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Mover Reviews by Month Aggregated Reviews From July in 2012

Good mover (AVL Moving Systems)
Thank you (America's Moving Services)
The reviews don't lie! (StarCity Moving)
Easiest and quickest move ever (StarCity Moving)
Polite and Efficient (ALL AMERICAN VAN LINE)
Good going with Certified Relocations (Certified Relocations)
Moved From State to State (Frontier Van Lines Moving and Storage)
Great moving experience (StarCity Moving)
Highly Recommended ! (Certified Van Lines)
Reliable Movers (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Thank you! (Great American Van Lines)
Excellent moving company, thanks! (Great American Van Lines)
Highly recommended! (Mega Moving)
Great Service (All USA Van Lines)
NOT RELIABLE (The Roadway Van Lines)
SCAM! DO NOT USE! (Big Brothers Moving)
Surprisingly relaxing move (StarCity Moving)
Dishonest and unreliable (Colonial Van Lines)
From Miami to Israel- great company (Blue Horizon Shipping Inc)
Damaged and Missing Items (American Moving Services)
Do Not Use This Company (Ocean Moving & Storage)
HONEST!!! (Priority 1 Moving)
They really saved the day for me (White Glove Moving)
Worst Experience EVER (Movers Norfolk VA)
Cheap Move Smooth Service (Eco-Vanlines)
Terrible company (Safe Relocation)
I will HAPPILY recommend you guys (Hercules Moving Systems)
Worst moving experience EVER! (New Planet Moving & Storage)
Horrible Experience! (Northern Van Lines)
Don't work with this company (ABM Movers Moving and Storage)
Don't work with this company (ABM Movers Moving and Storage)
Don't work with this company (ABM Movers Moving and Storage)
Very reliable moving company (Low Cost Moving)
Honest and Efficient (Green Van Lines)
Public Apology (DN Van Lines)
not recommended (Cross state moving LLC)
Dishonest (All My Sons Moving)
Good despite some issues (White Glove Moving)
Great For Valuables (Eco-Vanlines)
Hands Off Moving (Eco Van Lines)
wonderful green experience (Green Van Lines)
Great packers (Priority 1 Moving and Storage)
Never ever use Nationwide relocation (Nationwide Relocation Services)
Great Service - Recommended (SUMMIT VAN LINES)
Headache from start to finish (American Moving Services)
Bset Movet Period (Moovers, Inc.)
Bset Movet Period (Moovers, Inc.)
A+ (Priority 1 Moving)
Great experience (Certified Van Lines)
Matchless Service (Certified Van Lines)
Missing boxes and broken items (Manchester Vanlines)
Not much of impression (Certified Relocations)
DON'T DO IT!!!! (Eco Van Lines)
Wosrt Customer Service Ever (All My Sons Moving)
Excellent Service Potential (ALL AMERICAN VAN LINE)
Will never use Nation wide relocation services (Nationwide Relocation Services)
Will never use Nation wide relocation services (Nationwide Relocation Services)
Called for An Estimate to Move (All My Sons Moving)
Called for An Estimate to Move (All My Sons Moving)
Job Well Done (Green Van Lines)
Amazing Company (Certified Relocations)
Eco Handles With Care (Eco Van Lines)
Run around Movers!!!!!"crap'' (Metro Van Lines)
Run around Movers!!!!!"crap'' (Metro Van Lines)
What a Wonderful Company! (North Van Lines)
Yeah! (Nationwide Top Movers)
Great Job Guys! (Movers group)
Terrible Move (The Roadway Van Lines)
Met expectations (White Glove Moving)
Special Thanks (North Van Lines)
Very happy with the move (Air One Moving)
excellent! (Jet Van Lines)
I want to hire them again (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Great job by these movers (Northern Van Lines)
I Recommend Northern (Northern Van Lines)
My favorite (Northern Van Lines)
Speed and accuracy (Northern Van Lines)
For quality moves (Northern Van Lines)
Excellent moving company (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Would use their service again! (Low Cost Moving)
Trustworthy Movers (Eco-Vanlines)
Horrible Moving Experience (Metro Van Lines)
