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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From August in 2012

Worst Moving Company Ever! (Simplicity Moving & Storage LLC)
A Good Job (New Times Moving)
Elite Moving = Great (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Peaceful Move (Direct Van Lines)
Recession Moves (Direct Van Lines)
Poor Service (Colonial Van Lines)
Horrible Experience (Colonial Van Lines)
BIG CITY MOVE (Direct Van Lines)
Damaged furniture (Elite Relocation)
Excellent Move (DN Van Lines)
Moving (Direct Van Lines)
Professional Move (Direct Van Lines)
LONG MOVE! (Direct Van Lines)
Break Up Move (Direct Van Lines)
Making Moving Tolerable (Eco-Vanlines)
Last move Perfect Move (Eco Van Lines)
Great Job and thanks (New Times Moving)
Out of control , scary people (All In One Moving and Storage)
Out of control , scary people (All In One Moving and Storage)
Poor customer service (ORION VAN LINES)
Feel so much better (White Glove Moving)
Best move yet (White Glove Moving)
Solid (1st Moving Corp.)
Efficient and quick!; (NYC Green Line Movers)
Totally dishonest and unprofessional people (Priority 1 Moving and Storage)
Viking did a great job! (Viking Moving And Storage Inc.)
Viking did a great job! (Viking Moving And Storage Inc.)
Very Good Company (White Glove Moving)
2nd time a charming move (StarCity Moving)
Need to add (White Glove Moving)
Need to add (White Glove Moving)
Beside being late good staff (Casco Bay Moving)
Shes not that great (One Good Woman Moving)
Good Move (Alabama Movers)
Really swift turnaround (Going Your Way Moving & Storage)
Good move (Alabama Movers)
To the cleaners (American Van Line)
THANK YOU (White Glove Moving)
THANK YOU (White Glove Moving)
100% satisfied (StarCity Moving)
THEY DONT EXIST!!! (No stress moving)
Never picked up my itema (First Call Movers)
Nightmare (Nationwide Relocation Services)
Fu*king Nightmare (Colonial Van Lines)
No Show!!! STAY AWAY!! (A Plus Movers)
Great (Artic Transportation)
Wonderful (White Glove Moving)
Wonderful (White Glove Moving)
Kudos to Starcity (StarCity Moving)
Superb Move (moving express and storage inc.)
A big thanks! (New Times Moving)
Easy and pleasant move (StarCity Moving)
What a rip off (Patriot Van Lines)
DONT USE THEM! (Nationwide Relocation Services)
Quality Service (Friends and Family Moving and Storage)
Moving Heaven (White Glove Moving)
Thanks a Bunch (American Home Movers)
customer service (World Wide Moving Systems, Inc.)
Went better then expected (Virginia Movers)
Horrible (Colonial Van Lines)
Impressive service (White Glove Relocation Services)
I have never been cheated worst in my life! (Simplicity Moving & Storage LLC)
True Viking Fans! (Viking Moving And Storage Inc.)
Meticulous and professional (StarCity Moving)
Notorious Company! No! (Cross state moving LLC)
Notorious Company! No! (Cross state moving LLC)
Bad company (Direct Van Lines)
My Upstate move (White Glove Moving)
Roadway Van Lines (The Roadway Van Lines)
Budget can suck it (Budget Van Lines)
A perfect fit (Going Your Way Moving & Storage)
Horrible-Beware of Moving Company (All My Sons Moving)
Con Artist/Thugs (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
Well deserved reputation (StarCity Moving)
Good Job (Alliance Relocation Systems)
they were amazing (us van lines)
Flawless execution (StarCity Moving)
Caring and Helpful (Certified Relocations)
worst move ever. (All My Sons Moving)
Thank You White Glove! (White Glove Moving)
Great Deal (Direct Van Lines)
Job well done! (StarCity Moving)
Extremely satisfied (StarCity Moving)
Very pleased with Starcity (StarCity Moving)
Same as my brother (White Glove Moving)
Punctual and professional (StarCity Moving)
Took special care of our stuff (StarCity Moving)
Helped my with quick move (White Glove Moving)
Helped me with quick move (White Glove Moving)
Recent relocation (White Glove Moving)
Amazing experience (StarCity Moving)
Quick Move (Direct Van Lines)
Good company (White Glove Moving)
BEWARE!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! (Certified Relocations)
Couldn't be happier (StarCity Moving)
Thriled with our move (StarCity Moving)
across the country relocation (White Glove Moving)
Awesome job! (Alliance Relocation Systems)
Met Expectations (White Glove Moving)
Hellloooo Ohio (White Glove Moving)
Full trailor move and it was excellent (American Knighst Moving)
Decent job overall. (ALL AMERICAN VAN LINE)
Thanks again (White Glove Moving)
Professional Moving Company (Direct Van Lines)
Making Moving Easier (Eco Van Lines)
Happy Customer (New Times Moving)
Shout out to White Glove!! (White Glove Moving)
Shout out to White Glove!! (White Glove Moving)
A great experience (Simplicity Moving & Storage LLC)
Use them for the best outcome (Simplicity Moving & Storage LLC)
What a wonderful experience (Xpress Moving Vanlines Corp.)
