move (New York Local Movers)
Ideal movers (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Loved the service (Proud American Vanlines)
Great crew who knew how to do the job (Full Service Van Lines)
Very helpful movers (Accurate Movers)
Hassle free (Orange Van Lines)
Relocated to Utah safely (Agility Van Lines)
It was a success (Long Distance Van Lines)
A Reliable Mover (Long Distance Van Lines)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! SCAM! (Top Quality Moving Services)
A perfect move (Accurate Express Movers)
Excellent Movers (Household Vanlines)
Overall excellent!!! (Orange Van Lines)
Worst company i have ever dealt with (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Happy moving (UBER MOVERS)
Well done (Guardian Moving Systems)
Loved it (Guardian Moving Systems)
Helpful (Guardian Moving Systems)
Superb work (Matrix Movers)
Lovely (Admiral Moving Services)
Moving with professionals (Admiral Moving Services)
Fantastic crew (Matrix Movers)
Hella good (Classic Moving Services)
Thanks for the fast move (Classic Moving Services)
Instantly finished (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Great for family moves (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
How awesome (New York Local Movers)
Excellent job (New York Local Movers)
Moving with the best NY movers (New York Local Movers)
*DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY* (Long Distance Van Lines)
Excellent Professional Movers (Orange Van Lines)
Gifted movers (Full Service Van Lines)
Moving has never been easier (Full Service Van Lines)
They made it look so easy (Full Service Van Lines)
The movers knew their job well (Grace Van Lines)
You will not be disappointed (pack & go moving inc)
Thanks (Orange Van Lines)
A job well done (Long Distance Van Lines)
Fast Service (Long Distance Van Lines)
Devoted to the work (UBER MOVERS)
They did a great job (Guardian Moving Systems)
My great move (UBER MOVERS)
Nice to finally find good movers (Guardian Moving Systems)
Laid back move (Matrix Movers)
Excellent (Guardian Moving Systems)
Incredible (Admiral Moving Services)
A serious moving company (Admiral Moving Services)
Thanks (Matrix Movers)
Amazed (Classic Moving Services)
Happy in my new home (Classic Moving Services)
Just the right way to be moved (New York Local Movers)
Much love for this company (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Great prices (New York Local Movers)
You’d love them too (New York Local Movers)
A moving that was done with great care (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Great Moving Company (Straight Forward Moving)
The moving experts (pack & go moving inc)
Specialists in excellence (Long Distance Van Lines)
So glad to them (Long Distance Van Lines)
Great company with great movers (National Relocation Van Lines)
Awesome service from GVL (Green Van Lines)
More than satisfied (1st National Movers)
Ridiculously easy relocation (Full Service Van Lines)
Best of the bunch (Grace Van Lines)
Impressive performance (Full Service Van Lines)
I only have good memories (Full Service Van Lines)
Respectful moving company (Alliance Moving Service)
Excellent (AV Moving)
Hiring them was such a good idea (Top Movers Corporation)
BIG PERFORMER GREAT CREW (Great American Van Lines)
Great experience (Orange Van Lines)
Awesome movers, Excellent job (Green Van Lines)
Would not honor contract (Grace Van Lines)
Thank you! (Guardian Moving Systems)
It was good to collaborate with them (Guardian Moving Systems)
Only four days (Guardian Moving Systems)
Magnificent (UBER MOVERS)
Wonderful (Admiral Moving Services)
Super fast (Matrix Movers)
This company is the best (Admiral Moving Services)
Check them out (Classic Moving Services)
Very simple and relaxed move (Classic Moving Services)
Real professionals (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Moving was well (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Awesome move (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Mighty movers (New York Local Movers)
Thank you so much (New York Local Movers)
Low costs for a big move (Proud American Vanlines)
Wow! (New York Local Movers)
I’m very delightful (Full Service Van Lines)
