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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From September in 2015

super pleasant and super polite (American Home Movers)
Reliable Company (Professional SelfMoving, Inc.)
No worries (Atlant van lines)
I like to be in charge (Atlant van lines)
Stoled a depost, no service provided (24-7 moving and storage)
Enthusiastic set of movers (Full Service Van Lines)
Formidable efforts (Big Boy Moving)
Very well (Guardian Moving Systems)
We moved effortlessly (Grace Van Lines)
Recommending them (Guardian Moving Systems)
Like a dream (Guardian Moving Systems)
Nice job and nice price (Matrix Movers)
Crazy skills (pack & go moving inc)
I’d hire them again (Admiral Moving Services)
Quite fast (Matrix Movers)
Done on time (Admiral Moving Services)
I’m so glad (Infinity Van Lines)
Nice job (Classic Moving Services)
Buyer Beware! (Transit Systems)
Easy relocation (Alliance Moving Service)
No stress relocation (Top Movers Corporation)
I trust them instinctively (Finest Movers)
Very reliable (Full Service Van Lines)
Affordability and efficiency combined (EAST COAST MOVING AND STORAGE)
Easy moved no stress (Green Van Lines)
fair price outstanding service (Great American Van Lines)
A good experience (Classic Moving Services)
They are worth it (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
A recommendation (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Essential for a pleasant move (New York Local Movers)
Good reasons to check them (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Precisely on time (Proud American Vanlines)
Thank you! (New York Local Movers)
Low budget move (New York Local Movers)
moving is hard (National Relocation Van Lines)
Love this company (Frontier Van Lines)
I know only how to pack. (Atlant van lines)
Sewing business (Atlant van lines)
Cost and time efficient movers (Full Service Van Lines)
I really loved their services (Alliance Moving Service)
Everything was systematic (The Roadway Van Lines)
I’m satisfied (Top Movers Corporation)
I was in good hands (Puma Van Lines LLC)
They turned out to be so amazing (Agility Van Lines)
Very sincere movers (Sprint Van Lines)
I’m in love with this crew (Full Service Van Lines)
Scheduled Instantly (American Choice Van Lines)
Sure pick (American Choice Van Lines)
Excellent workers (American Choice Van Lines)
Wonderful move (American Choice Van Lines)
Nice movers (American Choice Van Lines)
Timely move (American Choice Van Lines)
Done on time (UBER MOVERS)
This was the best moving (Guardian Moving Systems)
Organized (UBER MOVERS)
Complete service (Guardian Moving Systems)
Cool dudes (Matrix Movers)
Things they do great (Matrix Movers)
Thank you (Guardian Moving Systems)
I couldn’t be more pleased (Accurate Movers)
Efficient crew (Big Boy Moving)
Easy (Atlant van lines)
No troubles. (Atlant van lines)
Very good (Orange Van Lines)
kudos! (US Relocation Systems)
Affordable price and high efficiency (Full Service Van Lines)
It really was a smooth move (pack & go moving inc)
Easy move (Grace Van Lines)
Amazing services (Top Movers Corporation)
As good as it gets (admiral van lines)
They are always amazing (Full Service Van Lines)
Happily finished moving (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
The best (Admiral Moving Services)
Special thanks to BLVL (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Very suitable price (Admiral Moving Services)
Fantastic price (New York Local Movers)
Must try (Classic Moving Services)
My best move (Classic Moving Services)
Thanks (New York Local Movers)
Hella great (Proud American Vanlines)
Real deal (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Don't use them! (123Movers)
Well done (New York Local Movers)
Smart choice (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
They handled our furniture with care (Certified Relocations)
Good work (UBER MOVERS)
They got my recommendation (Guardian Moving Systems)
No damages of my stuff (UBER MOVERS)
Well done (Guardian Moving Systems)
Thanks to Matrix Movers (Matrix Movers)
No worries (Matrix Movers)
Loyal partners (Guardian Moving Systems)
Definitely Recommended (Great American Van Lines)
Not expensive (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Highly recommendable (Admiral Moving Services)
We would move with BLVL again (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Loyal to them (Admiral Moving Services)
What an awesome move (New York Local Movers)
Hey they are the best (Classic Moving Services)
Most cost efficient price (New York Local Movers)
