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Not a bad choice (Northern Van Lines)
Good Moving Cpmpany (Compass Van Lines)
Same as the last time (White Glove Moving)
Careful and Efficient Movers . (Travel Van Line)
Its a fake company!!!!!!! (
Fake website and company!!! (Alexandria Moving)
Fake company!!!! (Movers-Baltimore-MD)
EAST MOVERS (East Movers)
Statewide mover inc. (statewide movers inc.)
Wonderful Job (New Planet Movers)
Statewide mover inc. (statewide movers inc.)
Scam (Transnational moving services)
Unprofessional, undelivered, untrustworthy (Pacific 2 Atlantic Van Lines)
Would still recommend them (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
No problem throughout the move (Compass Van Lines)
I would highly recommend (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Friendly & Professional Movers (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Never use them they are a JOKE (am pm moving and storage)
Thank you Guys. You are Awesome (Victory Van Lines)
American Choice Van Lines (American Choice Van Lines)
Bad Move (American Choice Van Lines)
Efficient and Educated (Northern Van Lines)
Responsible and Decent Movers (Northern Van Lines)
Great Moving Service (Great American Van Lines)
Great move A+ (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Inexpensive, efficient and fast (Certified Relocations)
Best Transport Co. (Express Nationwide Inc)
A Job Well Done! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Still recommend them (Travel Van Line)
Local Move (Universe Express Inc)
WOW (Eco van lines)
Great move! (Universe Express Inc)
Aweful experience (Capital Van Lines)
Very Happy with our Move (statewide movers inc.)
A pretty successful move (Green Van Lines)
I trust on you (Compass Van Lines)
Very Good Moving!!! (statewide movers inc.)
Very Delicate Transportation (White Glove Moving)
Excellent Service (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
An Adventure in Moving Quotes (Great American Van Lines)
They were well worth it (Greenway Movers)
Scientific Storage facilities (Compass Van Lines)
Very Good Company! (statewide movers inc.)
Relocation Services in Los Angeles,California (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
Please Read. (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Lucky To Find Them (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Extremely good service (America's Moving Services)
No compromise with Service (Green Van Lines)
Plan-wise relocation (Compass Van Lines)
Professional moving service (Green Van Lines)
Thanks to This company!! (statewide movers inc.)
Would use them again. (Eco Van Lines)
DO NOT USE - THEY ARE LIARS & CROOKS (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
DO NOT USE THESE LIARS & CROOKS (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
Prompt service (Green Van Lines)
Terrible Moving Company!!! (Metro Van Lines)
Terrible Moving Company!!! (Metro Van Lines)
best Moving Company (statewide movers inc.)
Punctual (Compass Van Lines)
Thumbs up (Green Van Lines)
The world's worst moving company (Hercules Moving Systems)
Amazing dedication (Compass Van Lines)
Smooth Move (StarCity Moving)
Stand by their word (StarCity Moving)
Simply the BEST (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Top Movers (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Horrible Nightmare! (MoveOurStuff.Com)
Horrible Nightmare! (MoveOurStuff.Com)
Good job All Inclusive Moving and Storage (All Inclusive Moving and Storage)
moving (Active Movers)
Worst Customer Service (Moving On Up, Inc.)
Efficient and Effective (Certified Relocations)
Nice job (statewide movers inc.)
Best Moving Company (First Van Lines)
Best moving service ever (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Fantastic service (Travel Van Line)
Thanks guys (Green Van Lines)
Good job (Compass Van Lines)
Professional and well done (Regions Van Lines)
Happy to move (Green Van Lines)
Feel the difference (Compass Van Lines)
Easy Move (Eco Van Lines)
Antiques in safe hands (Compass Van Lines)
horrible (worldwide van lines)
First Move-Good Move (Green Van Lines)
Up To The Mark (Green Van Lines)
No Adjectives Are Enough (Compass Van Lines)
Safe Move With Compass (Compass Van Lines)
Movers (Metro Van Lines)
Twice the amazing job (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
I would use Great American again (Great American Van Lines)
great price for small move. (
Happy Customer..Thanks (Great American Van Lines)
best movers EVER! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Top notch moving service in NJ (Great American Van Lines)
Not a West - Fantastic Move (Green Van Lines)
Great subs (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Amazing Move (Compass Van Lines)
Smooth moving experience (Stairhopper Movers)
Amazing work. On time delivery (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Reasonable and Smart (Certified Relocations)
Great Job, Great Moving Services (White Glove Relocation Services)
Great Job, Great Moving Services (White Glove Relocation Services)
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!!! (StarCity Moving)
Good Job, Awesome Movers! (statewide movers inc.)
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!!! (StarCity Moving)
Must be worst moving co. (Movemakers LLC Moving & Storage)
Worst experience of my life (Eco Van Lines)
Recommended!!! (Green Van Lines)
Good Moving Experience Review (Compass Van Lines)
Painless and Efficient (Northern Van Lines)
Excellent!! (Budget Van Lines)
Organized and Friendly (First Van Lines)
Worst movers ever (Able Moving, LLC)
Worry Free Moving (Great American Van Lines)
Never use Certified Van Lines (Certified Van Lines)
Good Company (statewide movers inc.)