Worst Move Ever (All My Sons Moving)
Never, Ever Use Northern Van Lines (Northern Van Lines)
wow these guys were 5 star***** (B & B Transportation & Everything Moves)
Customer Service (B & B Transportation & Everything Moves)
VERY PLEASED!!!! (B & B Transportation & Everything Moves)
Keep TVs Safe (Eco Van Lines)
Mission Accomplished (White Glove Moving)
Best Move To Date (Eco-Vanlines)
Excellent Quality of Service (StarCity Moving)
Excellent Quality of Service (StarCity Moving)
Thank you for everything! (Low Cost Moving)
a High Touch horrible experience (high touch moving)
Phenomenal job! (StarCity Moving)
Impeccable service and with a great price (Olympus Moving and Storage)
Superb Cross Coutry Move (StarCity Moving)
Make these movers your next! (StarCity Moving)
outstanding experience! (Certified Relocations)
Decent job (Travel Van Line)
I never knew movers could be so bad (amerisouth relocation)
This was a terrible experience (First Call Movers)
Nice one (All USA Van Lines)
Horrible service (America's Moving Services)
Dishonest, Unprofessional (amerisouth relocation)
Could had been a lil better (All USA Van Lines)
Warning!!! Their name should be 1-800-crooks! (All Inclusive Moving and Storage)
Satisfactory Service Only. (All USA Van Lines)
Thumbs Up!! (All USA Van Lines)
Very good service, thank you (Low Cost Moving)
DON'T BE FOOLED (America's Moving Services)
great move and great price! (Green Van Lines)
Super job.On Time and No damages (Victory Van Lines)
Awful Experience (Eco-Vanlines)
Awful Experience (Eco-Vanlines)
The service was excelent (Victory Van Lines)
Flawless move like never before. (Victory Van Lines)
Horrifying (America's Moving Services)
Royal Con Job (Royal Relocation Systems Inc.)
Impeccable service and with a great price (Olympus Moving and Storage)
Eco Gets the Job Done (Eco-Vanlines)
Moving Without Stress (Eco Van Lines)
Great Service (American Home Movers)
completely satisfied: (Green Van Lines)
They Damaged and Stole (All My Sons Moving)
Easy to work with (White Glove Moving)
Happy Customer (Eco Van Lines)
HORRIBLE! (Green Pacific Vanlines)
Dishonest quote and complete scammers! (Infinity Moving and Storage)
Fast Moves! (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Very fast Moves (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Great experience!! (New Times Moving)
Dishonest - Don't fall for them (Best Time Movers)
Small, Fast Move (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Very Professional!! (American Home Movers)
Worst movers ever (Move For Less, Inc.)
Worse Moving company ever (The Roadway Van Lines)
Keeping Antiques Safe (Eco Van Lines)
A true White Glove service (White Glove Moving)
Great Movers (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Great Job (New Times Moving)
Awesome !!! (Mirit Great American)
M.I.A!!!! (Lifeway Moving)
Worked out really well (StarCity Moving)
These guys really work hard! (Green Pacific Vanlines)
Well Done! (Green Pacific Vanlines)
Dishonest (Best Time Movers)
Unstoppable! (Wahler Transfer)
Thank you Thank you (New Times Moving)
Great For Small Distances (Eco-Vanlines)
Made my life easier (StarCity Moving)
nationwide top movers (Nationwide Top Movers)
Great Service (American Home Movers)
Thank you so much hercules (Hercules Moving Systems)
Shocking (First Choice Movng & Storage)
Horrible business (Certified Relocations)
Great Service (New Times Moving)
Dream to work with (StarCity Moving)
Five star company (White Glove Moving)
A Great Experience (New Times Moving)
Would use again (All Inclusive Moving and Storage)
Thank You North Van Lines (North Van Lines)
professional movers (American Home Movers)
All My Sons - Ft. Myers (All My Sons Moving)
Seems very dishonest severe lack of communication (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
express movers hawaii (Express Movers, Inc.)