Applauding to their well finished work (Classic Moving Services)
Laidback moving (New York Local Movers)
You will love them (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Thank you very much (Proud American Vanlines)
Fancy moving (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
awesome (US Relocation Systems)
No mess (Atlant van lines)
Great advice (Atlant van lines)
Fast+Easy Move (North Van Lines)
Excellent service (Full Service Van Lines)
It doesn’t get any better (Xtreme Movers)
Safe moving (Guardian Moving Systems)
They best, I promise (Guardian Moving Systems)
Very content (UBER MOVERS)
Fast and fabulous (Guardian Moving Systems)
Such a pleasant moving (Matrix Movers)
Great for families with children (Admiral Moving Services)
Costs aren’t too big (Admiral Moving Services)
Masters of the moving (Matrix Movers)
Perfectly low prices (Classic Moving Services)
Perfect for home moves (Classic Moving Services)
Willing to move with BVLV any time (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
My favorite movers (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Cost efficient (New York Local Movers)
We loved it (New York Local Movers)
Efficient (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Good to know they exist (New York Local Movers)
Great movers (Go East Movers)
Exceptional work (Go East Movers)
Great Service (Go East Movers)
Best Company (Go East Movers)
Move in designated time (Go East Movers)
Pleasant ride (Go East Movers)
Mixed bag (Certified Relocations)
Do NOT use Door to Door (Door To Door Moving)
worst moving company/nightmare (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Worst Exprience (Economy Van Lines)
Worst Exprience (Economy Van Lines)
Quality moving (UBER MOVERS)
This is the best company (Guardian Moving Systems)
Coolest guys (Guardian Moving Systems)
Wonderful (UBER MOVERS)
They can move you in a second (Guardian Moving Systems)
The very best (Matrix Movers)
I had a great moving (Admiral Moving Services)
Great things were done (Admiral Moving Services)
Lovely experience (Matrix Movers)
They didn’t let me worry (Classic Moving Services)
Many thanks for them (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Wonderful (Classic Moving Services)
Total service (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Good job (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Good job (New York Local Movers)
Ideal decision (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Fast for close moves (New York Local Movers)
The best way to move (New York Local Movers)
Top quality service (Unlimited van lines inc)
I was rescued by this company (Full Service Van Lines)
Such reliable men (Finest Movers)
No point in hiring any other movers (pack & go moving inc)
Great and affordable (Infinity Van Lines)
Excellent company (Alliance Moving Service)
Dependable movers (Top Movers Corporation)
5-star moving experience (Trans United)
Fantastic moving company (EAST COAST MOVING AND STORAGE)
I’m satisfied (Full Service Van Lines)
Wonderful service (Orange Van Lines)
They are just the perfect moving company (Full Service Van Lines)
Top class move (Unlimited van lines inc)
They took me by surprise (The Roadway Van Lines)
You won’t find a better moving company (Alliance Moving Service)
The easiest possible relocation (Sprint Van Lines)
I’m rooting for Top movers corporation (Top Movers Corporation)
Totally awesome (Full Service Van Lines)
So respectful and caring (Orange Van Lines)
I was extremely happy with them (US Relocation Systems)
Wheaton Moving/Gilmore Services (Wheaton World Wide Moving)
They were very informative (Unlimited van lines inc)
No-stress relocation (Full Service Van Lines)
Help to cure (Atlant van lines)
Good question, good job. (Atlant van lines)
Too costly (Guardian Moving Systems)
Too costly (Guardian Moving Systems)
Too costly (Guardian Moving Systems)
Well done guys (Guardian Moving Systems)
This was it (Guardian Moving Systems)
A breath of fresh air (Guardian Moving Systems)
Wouldn’t move with any other company (Admiral Moving Services)
The moving was excellent (Admiral Moving Services)
Very big thank you (Classic Moving Services)
More than great (Classic Moving Services)
True professionals (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Greatest movers (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Nice work (UBER MOVERS)
The best (Matrix Movers)
Much better (Matrix Movers)
Devoted to good work (Proud American Vanlines)
Nicely done (New York Local Movers)
The best prices are here (New York Local Movers)
Good job (New York Local Movers)
Awful, dishonest service (Delta Van Lines)
