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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From September in 2012

Good service to avail. (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Pleased with the moving experience. (Alliance Relocation Systems)
Stolen Items (Quality Move)
Service with a smile (White Glove Moving)
Service with a smile (White Glove Moving)
lost everything in the move (Finest Movers)
POSITIVE REVIEW (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Total scam (Best Time Movers)
If it sounds to good to be true... (White Glove Moving)
Satisfied with my move (Eco Van Lines)
Highly Recommended (Eco-Vanlines)
Kept my carpet clean (Direct Van Lines)
Clean carpet (Direct Van Lines)
Keep the carpet clean (Direct Van Lines)
Great Service (Real Canada Wide Moving Services Inc.)
Cheaters (Family Moving & Storage)
Service was good (Travel Van Line)
Awesome service (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
They Damaged and Stole (All My Sons Moving)
This company is really good! (Low Cost Moving)
Courteous Service, Great Company (Great American Van Lines Inc.)
Courteous Service, Great Company (Great American Van Lines)
Everything was great!! (Great American Van Lines)
Great Retirement Move (Eco Van Lines)
Unprofessional Movers (American Quality Movers)
Great Expericence (New Times Moving)
Positive experience (Direct Van Lines)
Great move (SelfmovesUSA)
Best Deal Movers Gave Us A Great Deal! (The Best Deals Movers)
Ripoff!!!!!! (Budget Van Lines)
TX to CA (American Home Movers)
No Problems At All (Compass Van Lines)
Either Incompetent or Scammers!! (Great American Van Lines, Inc.)
NC to NY move (White Glove Moving)
Great Stress Free Move (Eco-Vanlines)
Great crew and great customer.service (Certified Relocations)
Moving Made Easy (Eco Van Lines)
Job well done (New Times Moving)
Dishonest, Overcharged, SLOW! (American Quality Movers)
good deal (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Nice Experience (American Home Movers)
Worst experience (Colonial Van Lines)
Terrible from Start to Finish (New Planet Moving & Storage)
my overseas move (Express Cargo USA LLC)
Bet on the Glove.. Glad i did (White Glove Moving)
Do Not Use Liberty Moving and Storage (Liberty Van Lines LLC)
Professional liars and thieves. (Precision Mini Moving and Storage)
Dog friendly (Direct Van Lines)
Fine Job Finest Movers! (Finest Movers)
New Begining (moving express and storage inc.)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY (Beckens Moving & Storage Inc.)
Moving from Baltimore to London (Blue Horizon Shipping Inc)
Good company (Great American Van Lines)
Impressive (Great American Van Lines)
Quality from start to end (Great American Van Lines)
Great in all aspect! (Great American Van Lines Inc.)
Steal your money (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Great Job! (ABS Moving and Storage)
Not a Complicated Move (Eco-Vanlines)
Terrible experience do not use in tampa (Apartment Movers of Florida)
NEVER USE THIS COMPANY... EVER!!! (Compass Van Lines)
A fun journey (Great American Van Lines)
No Fuss No Stress Move (Eco Van Lines)
Great Service Low Pricing (Eco-Vanlines)
Good service (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Criminal Company (Northern Van Lines)
cheap but dishonest, not worth the aggravation (Great American Moving & Storage)
cheap but dishonest, not worth the aggravation (Great American Moving & Storage)
Satisfied (StarCity Moving)
There is no mutual benefit to this ALLIANCE (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Would use again! (United states van lines)
Delays (Direct Van Lines)
Low Ball Estimates (MoveBuilder)
Fine Move Finest ! (Finest Movers)
Great Move (SelfmovesUSA)
LIARS AND FRAUDS - DO NOT USE!!! (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Move From Hell!!! (Nationwide Relocation Services)
State Wide Relocation Scam artist (State Wide Relocation)
Professional (ORION VAN LINES)
Making relocation simple (Eco Van Lines)
Great Studio Move (Eco-Vanlines)
broken promises (worldwide van lines)
Solid job (United Transport Inc)
Stressfree Move (ABS Moving and Storage)
a great experience (professional moving solutions 33614)
Happy Customer from NJ (Low Cost Moving)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY (Ocean Moving & Storage)
Damaged Bed (All My Sons Moving)
moved to the mid west (Xpress Movers)
Dishonest sales people (Mirit Great American)
Great Moving Experience (Eco-Vanlines)
Great Full Service Move (Eco Van Lines)
They are the best (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Experience with White Glove Moving (White Glove Moving)
Excellent service (White Glove Relocation Services)
Great Service (The Best Deals Movers)
STAY AWAY (Royal Relocation)
Luck (Direct Van Lines)
Use these guys, you won't regret it. (ABS Moving and Storage)
Nightmare!!! (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Move It Forward (moveitforward)
Timing (Direct Van Lines)
Fast Response (Direct Van Lines)
Why will kyle not call me back? (American Van Lines)
Liars and Theives…. (Northern Van Lines)
Protected our mattress! (Eco Van Lines)
Adding insult to injury (Green Pacific Vanlines)
Good Job (The Best Deals Movers)
Highly recommend their services. (Alliance Relocation Systems)
Moving for my new job! (American Home Movers)
Honest Movers (The Best Deals Movers)
Best Experience (America Van Lines)
The you for a great service (The Best Deals Movers)
I WOULD RATHER THROW MY STUFF OUT THAN HAVE THEM MOVE IT!!!! (B & B Transportation & Everything Moves)
I WOULD RATHER THROW MY STUFF OUT THAN HAVE THEM MOVE IT!!!! (B & B Transportation & Everything Moves)
Horrible Experience (Finest Movers)
WARNING/HOSTAGE (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Fraud and Lies (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
california dreaming (Eco Van Lines)
Great Student Move (Eco-Vanlines)
excellent service (SelfmovesUSA)
Have these movers help you (StarCity Moving)
Could Have Done it Ourselves (Best US Moving)
Repeat Customer! (Eco Van Lines)
Late delivering (Northern Van Lines)
Excellent Move (ORION VAN LINES)
Great moving experience (USA HOME MOVERS)
Amazingly Awesome!!!! (Horrible Moving Company)
Smoothest Move Ever! (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
trustworthy (Eco Van Lines)
Great moving experience (USA HOME MOVERS)
affordable (Eco-Vanlines)
DAVE LEE IS SO NICE! (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Terrible experience (moving express and storage inc.)