moving (ABM America's Best Movers Van Lines)
Good Company (American Home Movers)
great experience!! (ASAP Relocations)
Direct Van Lines (Direct Van Lines)
fast and efficient. (Green Van Lines)
Priority 1 (Priority 1 Moving)
Customer Service (Metro Van Lines)
Shipping me out of boston (White Glove Moving)
Effective Company (White Glove Moving)
Smooth Moving (Eco Van Lines)
Earned review (White Glove Moving)
Great For Antiques (Eco-Vanlines)
Very Professional and Courteous (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Professional and kind :) (White Glove Moving)
Couldn't be easier (Going Your Way Moving & Storage)
my living nightmare (Compass Van Lines)
Thank you white glove! (White Glove Moving)
Tuff N Speedy Movers (Tuff N Speedy Movers)
DO NOT USE THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY! (vega Line Moving Company and Storage Services)
DO NOT TRUST THEIR WORD (G&G Best Moving & Storage)
US Van Llines Employees (United states van lines)
Move from Hell (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Worst Company ever! (Northern Van Lines)
Outstanding Moving Experience (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Large Move Left Satisfied (Eco-Vanlines)
Liars and Cheats (Safe Load Moving & Storage)
Please DONT USE (Safe Load Moving & Storage)
Premium Treatment (Eco Van Lines)
What a rip-off (Green Van Lines)
Awful Moving Experience (Moving On Up, Inc.)
VERY UPSET (Eco-Vanlines)
I will be using them again!! (White Glove Moving)
Sam (Direct Van Lines)
Everything I Could Ask For (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Great Experience Moving (Direct Van Lines)
Moving done right (New Times Moving)
Smooth (Liberty Moving Group)
Move to California (American Home Movers)
5 Star Service ***** (White Glove Moving)
Worst Possible movers (All My Sons)
USC BOUND (Direct Van Lines)
Never Showed Up (Victory Van Lines)
A+ service (StarCity Moving)
B&B have apparently stolen our entire shipment (B & B Transportation & Everything Moves)
Grateful Return Customer (White Glove Moving)
SCAM (Excel Carriers)
Leaving the City (Direct Van Lines)
Great Military Move! (Eco Van Lines)
LA 2 LV (Direct Van Lines)
Fantastic bunch of guys (always 4 you moving)
Reliable long distance move (StarCity Moving)
Fantastic! (White Glove Moving)
Very pleased (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
DONT USE! Scammers and Thieves (Northern Van Lines)
Would highly reccomend (American Home Movers)
courteous, professiona (NYC Green Line Movers)
Complete Rip off (United Transport Inc)
Wouldn't recommend this place to Hitler (All Inclusive Moving and Storage)
Seattle to Bay Area made easy (Viking Moving And Storage Inc.)
SCAM!!!! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Terrible (Master Movers LLC)
Excellent! (Help You Move)
Budget Moving! (Eco Van Lines)
Excellent Job from Usa Relocation Group (Usa Relocation Group,Inc)
Cross country move (New Times Moving)
great price great service thx (Green Van Lines)
Good Move Nice Company (American Home Movers)
Dishonest people. Avoid this company (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
My experience was very good (First Call Movers)
Denver move (White Glove Moving)
Moving without stress (American Home Movers)
Overall great move. (Victory Van Lines)
Overall great move. (Victory Van Lines)
Spectacular service (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
Extremely thorough Guys (ABS Moving and Storage)
Didn't even show up. (All My Sons Moving)
great customer service, (Green Van Lines)
Just a rotten moving company (Simplicity Moving & Storage LLC)
Positive Moving Experience (ABS Moving and Storage)
Awesome Moving Company! (Moving Masters Inc Brooklyn)
Stormy Move (Direct Van Lines)
The best movers out there! (Low Cost Moving)
Unreachable (Move It)
Movers with Great attitude (Travel Van Line)
Not impressed (National Van Lines)
Damage and missing containers (New Planet Moving & Storage)
Do not USE EZ-Movers (E-Z Movers)
Next Day Service (White Glove Moving)
Super-efficient & reliable Movers (Regions Van Lines)
The right fit for me (White Glove Moving)
Highly Recommend Moving Masters! (Moving Masters Inc Brooklyn)
No Stress Move! (Eco-Vanlines)
Same Company Same Results (Direct Van Lines)
Awful dishonest company (First Call Movers)
Good Job (New Times Moving)
Marrying Move (Direct Van Lines)
Moving made simple (American Home Movers)
from NV to TX (American Home Movers)
terrible experience (Direct Van Lines)
lost Items (Direct Van Lines)
delivered someone elses stuff (Direct Van Lines)
Satisfied Marine (Direct Van Lines)