They were very competitive (Divine Moving)
Very satisfied (Full Service Van Lines)
Only great memories (admiral van lines)
True professionals (Agility Van Lines)
Great Move (Around The State Moving and Storage)
Smooth and efficient movers (Fox Moving and Storage)
Perfect movers (Around The State Moving and Storage)
Excellent cooperation (Unlimited van lines inc)
Relocation Solution New Jersey (Relocation Solution)
My appreciations (Atlant van lines)
Only the van, please (Atlant van lines)
Nightmare experience (Guardian Moving Systems)
Reasonable pricing (Guardian Moving Systems)
We had a great moving (Guardian Moving Systems)
Well done (Guardian Moving Systems)
God bless (Admiral Moving Services)
Very polite and professional (Admiral Moving Services)
Absolute (Classic Moving Services)
Good work (Classic Moving Services)
Didn’t take long (Matrix Movers)
Thank you! (Matrix Movers)
I have no issues with them (Full Service Van Lines)
Fulfill our needs (pack & go moving inc)
They have very high standards (Alliance Moving Service)
Fantastic experience with them (Top Movers Corporation)
It really was effortless (Full Service Van Lines)
Avoid This Scam (National Relocation Van Lines)
Amazing service (Orange Van Lines)
I was very happy (Southside Moving and Storage)
Very impressive (Certified Relocations)
GREAT WORK, AWESOME PRICE (Great American Van Lines)
The best movers (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
No problems at all (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Good! (Proud American Vanlines)
Very good (New York Local Movers)
Excellent movers (New York Local Movers)
Worth it (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
They are worth the hire (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Loved it (New York Local Movers)
I was so impressed (Southeast Van Lines Inc.)
TERRIBLE BUSINESS, DON'T USE!! (American moving systems)
Such experts in this business (pack & go moving inc)
awesome possems (US Relocation Systems)
Wonderful experience (Green Van Lines)
Excellent Moving Service (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Wonderful! (Atlant van lines)
The team is great (Atlant van lines)
The best moving so far (Guardian Moving Systems)
The ultimate best service (Guardian Moving Systems)
Classy and stress free (Guardian Moving Systems)
Content from what I got (Admiral Moving Services)
Right choice (Admiral Moving Services)
Truly good (Classic Moving Services)
Number one (Admiral Moving Services)
All was done great (Matrix Movers)
Professional (UBER MOVERS)
They are good for big moving (Proud American Vanlines)
They are excellent (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Perpetual motion (New York Local Movers)
Good job (New York Local Movers)
Note to self: always call these guys (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Thanks! (New York Local Movers)
Incredibly well (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
You Need the Right Movers (Full Service Van Lines)
A different breed (Alliance Moving Service)
It’s a whole different experience (Unlimited van lines inc)
They amazed me (Trans United)
So cheap (Infinity Van Lines)
Not the average college boys (Top Movers Corporation)
Perfect in all Kinds of Movers (Full Service Van Lines)
Very happy (Around The State Moving and Storage)
Very courteous and careful (Fox Moving and Storage)
Just amazing (Orange Van Lines)
Allied Insurance (Allied Van lines)
Simply awesome (Full Service Van Lines)
My first choice (Unlimited van lines inc)
Strong and meticulous movers (Full Service Van Lines)
Top Notch Company (Agility Van Lines)
100 percent! (US Relocation Systems)
Lucky advertisement. (Atlant van lines)
Old stuff to move (Atlant van lines)
LIFE SAVER (moving relocation systems)
Brilliant moving company (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Check them (American Choice Van Lines)
Move with ease (American Choice Van Lines)
Coolest movers (American Choice Van Lines)
Lovely move (American Choice Van Lines)
Would recommend them (American Choice Van Lines)
Magicians (Atlant van lines)
We are happy (Atlant van lines)
They are recommended (Full Service Van Lines)
Michael Great Service (Agility Van Lines)
Michael Great Service (Agility Van Lines)
VIPER IS A SCAM (Viper Moving and Storage)
like a chicken dinner (US Relocation Systems)
Loved the professionalism (Full Service Van Lines)
wicked sweet! (US Relocation Systems)
SECOND TIME MOVING WITH THEM !!! 5 STARS!!! (Great American Van Lines)
very careful (US Relocation Systems)
Absolutely use them again (Green Van Lines)