NICE GUY (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Moving with American Home Movers (American Home Movers)
Completely screwed us over (Priority 1 Moving)
Great Company! (The Best Deals Movers)
PROMISED & DELIVERED (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Got here in no time (White Glove Moving)
DO NOT use Virginia Beach Movers (Virginia-Beach-Movers)
The Best Movers (Good team movers)
highly recommended (Eco-Vanlines)
Excellent Movers (Green Van Lines)
GOOD COMPANY (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
extremely attentive (Eco Van Lines)
I CANT COMPLAIN (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Wildly Overcharged (All My Sons Moving)
My Move (American Home Movers)
Worst service I've ever dealt with (New Way Moving Services)
OH to NC (New Times Moving)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY EVER (Blue Horizon Shipping Inc)
Completely dishonest (Cross state moving LLC)
Horrible! (Priority 1 Moving)
Long Distant Move (Metro Van Lines)
My TX to NV moving route (American Home Movers)
Go chiefs and go White Glove (White Glove Moving)
Coast to coast (Direct Van Lines)
Excellent Moving Company (SelfmovesUSA)
Impeccable Company (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Worst Movers in the World-DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! (Simplicity Moving & Storage LLC)
Great movers (Premium Moving & Storage)
Great Service (ORION VAN LINES)
The Best Movers (ORION VAN LINES)
My Maine Move (White Glove Moving)
Best! (Eco Van Lines)
Great moving experience (USA HOME MOVERS)
Be Very Careful (Nationwide Top Movers)
very pleased (Eco-Vanlines)
What a nice company (American Home Movers)
Do not recommend! (America's Moving Services)
BEWARE!!! (best movers ca)
MASSIVE DAMAGE STAY AWAY IRS SCAM (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
No showed! (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
THEY STOLE MY STUFF (asg moving service)
w/o a sweat (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
constant availability (Eco Van Lines)
constant availability (Eco-Vanlines)
Wonderful job you did for us! (Delta Van Lines)
great job (America Van Lines)
Horrible from start to finish (Wheaton World Wide Moving)
RIPOFF (The Roadway Van Lines)
Thank You Best Deal Movers (The Best Deals Movers)
great experience (American Quality Movers)
QUALITY MOVERS (Great American Van Lines)
Worst moving experience EVER ! (elephant moving inc)
Excellent Service from James!! (Sherwood Unlimited Inc)
One request (Direct Van Lines)
great job (American Van Lines)
RIPOFF (The Roadway Van Lines)
Not My Best Moving Experience (Unity Van Lines)
beyond excellent (Eco Van Lines)
The right company! (Eco-Vanlines)
job relocation (Express Cargo USA LLC)
top chicago mover (A Plus Movers)
Do NOT use this company (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
Scam (Simplicity Moving & Storage LLC)
DO NOT contract with Aliance World Wide VAn Lines (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
All went very smoothly! (Manchester Vanlines)
Awesome Movers (Go To Moving)
Avoid avoid avoid avoid avoid avoid (World Wide Van Lines)
QUALITY MOVERS (Great American Van Lines)
Good customer care (Eco-Vanlines)
Thanks Great American Van Lines (Great American Van Lines)
Great people to work with (Cross state moving LLC)
Do not use (All My Sons Moving)
EPITOME of MOVERS (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Wonderful (Direct Van Lines)
well done (American Quality Movers)
well done (American Quality Movers)
Low ball quote & contract (BestWay Moving LLC)
Trustworthy Company (Eco-Vanlines)
fair and caring (Eco Van Lines)
BEST MOVERS in TOWN!!!! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
BEST MOVERS in TOWN!!!! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
BEST MOVERS in TOWN!!!! (Best Price Moving and Storage)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! (B & B Transportation & Everything Moves)
All Air Movers Inc (All Air Movers)
Do not use!!! (Expert Movers DFW)
quick and easy (E-Z Movers)
This is a scam (rogue) moving company (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Dishonest (North American Van Lines)
Liars and Thieves (Continental Van Lines)
Watch out for long distance (Unlimited moving)
The Best Deal Movers are the BEST (The Best Deals Movers)
dishonest billing (All My Sons Moving)
Will nickle and dime customers (All My Sons Moving)
Worst Experience..! (BR Movers)
prompt, convenient (Eco Van Lines)
Always on call (Eco-Vanlines)
Complete Disaster (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Great job (American Knighst Moving)
great company (full house van lines)

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