Reliable Moving Service (StarCity Moving)
Long but successful move! (All In One Moving and Storage)
Not a bad service at all (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
Great Experience (Universe Express Inc)
Best of Breed Moving (StarCity Moving)
Top notch from start to finish (StarCity Moving)
My review (Proud American Moving Network)
Still Waiting (LA Moving INC)
Great Job, Thanks (First Van Lines)
The Most Reliable East Cost Mover (Victory Van Lines)
The Most Reliable East Cost Mover (Victory Van Lines)
Stay Away (acme van lines)
Efficient and sound workers. (Northern Van Lines)
Went above and beyond (StarCity Moving)
Careful and Professional (Northern Van Lines)
Never USE!!!! (All My Sons Moving)
Great Service (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Long distance move newbie (Northern Van Lines)
Professional and Cautious (First Van Lines)
Excellent Moving Service (First Van Lines)
I recommend them (First Van Lines)
Not a bad choice (Certified Relocations)
Top-Notch Move (Green Van Lines)
Not a bad choice (Certified Relocations)
Pleased With The Service (Compass Van Lines)
Excellent Service (Eco Van Lines)
Just amazing (StarCity Moving)
Worst movers ever (Able Moving, LLC)
Awesome Experience! (statewide movers inc.)
Thank you all… (Green Van Lines)
Great service, you pay more but it worth it (All In One Moving and Storage)
The Best! (Eco-Vanlines)
Customer Centric Approach (Compass Van Lines)
Mine went fine (Metro Van Lines)
Moving to Vegas (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Damaged Beyond Repairs!!!! (North American Van Lines)
Thanks! (Travel Van Line)
Satisfactory service (Northern Van Lines)
My Move to California (White Glove Moving)
Thanks Green Van lines (Green Van Lines)
great service (Compass Van Lines)
Good job amigos (Green Van Lines)
Awesome! (Compass Van Lines)
Upbeat and Cheerful movers (First Van Lines)
Outstanding work (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Thank you for a job well done (Low Cost Moving)
excellent move (Green Van Lines)
good job guys (Compass Van Lines)
I'm grateful to Green Van Lines (Green Bay Movers)
Glad to Move (Compass Van Lines)
great company (Eco-Vanlines)
Full Move (Metro Van Lines)
My move with Great American (Great American Van Lines)
DO NOT USE THEM!!! PLEASE!!! (All My Sons Moving)
Affordable (Jet Van Lines)
Amazing Job (Jet Van Lines)
thanks guys (G&G Best Moving & Storage)
Professional Service (Jet Van Lines)
In time for the holidays (Jet Van Lines)
Please don't use (Allied Van lines)
Do Not Use (Allied Van lines)
My experience (Low Cost Moving)
Quality service (Green Van Lines)
book again in a heartbeat (Eco-Vanlines)
Awesome Move! (Able Moving, LLC)
WORSE THAN HELL (statewide movers inc.)
WORSE THAN HELL (statewide movers inc.)
Absolutely amazing people (Low Cost Moving)
Fantastic service (Green Van Lines)
mind-blowing :) (Compass Van Lines)
GOOD 1 (Compass Van Lines)
Best package among all (Great American Van Lines)
Excellent Guys (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)
Very Good and professional (Moving On Up, Inc.)
No complaints (First Van Lines)
Super Fast Guys (All USA Van Lines)
Polite,Professional, and Clean (Low Cost Moving)
Orion Van Lines Rules (ORION VAN LINES)
Top Class Service (Green Van Lines)
good and efficient mover (Compass Van Lines)
Stellar Moving Service (Able Moving, LLC)
What a service... (Green Van Lines)
Satisfied by move (Compass Van Lines)
No delivery of goods (BR Movers)
Good/Efficient Service (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Great Company (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
nice, fast and professional (All USA Van Lines)
Excellent Moving service (Low Cost Moving)
Best Moving service ($99 Movers)
Excellent Service (north american auto transport)
Glad to Move (Low Cost Moving)
Highly Recommended (Certified Relocations)
Not a bad service at all (First Van Lines)
Perfect (Metro Van Lines)
J&P Movers (J&P Moving Service, Inc.)
Tough move but good ending (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Kudos guys! (Green Van Lines)
thanks a ton (Compass Van Lines)
eco-friendly mover (Green Van Lines)
100% Professional (Compass Van Lines)
Accurate & Efficient (Eco-Vanlines)
Moving from Sherman Oaks CA to Israel (Blue Horizon Shipping Inc)
Still Recommended (Travel Van Line)
Great moving experience (Green Van Lines)
Highly impressed. Thumps up! (Compass Van Lines)
Dreadful Moving Experience!!! (american eagle movers)
Best Movers (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Great service!! (Low Cost Moving)
Great service!! (Low Cost Moving)
Great service!! (Low Cost Moving)
Efficient Service (White Glove Moving)
Great job from start to finish (worldwide van lines)
Feel the difference (Great American Van Lines)
very nice company (Great American Van Lines)
Worst Army move ever (mayflower)
Scam, ripoff (State Wide Relocation)
Thanks guys!!! (Go East Movers)
Thankful! (Low Cost Moving)
Thankful! (Low Cost Moving)
Thankful! (Low Cost Moving)
Great Service (Green Van Lines)
wonderful move (Men On The Move)
Great Move. (Great American Van Lines)
Knowledgeable Movers (Green Van Lines)
Thank You Guys (Compass Van Lines)
Perfect Local Move (Compass Van Lines)
Flawless Move (Northern Van Lines)
Great service! (United States Movers, Inc)
Thank you (White Glove Moving)
Not a bad Choice (ALL AMERICAN VAN LINE)
RUN!!!!!!!!!! (Apartment Movers)
Dishonest in every way (All My Sons Moving)
RUN!! (Apartment Movers)
Awesome movers (statewide movers inc.)
Reccommended (Northern Van Lines)
Amazing Service (Northern Van Lines)
very good experience (Low Cost Moving)
Crooks (R&C Relocation Services, Inc.)

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