Knowledgeable Moving Team (North Van Lines)
Better than the rest (UBER MOVERS)
Great prices (UBER MOVERS)
Seriously the best (Matrix Movers)
Good for business moving (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
The very best (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Great (Guardian Moving Systems)
Nice moving (Guardian Moving Systems)
One great company (Guardian Moving Systems)
Wouldn’t change them for other company (Admiral Moving Services)
Good choice (Admiral Moving Services)
Happy ending (Classic Moving Services)
Awesome (Classic Moving Services)
Great prices (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Classy move (New York Local Movers)
A good work was done (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Problem free (New York Local Movers)
All was done well (Proud American Vanlines)
Awesome New York movers (New York Local Movers)
So helpful (Orange Van Lines)
Damage free moving (Go East Movers)
Right moving option (Go East Movers)
Good company (Frontier Van Lines)
Clutter free move (Go East Movers)
Clutter free move (Go East Movers)
Superb and beyond my speech (Go East Movers)
Good work (Go East Movers)
Great price (Go East Movers)
Ultimate professionals (UBER MOVERS)
So well done (Matrix Movers)
Thanks guys! (Matrix Movers)
Very happy to select Fox Moving (Fox Moving and Storage)
Very reasonably priced (Full Service Van Lines)
Adequately trained crew (Infinity Van Lines)
Adequately priced (Puma Van Lines LLC)
Fantastic movers (pack & go moving inc)
I am happy with Alliance moving services (Alliance Moving Service)
I will keep hiring them (Xtreme Movers)
Exceptional Quality in Service (Top Movers Corporation)
Unbelievable Service (Straight Forward Moving)
Hire them while they are cheap (Full Service Van Lines)
Great experience! (Viper Moving and Storage)
Friendly recommendation (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
The happy move (New York Local Movers)
The most awesome movers (Guardian Moving Systems)
Above my expectations (Guardian Moving Systems)
Favorite movers (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Great price (New York Local Movers)
Thank you (Guardian Moving Systems)
Broke My Stuff, Blocked My Calls (Tuff N Speedy Movers)
Swell (Admiral Moving Services)
Moved in 5 days (Admiral Moving Services)
Broke My Stuff, Blocked My Calls (Tuff N Speedy Movers)
Well done (New York Local Movers)
Suitable price (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Just the right choice (Classic Moving Services)
Highly recommendable (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Sincere bunch of movers (Full Service Van Lines)
Traditional was a great company to work with (Traditional Express Van Lines)
POSITIVELY SHOCKED!!! (Traditional Express Van Lines)
POSITIVELY SHOCKED!!! (Traditional Express Van Lines)
Good decision (Viper Moving and Storage)
Worry gone with Grizzly (Grizzly Van Lines)
very nice young men (moving relocation systems)
Really good (UBER MOVERS)
Excellent choice (UBER MOVERS)
It was really worth it (Guardian Moving Systems)
Keep the good work (Matrix Movers)
My friend’s recommendation (Guardian Moving Systems)
Absolutely a great company (Matrix Movers)
Great customer support (Guardian Moving Systems)
Thank you! (Admiral Moving Services)
5 Stars Service (Admiral Moving Services)
Simple and well done (BLUE LINE VAN LINES)
Excellent team work (Classic Moving Services)
A real good deal (Classic Moving Services)
They were all professional (New York Local Movers)
Good work (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Good job (New York Local Movers)
Overall a wonderful moving (Plymouth Rock Van Lines)
Reasonable prices (New York Local Movers)
Great move (Top Movers Corporation)
Moving doesn’t get any easier (Alliance Moving Service)
A Refreshing Experience (admiral van lines)
Great efficiency (Full Service Van Lines)
Excellent company (Xtreme Movers)
Transit Systems (Transit Systems)
Awesome moved (Green Van Lines)
Piano (Atlant van lines)
My palm trees (Atlant van lines)
Took the pressure off (Full Service Van Lines)
Recommending them is easy (Alliance Moving Service)
Real Professionals (Household Vanlines)
Wonderful moving experience (Household Vanlines)
Relocated with ease (Household Vanlines)
Good move done (Household Vanlines)
Very organized (Available Movers & Storage)
Moving done well (Household Vanlines)
Extremely Professional (Affordable relocation)
Thank You!! (Affordable relocation)
Smooth (Long Distance Van Lines)
Dishonest Movers From Hell (Proud American Vanlines)
Big thanks! (Guardian Moving Systems)