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Reccomended moving company (Alliance Relocation Systems)
FL to NJ no stress (White Glove Moving)
stress-FREE move (American Quality Movers)
totally recommended!! (United Transportation Moving and Storage)
Items Stolen (gps movers)
Do Not Use (Silver Star Movers)
Great company !!! (President Moving)
Would use again (Eco Van Lines)
This guys are just amazing! (Ben Hur Movers)
Great work United Transport (United Transport Inc)
Never to be used (The Roadway Van Lines)
Cheats (American Quality Movers)
Job No E404536 (ABS Moving and Storage)
Excellent Experience (Xpress Movers)
5 Stars all the way!!! (ALL YOU CAN MOVE)
Vegas move with White Glove (White Glove Moving)
DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
one of the best (Eco-Vanlines)
Horrible Experience from Start to Finish (Wheaton World Wide Moving)
Moving across country (Xpress Movers)
USE AT OWN RISK! (MoveBuilder)
Smooth move with Pacific West (Pacific West Moving & Packing Services)
Good Company (White Glove Moving)
Excellent Move Experience! (Moving Network USA)
easy move (Eco-Vanlines)
1 of the best ! (Eco Van Lines)
Great Moving Company (Best Deal Movers)
Thanks United Transport (United Transport Inc)
great company (American Home Movers)
The best service the best price (Victory Van Lines)
Very Dishonest, very bad service (Cross state moving LLC)
Annoyed (Certified Relocations)
Great Move! (Moving Network USA)
Happy (White Glove Moving)
Not My Best Moving Experience (Unity Van Lines)
Better than my anticipation (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Great job alliance… (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
It was smooth as silk (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
our thanks (Express Cargo USA LLC)
Very pleased !!! (G&G Best Moving & Storage)
Great Experience (White Glove Moving)
unethical business (father & son moving and storage)
Came to our rescue (StarCity Moving)
Damage Control (Reliable Movers)
Passionate Movers (Direct Van Lines)
The best movers out there! (Low Cost Moving)
Great for long distance (Eco Van Lines)
Recommendable movers (Eco-Vanlines)
Awful awful awful (Moving On Up, Inc.)
Thumbs up to Moving Network USA! (Moving Network USA)
Absolutely awful (The Roadway Van Lines)
Furniture delivery (infinity movers)
Furniture delivery (infinity movers)
Louis (Liberty Relocation)
Great service (StarCity Moving)
Got it done as promised (StarCity Moving)
Worth the trust (Eco-Vanlines)
excellent service (American Quality Movers)
Local South Fl move. Tamarac to Tamarac 33321 (Duntara Moving and storage)
Great Job progressive relocation ! (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
Horrible Experience (Eco Van Lines)
worst company ever dealt with (The Roadway Van Lines)
Cheaper than expected (Eco Van Lines)
def use these guys (New Times Moving)
A bit bit late (American Home Movers)
thank you progressive relocation (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
Simply satisfied. (Eco-Vanlines)
Move out of Yonkers (White Glove Moving)
Move to LA (President Moving)
Never ever use these guys (vega Line Moving Company and Storage Services)
Review (United Transport Inc)
Total rip off artists! (Northern Van Lines)
Very happy with my decision (G&G Best Moving & Storage)
Great job (New Times Moving)
Great job (New Times Moving)
Settling back into L.I. (Direct Van Lines)
Worthwhile vs pods (Eco Van Lines)
Relieved! (You Box It)
Watch Slick Rick in NJ (White Glove Moving)
A happy customer (Express Cargo USA LLC) ( (CheapMovingNY)
best choice (Zarik Inc)
Top notch pros at progressive relocation (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
Real pros at Progressive Relocation (PROGRESSIVE RELOCATION SYSTEMS)
Like a prince (Eco-Vanlines)
Arrogant (White Glove Moving)
move (All My Sons Moving)
Yikes... (move rite llc)
Major Theft (1st Moving Corp.)
Major Theft (1st Moving Corp.)
Good move (fresh start movers)
THANK YOU (American Home Movers)
Great Move (American Home Movers)
My Client cant say enough (White Glove Moving)
SCANDALIST COMPANY (worldwide van lines)
Initially (Direct Van Lines)
A flake that turned to gold (Eco Van Lines)
Great Move! (Liberty Relocation)
Bottom line, fraudulent theives. (trusted moving & storage)
Cancelled last minute (All My Sons)
Great Move! (Liberty Relocation)
Bottom line, fraudulent theives. (trusted moving & storage)
Excellent moving company (Low Cost Moving)
Worst Experience with Movers (Direct Van Lines)
Worst Experience with Movers (Direct Van Lines)
special thanx (Real Canada Wide Moving Services Inc.)
well done (Real Canada Wide Moving Services Inc.)