DON'T BE FOOLED (America's Moving Services)
Move went smoothly (StarCity Moving)
Undoubtedly good (All USA Van Lines)
Could have scope for Improvement (ALL AMERICAN VAN LINE)
Lost items (American Movers Group)
A Nightmare (Manchester Vanlines)
Will recommend them (Travel Van Line)
Top class service (us van lines)
unprffesional (White Glove Relocation Services)
Damaged Items (Northern Van Lines)
efficient and nothing got broken (Emerald Relocation)
Classic Moving Experience (All USA Van Lines)
Great Company (New Times Moving)
Exceptional Movers (Eco-Vanlines)
Do not use this company (Experienced Vanlines)
TERRIBLE (Eco-Vanlines)
good company (Precision Movers Group)
Best Service Ever (The Movers Group)
Good Job!!! (American Home Movers)
Local Move Experience (Encore Moving)
RIP OFFS (All In One Moving and Storage)
Outstanding Move (Direct Van Lines)
Proof is in the pudding! (Eco Van Lines)
The Perfect Moving Company (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
TERRIBLE (Eco Van Lines)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY (Great American Van Lines)
DONT USE - THEY STEAL UR STUFF!!! (All My Sons Moving)
Thanks American Home Movers (American Home Movers)
Never Again (Northern Van Lines)
False Advertising (Transport and More, LLC)
Moving Review (ORION VAN LINES)
Great Service Great Job (Great American Van Lines)
less stressful and smooth. (Green Van Lines)
Great Big Apple Move (Eco-Vanlines)
million dollar treatment (Eco Van Lines)
Second Move BETTER than First (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
Moved from W Palm Beach to Durban (Blue Horizon Shipping Inc)
recommend!!!! (Great American Van Lines)
Great Move, Great Company (American Home Movers)
Bad experience (Priority 1 Moving)
The Dearest Movers (Eco-Vanlines)
Victory was great (Victory Van Lines)
Victory are The Best (Victory Van Lines)
Very pleasant process (New Times Moving)
eco made moving easy (Eco Van Lines)
DO NOT USE EVER ...WORST EVER!!!!!! (Green Pacific Vanlines)
Damages (David's Moving)
WORSE MOVE EVER!! (All My Sons Moving)
Expect to be Ripped Off (All My Sons Moving)
Moving (America's Moving Services)
A Company Who Really Cares (Simplicity Moving & Storage LLC)
Hidden Costs and Poor Service (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
Timely Move (Eco-Vanlines)
Incredible experience (StarCity Moving)
Excellent service (Usa Relocation Group,Inc)
STAY AWAY (New Times Moving)
Efficinet and Fast (ALL AMERICAN VAN LINE)
Thank You (New Times Moving)
Liars, Thieves, and Bumblers (The Roadway Van Lines)
Very happy customer (American Home Movers)
Damaged goods (MoveBuilder)
Damaged goods (MoveBuilder)
Last Minute Choice Worked Out (Welcome Home Moving DC)
Theifs/Liars Rude "NIGHTMARE" (Great American Van Lines Inc.)
Thieves (Sprint Van Lines)
Absolute perfect Movers (Certified Relocations)
Good Service (All USA Van Lines)
HIGHLY highly recommended! (President Moving)
What a great team! (StarCity Moving)
Remarkable team of movers. Thanks ProAce (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
They really saved the day for me!!!! (Great American Van Lines)
Worst Move Ever Experienced (Allied Van lines)
These Movers worked very hard (Best Rate Movers)
Excellent movers, (Green Van Lines)
Olympus Moving and Storage are the real deal (Olympus Moving and Storage)
Avoid this company. (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
Dishonest people (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
Good service (us van lines)
Everything in our budget (us van lines)
International move to Canada (ProAce Moving and Storage LLC)
not punctual (Direct Van Lines)
THEY NEVER SHOWED UP!! (Green Pacific Vanlines)
THEY NEVER SHOWED UP!! (Green Pacific Vanlines)
College Move (Direct Van Lines)
I will definitely call again (Green Van Lines)
My sincere reference (Certified Relocations)
Great For Pianos! (Eco-Vanlines)
Easy Moving (Direct Van Lines)
Relocating (Direct Van Lines)
Eco with me all the way (Eco Van Lines)
Alone Finally (Direct Van Lines)
Disgrace (All In One Moving and Storage)
Disgrace (All In One Moving and Storage)
Moving Company Lost Items (Direct Van Lines)
Happy With My Move (A Team Moving and Storage)
DAMAGE (Caliber Moving & Cartage Company)
Excellent Move!! (A Team Moving and Storage)
Dishonest people (Precision Mini Moving and Storage)
Dishonest people (Precision Mini Moving and Storage)
Worst Move Ever (Allied Van lines)
Nice Move!! (A Team Moving and Storage)
CON JOB (Northern Van Lines)
Move with ease (New Times Moving)
F- (Emerald Relocation)
***What a mistake! *** (All My Sons)
***What a mistake! *** (All My Sons)