I’m overwhelmed with gratefulness (The Roadway Van Lines)
Dependable moving company (Sprint Van Lines)
Nothing misses their attention (Full Service Van Lines)
FAST, NICE, AND RIGHT PRICING! (Great American Van Lines)
Thanks Great nation (Great Nation Van Lines)
Hassle free (Orange Van Lines)
Well finished business (UBER MOVERS)
The most professional movers (Guardian Moving Systems)
Reasonable costs (UBER MOVERS)
Thanks (Guardian Moving Systems)
Unbelievable prices (Matrix Movers)
Well done (Guardian Moving Systems)
Real deal (Matrix Movers)
Incredibly well done (Admiral Moving Services)
Definitely, worth the money (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Skillful relocation (Full Service Van Lines)
Quite content (Admiral Moving Services)
Excellent professionals (Classic Moving Services)
Excellent (New York Local Movers)
Affordable (Classic Moving Services)
Perfect price (New York Local Movers)
Let them do their magic (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Perfection is one phone call away (Full Service Van Lines)
Moving went fine (New York Local Movers)
Necessary professionals (Proud American Vanlines)
My favorite (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
I’m a big fan of them (Full Service Van Lines)
Overall Good (Orange Van Lines)
Best Choice (Go East Movers)
Skilled company (Go East Movers)
Safe and Budgeted move (Go East Movers)
Superb moving (Go East Movers)
Sure Recommendation (Go East Movers)
Excellento (Go East Movers)
Don't Use (Long Distance Van Lines)
Big thanks for a great moved (Green Van Lines)
We hired the best movers in Queens (Queens Best Movers New York Moving)
We hired the best movers in Queens (Queens Best Movers New York Moving)
We hired the best movers in Queens (Queens Best Movers New York Moving)
Excellent memorable (Orange Van Lines)
the BEST (National Relocation Van Lines)
Great Service! (Straight Forward Moving)
I recommend this company (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Men on the Move (Men On The Move)
Best Movers (Men On The Move)
Impossible made possible (Full Service Van Lines)
Easy move to Atlanta (Top Movers Corporation)
They have the best crews (Full Service Van Lines)
No other moving companies (Big Boy Moving)
They were brilliant (pack & go moving inc)
Moved with the best company (Agility Van Lines)
I’m bamboozled (Alliance Moving Service)
Fast and friendly movers (Grace Van Lines)
Would use again (Orange Van Lines)
Coolest move (American Choice Van Lines)
Commendable work (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Go East Fast & Easy (American Choice Van Lines)
Realistic move (American Choice Van Lines)
Surpassed expectations (Interstate Relocation Systems)
Top mover (American Choice Van Lines)
ACVL is here (American Choice Van Lines)
I recommend (Long Distance Van Lines)
Can move anything (Long Distance Van Lines)
Qualified for the work (UBER MOVERS)
The best (Guardian Moving Systems)
Beyond my expectations (Guardian Moving Systems)
Good prices (Guardian Moving Systems)
Just the right choice (Matrix Movers)
Loved it (Matrix Movers)
Fast delivery (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Good work (Admiral Moving Services)
Excellent job (New York Local Movers)
Nothing like a great service (Admiral Moving Services)
Great job (New York Local Movers)
Great collaboration (Classic Moving Services)
Yes, they’re the best (Classic Moving Services)
Organized (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Nicely done (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Money saving move (Proud American Vanlines)
This guys did their job!! (Ez Moving and Storage Inc)
Very helpful (Orange Van Lines)
Great job (Green Van Lines)
ALL Personal Belongings destroyed or Stolen (All My Sons Moving and Storage)
What an amazing company (Full Service Van Lines)
Thanks for your help (Full Service Van Lines)
Excellent deal (UBER MOVERS)
Perfect job (Guardian Moving Systems)
Fantastic (UBER MOVERS)
Well organized (Guardian Moving Systems)
Champions (Matrix Movers)
Excellent job (Guardian Moving Systems)
Awesome (Admiral Moving Services)
Would hire them again (Matrix Movers)
Thank you (Admiral Moving Services)
Just fantastic (Classic Moving Services)