Worst Moving Experience Ever (American Home Movers)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! (B & B Transportation & Everything Moves)
Extremely late (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
Great Service (Great American Van Lines)
I salute them (Great American Van Lines)
Returning customer (Eco-Vanlines)
WORST Movers of America (Best Movers of America, Inc)
Best movers of California (best movers ca)
Royal Relocation in Tazana, CA. (Royal Relocation)
Missing Items!!! (Monti Moving)
No sweat (Direct Van Lines)
Up Hill (Direct Van Lines)
highly recommended (Hollywoods Best Movers Company LLC.)
Good Move (Liberty Relocation)
Good Move (Liberty Relocation)
Excellent Move!! (Liberty Relocation)
Happy to be moved!! (Liberty Relocation)
Easy Move! (Liberty Relocation)
Bait and Switch Experts (American Quality Movers)
Great last minute choice! (Eco-Vanlines)
Cross referenced (Eco Van Lines)
They saved me money!!! (Liberty Moving Group)
Please don't use americarrier (AmeriCarrier Van Lines)
WORST EVER (Great American Van Lines)
Pennsylvania (Direct Van Lines)
Great for Antiques (Great American Van Lines)
Awesome Small Move (Great American Van Lines)
Piano move done right (Eco-Vanlines)
Helped out also in spanish! (Eco Van Lines)
Great For West Coast Move (Great American Van Lines)
Simple and Fast (Great American Van Lines)
FLAWLESS (Great American Van Lines)
My Personal Option (America's Moving Services)
scam company!!! (Northern Van Lines)
Move to New Zealand (Express Cargo USA LLC)
Completely pleasant experience (Great American Van Lines)
Positive experience. (Great American Van Lines)
service and integrity (World Wide Van Lines)
Big Men (Direct Van Lines)
Excellent (Direct Van Lines)
THE ABSOLUTE WORST MOVERS EVER (ryder moving and storage)
Solid Movers (White Glove Moving)
Liars & Scammers (Direct Van Lines)
Excellent Service!!! (White Glove Moving)
Great service .. So happy (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
region van lines (Regions Van Lines)
True Professionals (StarCity Moving)
Liars & Scammers (Direct Van Lines)
You do it (Direct Van Lines)
Next time (Direct Van Lines)
More than I expected (Direct Van Lines)
good experience (Precision Movers Group)
Scammers. Fake reviews. (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Highly recommend express moving van lines to all (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Beware!!! (Interstate Contracted Movers)
Wrong number (123Movers)
Professionalism at its best... (White Glove Moving)
never forget that perfect exprience (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
United was great! (United Transport Inc)
VERY POOR SERVICE (Elite Moving & Storage Inc)
No complaints (Direct Van Lines)
Zip Zap (Direct Van Lines)
THANKS FOR THE HELP.. (American Quality Movers)
Thank You (White Glove Moving)
Brideport Moveout (White Glove Moving)
You will be DUPED! (All My Sons)
Las Vegas (Direct Van Lines)
Scammers - Estafadores (Priority 1 Moving and Storage)
Like Green van lines (Green Van Lines)
not nice to lie (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
Please read this very carefully (America's Moving Services)
Impressed !!! (American Choice Van Lines)
Great, simple, efficient (American Choice Van Lines)
My experience (Direct Van Lines)
Movers that you can trust (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
AMAZING! SIMPLY AMAZING. (Olympus Moving and Storage)
Wonderful Service provider (LOS ANGELES TRANSFER AND STORAGE)
NEVER USE Alliance Worldwide Van Lines (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Have they stolen our property? (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Never go for Universe Express (Universe Express Inc)
AMAZING! SIMPLY AMAZING. (Olympus Moving and Storage)
nice price great service (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
They have the best crew (QRS Moving & Storage)
It was a great moving experience (QRS Moving & Storage)
They did enough to impress me (Allegiant Van Lines)
I use them because… (xpress moving vanlines)
trusted movers (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)
Horrible service! (Precision Moving & Mini Storage)
Run from this company! (Simplicity Moving & Storage LLC)
Good recommendation (Eco-Vanlines)
Don't trust them (Hercules Moving Systems)
Last minute save (Eco Van Lines)
Excellent Experience (Green Van Lines)
Hard workers (G&G Best Moving & Storage)
Proper service and support (Eco Van Lines)
Full service well spent (Eco-Vanlines)
Never showed up (worldwide van lines)
Bad Sandy good President !!!! (President Moving)
Canceled with less than 15hrs notice. (United Transport Inc)
Very bad customer service (All My Sons Moving)
LIARS, CHEATS AND THIEVES! (The Roadway Van Lines)
Excellent Choice (Green Van Lines)
Liars and cheats (Alliance Worldwide Van Lines)
Great Guys (full house van lines)
Absolutely Fraudulent (The Roadway Van Lines)
Just right (Eco-Vanlines)
Decided correctly (Eco Van Lines)
All is well (Direct Van Lines)
5 star moving company (Express Moving Van Lines, LLC)

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