Job well done! (Certified Relocations)
A bookish Move (Eco-Vanlines)
live and learn (The Roadway Van Lines)
Worked out great (White Glove Moving)
Worked out great (White Glove Moving)
Well Done Job (Direct Van Lines)
Half-**sed (Best US Moving)
Solid Movers (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Excellent tip (White Glove Moving)
A pleasure to work with (New Times Moving)
Favorite Moving Company So Far (Direct Van Lines)
Orion Van Lines International (ORION VAN LINES)
Well worth it (White Glove Moving)
Happy Customer (American Home Movers)
Recommendation (All My Sons Moving)
easy, efficient, cost effective (Emerald Relocation)
Great service (professional moving solutions 33614)
Parents Moving! (Direct Van Lines)
A Pleasant Shocker (Eco Van Lines)
Best Movers Ever (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Master Packers! (Eco Van Lines)
Great Services at a Low Price (Great American Van Lines)
Best Movers We Have Had (Direct Van Lines)
Expert Movers (White Glove Moving)
Fats and Professional (Victory Van Lines)
DON’T USE THIS COMPANY!! RUN! (First Call Movers)
Winners in my book (Going Your Way Moving & Storage)
The worst service (BR Movers)
BUYER BEWARE!!! (Direct Van Lines)
Professional and Friendly (New Times Moving)
Enjoyable Move (Direct Van Lines)
Professionalism At It's Finest (Direct Van Lines)
Nursing Home Move (Direct Van Lines)
California here we come (White Glove Moving)
Saved my life (moving express and storage inc.)
Professional Movers (Oz Moving and Storage)
All You Could Ask For (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Smooth Sailing (American Home Movers)
cross country move (White Glove Moving)
do not use this company (Precision Mini Moving and Storage)
Great Value & Service!! (Great American Van Lines)
Rip off (Beckens Moving & Storage Inc.)
For interstate moves use at your own risk (Priority 1 Moving and Storage)
Great For Short Distance (Eco-Vanlines)
Great Service Great Movers (Direct Van Lines)
Move went smoothly (Xpress Movers)
Very pleased with the service (New Times Moving)
Hub to Hub (American Home Movers)
Grandson Leaving My House! (Direct Van Lines)
Best I Ever Used! (Direct Van Lines)
Simply amazing (StarCity Moving)
Excellent Service Provided (am pm moving and storage)
Red Flags (Safe Relocation)
Proud movers (StarCity Moving)
Amazing Move (Xpress Movers)
Horrible moving company, Bad People (Simplicity Moving & Storage LLC)
FRAUD (Nationwide Moving Services)
good customer service (Xpress Movers)
Great Services at a Low Price (Great American Van Lines)
Swept to the windy city (White Glove Moving)
Good Service Less Money (Eco Van Lines)
Simple and Fast (Eco-Vanlines)
Westward Ho! (New Times Moving)
job done great by Victory (Victory Van Lines)
Many broken items (White Glove Moving)
Overall an easy move (American Home Movers)
Incredible Move!! (Element Moving and Storage)
Terrible experience (American Home Movers)
NEVER USE THIS COMPANY!!! (Colonial Van Lines)
NEver again, be careful despite reviews (America's Moving Services)
Excellent from start to finish (Georgetown Moving & Storage)
BUYER BEWARE!!! (Direct Van Lines)
Our Awesome Move… (Xpress Moving Vanlines Corp.)
Excellent Movers (Travel Van Line)
Nothing to worry about (Travel Van Line)
Shipping Custom-Mae Amish Bedroom Set (TSI, Transit Systems, Inc)
Scammer & Losers (Best Family Movers)
HORRIBLE! (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
provided great Green service. (Green Van Lines)
Goodjob guys! (ABS Moving and Storage)
Perfect Move as Promised (Moving Masters Inc Brooklyn)
unprepared & damaged items (Apartment Movers)
Damage, Damage, Damage (moving central)
Do not use Rockland M&M Moving (Rockland M&M Movers)
Good Experience (Certified Relocations)
Decent Service (Alliance Relocation Systems)
Lied about costs (American Quality Movers)
My recent move was great (Victory Van Lines)
The movers for MD-NY (Victory Van Lines)
No regrets but could have been better (Alliance Relocation Systems)
Moving Masters Second to None for Service! (Moving Masters Inc Brooklyn)
Forward Van Lines (Forward Van Lines)
My Moving with White Glove (White Glove Moving)
Damages and losses (Budget Van Lines)
Great for Packing! (Eco Van Lines)
Grade A Service +++++++++ (Excel Carriers)
Grade A Service +++++++++ (Excel Carriers)
Pleasurable Move (Eco-Vanlines)
They were very helpful and honest. (Binding Price Moving)
GREAT EXPERIENCE!!! (Green Van Lines)
Orion Van Lines Is Awesome (ORION VAN LINES)
Satisfied Customer (New Times Moving)
Excellent experience (Eagle Lines)
Worst move ever! (mayflower)